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Captain J. M. Allen, of the Koombana, wan a well-known shipmaster in the inter-State trade. He was bom in 1860, the son of the late Captain B. Allen. He received his only education at the Port Adelaide Grammar School, under the

tuition of Mr. A. (now inspector) Martin.   Having a love for the sea, he served his apprenticeship, and then spent a number ot years on sailing vessels. He joined the service of the Adelaide Steamship Company and later left the companys employ to take charge of the tug Eleanor, owned by the Adelaide Steam-tug Com- pany. He was master of the tug for several years, and gained much practical experience in manoeuvring big vessels up and down the Port Adelaide River, which then was not so navigable as now. Later on he resigned his position, and re- entered the Adelaide Steamship Com- panys employ until his appointment in 1897 to the pilot service. He rendered valuable service as a pilot, and the first, craft he piloted up the river was the   steamer Port Elliot, of 2,295 tons regis- ter, which he berthed without mishap.

He was chosen in 1901 to take the Royal yacht Ophir up the Port River on the occasion of the visit of the present King and Queen to Australia. He was one of the most skilful navigators in Australia, and held an extra-master's certificate. He was the first South Australian born sub- ject to receive this distinction. Captain   Allen also, possessed exemption certifi- cates for the principal ports in the Com- monwealth. He was quartermaster of the Orient steamer Cuzco when that ves- sel broke her screw shaft at sea, and he was one of a couple of hands, who volun- teered to go over the ship's stern and secure the propeller, notwithstanding that there was a heavy sea on, and that a great piece of ironwork was swinging   about in a dangerous manner. He had been master of the barques J. L. Hall and Velulam, and also of the brigantine Annie Brown. By the Adelaide .Steam- ship Company he was regared as a most competent navigator, and directors and shareholders were sorry to lose his ser-   vices when he took the position of pilot. He commanded the Tekapu in 1894, and was transferred to the Adelaide in 1895,   and then to Hie Woollowra and Marloo. He resigned from the pilot service in 1903, and once again joined his old com- pany. In 1907 he brought out from Eng-

land the steamer Junee, and in the early, part of 1908 he navigated the Echunga to Australia. Captain J. Rees of the Winfield, was in charge of the Koombana proir to Captain Allen taking command.

The following passengers booked at Fre- mantle on the Koombana for ports be- yond Port Hedland, but it is possible that some of them, including commercial travellers, may have broken the journey at intermediate ports: -

Mr. Davis Miss S. Skamp

Capt. Pearson Miss G. Skamp Mr. Simpson Mrs. Pigott T. Forrest Mrs. Sack

C. C. Piper Miss Jenkins George Piper Miss Gillam S. H. Slade Mrs. Gillam R. H. Jenkins , J. Evans E. J. Dalton W. Davis J. Hayes A. Baker

D. Spark G. Martin

W. Purcell H. Hereford W. Poor E. Green

G. Harper W. Smith F. Hustle , M. Vasey

W. P. Milne D. McSwain

W. Smith W. J. McKibbin     Mr. Pitches W. E. Vile F. W. B. Clinch T. Goddard Mr. Main J. Doyle

W. L. Cowan G. Barber

J. S. Craigie A. McRouble H. S. Taylor E. Freney Police-Corpl. Butcher

Members of the crew were as follow: Thomas M. Allen (master).

N. C. Jamieson (chief officer).   W. R. A. Kilney (second officer). I. G. Peacock (third officer). F. H.Harris (purser).

Y. Levins (boatswain).  

T. M. Grant (carpenter).      

A. Lyon (wireless operator).    

P. Clinton. F. Wilson. H. B. Rea. C. Stanley, T. McDonnell, William A. Far- nell, W. Carton, M. Byan, M. Dwyer; ¡P. Dentlin, J. McGuckin, and F. Gunning


S. Stewart and F.Herbert (ordinary,  


W. B. Innes (chief engineer).  

A. Wassell (second engineer).     W. Kelly (third engineer).

A. V. Christie (fourth engineer). J. G. Arrow (fifth engineer), J. Kairns (donkeyman).

W. Clarke, J. Smith, J. Brown, J. Watts, N. Nortin, H. Offord, O. Olsen. W. Fitzpatrick, E. C. de.Montfort. T.   O'Laghlin, T. McDermott, T. Thomas Taylor, A. Bryant, J. Downie, and C.   Peters (firemen).

F. W. Johnson (chief steward), J. J. Mangan (second steward), A. Freer (stew- aidess'i, ,7. McDermott (assistant steward- ess), J. Coughlan (forecabin steward), H. Stanley (bar and storekeeper), G. A. Gee (saloon waiter), W. P. Black, (pantryman), H. Bow (night watchman), Walter Tutt (chief cook), H. Stanberg (second cook). A. E. Deller (baker), C. Walker (butcher). Evan Davies (skullion), P. Parrance. A. Durham. C. H. Benedict, Edward Ward-   law, J. Hughes, J. Blades, A. Salkild. S. W. Reyolds, F. J. Winpenny. J. Dick, Jas. Crosbie, William Cant, R. Davies, W. Burkin, G. .Jones, J. Jackson, H. Smith, and P. Finnerey (stewards).