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  • John.F.Hall 11 Jan 2013 at 09:15
    The Cougle–Glenwood marriage, below, is actually Cougle–George. Glenwood is the residence!

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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their



BIGGAR.—On the 22nd May, at "Royston " Clar-    

ence-street, Loch, the wife of Alex. Biggar, jun.,     of a son. Both doing well.

BULEY.—On the 5th May, the wife of A. A. Buley,  

M.A., of Grenville College, Ballarat—a son.    

CAUSER.—On the 20th May, at the Bank of Aus-  

tralasia, Katamatite, the wife of A. M. Causer—

a daughter.

DEMPSTER.—On the 14th May, at 269 Burwood-    

road, Glenferrie, the wife of A. W. Dempster— a son.

FARRELL.—On the 14th April at "Kalimna,"        

Bridport-street, Albert-park, the wife of A. J.    

Farrell—a son.  

HUNTER.—On the 14th May, at "Carrington,"

Warragul, the wife of Evan James Hunter—a


MACK.—On the 20th May, at Warrnambool, the  

wife of Fred D. Mack (nee Hatton)—a son.  

MANNS.—On the 22nd May, at 126 Albert-street,    

Footscray, the wife of Ernest W. Manns—a


RAWLING (nee Hunt).—On the 12th May, at

"Arundel," Woolcock-street, Warracknabeal, the         wife of J. T. Rawling—a son.

SMYTH.—On the 24th May, at the residence of

Dr. T. C. Anderson, Traralgon, the wife of W. H. Smyth of South Yarra—a son.

WISEMAN.—On the 24th May, at Baareenong,      

Glenroy, the wife of Harry Walter Wiseman of a



CLARK—HART.—On the 11th May, at the resi-  

dence of the bride' s parents, Connell-road, Oak-     leigh, by the Rev. J. J. Rickard, assisted by the Rev. Hugh Jones, M.A., George McChesney Clark,     Congregational minister, Beechworth, third son of James Clark, Maryborough, to Grace, third daughter of Joseph Hart, late of Government

Statist office.

COUGLE—GLENWOOD[GEORGE]. —On the 2nd May, at St.

Peter's Church, East Melbourne, by the Rev. F.       C. Anderson, Ernest Thomas, sixth son of the late John Vail Cougle, of Beaconsfield, to Annie   Martha, third daughter of John George[,] Glen-

wood, Buln Buln.   ELLENS—JACOBSON.—On the 13th April, at the  

Presbyterian Church, Footscray, by the Rev. A.     W. Butler, Albert W. Eugene, son of A. W.

Ellens, Mansfield, to Nicolena C. Jane, eldest   daughter of J. Jacobson, Oakwood, Geelong-road,    


FELLOWS—PLOWMAN.—On the 3rd May, 1904, at        

St. John's Church, East Malvern, by the Rev.  

J. B. Gason, Herbert Howard, eldest son oí the   late Rev. Walter Fellows, St. John's Church,     Toorak, to Annie Muir, eldest daughter of Mrs.   M. Plowman, Albert-park.    

LARKAN—CONNOLLY.—On the 28th April, at the    

Poplars, Stawell West, by the Rev. G. B. Murphy, B.A., Seymour, William Larkan,     youngest son of the late Seymour Larkan, ex- superintendent of police, to Annie (Cis), eldest   daughter of William John Connolly, grazier, of    


LEE—WALTERS.—On the 27th April, at Holy    

Trinity Church, Wangaratta, by Archdeacon Wil- cox, George Lee, of Victorian Railways, to Maggie, eldest daughter ot James Waters,  


LESLIE—CLARK.—On the 18th April, at St.    

John's Presbyterian Church, Tottenham, by the   Rev. D. Fotheringham, Capt. Norman Leslie, fourth son of Capt. David Leslie, of Dunoon, Scotland, to Amy Bertha, third daughter of the late Mr. John Clark, of Esplanade, Williams- town, Victoria, from the residence of Mr. D. R. Wallis, "Romsdal," Mount Pleasant road,     uncle of the bride and bridegroom.

MENZEL—KELLY.—On the 27th April, at Holy        

Trinity Church, Balaclava, by Rev. Canon Sut- ton, Robert Gustav Reinhold Menzel, stepson of the late Frederick Mihan, of Burwood, to Elizabeth Martha Kelly, eldest daughter of Daniel   Yates Kelly, of Carlisle-street, St Kilda.    

NEIL—DELANY.—On the 27th April, 1904, at St.  

Patrick's Cathedral. Melbourne by the Rev. P.       O'Donohoe, James McCallum, second son of James     Neil, Ballarat, to Kathleen, second daughter of the late John Delany, of Kew.  

PATTERSON—MASON.—On the 27th April, at the        

residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev.     Father Smith, of Pyramid Hill, James A.,

younger son of John Patterson, Spring Gully, to     Marie Ellen (Pollie), second daughter of Hugh

Mason, Durham Ox.

PUTNAM—HARRISON.—On the 7th April, at    

Trinity Church, Launceston, Charles Dunlop, eldest son of S. Putnam, Bendigo, to Emily, youngest daughter of H. N. Harrison, Launces-


RANKIN—SANGER.—On the 20th April, 1904, at  

the residence of Mr. C. D. Sanger, Mookaria,  

N.S.W., by Rev. J. J. Thorp, Duncan Rankin to   Annie, youngest daughter of late Edward Sanger,  


ROBISON—DEVENISH.—On the 27th April, at    

Augustine Church, Hawthorn, by Rev. Dr. Gos-  

man, Fred H., youngest son of the late James     M. Robison, of "Balmerino," Auburn, to Ethel   H., youngest daughter of the late Matthew Devenish, of "St. Elmo," Hawthorn.

SLATER—ROWLAND.—On the 6th April, at the    

Methodist Church, Rathscar, by the Rev. W. Holtham, George William, eldest son of Mrs. Slater and the late Thomas Slater of Box Hill,  

to Laura Beatrice, eldest surviing daughter of   Mrs. Rowland and the late Richmond Easto Rowland, of "Merrifield," Rathscar.  

SMITH—WELLS.—On the 20th April, by the Rev.

W. Currie, Sydney Charles, son of the late Henry   Smith, late of Fulham Grange, Leisterfield, to Amy Upson, second daughter of William Henry   Wells, of 356 Punt-road, South Yarra, late of  


SOUTHERN—HOSKYNS.—On the 4th May, at    

Christ Church, Hawthorn, by the Rev. H. E.   Taylor, John Menzies, only son of John Southern,  

of "Spein-lodge," Malvern, to Gertrude Ada,     fourth daughter of Mrs. Mary Hoskyns, of "More-

hampton," Kew.    

STEVENS—McLENNAN.—On the 27th April, at  

Wesley Church, Kyneton, by the Rev. C. Tregear, Harry Raglan, fourth son of T. C. L. Stevens, of Kyneton, to Ellen Ann (Ellie), eldest daug-    

ter of D. McLennan, Kyneton.

WRIGHT—STONE.—On the 23rd March, 1904, at    

St. Mary's Church, Caulfield, by the Rev. A. J.   H. Priest, David Thomson, second son of James     Wright, Ithaca, Westbury-street, East St. Kilda,   Melbourne, to Helen Lilian, youngest daughter of     the late A. O. G. Stone, formerly of Timaru,  

Canterbury, New Zealand.


BURNS.—On the 23rd May, at Thugga, German-

ton, New South Wales, John Adrian Percival,   eldest son of John Burns, Seymour-road, Elstern-         wick, from the result of an accident.    

CADDEN.—On the 27th May, at Salisbury-house,        

Nicholson-street, Fitzroy, Charles James Cad-     den, in his 60th year.

CRIBB.—On the 10th April, at Standerton, South  

Africa, Henry Cribb, contractor of Albert-street,     Footscray, the dearly beloved husband of Mary     Ann Cribb, father of Henry, Arthur, Amy, Dulcie, Ivy, Alfred, Vernon, and brother of Mrs. Vickers, Footscray; Mrs. Straker, Glenferrie; Herbert Cribb, Flemington; age 55 years. Deeply      


DESPARD.—On the 17th April, 1904, at "Sheelah,"

Malone-park, Belfast, Ireland, William Francis,   second son of the late Lieutenant W. F. Despard,   17th Foot, in his 80th year.  

EWART.—On the 20th May, at Tungamah, Robert      

Bruce, eldest son of R. B. Ewart, aged 20  


FULLER.—On the 26th May, 1904, at her residence,      

491 King-street, West Melbourne, Josephine       Louise, the dearly beloved wife of Edgar   Fuller, and only child of the late Joseph and   Ann Redfern, aged 51 years.  

Had He asked us, well we know We should cry, O, spare this blow;  

Yss, with streaming eyes should pray,   Lord, we love her, let her stay. But the Lord doth nought amiss, And since He hath ordered this;

And have nought to do but still Rest in silence on His will.

HARRIMAN.—On the 26th May, at the residence      

of his daughter, Mrs. Duffy, 77 Victoria-street,     Darlinghurst, Sydney, Benjamin Cosway Harriman,     late Secretary Crown Law department, Victoria,       aged 73.  

HARPER.—On the 25th May, killed at the Boulder        

mine, James Caldwell Harper, eldest son of the     late Jas. Harper late of Eaglehawk.

HOGAN.—On the 25th May, at her residence 466    

William-street, West Melbourne, Anne, relict of         the late Thomas Hogan. R.I.P. (Interred 26th       Melbourne General Cemetery.)    

HOLLOW.—On the 26th May, at her residence,       

"Pendarvis," Como-street, Alphington, Priscilla,       wife of the late Henry Hollow, contractor Cus- toms house Lane, city, beloved mother of Harry, Sam, and Clara Hollow; also of Mrs. Rye, Can-   terbury; born at Redruth, Cornwall, England  

aged 68 years.  

Loved by all.

McEWING.—On the 21st May, at Bairnsdale Hospital,      

from shock through burns, Maysie Alexandra   McEwing, only child of A. P. and D. C. McEw-       ing, aged 1 year 9 months.  

"Safe in the Arms of Jesus."

MACLACHLAN.—On the 26th May, at Stanley-          

street, Richmond, Annie Carter, the dearly beloved   wife of Alexander Maclachlan, late of Yarragon,  

Gippsland. (Interred at Boroondara Cemetery,       May 27.)      

REES.—On the 25th May, at his residence, 13 Rule-       street, Richmond, Benjamin, the beloved husband         of B. Rees, also loving son of Elizabeth Griffith,  

of South Wales, and only brother of John Rees,         of Kensington, New South Wales, aged 64.    

Peace, perfect peace.  

SIMPSON.—On the 25th May, 1904, passed peacefully    

away, at Warner's-lane Malvern, Margaret, the       beloved wife of J. Simpson, late of Malvern-road,   South Yarra; a devoted wife and mother. (In   terred in St. Kilda Cemetery May 27.) Inserted   by her sorrowing family.  

TILLY.—On the 11th May, at his late residence,        

"Sparta," Landcox-street, North Brighton, Cap-     tain John Tilly, aged 66. New Zealand and home   papers please copy.  

TAYLER.—On the 27th May, at "The Grange,"        

East Malvern, Edwin Tayler, aged 82 years. A  

colonist since 1849.


ALLAN.—In loving memory of our beloved mother    

Helen Allan, who died at "Doran," Walpole- street, Kew, May 29, 1903. "Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty; they shall behold the land that is very far off." —Is. xxxiii.17.      

BEDFORD.—In loving memory of Ann Mary, wife

of E. J. Bedford and mother of W. J. and M. J. and R. J., who died on May 28, 1897 R.I.P.   (Inserted by her loving husband and family.)    

CANTWELL.—In sad and loving remembrance of

my dear husband and our dear father, who de- parted this life on the 23th May, 1903. May his soul rest in peace. (Inserted by his loving wife  

and children.)  

COLLARD.—In loving memory of our dear mother,    

Margaret Collard, who passed peacefully away  

May 29, 1903.

KNUCKEY.—In loving memory of our darling  

daughter, Edythe Maude (Maudie), who departed this life 29th May, 1903.

We loved her, ah, no tongue can tell

How much we loved her, and how well; But God alone, Who knowest best, Did take our darling home to rest.

—(Inserted by her loving parents, sister and


MARSHALL.—In sad and loving remembrance of    

my dear husband, John Henry Marshall, late of Victoria Railways, who died at 11 Longmore- street, Middle-park, 29th May, 1903. (Inserted by his loving wife and children.)    


STACH VON GOLTZHEIM.—In sad and loving re-

membrance of my dear husband Leopold William

Stach von Goltzheim, who departed this life   on the 28th of May, 1903, at St. Kilda; also my dear son, Ernest Julius, who departed this life on the 29th April, 1891. (Inserted by his loving wife and son and daughter Leo and Inez.)  

WHITE.—In loving remembrance of my dear hus-      

band, Andrew White, who departed this life May 28, 1900, at his residence, "Hillside," Mount Duneed (Inserted by his loving wife, Catherine



JOSEPHSON.—The Family and Relatives of the    

late Mr. Louis B. Josephson tender their sin- cere THANKS to all kind friends for the sympathy conveyed in their letters, cards, and telegrams; also for visits received during their recent sad be-


MR. CHAS. GLASS and Miss GLASS desire to

tender their sincere THANKS to all kind   friends for the sympathy conveyed in their kind letters, cards, telegrams and floral tributes re-   ceived during their recent sad bereavement. Box Hill, May 27, 1904. MRS. WHITNEY and Family return sincere

THANKS to all friends for letters of sym- pathy, cards, telegrams, and floral tributes in their late double bereavement.

MRS. ROBSON and Family desire to return their    

sincere THANKS for letters, telegrams, &c., received during their recent sad bereavement.

"Arlington," 52 Nicholson-street, North Fitzroy.  

MR. GEORGE GOLDSON and Mr. and Mrs.   GOLDSON and Family desire to tender their   heartfelt THANKS to their many friends tor kind letters, telegrams, and floral tributes, and for the kind expressions of sympathy and condolence dur- ing their recent sad bereavement.   MRS. ISAAC MARKS, Sisters and Brother de-

sire to express their heartfelt THANKS to their many friends for their kind sympathy, ex-   pressed by visits, letters, telegrams and floral tributes during their recent sad bereavement, and especially Dr. P. B. Bennie, for his unremitting   care and attention.  

MR. R. E. MORNEMENT and Family desire to  

THANK their many friends for kind sympathy tendered, letters, floral tributes, &c., during their recent sad bereavement. Derwent-house, Station-    

street, Port Melbourne.

MR. P. GILLIAN and Son desire to tender their  

sincere THANKS to all kind friends for their expressions of sympathy in letters and telegrams received during their recent sad bereavement. South Yan Yean, May 28.

THE Family of the late Mrs. A. S. COLQUHOUN  

desire to tender their sincere THANKS to all kind friends for the sympathy conveyed in their kind letters, cards, telegrams and floral tributes received during their recent sad bereavement. Warragul, 23rd May, 1904. THE Family of the late Mrs. ANN FOGGO, of Parkville, desire to THANK their many kind  

friends for telegrams, letters of condolence, floral tributes, and expressions of sympathy in their re- cent sad bereavement.  


ALL Friends of the late MARGARET BROWN   are informed that her remains will be in- terred in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to arrive at the ceme- tery gates THIS MORNING (Saturday, May 28), at 11 o'clock.

JONES BROTHERS, Undertakers, 193 Lonsdale- street, Melbourne, and all suburbs. Telephone 361.

CADDEN.—The Friends of the late CHARLES

JAMES CADDEN are informed that his funeral will leave Salisbury-house, Nicholson-street, Fitzroy, THIS (Saturday) MORNING, 28th inst., at 10 o'clock punctually, for the Boroondara Cemetery.

JOHN DALEY, Undertaker. Tel. 827.

HARRIMAN.—The remains of the late BENJAMIN COSWAY HARRIMAN will be interred in   the Cheltenham Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon


HOLLOW.—The Friends of the late Mrs. PRIS-

CILLA HOLLOW, relict of the late Henry Hollow, are respectfully invited to follow her re- mains to the place of interment, the Heidelberg


The funeral is appointed to move from her late residence, "Pendarvis," Como-street, Alphington, THIS DAY (Saturday, 28th), at 3 o'clock punctu-


WILLIAM GEORGE APPS, Undertaker, Fitzroy and Moor streets, Fitzroy. Telephone 1045.

TAYLER.—The Friends of the late Mr. EDWIN

TAYLER are informed that his remains will be interred in the Cheltenham Cemetery.

The funeral will leave the residence of Mr. W. R. Heywood, "The Grange," East Malvern, THIS DAY (Saturday, 28th inst.), at 1.30 p.m., and will reach the cemetery on arrival of the 2.30 p.m. train

from Melbourne.

A. J. RAYBOULD, Undertaker, Malvern. Tel. 17, Windsor Ex.


The members of the above lodge in particular   and of the institution in general are fraternally in- vited to follow the remains, of our late beloved brother, WILLIAM WALSH, to the place of inter- ment, Melbourne General Cemetery, leaving his late residence, 74 York-street, South Melbourne, on Sunday, 29th inst., at 2.30 p.m.


ABRAHAMS. — The CONSECRATION of the   TOMBSTONE erected to the memory of the   late Louis Abrahams (Sniders and Abrahams) will take place at the Melbourne General Cemetery, To-morrow afternoon (Sunday, the 29th inst.), at half-past 3 o'clock.


TOMBSTONE to the memory of Rose Hollander   (adopted daughter of Isidore and Jane   Beaconsfield) will take place at the Melbourne

General Cemetery, To-morrow afternoon (Sunday, the 29th inst.), at half-past 3 o'clock.

THE Friends of Mr. S. BARNETT, of Russell-

street, city, are informed that the MONUMENT erected to the memory of his late son, Joseph, will be CONSECRATED at the Melbourne General Ceme- tery, To-morrow (Sunday, 29th inst.), at 3 p.m