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The conditions of pi ogress in China, Japan, Tua key, Persia, Lgvpt, and other countries was discussed at o. sitting of the Universal Races Congress at the Uni yeisity ot London Dealing with "East and West in India, ' the Hon. G. K. Gok hal (Poona) stated that there was co doubt whatevci that the refoim nio.isures of two year» ago arrested the, gi owing estrange- ment between Europeans and Indians, and since then the situation had undergone a steadv and continuous change for the bettor Mrs Vrclubald Little, former!} resident in China, «aid tint as a democ lacy tbo United States could not oompire with China. In China an}ono might rise to tho highest position, and the meanest coolie know how to behave himself It ill becaome England and Amenca, who least ttua'ht manners in their schools, to talk of teaching civilisation to tho East The Chinese had alwa}s despised the soldier, and it was only now that thej were being taught to admire them The West had insisted on entering China, Jtpan, and Korea. The eougics should send a pro- test to the people of Vustnlia and tho United States asking loi fair pit} foi bon est Chínese woi knien-the most sobei, in- dustrious, peaceable and law-ibiding of tho wolking men of nnj nation ot tho

woi Id

The gallant conduct of two naval men was described nt ¿n inquest held at Has Uir Hospital, Gosport, Hants, on Thomas Hcniy Hutheld, chief stoker, and Ernest William Frjei stokei, who weie yictims ot an accident in the torpedo boat Ran- gal oo dining btoam trials in tho Channel

A steam pipe burst in the after stoke- hold, and nutfield and Fijer wera scalded bv tho esc.iping btc im Clnct Aitihier Engineer Williams and Engine-room Vi ti

ficei Remington went below at gieat pei soiml risk and brought the two victims on deck Tom othei men were injured, but are progiessing faiourably

Vu eai thenwuro casket, containing ashes of human bones, luis been íecoierpd iiom tho bea about twent} milos irom tho Bar Lightship, neal Lnoipool, bj the crew of the fishing smack Rub} when trawling m tho track of the lav ei pool and Isle ot Man steamers The casket was fastened with copper wno, and attached to it i, ¿a a slab or lead On the lid was written

'John Beni} Wood, Cremated lune 8,

1911 "

Di Eisikine Y'oung, oi Lnoipool, con- tended, at the British. Medical Confeience in Birmingham that bad teeth contn'out ed to anromni tuboiculosis, appendicitis, and enteric A little lagged scholai in Liverpool, ho said, told lum that she cleaned her teeth eveiy morning Whit with'' ho asked 'Ino child auswcicd,

salt and dust, ni} mother gets the dust from out oí the chnnbl} He bald,

'You mean soot'' 'Yes," leplied the child What better dcntitricc, asked Di

Young, could there bo than sodium chlo-

ride and ckuicoal '

Some woikmen at Gross Waidoin on tho great ccntial plain ot Hung n v, lound the Dotly of a gul hing in a nowl}-dug grave, and as life was. not extinct a doe tor was tailed and animation was lestoi ,ed The girl then stated that she In eel in a Milage sonn two hundied miles away, but had tramped the whole distance to soo he i 6oltuei lovel W hen she got to tho barracks her bwecthearl was abliamed ot hu beca'isQ she w.u. nigged and dust

stained, and declined to speak to hu Ino bioken-heni ted giri attempted to tramp back home, but as she had no loone} md had calen nothing lui Hu ce dj}s, she do cid"d to commit suicide mid buij hc-isili


A diamond ring, the property of the Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, seized be- cause she refused to pay fines inflicted for failing to take out licenses for five dogs,   a male servant, and a carriage, was sold by auction at Ashford (Middlesex) lately. It was explained that the princess, as a member of the Women's Tax Resistance league, refused to pay money to a Go- vernment which failed to give women re- presentation in Parliament. The ring was sold for #10, and was subsequently, on behalf of the league, returned to the


Tho btory was told nt tho Wesleyan Conference at Caidiff that Da Hiibh Jones, who has been a inmistei in tlio Welsh woik lor 52 jcais, only once tried to take a week's holiday On tho first day he was von miseiaDle, more niisni ablo Cn the second da}, and on the thud day ho could bear it no longei, and, len ins his wifo and familj tt the be-aside, leturncel to hw work.

Al a meeting ot tho Centril Unemploy- ed Body for London, at tho Guildhall, E C , tho finunco committee reported that X"r2,¿00 had airead} been expended on emigration this year, although nearl} half tho period ol tho estimato had yet to run, while on then short-period estimates the emigration committee had acl ed foi , an additional XD.OOO to the end of Sep


Thoio was dn alniming incident al the Loictsteishno Vgnciiltuial Show at Leicester 'Two bulls, apparently, lrntat ed In the intenso heat, broke loose Irom then fastenings and attacked each othei

The shed in winch the\ woro chained was demolished, and thoy fought out in tho open, «eittenng the ciowd in all dnoc tious Vtteiidauts phicloly secuied the annuels before uii}onovwas injined, al though sevoial people bael ver} nariow


Iniormation was recently obtained by tho Customs authonties at Naples that iood was being smuggled into the cit}, thus escaping tlio octioi (municipal dues)

it was lound that tho smugglers weio using a main diainage pipe, and tlio offi- cials hung through various diain giatmgs thin threads of cotton Last w eck a detcc tno noticed that the cotton threads weio being disurbed, A number ot policemen entered tho drain-pipe, and after a, htujg gle captuied seven smugglers

The Mmistei of Wai, speaking in the Belgian Senate, deckiied that the closing ot tlie Sbeldt would not prevent any in- tervention on tho part of a Bntish expc dihonaiy force mid the revictuatling of Antwerp With reference to the objec- tions raised to the construction ot a laii way between Malmedj, in Germany, and Stavelot, tho Mimstei stated that in case of an} danger <jt a German invasion tho line would ne blown up at se\eial points

A curious incident is leported from Far cet, neal Peterborough, Northampton- shire The water in tbo Rner Nene was low and tho heat of the sim rendered it tepid TI e fish basked lanl} in the stream Suddenly tho sluice gates weio opened and there was an inriwh of deep cold water, with the ¡remarkaolc lesult that laige numbers of the fish weio instantiv killed by the oudden change, and weio seen floating dead on the sur- face ot the stream

A new comet was discovered lecentlv by Mi W. R Brooks, ot Geneva, United .States It was moving in a north-westeily dnechou lu appeaiaiico it was round, with a central condensation it was be tween the 9th and 10th magnitude, bul CTUJJ visible m a small telescope.

An elephant said to have been lent on lure at X5 a week figuied in a case at lambeth Police Conit in which Frederick Atlilhi, n tiaiiici, was eh uged with as- saulting Leo Walkei Wdlkei's caso was that when he wollt to Buxton to demand the leluiu of the elephant lent to Attilla s employw, tho deiendant stiuggled with lum outside the stable lor possession of the elephant, and kicked lum on the ankle The magistrate in dismissing tiio case i »mai Iced that if a man went to sei¿o piopeit} from people i-i the street ho must take tho consequences

At a lecent sale of ci ops' of peas gi own in the Stomport district a six-ncio hell oi 'Senators lelihed J¡44 an aero, while a iiinefeen-ncri field of the same vaiictv fetched £25 per acre.

The congiess of the Royal Sanitai} Instituto at Belfast pledged its suppoit to a proposal bv Mr A I Martin, Lon- don, io the establishment of a National Healln Week, during which there should be an active piopaganda In lectureo and otherwise, to bung homo tho ' gospel of health to every man, woman, and child m the couutr} ' Mr Robert Lambie, of tbeLanarkshne Coun*-} Council, sad that if evervmie spent twenty-foui hours con- tinuously in bed on one day each -week that would do more for the health of tho community than ten thousand resolutions It was announced that tho Government intends to bring foiward a Milk Bill at an »arl} dato to enable local authorities to st-curo more cleanly, hcalthv, and wholesome conditions foi the keeping of dam cows and the production of milk

Tno official report upon the trials ot the British scout cruiser Dartmouth, built and engined by Messis Vickers a*- Bar row, shows that the machinerv was de- signed for 22,000 shaft h p This was easily exceeded, and inBtead of the design- ed speed of 21} knots on an eight hours' trial, she reached, over tho measured milo on the Clyde, a ^peed of within a nar-

row fraction of 26 knots Both oil and coal fue-I were used Hei speed on u °2 hours' ti ml was 23J knots, and on ar, othei eight hours' trial 25 knots -vas ex- ceeded for 8,000-h p. Her gun and torpedo trials were earned out in the Irish1 Sea.

The pioposed new Copyright Bill, -which will shoith be laid btloie the House of Commons, contains a cluuso which stafps that "the making 01 publishing ol photo

giuphs, of paintings, drawings, 01 engin\-| inga not being pnvnto propel tv and situ nto in a public pj.ico 01 building the mmiteiiaiicc of which depends v liotlv or

in pint on public funds" skull not eoush- j tute mi infringement ot copiught If tins cJdiist is iiassed the íesult will bo thut any pictuie ncquned by ,01 present- ed lo, an mt gallen 01 public building will iiom the linio of being hung be de-I pnved ol protection b} the Conyiight Act.

TI 0 usual ttnalogv ol mother and duugh fei when the Impcnul connection is men- ti-oued needs overhauling Husband and tufe in the modem sense would be moro accujafe, loi we mc claiming a lirgemea sino of ab olulo independence and dis- play ii¿ « manifest leluctnnce lo paying

tim bills

Loid Dunleath, 111 his pi evidential ad- dress ni tho annual congress of the Hot al Sini^ir} Institute at Belfast, lefeired to the dangei lo the public of the tubeieii lo-iis cow It is, he saul, an absoluto fait

thal it the piesent moment a luigonnin-' bei of tlibciscd cows aie ipgulnr contn

bulois to our milk supplies These cows I dit uftei dav uni week aft« week gito

out millions of the tubercle bncilli, and j then poi-onoiLs milk aitci being- mixed with the suppl- horn healthv cows, is opeiilj sold in the streets of munt of oin cities and towns Foi the piotcction ot the consuming public it is essential th U, titv authorities suotild obtain compitió contiol of the whole of the milk slipplv, and, lui thor, thpt must hate an abso lutplv free hand iii dealing with the cow ah ihe som co uf this suppl}

The tillage of Udimorc, near Rye, Sus- ses., rcccntlv stood ti cached in smoke, rising from a great sacrificial Jiro on which the caiCUSPS of shpep, cattle, and pigs were being burned Three farms at Udiinoio became infpcfed bv ioot-and rucuth-disease, and the slaughter wa« ordered of 2,000 sheop. 80 cattle. aJid 4 jugs By the slaughtei oi all the ani- mals on tlio lanns it is expected that tho disease will be toinplelel} stamped out in Eist Sussex. The I hi co farms iorraed A great olaugutei ground, covciing ¡in a-iea ol 000 acies, hemmed 111 b} cordons ot police and cut >fi irom the world b\ a girdle of lime, tv Inch covered l-oads, fields, and pathtvais several inches deep. Twenty slau¿hteriucn were at tv oik, undoi the supertisiou of inspectors of tho Board ot Agiiculture, and no one else was allowed to cross tho belt oF lime, while the most tigoious picc-autoous weie taken to pie vent the men carrying the infection out

with them

Addressing a meeting of Civil War veterans at the b-atUoheld of Bull Bun, A'nginia, Mi. Taft inado tho important announcement that Fiance had that dav

si¡jiiinod a desire to entei into an ni butn tion treat}. Mi. Tatt predicted the bpeedy passage 01 a treatv with Great Britain, and end-d by sating that .vithin a low months tho Un ted Slate» would be linlod b} arbitration heatics with lour other nations The Piesident did not name the nations, but it is undcistood that thov aie France, Japan, Geimaoi},

and Holland.

Tho new Cunard liner Lacoma, ot 25,000 tons displacement, tv inch was launched recenll} at (he }ird ot Messis. Swan, Hunter, and Wigham Richardson at Wallsend-on-Tyne-, is fitted with Herr Frahm'a urti rolling tanks Two watei tanks, one on each side of the «hip, are cotuiected by air trunks and passages, anti tho rolling of the ship is cheeked b} tho watei ilowing lrora one sido to tho other through the pi6sages Tho tv nier m the tanks can be regulated to suit the cir eiim-sVinces It is claimed that tins in- volution 1 educes to the minimum any pos-

sible discomfort due to the movements of |

the ship

A st lange demonstration took place at tho Quion Louise Memorial Cbuicli, Bei

lui, when a tljousmid olhceis mid men of

the Chatlotteuburg gaiTison took pait Hil the service The paoloi m his sorniou begin to tliscuss the case of the Cologno cleis}man, Heir Jatho, who been cx cominunicated ¡or herehcal views, when the oittccib dtaiuaticallt lose horn their places and ordeiid their men to foHovv them out of the church. The soiviec was lutcimpted foi ten minutes while tho re treat was in piogresb. The pastoi îesum esl his sermon anti declarod that lie was obliged to disugiee with the achon of the btnod in etpellmg liorr Jatho loi the crime of holdin"' Libtial views

The Bishop ot the Falkland Islands (Dr Blair), tv hu is at piesent in England, has imposed \upon hiinselt a great ta&k foi the benefit ol tho tliou<sanüs oi Brit- ish peoplo who hate lloeked and ure nock- ing lo the Republics along tho west coast ol South Vineueu, where a thud part ol tile entire trade is 111 Butish hands, anti ¿100,Äi),COO of British capital is invested 'lheso eouuliies aa-o included in the bishop'b tast diocese, which covers an mea of 2,000,01)0 tqu.uo miles- fort} times the size ol England-and it is his gieat purpose siutabl} to equip, religiousli, educationall}, and medical!}, the British communities ïcsident theie He is seek- ing to lajse a sum of ¿100,000, which is represented ho declares, by 3d. 01 4d. in the pound of a-single }c.u's income horn the British investments made in his dio- cese This sum tv ill enable him to 6tait and maintain such centres of beneficent ucicviitt as will bo tvoithv oi the British name and nation Dr Blair looks for- ward to a great future for these bouth American countries "The eyes of thou- sands," he sa}», "are now beginning to open to the amazing possibilieies in the development of the immense potential wealth on. these Andino slopes " He has over} confidence in the realisation of his scheme, and "then when m 1915 the open- ing of the Panama Canal takes place, with the consequent rush to these now little-known countries, the Butish new- comers tv ill find then old Church already iirml} established, read} with the offer of spiritual, educational, and medical help to all hei sons '

Di cam, oh ni} Darling, dienm of me Use Uabh Soap, it's seli-wabhing, you

600. .