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The new programme, of Spencer's Pic tares which was shown at His Mojestj-'s Theatre last night was in every way a good one. Tho comic introduction, "Mexi- can as she is spoken," was very amusing. It was followed by an Indian drama, en- titled "Tho medicino woman." The film was beautifully colouied, and the effect when it. was screened was extremely realistic. Tho bubject of the story was tho love adventures of tho daughter of an Indian chief and her rescue from an un- welcome suitor by the medicino woman of the tribo. ' Another coloured film showed biids and animals of Brazil. This proved an extremely interesting subject. The creatures shown included parrots, mon- keys, sloths, alligators, a condor, nnd a hugo boa-constrictor, nil in their natural colours and in movement. It is rather a pity that moro films of this nature are not produced, as they would bo extremely valuablo as an educative influence. "A romance of the West" was a comedy drama, in which neighbours who are

enemies become reconciled under circum- stances which must be seen to be appre- ciated. The second portion of the enter- tainment was mainly takon up by an all Australian film, entitled "The tide of death." It was acted and photographed in Australia, all the company being Aus- tralian artists. Many of the scenes aro in the neighbourhood of Sydney. The dapple grey horse, which plays a promi- nent part, is the property of Mr. C. Spencer. The story optins with a scene iii which extensive quarrying oporafions are in progress, and a huge blast is let off, blowing down hundreds of tons of rock. The contractor, who is the hero, rides to tho bank to draw tho wages for his workmen, and on returning is pursued by would-be .robbers. He conceals the money, and as he will not disclopo whore it-is. hidden he is tied to a stake, to be .drowned gradually, by' the rising tide. Ho is rescued in the nick of ' time by the daughter of the loader of the gang, and marries her. Subsequently the gang burgle the hero's house, and, recognising his wile, tarry ker off. Her subsequent adventures are extremely sensational, but everything ends happily. Both the photography and tho acting were excellent, and the film is iievory way equal to those of similar class produced in America. The comic films were up to the usual standard. The orchestra, under-Mr. F. McCann, supplied the incidental music in excellont style.