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-\.\ IMERLfellNc. 1NN0\ AITON


flin i uitcie t in the football mi --utur

di. tent ri ü in the i\priimtnt tin 1 i\ the lea? ic dills if I nmg houndjr, mnpic- to i-vist the icntul nmpin The dillie of tin i two buumh,r\ umpire an »implo 1 at h one Î K>W liter one Mile tf the giound and na-, (o tua1 e it his I u«noss to throw ih hail in fr mi out if hound- with the hj-t io ibie tldji t I wini to (oilingwool ni

lurji-t i si, how ilu ldta w rkcil Tlic ¡jam was bttwien Collingwood nil i n tulum d temi fimi lb \utorun Junior 1 i oil all \ iciation hut wah on!\ su of U*K Mir-, pt mit» team pining it. was practuall, i junior match and Iatki I al! tit Mstem (f Híiuir i,oil all It wa«, a irjinblln,, (.ulm willi bigarda lunging < tit of Wv. rtitk tfun lliui tiio Inundar*, -.stem did not "ti i fan trial 1 rom whit one auld sa tf it cn "-aturdJ\ lhere «stiim. to lit i t,ood deal in n Hit Umltniv will bi to nuki the Kunu mut h fasti i ind I think ninth moie open U tl-st »ILJH i ni would think it would gne the ídkmcrs tit* min h io di but expirunci will I llilnk punt Hut ii will dLereaw the rmk wiri, and i-1-.t tin public mort of tho c lund io lund dm Is litwccu Willemen which art ilwai* -» intonat mur I w mid like lu -ii tiie M «ti ni tru 1 winn two j,ood tt uii'» ne pi n nig f ir keeps and with brundan umpires who timkrstuid their dune* lukin all nmid the uclin^ amm^-t 'ho t who haw -uti the -'--tim it work w is om oi *tni| ith\ willi ii bin i dt-irt to -CL more of it btf n i i -vin,: i final opinion

Hi. suut-v- ittind.nt on a prcmur-hip lu- »»cn the Coiliivwtul eomiiitnt i ihie lot if recruit horn whom to lill up tin uips ni ijeir nain (

MCormatk hates for M ct.uni \u-trtln n \t wee to ioiii hit, bruinr m biwm s nul the commiUte nudi him a pe-vtnt of a Oold ilbtrl chant ou «M turdn Mi \\ Stntkliml tin hial captain uf the i!n\i m tin,, i- fpoktsiuiu the mattli n-elf with the junior., wa- i"t much if t totten but it enid to show < me line n^ruits m the * olliii(,wood colour» Strahan i tall loc-ih li nit mr hnred ttmnpsUr, from Bo v. Hill

looks like i fjotbilltr, und cither in a pine or on the lall shoul I In un aeqmsitkn 1 wa-* much taken with a littlt lover -MKCS from the I ur

io¿ Baptist« Ile i^ Mm-U ind tlt\tr and reminds one in main oí his ittions of hotter the 1 it?ro> track li he tin pi i\ is t,ood foothill as 1 totter lit uiffht to be worth his pi ut in He Collins wood Irani MLonttm, from the Middle pirk We-lejs and Law »on from Williams town ni o flin \ed fine rorm while tin old members of the tt nu wert wording hard lo el into fomi Ou the jimmi side liomin of Hie Collu«:,

wood juniors plciscd me most He i- OIK of tin tvpe who tun ncvir bcalin and he is liktU to find t plitp »i i Miliar leam *MW of the Carlton junior- the smillcst man pknin..', kicked i \ i\ nkt "oil ind showed cKur plaj, while, Pitrtck of the I U?ro\ junior- aUo »li j ed well M ( an> kitktd i tlncr snap idiot Hie «ores wore Collingwood ti goals 10 hthinds, Illinois 2 fcuils

1 behind

Mcjboumi pla.ed West Milboutne in the W ire housemen s (.round I ItniUct mu II 1'irlin two of the Melbourne planter» utin«; is boundsinon Hie lîeds hud t lot of juniors plmn" but won eomfortablt h, 7-ii) to >-j Ihcir hut ucruitt were Hugh Purst from Brighton i strapping iel

low He ian heuutiful mark ind kuk und showed fine form He kui eil i LOIIJ lo ot f,oaI- li Cordner who pUi\t,l with the leopold last Mar also got * goals ind pkned well M ( ardner and Wo iK from the M .bourne l.rinimir behool

gue promi e of de\tlop.n" into semor men ind I Leich (Collingwood) and W ird (Mdtiot) both

showed up well

Port Melbourne md South Mtlbournc pined a hard gunn, at South Melbourne without boundan umpire« Mon igle has been elected captain of the South Melbonrnt temi uni he --et his until an ex colline example in tin matter of »\stem Ncnborn w ho hu» bein unable to pi*.*, foi i couple of ueu-on*, wai, uul ij,am mil showed his old form M Ka) i->i Kilda) liiu\toñ* (I illangatt 0. and Clement (Brunwwiik) wen iho hist of Hie mw men Of HIL old pine--, beott, who put in sume fine rune Plca»s U ip^ctl and ( bent plated will On the Port Melbourne side Hil! Borthwick, Car butt, lohnston Hcbuiwni und Keenan win mo«t piominent Hu scorta wert -boiith Melbourne 10-is Port Mclbournt, -. Cripp uuipiicd


J -»encloii hate »o man, ruruit- Hut the*. Iia\c been phi) lug -ctatih milche» and on Siturdn I

\ndcr on and M Collins ciptabud m il tiams the latter c1 inning the MC ton Hu duties of bounds mon wen i irrtcd out b\ C roibt¡> and li Guwn I »simon hid a lot of juniors last \t ir, -ind the} M cm to bo IiktU to be -trong now \\ Uobinoin II On In and li M henzie ha.o returned to their ild tram Hie bet pla\ing on Saturday were laxton u wing man from \\i-t Melbourne, Swift Ü bouHi Australian ro\ei, BuBhridj,t the lÄciidon lown follower, \ ltobin»on (Hn-Jiton) legge (Williamstown.) loot crombie (lluwlhorn)

Callan and M lut\n who pined i few gimes la-t .ear Adams ( Collingwood lunior»), md M It rigor (from ti church, te nu)

St Kihi i pined i t,ame fir chintt against a team bom Mordialloc, in aid »f Hit L «rum lltlief lund lhere were some good nun tmongat the juniore and hOim. of t lu ni will lie found in Minor loams «OiortK st Kilda uon b\ 12-18 to tl~7 Till --1 Kitdi mw nun wtre lechan (from Daw«,

ford) I ra-ti tthiti Mjr| (from Siuili Mclbouinc lunlois) in m (.edtln (MiHiournt) Mahonej (Oulon-J Wlulptou (Suitli \ irra)fc.(.ilbert (Put Mtibomne) ami al) tin colts-howed pioniiM , while

the tthus wire al o in good form i

\t (.eelong i fine tim »" nnst Hallarat wts won I b\ i | oint (et long an I snu Howe\ mci Wts

lev two Mali st hool tekthtis win hine inoxerl to allothei district md Holligan who hit. returned to lln"lu m .oung inn not he able to pin for ii few wttki. owiii^, io iheumali-m but ht hopea lo shake it rtiV Hum Hu Pivoiomtns bul some ^onl rtcruits in on -ilurdat f.njs "rum Dr\» dale shows (,teit promi < He is i hturd*. fellow i gool mark md Kuk and full of dish, I ila» kin ul^o from On dale i- mothei useful tuan 1 anc, Hie lUitetburx Collegt bo\ showed IIICL form, but Ive is urv >ouug He ia t big boj onl\ 10 \eais ot ige and is full of promise Hatty and lleale, both conn from Hie counti> noir (.ee

Ion,? and should tram into >»>od men Hallant , pla,ed with -0 men but (.eelong ju>t won b> 4-e» to -I-f tor Hillaraf llüruk Ltthwatt, .^mitli, Uc, and ( oIcl»u"h pla)ed well