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Tlio following ropirt has been received from Mi Reid Jiell hydraulic engmeei, in regal el to the improvements necessary m the hniboui noi^s at tho entrance to Alacquano Hal bom -

In accordance with instructions from the 11 ginoer in-Chiei, I tisited Mac qu inc Hiunoui on May 23, and inspected tue enhance and norie, in company tvith <- iptain Ross (Aiastci AA'nrden;, Mr 1

O Hemj (YY'nrdcn of the Munno Board), ana Air Benian! (Resident Engineer of

the Gotcinmtnt Ruilwnts ou the West Coast)

It is, of com se, i»jpo«sible to form an »id pendent opinion upon tho woiks and th ii pi osent lesult upon tho entrance dunn" Mich a cmsoiv not-, bul Ihero mc one or two mitlers that appeal to one as sultnects for iltention

In tho first placo, conmloto surteys of tho harbour outrance and the bar hive been made m yens ¿one by, fiom tthicn data crt mi works hate been laid down

tnd porbons of these boen constmcted g pirlly m ettont and paitly ni

method mel ordei of constiuction from these lnid down by Air C Napier Boll, who designed tho wirk»

"It is essential that, before completion of these ttorl - be resumed a ro-surtoy of the channels aiïerted by them bo undeifnken and that provision should

be uind"-bj statute if necessary--foi the periodical re examination of tho depths

"Hid a periodical losnrtey been kept np it would Into been easy for me tvith tie contint otes îecorcis in ray hand to prescribe nvilh cerluntv for the firrtlici uni logement of the port

1'1'c next mater that calls obviously for rtmeJt is the «tate of the northern shore» of tho cn tranco Toi about i mile back from the northern shoro of Hell's Gates the sand is practically baie» of temptation, mu mm glass has been plantid, but the cattle of a leaseholdei no allowed to t ander otei tho sand, and hal o aten donn tho grass offectitely

'Fiom nhnt I saw, I am quite con tuiced that a terv large supply of moving sand U supplied fiom this north shore, and 1 should not bo surprised if the gieatet part of the sand that circulate« at tho mouth of Macquarie Harbour is fonnd to p<rfonn the eastward portion of its jomnoy oteiland

"Mr Napier Bell has shown-and my knott Wgc of theso matters leads me, upon weaving the locality, to ngice tvitlí

his conclusions-that thore is no crues tton of eeand tiavel along tho coast from the nrrth, and ho points out that imine di ttelj outside of the bai the ovator deepens quickly to 4Sft

' So fn tnerofore ni no aro at pre- sent con« mod it is simply a question of the sand being heaped up on tho north foie-horo Their, coining unelei the m fluencc of tho winds more particularl) th ;so trom the noilh ttcstorn quartoi, ii Is blown into Mncquirn Hannoui, ithero it comes undoi the tidal influences

"*lhp entranco end of Micquano Har horn is filled up nth sind ii iai ii Liipitv Point but if this sub oennl lia-el of tliu sind ko stopped, the hilborn- mil fill up no iurlhei, and, is Mr \ipicr Bell has pointed out the li lining and maintenance of a n ivigablo ch nnel will picsent no difficulty nhat

ov. i

' Pho third obvious thing to do is to stop the dissipation of tho dbb across the flats on tho north shoio, opposite En trinci Ifelnnd This leauires tho con

slitction of 3 fCOft cf the east breuk tratei in shallow water

' Of course it would ho Ijpttei to con ptnet tho commeto biciHtatci, at any into is rar as the liond-i 803ft - on at

count of the ecoui lound tho end, as the. ti oik. idt ineed, upec-t ílntin,? heavy uddl tioial quantities ot rock but thal qucs tior of economy miy ldtisecOy be lett to take care of itself, because- 1 am rathei liichned to Hie opinion thal, bj curryin»' otu th« tvoik to the 3G00't mel main tai ung tho head of the bieakwaler there sulhciei t depth throughout the entrance, may possibly bo obtained ind maintained foi a nombi r of j oil's lo come

Tile e iTect of tlicso meisures îvould obtitito ti e neccssitv of recurring dxedg »'"' t

I tool tue oppoitunitj to tiew the» machi on and null of the sand-pump dudger Micquano and saw her loaded. and disci irj,ed She apiened to bo in perfect older, and etpijtliing atoiked.

tilt i,i-eat smoothness She is au efficient machine and bei condition and lnndling iiilcel credit on tho e m cliargo of hci

She is ou i reale however, quito lliade qinto to copo -with tho foiccs at ivoik in Mi equai io Haibour Plies must ho con trolled by the channel training nolls anti broalcvateis mel by fi\mg the moving -indhills The Mnccjunric could then cftpct permanent tectifications -where ntcpssarj to hasten the woik oi to re moto -shoals duo to the works in pro-


' Tor ttoik such as the improvement of Dptonport she is nell fitted but it dredging instead of training woiks woi» to be lehod on at Mncquine, a machino of verj different calibro avould bo re- quited

'It was pointed out (o me thal an tfgly shoal ccielcd fiom the south ontl of Lntranco Island but as no soundings aie Kept to show its extent or growth I coidd not uelvise ip"arJing it It was s-nid that when dicdc,inc, was attempted upon it the bal shoaled but this I think is nothing to ttoirt about io it can onl/ be a tempoiait effect and is a strong argument foi trtmg to rid of tho <hoiI as qui 1 lj as po=Mblo The Alac qttane hott et ei eoidd not' koop down tho shoal, which i ill piauablt eonturuo to bo a serious danket to the navigation of Hells Gates uiitibtbe noiks are cai ric/1 furn ard

Pi'ot B ii -The foieshoro heio is mak- ing up n lill band, a1- foretold in Mi

Napioi Bell's reports It should be fixed by planting grass I flunk it will bo unwise to plant Hie gross ill ovoi the mea fo begin with As tho sand com menees to intacto the existing growth minim ¡,i iss riioulel L» planted îu a «tup "long tlio margin of the togetatioii

Th" rind should be aliono 1 to idt mc* upon this sino, ind then theaieashould be le planted, and a solid lull gradually raised along the hu# of shore As tho sand idvances upon lins hill iiesh plant ins; should be made, and the hill gradu ally widened across tho foroshoie In this n tv tho odvanco of the Ion water maik will bo retaidcd mid the mo6t effective i amport be built up

\tuth Shoio Spit-riiib must bo fenced along the edge oi the tegetation tilth a catlle-pioof fence, earned into tho sea at each end so tis effectinJly to cut oft access rho enclosed area should be vested in the Manne Board with power to destioj cittle trespassing

Tile it hole art i lo the water edga shot Iel bo planted and maintained in> mttiiam gra=i altei which the seashore could bo built up as suggested lor Pilot Bus These nea-, when reclaimed should bo devoted to the cultivation oE pine timber of sutohle species, as tho sand hills must store sufficient ram water to suffice foi forest culturo.

'I i ecommend

"(a) That the entrance to Macquari»

Harbour, from half a milo beyond the bal lo Liberty Point, be srrr teyed, and that a sum o' JE300 bd

airovided for this woik

i) That tlie whole of the baro sand hills on tlio north shore at the en- tranco be vested in the Strahan Marino Boaid, and that they bo charged with the duty of fencing planting, and maintaining it down to h n m , and that the question of> funds foi this work bo dealt with at tho earliest possible opportunitv

"Besides ils in gent necessity as a,

guide to the general maintenance of tho po t (al is necessary to eaiablo 'the dangerous shoal at Entrance Is-

land to bo dealt/ with (o) is le quired to piesorvo' the improvement alioadj secured and to stop the silting of the inner harbour

'These tno recommendations aro urg- ent lhere is an as6et in Macquarie Harbour of the voij lughost valuo in the development of tho AVest Coast, an opw lot st Inch I hate formed in spite of everything that I hear to the contrary, either in dispart cement of the ptfbho estato m that part of the island, or m

decrvnr» the value of tho port

(c) The continuation of the cost bieak-< -

ttater to Mr Napier Bell's designs, so soon ns pi-acticaWe, when the necessity for maintenance dredging, due to shifting sand, will cease "

The North Entish Ratlway Company have installed vacuum cleaning plant at thnr works at Portobello which can em- ploy 20 men simultaneously in -0 differ- ent compaitments, and can clean the diitiest railway carriage in five numil«».