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-i-«. <)9^B>







SYDNEY", Sunday. - The Sydney tram strikeis find themselves today in a des perate pass. The wheels have not ceased to go round, and the public have not sup ported them us they weio deluded into be licving A vaBt city concern like the tiam wajs was stopped foi an hour or two when the men stepped off their cais on Tnday and the cleaners thrcAV down their tools But it only remained inert for a few hours, and then tlie forces of authority freed it once moro to do its work II will do 'it onl) partially lo day, bul to morrow it will ho a whole going concern

' The vulnerable spot m an electric

tramway 8)stem is the powei house The mon counted upon inducing the hands at the powerhouse, to go out Avitli them They did not do so ul first, and the wires Etiil thrilled with then currents Yesterday some did IciA c, and lo day others. At short notice some of tbo vacated posts were tilled I

Tomorrow the fourth year Univoisity stu denis aro prepared to go ou dut), and so keep up the source of supply. It is only n question of 16 trained men Tlie Univoisity I

men have lnoio than the qualification-they have the willingness to do the AVoik With the cars manned und the vulnerable spot at the power house protected, the service is


i This has all been recognised by the

strikers, and they nie looking to a much Austci concern than their own for the real stnking AVenpon - the railways The feydney Labom Council felt the position most keen 1). In many w eil informed quaitcis it is stated without hesi

tation that then object was to attack the new Industrial Disputes Act By its tenus incitera to striking aie hablo lo a penalty ot £1,000, or two months' imprisonment The unions aie liable for every member of their ranks convicted, and the Government, in addition, has power to create Avages boards. The punishment struck from their hands the most powerful weapon they wielded 'Hie wages board dispensed AVith the aboitive Arbitration Court On Satuiday the Labour Council and the tramnii) oxecutiAO confcircd, and it was decided to, give the execu live of the council permission to call out to the aid of the stukcis any union oi unions they chose The choice has filien pn the íailway men.

The Premier (Mr. Wade) tonight de timed lo make any statement regarding the Btrikc, except that the Government ivas preparing to take action under tho Indus ti ral Disputes Act. Tiro Ministra has power, under section 14 of that act, on the recom incndation of the Industrial Court, and Avithout any foi mai application from an cm ployer or cmplo)ees, to dnect the constitu lion of a board m any case which the Indus trial Couit considers to be one of urgency, or for the dclcinunation of any dispute winch has arisen.

The new position Avnll be detei mined to morrow morning, when a representative of the executive of tho Locomotive Engine idrneis, Piiemen, and Cleaners' Association Avail wait upon the chief commissioner (Ali

Johnson). This deputation will compuse Mr Robert C Walton, president, and -li Roheit Hollis, ML A, secretaiy of the organisation. The) will present to the chief commiestonei ivhat is tantamount to an ultimatum of the railway mon, in so far as it is their espousal of the caiiBe of the tramway men They Avail ask that Croucher be reinstated, and that the s)stem of espionage be abolished, or, nB an alterna live, that Cioucher's case be referred to an impartial tribunal for dccibion

The executive of the Locomotive Engine drivcis', Piremen, and Cleaneis' Associa tionwas in conference with the repiesenta tivcs of the Labour Council and of the ~ nunn ay Union during the whole of to day, at St George's hall, Newtown The tramwaj men placed their case fully bofoie the bod), and the executive of thp Laboui Council, including Mr P B Marshall (president), and, Mr J P Cochrane (Beere tar)), stated that the attitude taken up by the Tramway Union had the entire sympathy of tho council The delegation went furthei, and pointed out that failing some satisfaction being given forthwith, an extension of the crisis was imperative in the interests of unionism In view of this, they stated th it a plan of campaign had been mapped out which, if hostilities were piibhed to extremes, would bring 80,000 unionists undct stnke conditions >

I he conference was closed to the press, but according to a statement made bub»e quentlj b) Mi Hollis, Al L \ , the execu tivc decided to stand by the ti am wa) men m the fight Ile said that the meeting bud been a long one, lind that eveiy phase of the situation had been discussed Vcty grave possibilities stood before them, and much depended on the lesult of the intei

A lew which lie and Mi Walton would have with the chief cominissionei on the follow nig morning If the ie»ult bhould be le i, uded is unsatisfactoi) bv lum and his president, steps would be at once taken to 1 ung about distnct meetings of the unipn, to dcteimine upon immediate action

Questioned as to Avhcthei a ballot would be neccssar) befoie his men could cease woii, Ali Hollis said that a mujaiit) vote it the whole of the distnct nicctinc_B would sufiiie He admitted tint the situation at the moment was one of ¡,ieit delicie}, and cxpiesscd the earnest hope that even at tina, almost the eleventh houi, tho Government

might see its way to step in and avert what might otherwise piove to be a temblé calamity




It was more curiosity than callousness that impelled the people on Saturday to parade the streets nnd occasionally to stop while a tram whizzed past The al tiaction of the day was the strike, and the incidents it might provide foi those astir Very little business was transacted in the



In ill, 121 trams weie run on the lines serving Waverley, Bondi Coogee Botany, Leichardt Drummoyne, Watson s Bay, the central railway station, and North Sydney Those who were in the city fiom necessity found that this number sufficed Plcasme seekcis were not particulir whether they walked or not One set ot attraction pro motets-tho Rugby Union-was hurd hit A big interstate football match at the Sydney Cricket ground was t\xcd foi the iftcinoon, und with the favoiuablc weather that pievuled, and the intense interest taken in the fixture a large attendance was lool ed for There were, however, only 10 000 present The tramway department had detei mined not to catci for the ground and the loss in numbers due to this action is estimated at 15 000 Ilundieds of those

who reached the vicinity of the ground by means of Coogee trams so swamped tho cars that the newly appointe! conductors found the task of collecting tickets lmpos siblo They gave up iflci several vam attempts, ind allowed the citizens a ftee ride It was not tint they wer" badgered or bantered by those aboaid, but th it then effoits eithei to encircle or thread through the packed masóos were futile


At one lime the success of the depart ment s cflorts to maintain a scrvico to AVaveiley were seriously intcifcrcd with Cars left the depots fully staffed, but as they appeared outside the slnkeis und then friends stoimed at the emergency men with threats and yells One of the con ductors happened to be a footballer* Upon lum an exceedingly vigorous attack was made His name was painted in black lctteia on a white sheet, and held up to a chorus of ' Will his mates, the Rugby players go with lum'' "No," carne bick it deafening shout When the crowd had ceased their chorus to a quietci acegmpam ment, the names of others who were work ing in the stitkers' jil ices were similarly displayed The croivd abused the con ductors, who were in plain clothes, and wore ticket bags The means tiken to cause discomfort to the men wer" success fui m the case of half a dopen. That num- ber were reported later in die day as missing from their trams Toi one man, who pleaded that he accepted omployment because ho was in stiaitencd circumstances, n Bubscnption was raised among th> on lookers amongst whom ho stepped prior to going out on the second journey Trouble thuatencd foi a few moments outside the signal hoi. at Glçbe Iho occupant h»d been deaf to the entreaties of those out- side to desert the bo\ and as tho crowd singed towaids the spot the police took up positions better lo aid him if neces



trams weie run every few minutes along the Pitt street route to the railway Drum moyne had i service which averaged one car about every 20 minutes, but no service was attempted to Balmain, as the femes thcto were convenient Later on the Leich nrdt sei vice was started, and the eastern suburbs served 1 Ins was a great boon to the trivclhng public On the Ocean stieet line a five minutes service was ariangcd, but the cars did not go furthea down King etteet than Ehzabeth-etieet lo Willoughby and Mosman good scrvicea were main




In George-street, m the vicinity of the Trades hall, another scene took place on Saturday morning, but the determined action of tho police prevented the occur- rence of noting


Members of the Tramway Union had as scmblcd at the headquarters soon after breakfast to consider the position Many of theil number, wearing led ribbons m their coats gathered in knots at the corner of George und Goulburn streets There weie also several hundreds of idlers and larrikins 4. posse of police, under lu spector Roche determined to disperse the croivd It was rather difficult, for as soon as the people weie moved fiom one position they took tip unothcr, waiting to find out

what developments there would be lor ne lily two liouis not a tram was seen in George sti cet, but suddenly two-one foi lowing close on the othci-made their np peal ance fiom the western suburbs Ex- citement ran high and there was a move to blocl then progress Hie police how ever, rose to the occasion and the on lookers weie driven hack to the gutters, and the roudwiy was left fairly clear


Meanwhile two plainclothes-constablea were marching off with two young men vi ho had hooted a driver As soon as the ciowd saw what had happened they sur rounded the police and there weie cries of Mob them ' Hie plainclothes men and their prisoners vicio bustled fiom one side of the load to the othei, and finally the officeis were knocked down, but a uni form man caine to then rescue While the

unifoimcd const iblo was pushing the crowd back fiom the men on the ground ho also was 1 noel ed down His helmet was tiainpled upon his belt was out, and Ins re v oh ci was stolen Ho regained Ins feet, lushed out light mid left, and 1 ept the singing crowd at bai until the load was eleni «I and the pnsoncis locked up A moment latei n thud man was tiltcn to the station, and some time afterwards two molo weio anested This had a whole some offoct upon the crowd, who scattered in odd lots The police altogether ai

rested twenty one mon during tlio duv. Most of the offences come under the hoad ii - of insulting language


Living the vihole diy ni an itmoaphctc of thrents that the cars would bo stopped, overturned, or blown up at night, the tram way authorities sought relief Ordeis were given to stop the running of the trams at

0 o'clock m tho eicning nnd the police department AVIS KIVIHPII that i full muster of men would IK idvitible Hie effect w<s iina/mg I lu night passed without mci dent, but thcie ivcic novelties in the picture Foi ii einen nom met with at eveiy comer Unusually luge crowds picked the stieets, and the hiss of the ti ladling oils, and the noisy ching of the bell« weie absent The manigcis have not joined the lanka of thoso discontented with the strike Those who come into Sydney on Saturd i) night to attend thethcalicsicside,tc>ahirge extent in the nearest suburbs-Darling hurst, Paddington, and Redfern-to Avluch walking is not exceptional Othei contin ?enls come from Dialing Point nnd AVool

ihm und to lho«e composing it a c ib is no movelty 1 he bli ike h 11 not been m exist enco long enough foi eithci the manngu h oí the shopkccpeis to miss the p_tionige ot the customcis in the lemotei




The bille Puliumcntaiy Laboui party, of which Mi Al Gowen is the lcadci, con sidcrcd ¿he position of the tramway cm ployces, and passed i lcsolution, which was forwnided about ten di)H ago to tlie execu tive of the ~) Iney Laboui Council, con demning the lesoit to stuke Efforts to obtain the Labour jp irty's lettei foi the purposes of publication have faded ~ome say that it ivas thiown into the waste papci basket, but that i copy is in existence Had its contents been made public, it is possible that the st like of tramway, men would neve! hive lal en place

The attitude of tiades oigamsation lo wards the Industrial Disputes Act was dis cussed b) the Laboui pnrty some w ceks ago, but the inteivcntion of the Commonwealth Lnbom Confeicnce in Biisbane ncccssit ited

the nbsenoj fiom Sydney foi some d lys of

Ali M Gol en ind Air Holman and a de cisión on the question was detened pending then return About ten dajs ngo the sub ícct was iesiime_i and di°cii<_~d m all its beuiings Vi "h the possibility of the tiam way strike m view, the party udopted a


The entrance to the ToAvn-hall is on the right.

resolution to the effect th it Avlnle it rccog nised the light of im) union to refuse to registci, and the light of the Sjdney Labour Council to recommend that course it Avould not connive it any breach ot the law or conn tin ince it lu othei words the party icaliscd tint thcie was no obligation upon i union lo legibtei, but that the Industnil Disputes Act being law must be lespccted, and amended if necessaiy by constitutional


means This resolution was embodied m n lettei to the executive of the Libom Couti

eil, and tile fact tint the loiitcnts han not been made nubile is a mutta lot gicat sut prise m political cueles


i The pickots placed by tho stiikeis to en

deavour to persuade the new/ men to leave

tho cus were successful at Waverley with two men They gave np their jobs toda),

but in most ultu Uiev wcie unsuccessful |

Shoitl) iftci tho Hutch horn they had II. lcluin of foi tuno at Ciicuhu Qui), two

more nun joining then tunks One of the I


pnn, with Ins big and tickets, bolted up the fitieel These lie should have handed in at the depot bo pleased vveio the pickets at their success lint tbev carried the second man shouldei high lwo more men weie tent down from headquarters to take the place of the two who had left the cars The police broke up several piel tt gangs




SYDNEY, Sunday. - To one arriving from Melbourne by express on Sunday morning lhere was really very little abnor


mnl to be noticed In fact, the first sound that grcctid the visiloi as he stepped fioin the enllante lo the tential station i\ is tint of i tram whining on its wijvlo tilcbe Ihe uniformed constable on the platlorm at the front end of the ear seemed, howcvci, incongiuotis The ne\t tram travelling Lu lons Castlereagh stieet was composed ot

two cais. aThcie was again a policeman on the front .intforni, and .nolhei one on the platfijnn of the tim! The pie icautiun, .is on Satin day, was being taken against Hid possibility oldiiveis 01 conduc ton being set upon, but it seemed tmncees taij. Haully u person was seated in the

trims and the streets weie alinoat de scried Aa the day plogrcssed the Mine good 01 dei ruled, eveept foi an occisional demonstration, jeers ind boo boos berne, given vent to as thousands ciossed the streets on their way to and from the big githeting in the Domain m the aftctnoon

In all, 80 trims were in commission foi

the day, serving the suburbs winch did not have the i onvcnienco of othei mcnnB ot transit tram dnvcis and . onduttors were ladt hurd lo lind foi tins limited numbei ot cirs, and the cnieigenty men weie mole feniilm with t!ie woik, md iciciiei to kee]) at then posts A few old hands had in tho me intime been disioveied and icquisitioned, and a handful of loyalists, tit kel examinera, and cleiks in the olhtes who iveie ac

quuinted with the duties lemaaned A~ith the dep u tmeut

Cousidenng that neaily 100 000 ncople pom ed fioin all puts to the Domain in Hie nfteinoon, and wen uni of the city ne nightfall, ind that the tianis weie never it any time overstocked it mav be nssurocd that the streams of cabs, omnibuses, motoi cala, vans, and all sorts-of vehicles lamed

many people So foi, complain - as to nverchn ging by the newcomers into the held of pisscngei cinving have not been numeioiis 1 01 the tnp lo Dulwich Alex umhin Waterton ltinihviclt mid Bondi the ilinigcs viuy fioin sixpence to a shilling pel head, while to destinations closer to the

eily the onlinary i iles twopence and thieepence ait in toicc Cib hue was c\ luisivc list night foi i time but upon the ictuin of the outgoing contingent the fines fell to normal 411 the moloi garages aie tunning cars foi a suddenly enlarged eben tele hut as may be imagined Hie numbei is msuOicient to lebeve the picssiuc to any

ippiccnblc extent IfSvdnc) were not so hillv, and had Alclbourne s îooiny waggon elie-, a loaring business would bo done by their ovincrs at a tune like this


_,NUÄcrA.I10V or pnnvcu'i.E-.

[ Mi Petra Bovvlmg, president of the J

Northern Distnct Almeia' lcderation,

Hpcakmg at Newnstlo today, made a pro- nouncement tint omi n union wus oidctod to stnke athel unions --IKHIIII suppoil it, vi helltet the sinke was light oi wiong Ile assured the ttnmw.iy nun ot the whole hcaitcd suppoit of the miners m the piescnt dispute. At Neyycastle the dm eis of tiam


motors pending instructions from the union, stuck to then posts )esterday and

to du)


TWO TnAMS BREAK THROUGH. Pnor to the demonstration in the Domain this afternoon the stnlteis who, with then immédiate friends and h)in patlusers numbeied six 01 seven thousand formed portion in George street and portion in Goulburn Bticct The rcirguard of the lattei was on the steps ot the Iradcs hall

Ilcided by the Tramway Bind, the piocession marched to the meeting ground Hi the Domain All woie inmates lhou sands of the gcncril public followed on both sides ihe loute lay up BiicMicld Hill, and then along Park street Nothing but the i ithci saddening shams of the music and the greetings ixchauged between btnkcrs and then friends, in the eiovvd luoke upon the cat-, until Castlereagh btioct AVIS n. proichcd A strong body of police held the head ot the procession in (beck nnd before peí nutting them to pass dow n the lhorouc.hf ire w Inch is the busiest route foi tiams in the eil) sent out bcouts lo see if the way woie clcu Not a tram was m sieht and the pioccssion moved for wind ihe act of moving w ia not a con eel ted one and to the dismay of the police, It was seen that while the head Was crobb mi, the Cistleiea_h btioct ham lines the leinaindti of the piocesbion was asking what had happened in fiont


All the time a Irjtn which had suddenly appeared furthet up the load al the lung bticct crossing ivas gaming on them It was hopelc s to avert the meeting A sin nil) uniformed drivci w is in charge of the handle i policeman was beside lum, and the stein iinllinrhing looks on the faces of the pan showed that lioccble was ahead if a challenge weie issued Ihoso in the procession did not break then formation, but stood and groaned The crowd left

the footpaths, nnd massed about the driver and policeman on the front of the platform. Hie di iver, who is well known in the ser- vice lui a tiekct-cMiminei. paid no heed to the calls to "Come off and join us," noi did he lum even to look nt several who shouted offensive epithets A well known spotting mau boirded the enr, and the tram slowly I passed thiough the procession, while Hie

air was tilled with hissing and groaning

Before the rcmaindei of the procession bud ciosscd the sticit, i li un dished up,

swiUlui1 off a'lilli, .Hld iiiuidsl yells and | shouts or 'Look out you liimdcioi, viho do you want to kill' bundled unccie moiiiiiiisly tliiough the tanks

Hie Worlds Heccird Jumnl See illuBtratioim lu ' llio Aublialailuu," balun»), July 2o.


Ports of the procession then joined once moie and the longhne stretched downPuk street along College street und past bl Aliry s Cithcdnl, the steps of which wtte black with people ind t'nough Uie Domain Hydepaik was filled with the scaiiiperiii", lcapint, fonns of tho«p who had broken fiom the route lo be in bernie the piocession \¡, its head pissed thiougli the gate» the sicm was sinking Ihousmds ot people weit on the slopes leiding fiom Hie bvdney Hospital and the Mitchell Libiaij while n conlon ot 2 000 policemen vv is diawn lound i big space in the dip i hose who tool up post lions comm mehlig Unit which the pohie cn ended weie disappointed Ihp head of the piocession appealed tot in instant to mike for the dip, wuveicd, and tin neil sharp to the left It broke up nnd formed round i stjnd picviously oei upied by a soo dist speakei- led li ig, table, and all


NEARI1 300,000 PEOPI lb.


The most thrilling sensations at the Domain gathering were to be had, aftci all, by those who took up positions on the slopes 'lliose below and closei to the centre hcaid moic pcrhips, but tiny were hurt m the cffoil It wia a vvondci fully dense and vast miss, amongst which tin speakers gcsticul ited and io,ved It scorned as if the bowl Id e lands forming the Dom un had bet n suddenly filled up and levelled In summet time the picture would have been glonoiis, but i told vv md blew to- day, and people clod ed themselves foi tin, occasion as no icsidcnts of Melbourne would hive done The lcsult w 13 a drab colomcd picture hioken only by an occasional splash uf coloui m the painfully ill chosen dicsi and hat of 1 female sympathiser and tim dull gieen of the stunted fig tiees winch seemed as mete bushes when thousands had packed themselves mound them Women wera found on the outskuts aiiMous to secure a spot in which to rest Many had been bftod out in a fainting condition L\ penenced police officers estímale tint all told there vvcro ncuily 100,000 poisons ou the ground

At the central stand the first to appeir on the table was Mi H Livvton president of the Tramway Lmployees' Union Ho was cheeicd by those immediately si rrnund mg the table, but was too fat away lo bo recognised by the 19 000 others Mi 1/nv ton, who cannot c1 um to bp nu oratoi, told the story one bonis on every hand of

Conductor Ciouehei

'You prove that ho Ins been wionged," cried a min close to the speakei

' We want lo piove it," letorted Mr Lawton ' That 1» why wo ask foi another

tribunal "

' Rot " said Hie man m the crowd 'Any- thing foi an evcuse1"

But the president of the strikers' union went on He sud nothing that has not been said by him at eveiy deputation to the Government and the commissioners, and gave way to Mi " 4ndy ' Kelly, M Ia A

Hie crowd ictogniscd the new speakei bv Ins bald head lind srpjaie set frame, and cheered Mi Ivellj w is the only membei of the stale Paili unenlary Labour party at Hie gathering Many had already noted the fact, but the speakei a did not mention it Mi Kelly s-nd that he was speaking in sup port of siiffeiing humanity He wanted Hritish justice foi all 1 mr play was fan play Only once did it seem that Mi Kelly was aware of the pal t ho was playing nt that demonstration J.licit wns when lie tattled out, 1 am here is an individual and as n member of 1 p irty th it is IUMOUS to luv e this struggle ended by constitutional means ' Once only did ho suggest a means - the commcssioneis backing down, and a new tml foi Crouchci being held "

\s a guard against disorder, evidence of which wes very rarely piononnced, speakers of ill ! md» ugilntois socialists, free thinkers ind stnl ere, ¡00k up stands at different parts ind harangued the crowd foi itiothei bom General resolutions of sympathy with the men weie declareu tar ned mu then the assemblage broke up and poured homewards It is 1 maivel that so mimv should hive got out of the stieets ot the city so quickly in a time such as lins The restaurants cicrvwhcic tins' evening viere as cheerless inside as were the stieets



Mr Catls, MHB, vi as one of the «peak ers at a demonstration at Newtown budge, m fiont of the tramway depot, on Satin day of 10,000 people He took exception to the Premier oidenng out tho mounted police

A Voice-Ho said he would older tilt military out

Mr Catt» - Tbat is just where Mi Wade made a mistake He tould call till ho was tiled, but tho militaiy would take no heed of his call Uley were in tho hands of the

1 ederal Government

Anothei speakei, Mr Stuart Eobeitson M L A said -Jil Wade has n sneet mil a cold heart He is dititonal Ho is cold and sullen, and will not listen to reason Ile is a public uuiglar

A motion was put at the meeting that the special ofhcci system as it exists 111 the trimway depaitment is lepuentuit to I3n tish justice, and is nennst the beat tindi tions of the race 'Uns was detlaied cn ned unanimously The cheeiing lasted 101 some time, and was lesumed ivhcn the ellan man announced that a numbei of ticl ct e\ amineis and sub inspectors had met, and decided to leave the cars and joiu the




The most importnnt case was thut in which Richard Croft was concerned Croft, who was desenbed as an iccounutnt, w is chuiged befoie Mr Smithers, SM, nt the Water Police Court with having used in suiting words to Charles Walsh, in King street, with intent to provoke a breach of the peace It was stated tint about 5 p 111

on Ttiday 11 tram was m King street and a man ivas in the net of turning tho polo when the tramway official vi as insulted and Croft used the words complained of, bawl ing out at the top of lus volte, in the pic sence of a crowd numbering live thousand people A fane of £3 was imposed, with the alternative of one month's impnson ment Croft was again chnrged with liai

ing used insulting woids to John Smiley Read, in King sheet with intent to provoko a breach of the peace A line of C3 was nnpostd or in default one month's impnson ment On 1 third thaigc ot having unlaw fully ussiultcd Senior Detective John Tul

lerton Ciofl pleaded guilty It was stated that when inestcd he resisted, and m the struggle taught the officei bv the hand, turned Ins hngtis up and cut him below the finger w lth his thumb mil besides kicking the oflicci ind fighting like a madman On this chaigc he vi us sent to giol foi one month without the option of a fine


The greater portion of the time of the Central Police Couit on Saturday was de voted to dealing with cases arising out of the distuibuncos connected with the strike Plie majority of cases weie of lninoi 1111 poi tance but in each case the maximum penilty was imposed Mi Payten, S M ,

was the magistrate

Percy Peirott a painter, pleaded guilty to having obstructed the fiee passage of a cai bv opening a switch as the ear was beginning to move Perrott jumped on to the icai of the cal and tinned off tho auto

ni itic switch thus causing tho stopplige When uncsted Pcnott lcsmted violently

Ile w is fined 60/, with the option ot it d iv s haul liboiu

J unes C11110II a news vendor, was cluugcd with having assiu Ited Constable Hush while he had a man undci arrest Cai 1 oil flung half ii brick at the constable and sliiick lum on the neck Canoll wns scull need lo one month's hard labour

Ldwaid 1 meison a Inbomoi, pleaded guilty lo a chaigc ot having thioyvn eggs at the police A line of 40/ with the ultei nitive ot H dijs bald lubom, was mi posed

1 Igu Oeoigc Pike, a tram dm ei, pltadul guilty to bilung incited IMwiud I nielson to icsist Constable Smudge W litle 1 merson was m the constable's cus tody Pike was shouting 'Don't let Ulm tal 0 lum lads, get to lum1 Surround bun I V line of io m default one month's lind luboiu, was inflicted

I'lgindd liiirnc 1 tiuni eonductoi was fined c5 111 default a month s impnson mint on 1 similn chiiige

Louis I ishei labomei 1 leaded guilty to haying thioyvn a stone in Otoigeslieet

1 lslior thiew the stone at a mounted troopci \\ hen 111 tested he had eight luge pieces of blue met ii in his possession Mi Pnyten, in fining tish« 407 with the ultci native ot 21 duvs haul laboui n muikcd that it vins most unfoiluiuitc that be lould not scud 1 ishci to g lol without tin option of a fine

len othii nun <f vinous occupations WHO eliaiged with notons conduct and with hiving use 1 insulting language uni wtie ulso lined 01 nnpiisoned

Haunt Hickey dinged with having thiown a Blono at the liont of a ham cai,

was fined £2 m default one months im pribonment



\ deputation fioni the Pailiamentuv Labour paitv of New ~0uth A\ales had m tervicws on Situidaj with thePrcnnei (Ah AA ade) and Air \ hton (honorai v Alinis ter) with the object ot ai ranging foi nego tintions for the settlement 01 the stnke

but, as on the previous di), there xvas no


The position placed befoic Ah \shton was summed up bj one of the nicmbeis of the deputation as follows - As the îesult of different interviews we had on Trida v A ith the Laboui Council executive unclothe irpie«entü_Acs ol tile men on btnke ave found that thcie need have been absolute^ nothing between whit Air Johnson the Chiet I ailvvav Commis lonci vv is picpare I to concede ind at the men might have been prenaled to accept It thus becitne onlv i mattet ot nc_,otntions to br n" the conflicting putics together The tramnav men have made tu t move winch the mern b"ia of the Tarli uncntirv . utv ev dentlv icgaid as a f ilse one and it is foi them to take their place on the trims in oldci that alie wav mai be clcaied foi negoti mons which the cb ct commissione ind the Go veminent hive li along been attrccable should take place

Hie negotiations with the Pienuci were based on the leinstatement ot Conduetoi

( jouchcr an fthe Premier declined to con

sidei them He sa d that the commis lonen had given even consideration to elie po«i tion exercised everv iea_on ible forbear ince and tiled in everv lcisonablc w iv to se tie the matter He o ved i dutv to the public

md it must be peifouncd In the incerests oi liw and Older the onlv honest coui e io

the Government wi to io. st to the last the unlawful pre «me tint had been bl ought to beal upou it The attitude of the men was so imreiso i ible that thev had no tlie least claim upon the «impathi of the public lurthei ncrot it ons avoid 1 be use- less unless the men ictuined to work



Air Peru Alinister for \gneulture was present at the banquet of the Commercial TraAellers Association last night Re .erring to the sinke he said that the tram nav men^ ni making trouble were up against the toughest proposition thev could get He legietted that a gi cat number or men had been Iel ranged into voting for the slnl e He boned that the trouble would soon he settled but he assured those pie

sent that the Railvvav Commissioneis in their (um attitude had the Government behind them\JAli Johnson the Chief Rail wav Commissioner believed fiom tlie bol toni of his heart that the vast mijontv ot the tramwav men nevei wished to still e, and that had it not been for lntimid ition resorted to at the last the) would not luve stepped from their cars



'»onie light was thrown on the mvsterious ittitude tow aid» the stuke of the state Pai liamcntary Labour partv avhen lite to night Mr Al Gow en leadei of the Opposi

lion made nn important statement He said that aftei the pjrlv sepai itcd from Pailiament house on Inda) evening the members of the part) met the strike com mittcc at the Trades hall in consultation ind (.ot it to Avithdriw its demand respect ing the reinstatement of Ciouchei The committee practic ill) accepted the position

dding If we could get some promise of nn mquiiv whethei b) a Rojal commission, in mjependent bond 01 anv tribunal m conformit) with the spirit of the Indus tnnl Disputes Act we will wilbngl) in struct the men lo go back to wölk' It was then m the minds of the committee that the men would bo on the cais again athel on Saturdnj afternoon 01 night Hie same position was placed before Air Ashton honorai) Alinistet on Snturda) morning and he promised to convcv it to the liemier but it is understood that it was not favouiablv leeched Non we have decided said Alt Al Gowen that the hour for negotiations is not A et closed AVc don t want an) political 1 udo» in the mat 1er but Albon the House meets on Tncs dav ne Bhnll be prepared to take definite action The AVadc Government mtro ouced its bill foi an independent tribunal nndei the Industrial Disputes \ct It appointed a special court for the Newcastle mincis It is going to give in independent boaid foi the Alerchnnt s-civice Guild mil when a few days igo the stril e took plan at Barron Jack works Ali Lee (Almistei for AVorl s) went thcic \ »pet ii board is to bo ippointed to in quire into then grievances und on that promise the men leturned lo work These men at Darren Jack ure in the same posi tion aa the train men thev are state ser vants The) htruel they received i pro mise the) declared the strike off ind nre now at w ork A\ e ure going to make a final effort with the Piemici tomorrow Some members of rai paitv have been with me nn ii I ite to night Ah- Hughes AI H R being ilso present We tall ed it over and .hit is AV h it Ave have decided to do"



The stril e bas arisen from one cause onlv Throughout the repi csentations that pre ceded the actual strike and the negotia tion8 between the commissioners and the men there lias been no complaint on be half of the conductors of an) gi lev ance ex cept tliat arising out ofjdie special officer

svbtcm This method of protecting the revenue anses out of the peculiar cucum stances of the S)dnov tram service The bell punch checl as it is 1 now n in Alel bourne and in n modified AVB) in othei cities is not used The whole sen ice is w orl ed on i system of tickets w hich re semblo the thin slip of paper given to Aid bourne passengers a» transfers from one s line lo another These ticl ets aie printed

in tlie valions issues according to tile sec lion which thev nie to cover and the con duc tors on each line are given a limited mimbil of each dinonunation These issues are distinguished from da) to dav bv alphabetical progiession Thnt is to sai on Monda) there will be the A issue on Tuesdnj the B ' issue and so on until the alphabet is exhausted and the round commenced again No collection is made of the tickets During the journev the conduetoi siglits them as often as he considers neccssarv but when the pnssen gei leaves the cn he tal cs the ticket w-ilh lum ind there is a request printed upon it that lie should destrov it

All these safeguaids ire intended pri

mai ii) to protect the tramwi) levenue from evasion b> passengers and at the same time lo ensure conditions Avluch AI ii) prevent anv leakage of icvemio into the pod els of dishonest conductors

The special ofiiccr is nn unknown passen gel who has been detailed by the commis Kioners for the purpose of guaranteeing that in ordinär.) ciicumstanccs when the men are not piesumably under observation tiley discharge their duties carcftillv and bonesth j.hese officers aie of course changed frequentlv nnd thev aie fieiilv nlwnj s taken temporal iii from the police force The men have nina.,s objected to the sjstem Thev have felt that its con tinuancc is a reflection upon n service Avhere the great inajonti of the men are honest and the responsible oftmals of the union Have contended tint the positions and the leputations of men with charac tors as good ns those who have been set to aiatch are placed in the 1 eeping of special ofliceis who are frequentlv the raw re criuts of the police depaitment who have to win distinction in the sei vice Hie commissioners on Ile other Inn 1 have hitherto talen up the stand tint the most ugle! s>stom of elect is aj plied in even ile. utment of corunciciil life Isis they contend no reflection upon anv honest man that his woik should le bubject to I v ersight ev en though at the time be should be unconscious of that oversight The immense tiaffic m Sjdncj consequent on the populir pennv sections svstcm leads lo the issue of thousands of these tickets everv dav and the pos íbilities for fiaud in the absence of constant and efficient check would invite bjatematic peculi


Hie special officer sjstem has not been i dead letter On the contrar) it lins been active in operation This has led on the one hand to the commibsioners de fending it* continua co and to the men demanding that it should be withdrawn On Alarch 11 a Icputation w ntel upon the commissioneis in connection with the eise of a conduetoi wl o w is disini el Hie sel

Aicc is a re nil of a clinic mile bv one of these s] eel ii oflicn Hie Chief Rail aviv Commibsionei (Ali 1 H Minson)

AI hilo btiting tint personallv he woull wish to discontinue the si stem said that

the leport» of his adiibeis were in favour of its continuance Sibscqucntlv another conduetoi was chngcl but he was fortu nate enough to be ii le to locilc the pis MII"CH to whom I ekets weic Uee,ed to li ive been linpiop ill 1 sued Hie c pas wngeii (.ne evidence in f ivoui of the con

I ductor w ho was acquitted by a departmen

.al board Hits case iroused a great deal of feeling among the men as it was thought that hil it not been for the conductor j good fortune in being able to call the na« sçngers 1 e too would have been dismissed the sen ice is the w eigtit of ti n cv ldencc by the sptciii officer was against lum In a latci eise the departmental board con sidered that the evidence as to the truth of lllegations made by u special officer was unreliable if not untrue and the case against the eonductoi was dismissed Latci how ci er mother conduc or was dis


tin illy the case against Harold Croucher was brou gilt under notice N. charge vi as lud igan st lum and on Monday July n as a result of cvilence by special officers he was recommended lor dismi sal by a de pirtmenul 1 oard \. deputation waited upon the hillway Commissioners and a ked tint the special oflieeis should be

col 1 1 and that Cioucher should be le in tate I Hie commis, loners in the lirst pi ce considered Crouchers case and the evidence against lum and determined that the recommendation of the boaid slionld be modified to the extent that at the end of si\ months he should be entitled to apply for icinstatement On the othei point Air Tohn«on "aid that he could not corsent to the special officer M stem being ibol

i lied but agreed to go fully into it with the men on return from a tour which he then contemplated to Brol en Hill The union officials tool np the attitude that the conros ion with legard to Ciouehei was a confe ion of weaknes and i strike was determined upon


*vi.D\I I ^und íy -"--o niuch has been made of Conduetoi Crouchel case that the Kuliai Lommissionei» decided yesterday to make availible the evidence taken before tlicin on the appeil fiom the decision of the

vppeal Bond which was composed or Ah H Al Lachlan the Secietarv for Railways (chairman) Air AA Ihow and Mi C Manson At the second appeal which was heard by the chief commissioner, Air John son and the tramway commissioner Ali Richardson, R Croft, who is now under arrest, and Air Warton appeared lor Crouchel Mi hnecshaw the tramway superintendent, was also pre ont

Croft said that the appellant îelied upon the absence ot conoborition as to two ticket« said to hav e been issued by Croucher to two special officers who have been branded by the men as spottei»

It mifcht be explained briefly that the allegations made against Crouchel aie based on a statement bv two special ofhceis that they on July 9 join ney ed by the Dulwich Hill (ram The tickets they received were foiw irdcd to the tiaminv office ind here as is the custom under the espionage sis teni the numbets were noted Hie fict then became uppaient that the sime num bel s hld been on tickets issued foi the sime section on the same line on the previous day and by a conductor on the tram only 20 minutes ahead of that on which Croucher

w as on that day

At the appeal to the commissioners Croft mentioned tint there was nn absence of coi roboration is to the sale

ihe Chief Commissionei -Do v on contend that corroboration has disappeared '

Croft-Intiieh One man said tint lie did not pee the ticket w hic*h the othei ofticei got until thei met some time afterwards

Hie Chief Commissioner-It wos rniber singulai that when the tickets carne to be computed they showed consecutive num

bei s

Croft-It does not necessanly mean thal the eonductoi on the tram had given them

to these Iw o men

Hie Chief Commissionei -Can you sug gest any means by which they could get


Cioft-They might have seen two persons - i lady and a gentleman-leave the tram and throw the tickets away ind then pick them up

Mi Richaidson -Their reports show that they weie on the Camperdown line on the day on which the tickets weie originally

served out

Croft-Hint is so but lhere is no check as to whether they ay ere on the othei line

Ah lvneeshaw - I heir Campeidown ticl ets show that there would only be time for them to get on to the Dulwich Hill tram where the tickets weie first issued at lunch time and I have little doubt that they went home for lunch The special oflieeis had no instructions to follow £roncher Thei did not know lum or his mirabel and were in no way biassed.

Ciolt (to the Chief Commisioner) -I leave the mutter entirely in vour hands I have nothing to say except this-that the fact of tickets showing that they were on certain

joui ney s to Camperdown on the day on ' which the tickets were originally issued is not evidence of how the time w as taken up

The thief commissionei then examined the special officers Willaid and Southwell vcrv deliberately repeating each question several times to each Phcn reply was positive The men denied that they had evei pre viously seen Crouchel or that they had been instiucted to watch for lum They were novel on the Dulwiih Hill tram on the day the ticket» weie ongimlly issued but were handed the tickets nc\t day

Huold Croucher said that it would be possible for tickets issued on July 8 to hav e been lving about for 24 hours and so picked

up on July 9

Hie Chief Comini sionei - By these two


Cioucher-Ares it is quite possible

1 undei stand that vou also suggest that lliese two tickets bearing consecutive nuin tiers may hav e been piel ed up by these two officers on one of the lines upon which thei were woil ing upon the previous day and brouuht on to the Dulwich Hill line on July O'-A.e» that is light

And that vi hen tiley mndc then notes in then bool s instead of noting the numbers of tickets that von is»ued to thom thev no ¡ed those numbeis'-It is possible

Jn making known his decision the Chief Commisionei said - Bearing in mind Cioucher s idmittcdly previous good tharac tei the decision will be i ecorded as Appeal dismissed, but in view of his picvious good chai lietel and the pi ev lons good service he has done for the depnitment we shall give himnnoppoitumtv at any rate of applying ipi leadmission into the depaitinent it the end of si\ montlis It is a somewhat un usual step to take hut I strongly hold my

sell and the tramivav commissionei agrees with me that our only object in confirming the punishment vi Inch may seem seieie is that it may have a deterrent effect andthil we do not wish to give the impression th it there is any desire to be v indicln e to the servants of the department


hROKr\ HIIL "sunday -Hie trimwav sinke lins meant i hirvest foi the locil c ibs w Inch are ply ing to the outli ing p irts of the city V meeting of the local branch of the lnmway 1 mployces Union vi is held on Fndav night about lo men being pie sent The meeting decided to communicate vwitb Sydney with regald to the position of meohanics in the local traimi iv service Some of these aie members of the Boiler millers Union the laws of which provide for a fine of £o in the c ise of men Inking unless called out by Hie executive Some of the fitters are in the sime position V. stril c committee of seven was lppomtcd mid the matters of sti ii e p tv and pic! cling

were di cussed

The loe ii secretary says tint he hope Hi it the strike will soon lie fini lied \\ c intend of course heie to see it through but we are determined to cany it without

violence he si d

The enginedrivcrs of com se are not on stril c ndwenttoworl veslet lav as usual but viere not able to start the tars be cause there vi ore no conductors Air R Hollis general secretaly of the 1 ngine dm eis s50Clc(,j has ndiiFcd the locil hrinch sccretaiy that nothing should be done tashly or which will implicate the

society men


AUCKLAND Saturday -The decision in the tiamwavs dispute has been received with intense indignation by all sections of employ eis ^ome declare that a position Ins been set up winch may revolutionise matters so far as the relations between mastei nnd man ne concerned The he id of one important firm said that the detision was the worst thing tint had hippened to emploveis and indirectly to industry in the

historv of the Dominion


VI the quat telly meeting of the cential executive of the Political Labour Council at the 1 rades hall Cailton on Saturday even ing i resolution was adopted on the n otion of Air Blakey seconded by Mi Alolonev tint the sympathy of the execu tiv e be accorded to the tramw ay men now on strike in Sydney