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Mr Jack Sandy is in Nepean Dis trict Hospital, where he was operated' on for appendicitis.

* * *

Miss Nell Roberts .'31 1: i week for n month's holiday at the' tousido1 resort of Southport, Queensland.

♦ * * »

Members of tho Penrith traffic staff recently made appropriate presenta tions to colleagues who have boen

transferred from .Pienrith to other stations, viz., Messrs W. Biressington, S. B. Brown, J. Player, and B1. 'Alicnrn

* , * *

Two more-lady residents of Penrith have been appointed justice's of the The latest list includes thij following-:, Mrs Jonnnette May Frizoll, High Streot, Penrith; Miss Vera Caro line Judges, Warwick Street, Penrith, ' and Victor Augustus M'^yon, Piarker

Street, Ponrith. -

♦ * *

' Tho engagement hns been announced of Miss Crreth'n Douglas, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs James Douglas, of "The Laurels," Parramatta, and Mr Joshua Lee Hargrave, eldest son of Mr .R. J. Hargravo, and the late Mrs Hargrove, forniorly of Blaxland.. '

* * - *

Adjutants Pegg arid Baker, of Pen rith Salvation Army Corps, have been transferred to Mortdalo, nnd the form, er has been promoted to major. Tlioy will be succeeded-at Penrith by Adjut ant Matl. (from Cremorne) and Capt. ;• Day (from Toongdbbie)

* * * , ,

Miss Ruby Payne-Scott, of Willouglf' by, an ex-resident of Penrith, who .is on the staff of Sydnoy University Cancer Research, left on 1st inst Afor Adelaide. On the way home she will

spend a woek in Melbourno in order" to attend-.-the Science Congress there;

* . * *

ilr E. L. R. Keech, Mayor of Wing-, hanij visited Penrith last week, and1 jliile hero called at the Nepean Dairy i',actoryv meeting the! Board and staff of tho business that he largely helped to establish when residing here. Mr Kcech stayed with his mother and

sister, at Loinongrove. Mrs Keech,~ who will bo DO-years of age on Bttth iiist," is still bright'and cheerful nnd able to take a very keen' interest, in affaire. . '

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