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An election suddenly sprung upon the people in the holiday season is calculated to bring about unusual results. It is not therefore surprising that yesterday's con- test falsified anticipations in several in- stances. However on the main issue the electors spoke with an emphasis which can-       not be mistaken in support of the Anti- socialistic party in the Legislative Assembly.   The Labour party has gained six new seats by the division of its opponents and by   the fact that on account of the holidays a gie it numbei of people nero may from then homes In nil seven new member hue boen returned and it ippcais certain lint Ali Hunt (the Ministct of Lands) will be defctted by Mi & A Cookson, thus inul ing the total eight

Hie Alelbourne constituency has been presented lo the Labour party by an un fot turnte contest between two antisocial isis who have no diftercnces in political pnntiplc This result is no1 surprising as previous experience showed that it nas almost inevitable In Gippsland North it seems probable that owing to the same nube a Inborn, candidate will lepiesenl what is largely a rural conslttucncj

Probibly the gi eales t surprise of the election xvos at Hawthorn wheic Mr Swinburne had a very close um against Mi Dawboin, an eleventh horn candidate v>Lvcr_} causes contributed to this besides Hie general factors in the election Mi fa« inhume s friends, did not regard the challenge which nas thrown out to lum as serious and consequently thej ncie ovei eonlielent, ind veij many of them did not


^l 1 ssendon the anti soenhst eleclois de ei ktl lo concentiate then votes upon Mi

M di who seemed n lompirativ .ly small mijoiity ovei the libom nndidato Mi

1 eaton Ml Watt took ti veiy active pitt in Hie movement which led to the thsorguni ution of the Ministenal paitj, but neithet lit nor tho^o most closely associated willi him have g lined much fiom the change li was n foiegonc confusion that Mr Ainu ly nould be ictuined for AVarrnam hool with which he lias been associated foi 23 j cars But Hie Pailnmenttuy shufile ot pu ties, winch piomiscd a few wcel s ago to pi ice him at the head of a new adimnis ti ition has icccivcd no cndoiaement in the con titucncics ind it is doubtful it, when Piiliitincnt meets, his following will have a

-cpintc existence

Another broad feature in connection with Hie elections is that Hie socialist bleak ni îy from the pledged Labour puttj has not my strength the exponents of ad i meed soiiahsm in Melbourne and Colling nooil hive lost then deposits while Mi

Ihntocl who dcclaied himself i follower M Air Alunjj, in Polwaith, also lost his


Close contests ncie a, charactctistic of the thy Hie Speaker of the last hvo l'uhimcnts (Air Madden) won Boroondara i-cit by i xery nairovv majority, and at llinthoin Mi Swinburne had only six totes lo spate Mi Lumsden has intimated lint lie raiy demand a rciount In Dil liou.10 thcie nas a repetition of the close light between Mr argyle, the Ministerial \\ hip ind Mi Duffy, who for many yeais iepre«entcd a portion of the constituency Mi -igylc was successful by 20 votes

Hie scats in uiban and countiy districts which hive gone to labour uie Ballarat Weil nhere Mr Knton has been defeated, C eelong where an unknown Laboiu man Ins been successful, and Polt lain, where Air Duffus has boen unseated by Mi Wall,

a beal farmer


Hie following is a list of the new As ttinblj, as shown by Hie latest icturns -








i nu Y \ n KOBI ursov \ HvRItlS I! ST\NLL\






L i corn it A iiOGtns


M li INN «I « H SOTL.


x v îiKissociv t c WAUDC. J n M LACHLAN










Hie following candidates liai e lost their deposits having failed to poll one ttfth of Hie votes of the successful candidate -

JOIIV HANCOCK, (Poliiarth) A \ M DOVELL (Melbourne)

I LUCY. LMDLER (Colling« ood)


Hie ciowd begin to assemble in fiont of Hie \igus ofliee in groups ot two mel lillee oon tiltei 0 o eloek Hie hist luoe-igc w s fiom Dindcnon_ lud it nas posted al .fe nu Hites pist 0 p m Immediately aftei unit, carne messages from Stawell and ii u it A letinn fiom B u «on cime next mil shortly ifteiwirds one fiom Uppet t'oulbuin Hie tiowd ineiensctl i îpidlj be tieen 7 und S p m md when the hist «omplctc i elm u (13 til ir il 1 ist) w is noblcd ¡it Ino minutes pist 8 p ni it was ciicticd in tlioiisinds A quirtei of m houi aftei

linds laboiu chceis greeted the eiptttic ot Melbourne by Mr Rogéis

\11 eyes were riveted on the returns from lioroondara, where the Speaker (Mi 1 rank

Madden) and Mr Lumsden weie running neck nnd neck, and on Haw thom where Jil Swinburne lind the fight of Ins life with Mr Daw boin In breathless silence the moy ements of Hie boards w ere followed and nothing bejond exclamations of suipiisc, anxictj 01 lehcf weie heaid accordingly as the rapidlj changing, but nlwajs close totals appealed lo tho partisanship of the onlookcis When the complete returns vieie posted, there was n chcei for Jlr Maddens victory Hie Haw thorn results appeared to bo the most mu prising of the campaign lo the tiovvd Bcttei he had bl nek to Tommj n was a frequent comment Lven the hnnl i etui na failed to elicit .. cheer so completclj nbsoibcd weie the on lookeis in tins dramatic xeidict fiom Haw


Dandenong Dalhousie Uppci Goulburn, Pott I nu j, Dundas and Essendon (whcit Mr Watt w is being closelv picssed by the Laboui candidate), were contests in which the ciowd took special inteiesi A feioup of electors from Burwood chccied everj ad yanco Mi Wilson made in lowering Ali Kcast's majontj Hie close voting in Dil housie foi Mess!s Vigvlc and Duffy in Poi t 1 airy foi Messt s Duffus and Will in Dundas foi Messrs thompson und Blukcv

and in Upper Goulburn foi Mcs-is Hunt and Cookson, were followed with great


A bhout of derisive lnughtei giccted the piogicss io turns of Hie nvnl parties when the hist Mun lyite (Mr Watt) w is posted Ihe numbers then blood-Anti socialists 20, Laboui, l8 Mun IJ iles, 1 lins was about 0 p ni, when the ciowd was so dcn" that it Idled Collins bli cot fiom the tornci of Hit I own hall lnlfvviij up to Russell

street The tram ti iffic in Collins »treel wits stopped, and n number of pohet had dilhculty in maintaining a passage to Hie Argus' ofiiee and along the footpilhs Hie crowd was howey« extremely good nntiued Chcci and tounlci chcei gieeted the pio(_iessive leturns in contests m which anti socnlist and liboui candidate!, weie lighting, and (,ood n lim ed toimnenls and chaff passed fiom ont to anothei


Mimstcis weie not communicative last night as lo futuie proceedings It was slated that the pioposcd meeting of Minus tcnnlists would probabjy tike pi ice next Tuesday and that the House would meet on the following ihur dij, but the Premiei, when asked if nnj

thing had been decided would neither confirm nor denj that thoao dites would be chosen It was, he said, a mallei xvlneh the Ministiy would have to considei, and till the Ministry had met he could jsaj no


A list of the new Piiihamonl, picpared bj one ot his colleagues, was contained hy/ the Premiei, as showing the position of parties This gave is Mimstoiial foi lowers 23, and Independent Ministen alists tu be counted with the Minis tenahsls 13, while the othei mom beia were classed-8 followeis of Mi Mur my, and 21 Laboui rnembeis Hie 36 mern beis included in the first two sections would Sir Thomas Bent sud, be invited lo am meeting tnlled to considei the situation

before the meeting of the House Thej

were -


Sir TlltVvnS BhXl Mr I VRPXR Mr M «¡KM Mr GllMIlM Mt 51 11 OD Mr milltlH Mr BOW SI R Mr M VllDLN Mr IIOHXn Mm Mr M I1IIIDI

Mr I OBUlTbOls Mr M\ChrN/ll_ Mr UtC/lU Jh ST\X11 \ îlr CRA\EN Mr THOMSON





To these the members elected foi Upper Goulburn and Willangi would be added mnking up the total of 36 a cleir majontj of seven again it any combination

The eight mcnibeis clnsscd as supporleis of Mi Mulray, and whom it is not proposed to invite to anj Ministciial puty mieting nie Messis Miuiav ) Cuncion Holden

Keast Langdon, Livingstone, loutehei,

and Watt



The lesulls of the elections weie foi lowed with interest bj ALinisteis mil mein bera of tho state Parliament at the looms set apnit at the Geneial Po»tolhcc list night, wheio "The U-gus ' piogicss le turns were placed at then dispo al Tho visitors during the evening in eluded the Pumo Minibtci (Mi lishei) and other members of the Commonwealth Ministrj, xvho weie in the loom foi half an hour The íesults, as a general ml

did not create much surprise, except in the case of some of the eloselj contested scats, paitreularlj Haw thom There weie expressions of regret by inembeis at the defeat of friends in the contest, and some excitement as the positions of candidates on the poll altered in the different clee lorates Aa to future dev elopments mem beis professed themselves as jet not in a position to speculate



When seen last night Mr Swinburne said that he prefencd not to discuss foi the present the position of the Anti socialist partj, or the steps that would piobablj be taken to complete the work of consohdi

tion 'Su 1 liornas Bent must take the initiative," remaiked Air Swinburne

So fur as the generil result of the elec lions was concerned, Mi Swinburne snid that the inciease in the stiength of Hit Labour party might not be without its ad vantages It would doubtless be to the benefit of the Anti socialist paity, he added, for nothing could be of mole assistance m li istening the consolidation of anti socialists into a compact paitj

MR PRENDERGAST » 'The Lnboui party has every îeason to be well pleased at its success,' was the comment of Mr Piendergast, the leader of the Opposition, last night, on the result of the elections He went on to state - "Wo have alwajs maintained that the more our policy is understood in the country dis tirets the gieater wall be the support that we will be hkelj to get fioni those who hint hitherto bttn oi>posed to us It i* veiv gintifjing to bee in this tlection that in the face ot the opposition of the press we have succeeded in winning some ot the country seats, unhiding fluming districts, ind that we went close enough to others

to be sure of success ou a futuie occasion , Hie result to oin party is un increase of li oin 1) members to 21 members

\s to the new Pirlinnicnt so m in J diffeient opinions weie c\pic-,sed by can didites ouNide ol the I li oin nitlj dilling the ciiii|miM> th it it is difficult lo foresee what will happen when members ne called togclhei Wt will be prepared lor any eventualities tint may irise We will not hesitate to lake up any of the duties that

may be imposed on us because of the posi lion that ne slull occupy in Hie House

HIL old lolls told materially against HIL Laboiu party ma-mii-h tis a Rrcal many mm who wonll have voted with us neie precluded from tal ing put m the -kction Still no BIL fei itihel to sec Hiut twenty one stinigl t out I ihoiu representa tuca have been icturnetl, i rintiplily as the lesult of platform worl '



(Complete )

y olers on Roll 4 IO1

.GCOIIGL, Air\.-1SDER. CIMSCir, « Ker, Slcrton-crcsccst, Albert pnrk. (L )

I RM-.ST ALFRED M ELLS auctioneer Claren

don street boutli Mcluoun e ( I S )_

Hmsllo Hells

South Mclhonrne .. .. 6«! 17 Mbert park . 0 0 3S7

Middle 1 ark_108 1 D_

Totals_1 003 1 03»

Majority for Elmsllo Ooi yoting at Last Election

G A Lin »Ile "003 \ Parker 1 40"

At the Albert puk polling hooths com paialively little inteiesi ivas displayed in the couise events weietaling At Middle pink only was theie anything like an equihty in Hie nunibei of votes, Mr Wells polling 170 to Ah i lmshe s 198 The total vote cast was 2 732 (lnLludmg 130 postal vote»), ululo nt the last election it lcULhed

J 470

An nwkwiid contietemps occuu-d in con nectton with the ballot papers On the booths being opened it was found that no papéis had been obtained from the Govern niLnt Punting Ornee Some electors nftet [waiting about the booths, aie sold to have gone tiwav without voting An absolute tlcadloil nas preiLntcd by the expedient of wilting the names of the two Landidatos on sheets of foolscip later on a small batLh ot HIL punted papers was dehvcied to the central booth at the Town hall and in the LOU) se of Hie day the lcmainder îvere sent in hi specnl mcsscngeis as fast as they neie punted In the event of a dispute as to the xihditj of voles reLOrded on written pipéis the mattci will have to he refcired to the I lettions ind Qualifications Commit tee of the! cgislativc Assembly In previous elections written pipers have in some in stances been used, and lins has not invali

dated the lesult

In i etui nmg thanl s to the electors Ali Lim he said that Albert pink lud demon stinted once moi e that it n is a labour ton stituenti ( \pphui80 ) Hie lesult of the election hid shown too that in spite of the Agc Hie tonsiltueney could think foi itself He would endcavout to leprcsLnt them ns tin honourable man should and he would be straight und univ_venng to the professions he lind mide Hie six jenis lie lind spent as thou representative h id been happy venrs lind he hoped tint the next six would lie equally happy and that

thev would he benellen! also to the con slitucucj ( \npl iu=c )

Mi lv A \\ elis thanked the 1 030 elec fois who had rounded then votes in his favour loi a new candidate he considered thit the ichult was sltisfietorj

A vote of thanl á lo the returning officer (CounLilloi J Bang«math) moved bj Mr AVolls ind seconded hy Mi Dlmslie nas

canted willi acclamation



(Complote )

\ olers on Roll 6 133

Lumsden Madden Camberwell To n hall "J Oil Cmiben eli Bt rl c-road 1SS "1

Buruood "* 20 "7 Canterbury 13 12s Bulwjl .4 _ Surrey Hills (Boroondira Di

vision) ni '.8 Cat ifield 00 70 Mi rrt inbeen- 8 u Cuulfleld 1 ast 0 01 Maliern 117 «j Maliern 1 st lil in Box Hill 11» 101 Sirej Hills (Nuniuading Di

xisoi) 07 07 Oaltlelfcl -» o

Postal lOtCB_"I_81

Totlls_1 118 1 _,a

Majority for Madden 11

\otlng Last Llcction

1 Madden . 1 cor JIT Cuulfleld IS

The Ministerial candidate for the Boroon daia constituency (Mi 1 Madden) ic laincd his seal by the small margin of 11 votes Mi Madden who nas Speaker in the last Puhament w as opposed by Mi A G 1 umsden an Independent candidate When Mi Lumsden contested the seat m lOOí he was defeated by Mr Madden bj 170 votes At the last election held m 1907 Mi Aladdcn was opposed by Mr Caul

held but Hie foi mer had a majority of 859 voles on that occasion Out of a total nunibei of 6 333 voters on the roll 2 047 voted yestcidav In 1004 2 751 votes were recorded and in 1907 Hie nunibei of votes

I oiled nas 2 .55 Of the postal xotes coun tod ycsteidaj 81 were in fuvotu of the Ahnistcrial candidate (Air Aladdcn), and 28 tot Mr Lumsden Hie hnal count showed Hitit Alt Madden had leceived 1 329 votes and Air Lumsden 1 318

The lesult of the poll having been foi

inallj announced Mr Madden proposed a vote of ti uni s to the returning ofheer (Mi

1 Dillon) Mi Madden paid a tribute to his opponent for the gentlemanly manner in «Inch he lind conducted the campaign He thanl ed the electors for having returned him us then representative (Hear hear )

Ah ] umsden remarked that he had been defeated bj only 11 votes As there were 14 polling booths it was reasonable to assume that a mistake might have been made Ile intended to ask Hie returning ofheer to seal the papers, n itli a \ lew to having the

votes recounted

A A mee -Don t trust anj of them

Air I umsden replied that lie did not dis trust uni one but lhere ira always the pos tibihtj of an crioi occurring


(Complete )

\ otcrs on Roll 4 130

irAH-INj 1IIXM.I brlcl-ln>er) "ll'Crnckcii-nicntio, northcote (I )

1 "EDI IR WILKINS meat salesman Kamarooka

Nord terrace Clifton Hill (I )

IIIOMvS PUICIV IL r MDIER secretary _." Le cestcr street Carlton (°ociulist)

II \RIt. h\ ANS builder 7 HarmsworlU street Collingwood (I )

' Leans lînnnali Lai lier lAilMns Birkli Ward 123 " I li 210 C1 lion Hill 10a "W "1 3»' IUrliie; Ward "IO 30- " _," losUI votes_"8 ti_3 20

Jlajorit) for Hannah 1G8 yoting at Last Election

lhere lins novel bcfoie been a cor>j¿estod

Puliamcnlary election in Collingwood in winch so little inteieat was manifested by the bulk of the electors as nas the case yes terdai Up to 3 o clock at the loiestcrs

hall the principal polling booth, only 300 votes had been lecorded It was not until iftei 5 oclocl when the workers com intnced to record then x otes that any am mitton vas displayed As the election tool ii ice undci the lolls of last year, all those who hail obtained electors rights dünnt the present y ear could not vote Out of the 4 40< v oters on the rolls only 2 450 x otcd At 9 o clocl last ox enmg Mr > Joel l^ade, the i etui nmg ofheer, at the. Toresters hall in the piesence of about a thousand persons aimouuLod the result of the poll

Mr Hannah who was gioeled with elie-ns thanl ed those who liad placed him it the head of the poll He retarded it as a tiiumph for the cause of labour and the

dow ni ill of the Bent party

J Councillor Tv ans saul that he had every ciuse to feel proud of his position as it was his first effort Ho had not gone round asl ing the electors for their xotes

Mi Brown who was greeted with boo hoos said that he desired to apologise for the ah euee of Air Will ins wlio was loo ill to be prestnt On behalf of Air M llluns lie than! ed the elcctots w ho hid v otcd foi Hint gentlennn Such a howling mob did not add dignity to the laboiu ciuse

Mr Taidlei who was nell leceived sud that he liad entered the contest to fight for the cau=e of the workers (Cheers )

A vote of thanks was accorded to the returning ofliLCi on the motion of Mr Hannah and seconde 1 1 y Air I aidlei

As Nil 1-udler failed to poll one lifth of tile ntimbei of votes letoidcd foi Hie sue j Lcssful Lunihd-to his deposit has been for


ESSENDON (Complete )

1 oler« on Hull 0 "00

.?UUIIVM U1\INBIR WUT, product in. lelmiii, Kioiii-stl u t, L.(i M. nilon (1 )

mils raw MID F1-NT0N traveller 16 Dalsj street Ijiscmlon (I*)

lil NR\ FRNEST HALT tea expert Nap pcrbj corner of I incoln road and Miller street Ltscndonl (A S )

" renton noil VlätF Ascolval . 037 8' "M Coburg .>. 4 2"0 Moreland 1 IS 47 13" Usendoti « 1C0 n 101 Moonee Ponds 410 ina ni

I ostal volea_110

Totals_i st 43o 1,409

Majority for llntt US

Il A ... v\ J Eva

The polling m the Essendon electorate was not so heavj as in 1007 the total votes recorded being 3 S'S as ngamst 1581 nt last election It was anticipated that the re suits would show a fairly close finish be tween Sir Watt the sitting membei and Ali lenton the labour candidate Air M att secured a majonty of 148 In re turning thanks after the poll had been de clarcd Mr Watt said that it xvas gratify ing when a man had made a strenuous fight in Parlaiment and his constituencj to find Hint the voice of the electors had shown that he still had their confidence

The contest could not hnvc been fought under worse conditions for him seeing that it was a holiday week, and tint there was a split ^vote He tool

jt that the electors of 1 ssendon had concur:ed in the attitude he had assumed m the \ssembly dunng the labt twelve months and that they had proclaimed for sound clean liberal government

Mr lenton in i etui nmg thanks said that his patty would 1 eep on contesting the Lssendon scat until it obtained vic törj

Mr Hall said that the election batt been contested throughout by the candidites with the 1 indhest feelings He thanked the electors for the support accorded lum %


(Complete >

1 olera on Roll 4 Ci

.JOU-N W11 I T VTT Bil ISON »eer

turo-, " "Uichnel-Htrcct, North I linroy

(I )


dial in nufacturcr talco er street North Htzroy

(AS)_ _I W Hill-on O -Nell Central I tiroy ¡45 ' "SO lltiruy 301 Ï1S South litrroy i I 400 1 ostal votes_TI_al

1 otals_1 10J_1 0o"

Majority (or Billson 53 ?»

x oting Last Lie lion

T IV Blllso ISO» r S M O Neill 1 "00

The election between Mi Billson (I nbour) and Mi O Neill (Independent) did not pro duce anj excitement Hie voters xvcre apathetic At 2 o clod 887 \ otes had been recorded vi/ 385 at the south 257 north, and 245 central \ number of nghts issued in October were pi esented but had not been enrolled At North litzroy sevcinl women demanded votes without meeting with the success confidently anticipated


(Complete )

^ otcrs on loll 5 HI

_DW_tD COUCH I AX WAUDB, wood-tnrncr, ''I) L,dlullursli-*treet, 1 lemington (I )

All NANDtn MACDONALD builder "0 Albert slrcot I-ootscray (I)

' Macdo aid V-arde rieminclon 487 0 0 \ortl Molbounc 117 2." 1 ootserav ÜOJ 427 Braybrook li 1« Postal votes W OJ

_Tota!_s _1 303_

Majority for War le 130

V ot ng Last Llcction t

At riemmgton great interest was shown in the election and the contest was keen only 136 votes dividing the candidates Mi

Wurde in thanking the electors saul that the fight had, been, strenuously and honourablj contested but had been made dilhcult owing to the disgraceful state of the lolls Mr Macdonald also than] ed the electors and agreed that the contest had been absolutely fair


(Complete )

Voters on Hol! G 000

Davborn S vii burne Glenferrie Ward 409 487 \t I urn \\ ard "1 «0 larra «Ward 220 "It

Majontj for S inburnc 0

Xotlns Last Election

O S Inburnc ""47 J M Rose * 1030

One of the surprises of the elections comes from Haw thom In this electorate Mr Swinburne the ex Mmislei for Agrrtul

turo and Water Supply was opposed by Mr Daw born who stood nsan Independent candidate Consider ible interest was m nu feste 1 in the result of the contest oyving to the leading position which Mr Savin burne occupie 1 in the 1 ist P irlmmcnt and the attitude ho idoptcd in relation to the Mrni8try The electorate was one ot those in which the postal voting was expected (¡o be hcuvv owing to the absence of so

many xotors on then holidays It was an ticipited that on this account the polling at the booths would be light but not tint it would be as disappointing jus proved to bo the case Of the 5 000 xoter» on the loll onlv 2 844 exercised the fi inehise The lack of interest in the îesult was ipparent thioughout the day The electoral officers sard that they had never know n so quiet an


Hie result of the polling proved more sensitional Mr Swinburne s committee vv ere afraid that the holiday a w ould operate agunst their cand dale anl events proved this to be the case When the scrutiny had been completed it was found that Mr Swinburne led bj the narrow majority of six votes Mr Daw bom subsequentlj ha/arded the opinion that if Mr Swin burne xvcre to accept office in a Alinistrj and shortly came before the electors again his majority would be reversed, and he w ould sustain a crushing defeat To this a member of Mi Swinburne s committee replied that the 3 000 odd electors who did not vote would bestir themselves m those circumstances und return Mr Swinburne bv an ov ervv helming majontj

To a large crowd gathered outside the Hawthorn Town hall the leturning officer (Mr J Rrddell) formally declared Mr

Swinburne elected The announcement xvas aecoived with n few cheers, and a deafenmg

chorus of hoots

Mr S v nburne in leturning thanks could bardi j be heaid foi the loud boo hoos

and groans Ile said ti at he had to thank the electors of Hawthorn foi leturning him ut the top of the poll despite the great Íicrsonal abuse vvh ch foi some time post

lad been heaped upon his head and despite the unprecedented complications which had attended the elections He thanked the people for the im thor opportunitj they lind given him to endeavoui to foiee on the great projects with which his name had been connected He was sille that h s ma lor itv would have been considerablj lal ger had it not been for the hohdaj season and the absence of a gi eat numbei of his friends He had lo thanl Mr Dawborn toi the courtesy with which he lind conducted the elections-comtesy which he (Mr Swin bul ne) greatly appteciated

1 he deafening outcrj whrch continued i ght tlnougb Mr Swinburne a lemaiks ceased avhen the defeilcd candidate ad

dressed the gathering Mi Dawborn said|

that he came almost uni nown into the con test a weel nt,o and 1410 clectois bad honoured lum with then votes He stood befoie them as a candidate defeated bv the narrow majority of six votes (Loud cheers ) Olly the previous day Hie \rgus had

told them that Ali Swinburne was faced by insignificant oppos tion (Hear hear )

V A oice -^tand up to j our bel ing

Ali Da bom sid that althoufeh he was defe lied thci e vv is no proudei man that night in IIiwthom (Applause) It was

a i lonl x îetorv foi lum

A Loud \ oice -Ibis is the Jacl Johnson


Mr Dawborn remarked that the people of Hawthorn had shown themselves to be stronglj m favour of clean houest strugl tforvvard government (\piliuse) He h 1 shaken hu Is with Ah s. vinburiic md o c1 him io ill nil He hoi e I low vei tint it Ah S nbiiin e ne 1 lore ti em lynn si oi ]> foi io election us i Ahn ntci 1 e (Air Dawborn) would slind is his opponent

vote of thanks to the returning officer w as carried with act amation.



Voters on Roll, 0,030.

?JAMES GEOIIOE _lR5innl-V, es

clerk of works,

Beard. Membreyi Heidelberg; .. ., .« » Fairfield.t. Ivanhoe ... Northcote . Croxton., North Fll_roy Preston ,_


Majority for Mombrcy, 200.

Voting Last Election.

J. (?. Membrej'... 1,750

If. E. Beard. 1,395

Polling throughout the electorate xvas very light, and seemingly little interest was Liken, in Hie election, excepting . in the Northcote and North Fitzroy divisions. Irt Hie former the anti-socialist candidate more than held his own, but in the latter the Labour candidate obtained a large majority of the x'otes. i

Tile distant Shire-hall at Preston having been chosen as the central polling-booth, comparatively few electors were pi osent when the returning officer, Mr. Charles Crispe, declared Mr. Membrey elected by a majority of 280 votes. The_.mcmbcr, in a short address, thanked the eleetois for the confidence they had shown in him by retaining him as their representative.



Voters on Roll, 5,030.

ALEXANDER ROGERS, l.utclicr, 3(1» Bay-street, Port Melbourne (L,.).

'JAMES ARTHUR BOYD, warehouseman, Hotel Vietoriu, Bcaconsficld-paradc, South Mcibournc (A.S.). /


street, Elsternwick (A.S.).

ANGUS ANDREW M'DONELL, bootmaker, Beaver's-road, Northcote (Socialist). ___

Boyd. Hamilton. M'Donell. Ropers. Bourke Ward . 240 272 71 723

Lonsdale Ward 415 300_11 08

TOUIB ... 001 008_82 781 Majority for Rogers, 113. %

Votin. Last Election.

, J. A. Bold. 1,820 1 W. D. flynn. OS

Judging by the number of voles polled at yesteiday s election for Melbourne, much less interest was Liken than last year, xvhen 2,821 voters attended at the polling-booths. Yesterday the total of votes recorded was only 2,192. There were four candidates Mr. J. A. Boyd, the retiring member, who stood as an independent; Mr. J. F. Hamilton, in the Ministerial inte- rest; Mr. A. Rogers, Labour; and Mr. A. A. M'Donell, Socialist. At the Bourke pollinp-booth the supporters

of the Labour candidate were in a consider- able majority, but in the Lonsdale Ward the favourites all day were Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Boyd. In neither ward had the Socialist candidate many friends. Mr. M'Donell's experience of elections will be a Ead one, as he forfeited his deposit. There was a large attendance at St. Pat- rick's Hall when the returning officer de- clared that Mr. Rogere had won by 113


In proposing a vote of thanks to the re- turning officer, Mr. Kogers, the successful candidate, who was received with loud cheers, said that he had scored a glorious victory for Labour. He had beaten bricks and mortar. He xvould be faithful to his pledges, and would make things hum for Hie next three years.

Loud cheers alëo greeted Mr. Hamilton, who said that he had met xvith nothing but kindness and good words during the elec- tion campaign.

It was some time before Mr. Boyd could obtain n hearing. The crowd hooted almost every word he s-aid. He had, lie said, Sir Thomas Bent and Mr. Croker to thank for the result. They had both set out with the deliberate inten- tion of giving the seat to the Labour nartv. (Cries of "Humbug" and "Rubbish.") If made no difference having lost the scat. Sir Thomas Bent would not he able to burke Hie inquiry which would have to be made into his financial transactions. (Loud jeers.) He felt confident that the electors would teach Sir Thomas Bent a lesson which he would never forget. # ("Humbug.") He had always stood by his principles. ("You have not got any.")

PKAHI. Ali. (Complete.)

Voters on Boll, 4,000.

DONALD MACKINNON', imrrlstcr, South Yarra (A.S.).

PATRICK M'CARTIIY, driver, Maliern (L.).

Mackinnon. M'Carthy. Prahran. 7S* 301 South Yarra. SS0 415

Postal totea._07_ 12_

Totals. 1.770_851

Majority for Macktunou, 010.

Voting; Last Election.

T). Mackinnon. .. .. 2,030

M. Hannah. 1,000

The poll was officially declared by Mr. John Turner, returning officer, from an up- stairs room of Hie municipal-buildings, there being a large concourse of people present

to hear the result.

Mr. Mackinnon, who was loudly cheered, thanked the electors for having again re- turned him to Parliament with such marked signs of approval. He congratulated his opponent on the fight he had made. (Cheers.) The electors of Prahran had done him (Mr. Mackinnon) great honour in again returning him as their representative. He was not sure, however, that his diffi- culties ended there; but he was certain that .whatever happened in the future, ns regards his political career, he would have a very large number of the people behind him.


Mr. M'Curlhy, who was received with cheers, said that his defeat had not been his fault. He had fought the battle of labour as hard and as fcarlesslj' as any man could fight. Some day the workers would leam to stand logethcr. A largo number

of workers were not on the rolls.

A vote of thanks was passed to Hie re- tiring officer, on the motion of Mr. Mac- kinnon, seconded by Mr. M'Carthy, and the mayor of Prahran (Councillor Dobson) subsequently entertained the candidates and a number of their supportera in the mayoral parlour.



Voters on Roll, 6,230.

.EDMUND JOHN COTTER, cooper, Crcmornc-Htroct, Rlelimond (L.).

-EORGI3 WILLIAM FREEMAN, contractor, Clnircli-street, Richmond (A.S.).

Central Richmond.. _.. South Richmond .. ., Postal lotes.

Cotter. Freeman.

Majority for Cotter, 800. ,

Voting at the by-election In October, after Mr.

Bennett's Cotter .. Wishart

At Richmond there was a very poor poll, only 2,728 votes being recorded. Only 550 votes were polled in the two booths Central and South-up to half-past 12 o'clock, but matters brightened up con- siderably during the afternoon. The labour candidate, Mr. 1Î. J. Cotter, secured a sub- stantial majority over the unti-socialisl, Mr. G. \V. Freeman (mayor of Richmond), which caine as rather a surprise, ns Mr. Freeman appeared to have a largo follow-


The result was announced by the return- ing officer (Mr. II. Tatnall), as early as 8 o'clock, and Mr. E. J. Cotter, in thanking the electors for their support, said Hie result showed that the workers of Rich- mond stood by the decision given nt'thc extraordinary election in October last,.and demonstrated that they intended to~ keep Richmond a labour sent. His opponent had fought a fair and clean fight, for which

he thanked him.

Mr. G. AV. Freeman, in returning thanks to those who voted for him, said he did not take the result as against him person- ally, but against the party whom he repre- sented. He had served them faithfully in the council for 17 years, and lie did not believe that any who vof.d against him held him in disrespect. His party had a right to say whom they thought should be elected ns their lepresentative in Parlia- ment, and he was defeated. He hole no one any ill-will, and bowed lo the decision of the electors. He wished one and all a Happy New Year, and had much pleasure in moving n vote of thanks to the returning officer, which was carried with acclama-



(Complete )

yolera on Roll 5 010

.nonrni GI oner ii COICHFCVN, puIiliNlicr, »1 Killin (IS)

iRinrnicic ciiAinrs rny\ (no oec nation gil el) St I llda (Ml )_

Crav M Cutcl con Balaclava . ,. "kT »10 ristenmlcl. . IK) S17 St Kilda Last . ISO "10 St hilda Mest 51 «17

Postal vote»_2 71

Totals_COa 1 11»

Majority for M C tel eon 414

A oting Last Llcctlon

ROM Cutcl eon . ... 1 l8 P M Cartl y 045

There was n i email ably small poll at St Kilda and Mr AtCutcheon the retiring member xvas elected bj 144 xotes One case of impersonation oecuned during the day and a numbei of holléis of electors rights weie prevented fiom voting ns the new rights issued in Octobei last did not correspond wrth the numbers on the oil lolls on which the election was conducted Hie holders of these new righ e had handed m then old ones when leneyymg nnd so could not i>rodi ce i ights to coucspond w ith

the numbera on the rolls

ihe jioll was declmed shoitly before S 0 clock by Air John Mundaj the returning | oflicei

Mi M Cutchcon thanl e 1 the elector Í shortly for their confidence and hoped thut political diffei enees would be s ink so that all might work together for St Kilda

Ml Grav thanked the electors for having enabled him to do better against Air

Al Cutchcon than had nnjone else He 1 ad done well though he had been de feated He concluded bv pioposing a vote of thanks to the returning officer xvlneh hiving been seconded by Sir MCutcheon

i earned


(Coiniilctc )

\ otcrs on Roll 4 010

.?SOIOIAV BA11 ES Kollcltor, Lnn «cll-ronil, roornL. ( \ s )

Armadale Malvern 1 oorak

Postal votes

Ba les Corn all

1," 1 1 0» Majority for Bajles 17

x oting Last Etcctio

>. Bavles 1 ¡M 1 II O Corn all . bl»

Though Ins majontj was not as large as at the last election Ah Noiman Bajlcs wns le elected for the toorak constituencj bj

177 votes

Ml Bajles ga ned his lead m Tool il where he avns nearly 100 votes to the good and he intieasel this adv Ullage slightly in Armadale Mi Cornwall h id his only majontj in Malvern He obtlined onlv 32 Ëostal xotes agunst 10J sccmeil bj Mr

ay les

The election was conducted quietly and only n small crowd assemble 1 outside the Afolvein Town hall to heal the returning ofhcci (Mr Av cslmore G Stephens) declare the poll

After the declaration had been made Air Bayles thanked the electois foi having le turned him foi the th id time m tbroe j cars He assured those present tint he would continue to represent loornk in the best interests of tho whole consti uencj

Ah Cornwall said that he accepted the votes of his supporteis not for himself per sonallj but for the gieat liberal pnntiplos xv h eh he represented T he only uni m treatment which he had received dur ng the campaign had come fiom The Vigils news piper But for this treatment le might have had a majontv instead of n minority He was confident Tooial would jet return

a liberal


(Complete )

X otcra on Roll 0 US

footscray 14" X arrav Ile Ha Nortll Will amalo n 0 Newport I

So li \Wtlinm«lo ISi Postal votes_"9

Totals_ _ 0, 4

3lajor t tor Len mon 10S

y ot ng Last 1 lection

T Len mon .> 4*

\ G _ Ran sqj l8

The election wns contested vcrj quietly in all porlions of the electorate little 1 nols of \ oters gathered occasionally it street corners to discuss the prospects but taken ns a whole votéis were m an apathetic mood Hie contest was between Mr T Lemmon the sitting member and Mr J AA C ites who contested the seat in the Opposition interest General opinion f ivoired the letuin of the formel who it was isaerted had lost fix our to some degree with malcontents of his own party At all the polling booths matters I nghlcncd be tween 5 and 7 o clock m the evening when the majority of the artisans employed at the Newport workshops and othei manu factories and industries conclu led the

labours of the day 1 he result of the poll

was declared about fl 20 p m from the I ii

conv of the town hall Napier btieel bj the returning ofiacer Mr D Mitchell T P

Mr Lemmon who wnb met with loud cheers remarked that he was desirous of thanking them fiom the very bottom of his heart foi the magnificent majontj of 1 0 8 votes It bplondidlj indicated that us f u as Williamstown was concerned the people of that electorate endorsed the policy of the 1 abour Opposition believing in i do finite policy and a party that xvas clean in comparison with other prrtics in Paiha mont It lil cwiso clearly indicate 1 that it was totally opposed to the Bent adminis tration and its attempts lo pull and gag He trusted that the same magnificent re suit in the cause of labour would be re corded throughout the other constituencies of the state Ho vv ould now proposo i \ ote of thanks to the reluming ollieci Mi

David Mitchell

Mr Gatos d d not put in an appearance and three cheers having been giv en for the returning officer the crowd dispersed



(Complete )

X otcrs on Roll 4 1¡>3

.nOBERT At'GItEGOB, nattionccr. Ballarat -ant (IS) '

xnCMBtLD STEWARf clerk Jl llarat East

XI Gregor Ste art Ballarat Mast 9 S 910 Block Hill ,0 O

: yrtliur street 1 9 103

Postal votes_S3_U

Totals_1 200 1 icj

Majority for M Gregor 1"1

last Election R M Gregor (unoppose 1)

It wns not expected that Air AIGiogor would have anj trouble in Uallniat l"st This feeling tint the seat xvas a safe one for linn nearlj led to his undoing for he de feated Mr Stewart, the labour candidate, by only 121 votes


(Complete )

A oters on Roll 3 OSO

AA-DREW M.I.S-V M'KISSOOK, cOHtiioxItor, Bullurut (I )

.JOSEPH yyiLIJAM KIRTON, atcnt Ballarat


X11 issock .. . . . " 1 IPS Ivlrton j in

Majoriiy for XI hls_el 81

X oting Last Llcctioi

I w 1 irton 1 »00 I \ II Kissoek .. 918 II 1 Elliott . . W

Tho defeat» of Mi J AV Kuton did not come as any gitat surpnse Hie Laboui party were confident that the indifference of the Anti socialist party would mean Mr Mlussoeks letuin and lesults justified

then confidence that the scat w is lost owing to meit neglect to LO to (he polling booths w is evidented bj the f let tint only 50 per cent of die electois votel Alunj openly said they vi ould not support Air

KII ton and could not vote for Mi MIxis socl It was this large section of voters who gave the scat to the 1 iboui candidate Lven m the postal vote Ali Al Ixjssock led securing C8 votes as g Hist 0o

Tie einlidites aftel Ho res ilts weie know i d Iressc I a eiow 1 v h 1 bio led tlcsticel Ali M K « o K leicricl to the gains DI tie LU i g ii lid j rcdietcd ihit it woidd inak lisch felt in the n" y Parliament The pobüiu; of the returns in iront of the newspaper ofiieca w is Mfitncssed by an enormous ciowd, the traffic being

steamed, <


(Complete.) " Voters on Roll, 4,013.

.THOMAS OLASS. eoiinillwilon nprput, Oltmln-ntreet, Ile'lllIlK«) (I..).

WALTER Al,riti:n It WILTON, esiate agent, Jlitchell-strect, Bendigo (A.S.).

Class. Hamilton.

Barkly Ward. 331 SM Long Gully. 15» 131 Ironbark. P» «1 White Hills. « 0i Barlina; Ward. 3SI 321 Strathlleldsaje .. ..,. « JJ

Axedale... *r>> 11

Lyell. S 1. Orassj- Plat. 3.. 22 Postal votes. 20_

"Totals.1.230 1,002

Majority for Glass, 22S. Voting Last Election.

Thos. Class .. .. M .. M .. .. 1.501

The voting was considerably lighter than at Hie previous general election. In his op- position to the Scripture in state schools referendum, Mr. Glass, the successful can- didate, gained solid support. Owing to business engagemcntsMnd the short time at his disposal, Mr. Hamilton was not able to get about the constituency as actively as he desired. «..

In returning thanks for his election, Mr. Glass said that he recognised that, in the second Jabour victory in Bendigo Kust, was Hie dawning of democracj' in victoria, ile did not think ,it had been a personal vic- tory, but was rather an endorsement hy- the people of the platform he represented. (Applause.) He believed that the Labour party xvould be the dominant political foice in the new Parliament.- (Applause.) He

knew thal, personally, he had not been all that he ought to hnve been in the eyes of some people, but, politically, he had never made ii slip. (Applause).

Mr. Hamilton, nlio was subjected lo a deal of interruption, said that he had lind no special desire to come out as a candi- date at this election. It was only at the earnest solicitation of many who thought that something should be done in putting forward a candidate against the nominee of the *Labour league. He had had his business to attend'to, and he had not been able to find time to carry out a personal


BARWON. (Complete.*

Voters on Roll, 3,097.

.JAMES PARISH FAltHB.1, Rl'n_ ler, Buckley'»-road (A.S.).

DANIEL LAURENCE M'NAMARA, produce sales- ian, Geelong; (L.).

ROBERT ROBERTSON, grazier, Belmont (A.S.).

Farrer. M'Namara. Robertson. Mount yiorlao .. .. 31 10 Belmont. DU 711 Connewarre.. 17 14

Juc. 17 1 freshwater Creek . 10 '2 Modewarre. 20 4

'onds .... 23 1 Ceres. 31 2 Gnarwarre. 10 11 Mount Duneed . . 22 4 Lara. IS 1.1 Batesford .. .. .. 13 li Gheringhap..

Cowie's Creek .. Itotliuell. North Geelong .. 'Icwtoun and

Chilucll .. .. Queenscliff.. .. Drysdale. Portarlington .. Ocean Groie .. Leopold. Moolap. St. Albans .. .. North Pavtiit .. Marcus Hill ..

Postal votes.. ..


Majority for 1'urrer, 77. Voting Last Election.

.7. F. Farrer. oro D. L. M'Namara. 009 Robert Robertson. 450

II. F. Levien. 400



Voters on Roll, '3,5îâ.

.JOHN JOSEl'II CARLISLE, Yarra wonga, xJitilcron (A.S.).

JOHN HENRY LLSHA-li, Benalla, journalist, (LJ__ l Carlisle. El-haiig.

Benalla. 174 1SI Baddaginnie (Benalla division) . 11 S

Emu-bridgo.-... ... ,3..i.,_ 3", Glenrowan.,..,, S S

Lurg..- .. '..'. S' r 'O'1'

Ryan's Creek ., ". 13 12 Samaria. .- .. .. 0 2 btvannool ..._. .. .. 10 t) Tatong .. .. ". S 17 Toombullup .. -. .. .. .. .... 2 2

Moorngag. 4 0 Wurrcnbajnc .. .. .... 7 1

Winton. U 10 Thoona. 1« 14

Baddaginnie (Mokoan division).. 1.1 IS

Boxwood. 2 2 Bungeet .. .. t..- .. .. -- 14 Confines of Benalla .. .. .. .. 10 4

Peicnlsli. 58 io Dookie.,. 31) l8

Goomalibee. 0 5 ' Goorambat West. 14 0

North Winton .. .'. 1.1 .1 . Stonnrton.-,. 8 5 Upotipotpon Xorlh .. .. .. .. .. Il 1 - ranonga. 152 33 Boolee. .. .. .. .. 4 20

none.ia. 15 0 Boomahnoomoonah .. ., .. ,. 10 0

Bundalong. 15 1 Burramine. 12 0 Burramine South. 11 27 Cobram.'.. lil 10 Lake Rowan. .. .. ., 22 2 St. .Tames........ ¡11 20 Tungamah....... 47 10 Telford. .. .. 17 1 Waggarandall. 12 1.1

Wilby. 40 2 Youarang ................ 4 ,1 Portal votes.,. 27 11


Majority for Carlisle, 301.

Last Election.

J. J. Carlisle (unopposed).

BENAMBRA. (Incomplete.)

Voters on Roll, 2,793.

ALBERT WILLIAM CRAVEN, surveyor, Moonee Ponds (A.S.).  


agent, Wodonga (L.)

Craven. Wright. Bethanga Corryong


Tallangatta Valley

Beringamah Cudgewa   Koetong .. .. ..

Granite Flat     Magorra Eskdale Tallandoon Tatonga   Tintaldra . , Granya         Talgarno       Walwa. Burrowye       Wodonga. Barnawartha ., ,, Wodonga West ,.

Bonegilla " " " (

Yackandandah .. ,. Bnrranduda. Allans' Flat     Kiewa.. .*

Sandy Creek    

Gundowring ., ?. , Tawanga. North Wooragee   Dederang., Hillsborough    

Totals .. .. .. .. .. .. ., 933 626

The returns to come cannot alter the result.

Last Election.

A. W. Craven (unopposed).

DALHOUSIE. (Complete.)

Voters on Roll, 3,000.

.REGINALD IVAN ARGYLE, far ncr, Kyneton (A.S.).

JOHN CAVAN DUFFY, barrister and solicitor,

St. Kilda (I.). _

_ _Argyle. Duffy. Kilmore ... "87 »28 Wandong. 7 10 Moranding. 7 25 Broadford. 101 71 Klouerdtile .. .. -. l8 0 Reedy Creek. 21 15 Clonbinane. .. Ill i:( Kyneton. .. .127 - 250 Lauriston. .. ... 40 41

St. Agnes lilli _.. 117 111 IZdgecombc ... 14 10 Carlsruhe. 2-t 20 Bainton

Piper's Creek. 14 «ti Malmsbury. tit eil Tilden.:. as 12 Sprint; lilli. Coliban. 17 8

Lancefield. 02 loo

Romsey. 711 14 Newham... .. .. 40 17 Goldie. .. .. .. 20 2 Chintin.,. Ill , 12 Newham East., .. .. ID ' 40 Pyalong. .. .. 30 5S Glenaroua. .. «. .. 2.1 O Puekupunynl. 20 8 i:mu Flat. 11 28 Sugar Loaf Creek. II 21 Post ii loica. 63 S7

Total. 1,301 1,314

Majority for Argyle, 20.

Voting Last Election.

n. I. Argjlo." .. .. 1.315 J. 0. Bully .. " ., ., .. ,, .. 1,289

DANDENONG. (Incomplete.} ^ \ oters on Roll. 4 "W

.WILLIAM STEIMIEV KE\ST, niletioneei, llnxv thom (I.).

TIMES BRISnyNt W11 SON, larmer, Berwick (IS)

Berwick. Narre l\arren RS Township , Bunyip .

Cornbrook.«. .. ., Nar Nar Goor.

Hum ip South

Keast W ilson

Gembrook North. . Gembrook South. -I Beaconsfield .. .. .. .. .. ?? I1 Pakenham .. ..........»* r~>

Garfield. ,. VI Dandenong .. «. .. .. .. ?. liO lyndhurst .» .. .? .» -1 I hey fborough ... .. ... 1

21 Cranbourne .. .. Black Hat .. . Burwood . . Clayton's road . Mitch mi

1 cmtrre t.llllv South Sassafras Bayswater

Xlonbulk . .. , I.istcrflolil


Paradise Valley


1 057

The Ave returns lo come, cannot affect the result.

X oting Last Election

VV S Kcait .I/W

T W Dawborn . *H">



Vuters on Roll, 3 103

.. 'DON \I,D AI'LEOD, »< Uujlcsfor.l (A.S.).

HUGH RO«S, auctioneer, Daylesford (VS)

W li LUM DANU L \OUNO, agent. Newlyn (L )


Rockj Lead ., ., .


Mount Prospect .. Daylesford .. .. Glenlyon

Ljonvilte .

Bullarto . .. , Musi Creek . .. , Hepburn ...

Drj Diggings ., ., I ganatovvn. Muskvale .. .. 1 rnnklinford .. .. Xandoit . Cljdcsdale.


North Drummond . N'cwstcad , South Muckleford Strangways

W elOiman's Beef , Sandon .... . X apeen. Tim Ulam. C impaspc .. I ast Trentham .. Garllck s 1 ead .. Yv oodend

li Leod Ross A oung

21 8


41 Totals

1 001

Majority lor X1 Lcod, KM

Í oting last Llecllon

D M'Lood .ITS* 4 J heroically . . 713

Tn letuimng thanks foi his election, Mr M'Leod, Minister foi Mincb, stated that he tould scaicelj lind wolds to express the gratification he felt nt his return with such a luige mnjoiitv He took it not merely us a personal compliment, but as an indi-

cation that his actions both ns icprcsenta tivc of the district and as a member of the Government had found favour m his dis Inet Tn Hie town of Davlcsfoid, whqre ho bad lived foi 43 yearb, he lind chalked out a straight line, mid went on it He had in carrj ing out his duties as Minister for Mines, not tom ted popiihintj, and his conscience had not upbiaided him foi what he had donc A'lle ubiibc and vitupointion bad in certain qunrleis been heaped upon lum dining the election campaign, but he had been recompensed by the splendid ma lorilv given him He bad to take single banded the binni of the attacks made con- cerning the Gold lim cid Act, but bo felt thal he had eleailj shown to the elector's that Ins critics weie not onlj dishonest, but were hy pocntcs as well He felt thal night us though he had emerged fiom under a


Mi M'Lcod's appeal ance m publie was Hie signal foi great enthusiasm.



Xoleis on Roll, Till

»JOIl-v, TIIOXII'SO-S, Mwep farmer -Uoiiixile, Hamilton (A.S.).

ALBI Rf BLAhl \, clerk, Hamilton (L ).

Norcdjnhx . .. .. . Brim Springs .. .. , Clear Lake ,. ..

Nurrabiel . .. W oiivvondith South .. Macken7ie Creek .

lower Norton Creek Tooill . Tooan Last ... Wonwondah Tast ..

Drung Drung . .. ._, Burnt Creek. Quantong .. .. ., . Balmoral .. ». .. . Glenisla .. ,... Xlooralla. Chetwynd ..«"..

rdenhope .. .. .. " lvarnAk .. .. _, ,, , Connewirricoo ., ,,

Wakey thompson

Mininnv. \psley . Neuarpur.


Telangatuk East

Salt I ales .. ., Nurcoung .. Hamilton. hnrabeal. Cavendish , X letona X alley . Ilochkirch .. .. Wannon

Majorit) for Thompson, S3 ALU Biiikev



Xoleis on Roll, 1 729

.TI10AI1S TUMVECl 11TC, boot lnnkcr, Went Alclljournc (L.).

III.M11 ROBHUS WILLUMS, gentleman, taglchawk (\ S J

Tuiuieelitfe Williams atcr Derby

«s-bistnn ., Cnnpbell s Forest .» .. . leiilibanit ., Myers 3 Mat. Svdnej I lat . .. .. ,, ., Mlllrr s 1 ht . I-aglelnvvl . .. .. .. California Gully. Sailon,' Gullv .., 1 linore

Dnininnrtin (Ivamarooka)

Goornong. Io,tcrvi!lo. llunllj . I psom . .. .. .. ». Runnymede ., .. Muskcuj. Corop . Toolleen . Colbinabbin .

Portal v_otes


Mnjouiy for runneclilfe, 1ST

A oting f ast 1 lection T Tunnoclilfe. II hlrkwood .

Hld Mi Williams, the anti socialist con dulute, obtained the suppoit in the counlrj his filends expected, he would piobnblj have wiested the sent from the letinng labour meinbei, Mi Tiinueehfie He polled well m the 1-aglchuwk division, which contains the bulk of the miners and manual laboui eis in the constituencj. Mr Tutinechffe was au opponent of the îefei

eiidum on the feciipture ni stale schools question, and this stood lum m good stead, especially in the countiv districts, the lluniijmede division being a tjpical in stance The poll will not bo olheiallj de elated until Inda}, but Mi Tunnccliilc took the opportunity of returning Ihiinks to the Lu gc crowd which assembled in fiont of the Hnglehavvk Town hall


\oteis on Roll, a 717

.EWEV II Unir CAAinitOIV., fannel, KmiKiiroo Gi'iiiiml (A.S.).

JAX11S ROUGLT, Hljiliilc (I )

Ciinicron .S15 Rouget .fill

Majontj forfcameron, 272

I ast Flection-1 li Cameron (unopposed)



\ otcrs on Roll, I,ISO

WILLI til l-I.Vl.N, lnniiei, I,inn (I..).

.WILLI IM GURR, agent, CO Maud street, Geo long (51 P )

ALBÍN CYRIL MORI M, barrister, Malvern ill I' ).

Barwon Ward .

Bellarine Ward . West Geelong

Mllniiianta Ward kardinia Ward Postal v olci.


Gurr Morley Plain

Majority for Plain, C3S Voting Last Election.

Vi, Gurr ., .. ». ._ ,, I,"

V,'. U Colccliln ., .. ,. .,._ 1.«



(Completo.) M* Volcrs on Boll, 3,5S2.

»D. C. -I'GRATII, -to-ckceper» -(»ullMlopnl (1,.).

I)A\ ID KF.RR, gentleman (\.S ).

Kerr. M GralU. Bunin.iong .. .. .. .. .» .. 117. DO Cambrian Hill. 23 V\ Napoleons .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 12 linfield.,. ... 12 25 Mount Clear .. .. ». v ') 41 Lal .. ... ti .Ki Yendon .. .. ». .. ..... 23 19 Klaine.». IS Xt Clarendon ' .. .? .. ». .. 25 .15 Durham Lead .. »., 12 52 South Grenville .. ... .. .. ' lo l8 Happy Valley .. .. .. .. 3 30 Capo Clear ..'.»i.« .. ... " ii, Piggoreet..-,. ,, ,, lo St. Staffordshire Ttcc£.. .. .. .. 10 4S Illibarook .. <,,e.. ,, ». ,. 3 ,50 Pitfield Plains ï. . C.

Berringa.»,,... .Ti 151

Corindhap ». ». ». .. .. 12 V>~ Rokewood .. M *» . » ». .. 20 47 Schistopol .. .. >. 12". 210 Haddon . .. ..- .. .. ». .. n 4S Smvlhesdalo-road. 13 12 Smithcsdalc. 30 N> Ross Creek. 10 2-2 '-carsdale .. ... 48 ml

Postal'lotos. 21 HO _

Totals. 1127 1.01U _,

Majority for M'Gnth, 0&3.

A oting Last r.lcctlon, |

D. C M'Oralh (unopposed). ' , ,


(lncomiilete.) "* Votera on Roll, J,157.

.T\M!_S -WEIR M'LACHLAN", Mill« illcr, _ule (I..), i

.HÜMIR. PATRICK ItXOGir, gentleman, NorÜi Brighton (A.S.). - .

WALTER LYON, agent, Sale (A.S.)._.

Keogh. L>on il'Luchlaa -tratford .. », .. »» ., 70 27 «S Clidebank »..... .. .1 10 lo The Heart. 10 s U Montgomery .. .. .. .. 0 li 13 Dargo. », ,. ,. 20 .. .

Talbotville. .. .. .. , Bairnsdale. 178 31 l61 Bengworden .. .. .. ..

Ford's Creek. ' li 1 10. _* Paj^suHe^.. .. .... 20 5 3S-" Coongulmerang.. .. .. lol 7 23

Fcrnblnfc .r ». «".7 2« 2 5,. Stockdale ..*.,. .... 4 .. 5" Maffra .. ..'». -...». 52 20 J5ï , Briagolong .« ,. .'. .. li. 11 43t Newry

Ma de Lock .. ..-.. .. 12 Bundalaguah ., .. .. 0 Tinamba .. ». ». ». 2.1 lleiileld.. .. " ». .. 25 Glenmaggie .. .* .. Seaton .. .. ». ». .. 0 '.ile .». ». .. SO Posta 1 voles..". 24

_Totals. 710

(The three small returns tq come a | to affeet the-rcsult )

Voting Last Election.



Voters on RolJ 3,172.

..r.vjrns CAai-¡i-0.v. prazier, nnlniHilalc (I.).

PULLING HUGH GOUGH PIGOTT STA1NSHY CONANT, barrister and solieitor, Bairnsdale (M.P.).

I . Ciñieron. Conant.

Bulumwaal .. .. .. .» .. .. 11 23

Lucknow. -. ~ .. lill 221 .

I Wv Yung.- .. 21 2.

Wuk Wuk., .. 17 7 Sarsticld ............ 12 (l Omeo. .. , MI , 51 Omeo Phills. 51 .11 Glen Wills ........ .. .. 20 21 Sunnisidc .. ., .. .. .. .. 'I ' 2(> Tongio West.». II ^7 Ca-silis. .. 17 .HI r.nsiv. 22 (1 Swift's Creek. 17 S Brookiille .


lambo Crossing ..».«..« .. 8 , 1 Orbost. 211 31 >on i Now i.». ii 1 Cunningh une .. .. .. .. .. JO "" ¡ Murrungowar ».».»«.. ., .. .» llonang.. .. .. .. »_ .. .. .. ..

Bendoc.» .» »,»«.. »* A.« e

Delegate lill cr ,. ,. ». .. ». ». [ Club Terrace .. ........ ». , ..',1

n liner .. -.. - .. ,.-,' Genoa ...>..i.. v.. ..'»^ ^. *. - ». ». ' Malhe-ttl'.. ..'..»..--... " »«, Wangarabell ». .«..». ». .. »» Bruthen... ». ., 59 57 Lower Nicholson ........... li 20

n Reich .. ,. ». .. .. ». 55 2 Buchan.. .. ». .. .» .. 35 '20 Gelantipy .. .. .. .. »» ». »,

lambo Upper ,.»...»... 28 4- ,

Totals. SU7 592

Voling List Election.

.7 Ciñieron.',. .._.». 1,0ft J. M. Wrout.,. .. ., ._ .. 103


(Complete.)' - ''I;'»

Voters on 'Boll, 4,003. ' '

«DAVID SWAY OMAW, ¿crazier,

?n-,munni! I \.S.).

/ PATRICK M'MAHON, farmer, Kariah, Camper. donn (L)._

_I'Mahon. Oman, Beaufort .. - ». M «, _, -0 HI Raglan. .. .. ». », 3 31 Waterloo .. .. ». .. .. .» 21 21. Stock} ard Hill. 8 ' 21 Skipton (Beaufort division) li li Snake \ alley .. -. .. 07 III Lintons ...... ». ...... ' 31 77 Camperdown **' .. .. .. .. 171 2-21 Strithiein (Cressy) ".. .. .« - u S I Lismore .. .. ,.,.., .. . 20 'ii Skipton (Beaufort division) .. 42 33 Terang. .. ». 71 1.1 Naroghid.- 70 1 Noorit . 30 St.

Darlington (Camrerdonn dill

sion ... .. .. «. 4 13 Mortlake.i« <K> T Dallington (Mortlake Divi-

sion). .« 2 !; Ballangeich .......... . H II(\haiu West .. ». .. .. 10 H Fist Keilambete.. ,. .. .. t . Woorndoo.. .. ». .. 25 l> 1'ist rrnmlingluin .. .. .» r> _. Hie Sibtcre. J =.>

Wiekllllo., 17 li Junction Wickliffe and Hamil-

ton Roids. 21 .» Lake Boluc .. .. ». -, »« 21 27 Slrcitlnm .. ».«.-..»- » '

Tatjoon .. .. ». ~ .. .. ,' ' Ross's Bridge. .« .. 17 0

Postal lotes.' .._H _ H"


Majority foi Oman, 442.

Last election. 1>. S, Oman (unopposed).



Voters on Boll, 2,0(0.

«M.KnUD ARTHUR nil.LSO.V, iitieunKliiK director, BcecliwortH (A._.). ' '

PlBKllIt JOHN MOLONEY", teacher, Beech' north (I,)_

-J" A. A. Billson. Moloney, Beechworth ..__.». 310. llj Black Springs .. .... .. T J nldnrido.»?. ». '. J

cr Kvcrlnn .. « .. 2S 30 Upper tiverton .. ~ »... 1*1 3 Hurdle Tint .. .? - .. ;l '' Murmungee ........ -I ' Mudgegonga (Beechworth

Division) .. .- ». ». '- ,7 Stanley.». - 51 ' r.

rr Creek.». 2« ."3>

Stoni Creek ..--»._. 2(1 _- - Three-Mile ...... Wooragee.» ».

Woolshed.. - »- ,

Bright. 5i

Biooksldi' .. ...... 5 lluffnlo River " _. .. 32 ruroliin ....»...., . '1 Preelmigh ......... 7 "' lietvlllc. 2S

ei Iltiikland - .. .. 12 Upper Buckland .. .. .. l> Myrtleford .. ...... 51 Mudgegonga (Brlglit Du i

sion). 9 Porepunkah .. ...... 50 Wandiligong .. .. .. .. 51 Whorouly .......... lo

Chiltern. T» Buiuaiiartlm .. ». ». »? II Doma Mungi .. .... .. 1" Mount I'leasunt ._0

31 S

.1 11


Majority for Billson, 309. , . Voting Last Election.

A. A. Billson.'..1,327 P. J. Moloney., .. 033



Voters on Roll, 3,041. .

.rnni_-irÂlï AVAI.L, ¡rrn-icr, Kirk-,

ililli (L.).

MAMLS FRANCIS DUrFUS, liolclkecpcr, Koroit


Dnllua. Wall.

Koroit. .. ». », - .. 102 141

räumt .. ..-.». 10 2d Woolsthorpe.. ,. ». »,. 30 , 32 Illowa.o 87 411

ipturk.». .. 20 30 Grasatncio..*.....,..»». 42 ,1 Mailor*.* Klat.,. ,. 35 25 Purnim.. .. », 01 40 Winslow...«,.«.«,» 32 15», 'It 23 Wucirthur. .. »..« 42 01

rangoiirt.". 15 "ti Bessiebelle.», .. 20 20 Cliford. », 30 m Penshurst .. .. .. .... », SI 152 Dunkeld.., .» :)> 43 Glenthompson.. ., 10 ¡10 Port F.iirj. 141 1S2

Y'anibuk. 01 i 57 Ro-cbrook . .'., 17 31 C'rosslcv.,. .. S5 "Ï77 Khkstall .». ., 20 SB restai votC3. 52 ,' «a

Totals.,* .. 1,162 1.313

I v Majority for Wall, 150, .

Voting Lust Election,

J. r Dnirtis.., " .. î.ros

.I. «'«U.». ». .« ». 1,213 ,


íC-V_C>£-_-t_JI I

<¡-J.._ _ Í.--U, «--i- j

tH.ijaxf LJIJ«O_»» roZKEiPT, jçrxxlrr, - _?_"*»> J-r*-rwaLrrx i_-*,ji

SU» ütSV-CX ir_f:-, ?...-._. Ótica?-- i Tay-t-ia-aa-Ätr-aÄCO-irr, touE___ fitf.___ '_-_-._^__

£_.*?_. 3"irr_- £Ua_u_ Oiû-î "*.-»_-»»»»- -i- ins ii H^rvarr* _,»*»-.-<« 2 _? * ?Miraraurt - - - 21 » *

»«--">. .--.-.- J* ¿i ¿ |

*.nru-__-t «.«»-« fl~ 4íf -* 5_mjri ,. ~ ~ ~ * » *

tCTfiC». Ä » «I £r _yr - *- _ - »- i* i- J? ' _wn_m: Sws_ " - IP 3* a _&_.. _- -. ~ Hf 51- <

i-T*.. Ä If * i

£.'naix3;u_* *, -« ** - * ;* "7»-^rt_lj» ," .. *« «* Í. ii" *?

r>_ru_pi. sr ,' || »?." .... - t s* r. ,

x^nOt s»r - « *- ~ ^ }

3*K"aniiuw* .,,,** " + ^ Eíwr-'i íirr-»!«: -, - Î.I ^ï *. O&lhrwrf: Si-^ts », -T 2\ 3* ' i^vtU- ai-vr « -* ^ 7»t

"V*riJ_r^rr*i5-^ - », ».. A i* -

"Vuaiïîi*yλfrt .., », *

Piiau- *v^______-_______

TVj.a ,- -, .

Tu_atp i__ir. _Ui«ts_nrt^

S,<*r-*«r - - - - ,, -- -


*C_-t>!«_VJ' I

r«...-i -m. Kyr, >."i

.KICHAEB í_KWí__í _5 TOTT-' I!,.

K'.V-SÍ Í_3-AJ_. nvvaajas. Se, í__ __í- 1 irCXri.C Sfi-Sirr £fli7.__ n-___ _-<__r,"

fc. -ir« O. y._

_£.__.._ *??»_. Zvs-'xez.t / _ ., _?. ** .. -- -T i'-í i^ ;

«"í.r.,-,7. r. i« _ 5

>.-_r-.inri - -. -- * i í __.*«*_ «tia i -, : í

/>__.(P«íI-. ...... 1 - - ' T>-»5. _>aiC- -- .. .. T ".' £" ( 3'í4=l O-wx. I -S i <; ,i5'V'-a. IV - * ^.3-; Ta*--_iry .. -- i -f fi

__._>.. ,. ., .. lfcr.f ít:TÍ -

fít->H '.í »>..» ^'.ii_v_iw Zutr. "Uj-;3_f.lC -.

rjr-ítívi'.m ._ , _Plf^t vx. t r*>-.j; 3í V ..r.v 3í-.yir.-.-; _"í

O^f-tiuti íf.-/ ^-.n-f.ou. ,- . S-ey-jniV7 ci^'

'«-.i-.-í Ltir. ZU'-j-s.


*< yr_-_» ,._ jr.-." .,'?«,

(¡K'ltUiK A. C'OOK'O.V, i.v,i i.-.^ ir.i-'

?t -r'-*-- *_? a.>*T-f.wff/ *(. - .. f

ir-.^i»'t / r<- <r

Ve».f.-j.':t if-c.

y»a. vn trs/Zi.-sic. :. lAi'/ÇA.v.r*. .. S« V.'.U**'*::.." .- .. 17 _~_T..-. ^

rfif,Uisn. Ä K_3!l»íi>.*., .Z

VfAXxj »-.V-i .. . ._(7

T«-i^ ".. ;///»" 7»r> s_.n rv* .-"-i 7*t V. _ev, co-_t iXí-tc tío* __r_J:. r

T. Kc.-.-."... .. l.iíi I U. X. WAr-rs.:.. ÏK j f 2$. k. UU-s. .. ... .. irr i


V.v-1 -.'- ÏÎ.3, .*,_£"..

MAHT/.V CCJÍS_X, " "entlfrntan,, Aulrorn í.t.<í.(. ' í

JOJíS1 JîL'Kr --di.'¿r, v.Vjíirx. ?&a&~r.~£i '?

HÍLWS-T Ifl.'.f/Z- TBOIÍSS, í__í»r, J5«:i-¡ t_t (!.)> ;

AKniL'B ?T;.T7T5. CH.!_T_3, f«=«( Eïii-t ¡ vony COS-.V/Î.', 3-__r, sici_bí« a-?.). |

- VÏ i!

VaF>=-_e B.-ÍÍ»/

U-_^Í¿_ . . *. Are»»! ,,. K«Ä*s Cr<»2 .. _--«->. Vm.Y.).. Bilí«« .v.-. .. . fK."Ji. IÍ.-/-Í! »V.--1-. . f;"Tt Cr«/: .. Js.'Uri'Ssí .. .. l>.í.¡r>i 'fvl í-_*. T*./.;-;. It.i-aluut, .. . Uir.n-ía .. ..

\U%\:¿.iAx .. .

B-TÍ-.3--.!* ".".",

Y.t.'/vx\vy .. .. , (l/A'JTtk'A .. .. f"If-tooli _.'!/ . Miuh-lUum. . . 'IffSSifV. .. .. . (iTÎTis/Vït .. ..

H*j*tn*'Jrth .. .. CíTO*It« Ki.'. .

->_l_-'n V.«-;.' ,. Hartara .. .. , V.'Äfawfi. KatUnfJi. .. .

'._r*3).¿ l;_a , Wfcr««..

I'att»! ?>'^__- _.


!!-;vr;S/ I'.T C __7I. '//.

1 r.iíoi l>u-. fcl.»t:".

V.'. lUl/M .. .-. ..


< Incom|il-l«..(

V',itrí Mi toll, ..,»17.

_OII.\ M L'firMV, Kfíitlrroon, M»n nI»iíC(r*-*--r/Jttd. Ilntvthorrt (Murrar It.->.


Vit.mat. Ctt-íí,'**- ,. ,.

_rr(f.'.- .»

2.Jmz»_. I_ir.;r. «ftw,»i KM* .. ".. r>/fyV-n. PWíílM^fTlHt .. .. « C*rrf-Í*.t.- . C/»!ir« Cr»*«;. I'ert Owi/lWl .# -. Trim* 7í_ri. Kí.klln. linv-fcrifl!. Cretin*.*- ... < Jan/^urt .. .. *. .. 7îtn}*sjn.

Xe.S.11« «Vitrth .. .... V.'*f7nainlfx/1 .. '.


(II« rí-tumi in cjm* _MÍ aUw.t It,» rnoll.)


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CK_3fi.':n'_x_: FKZitaXlie, _««.&_!_*_, TSjins'-ur-n <X-V

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2«r_in _, _. .. " S-mnri "V¿r>t*.. ., S-ieüi-mn- .. .. .. IiïriWI"ltriIVti-T: ., "__¡»*_ü»_.. -, Surr/t 2.»_í .. .. SeVirawvui ._ ., " r>*»-irf_-t: - .. .. Zp-r

¡<*»MT_I1_- .. -, .. ..

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Ty_BÇ ___: __'.__«_.

C r S_i_íi»_- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. "ST. _____ .. .. -._


f>v__r it *-. __t_7 î"S"-5U* s/"~nr_ f.i_. -t . _-.?*_ crtr_yr _ut *ä«ii-._-i j»s-er_iT, Äi* ^._r_t_ T-Î-Ï -re_t a. T?-_r jtrüs Ä_I_. Til. ;_Î i.ur.t_i *_ "._,*: H7»îr^.'.ca_ _Lt_ r?Cii_* z^az TÍtjf s--t ±_.i_i ii*- zttzr-vi hi£v~z S7 c't-v^c ' _. ;c_ _i itT". uní í.-^_i_*c _rví_ ;iit ;.;_if Ï-Ï 'ir.wîrtL Ar *.ói* _iuT... ,«ç«n _.I.T_ as

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rir_i> cjyr-í os pizíjthaí íz-.vo. 'ot _i"."cr v?¡ :-»-> V.-_:i «irî-tï !¿__ _Ü_Í-' ::_* jc»_ffiií ' ,Tfy__. !

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v._.«.-*íV.-"T, ¿/., F. A_».-T2Y. Í

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to, ¿«, ' -J. A-.-j.ZR-O.v. :