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What city folk


of the rural


D° city people carc

about the ups and downs of rural com munities? And do country people under stand the reasons for city attitudes to them and their problems?

The historically uneasy relationship between city and country, built upon misunderstanding and pre judice, which has existed since the early days of the nation, is candidly exam ined in 'Someone Must Care', a special documen tary on Channel 3 today at 8.55pm.

The program surveys present-day attitudes and outlooks of city and coun try people against a back ground of recession in, and uncertainty about, the future of many of

Australia's traditional rev enue-earning industries.

Property owners around Australia, once riding high during the boom years of primary production, are now experiencing difficult times, brought about by greater export competition, tumbling prices and lessen ing demand for their pro


During the good years capital earned was often put back into the proper ties, upgrading facilities and increasing production. Now the same owners are caught in the cleft stick of reduced incomes and rising costs on a property worth much less on the open


Overall, the program shows the need for greater understanding be tween both communities and the importance of solving the present prob lems together to ensure the future prosperity of Aus


* * *

"TF you really want to

-*. understand children, watch them at play. In particular, their imagina tive play . . ." says author and psychologist John Gabriel. Futhcrmorc, he continues, to understand children's play is to go a long way towards under standing adults and adult life.

Mr Gabriel discusses and illustrates his ideas in 'The Other Side of Innocence', a documentary trilogy beginning on Channel 3 on Wednesday at 9.20pm. Taking as his theme the importance of play in our lives, he shows, through watching and talking about children, that the innocent games of the young are preparing them for the realities to come later as responsible adults in a competitive world. . .

Mr Gabriel sees spon taneous and imaginative play, purely for enjoyment,

as reflecting the lighter side of the innocence of children. But there is also the other, darker side, a side which emerges when a carefree game becomes a contest to win. This can be moulded and encour aged through competitive sport, something which Gabriel sees as damaging to the children and the cre ative potential of our soci


. * *


Neville Shute's best selling novel, The Far Country', now dramatised for television, begins on Channel 3 on Wednesday at 8.00pm.

The English writer David Whitaker adapted 'The Far Country' into six hour-long episodes. He also appears in the first episode as Dr


Set in the Australian countryside, 'The Far Country' is the story of an English girl, Jennifer Mor ton, (Bernadctlc Hughson), who visits her relatives, grazier Jack Dorman (Peter Gwynne) and his wife Jane (Betty Dyson).

She falls in love with a Czech migrant, Carl Zlin ter (Graham Corry), who works as a lumberjack at the neighbouring lumber


They meet under trying circumstances while help ing the injured after an accident at the logging


As with many of the other European workers, Carl Zlinter's professional qualifications arc not rec ognised' in this country and it is with considerable risk that he carries out his role as a doctor in the emer

gency . . .

The Far Country' in produced for ABC-TV Drama by Eric Tayler whose many television pro ductions include the recent adaptation of D'Arcy Ni land's novel, 'Dead Men Running'.

* « «

TVJARTY Fcldman, at

. _ present touring Aus

tralia as the star of his own stage show 'Marty Amok', returns to ABC TV this week in a BBC comedy special. 'Marty' will be screened at 8pm on Thursday.

In this 45-minute pro gram, Marty is seen in the kind of lunatic situations which became so familiar to viewers of his series, and which have won for him many television awards for performing and writing.

He is supported by John Junkin, Tim Brooke-Tay lor, French revue star Robert Dhery, and ' a group called Vivian Stan hall's Big Grunt which specialises in crazy cos tumes and gadgets.

Digitisation generously supported by
Mr Stephen Yorke
Digitisation generously supported by
Mr Stephen Yorke