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To-night will «itness the las! piesenta ticm of Ihih, week's programme at the Temperance-hall. To-morrow, the usual complete change is to be made. The artists Lnvnrto and Leon .ne making their last appearance, and Lawrence Kenny will bid adieu to patrons also to- night. There ure to be newcomers to- morrow. Jack Hagan, the eccentric come- dian, mid Gladys Gordon, ballndisl, arc to make their fir-t appeorance. ,


The usual bi-weekly'chango of (he King's-hslI pictures takes place again to- morrow. "Agnppinn" is the_ best histori- cal ivork yet produced, being a-clever enactment of the time of Nero and Agrip pin«. T|ie costumes and stage setting are well shoivn. and the scenery is a ,ieplica of the original. "For a Wife's Honour' is 'i sentimental story, well told ; while "Veteran Trueman's Wai- Story" is an- other film par ¿excellence. The comics are all new. mid add a pleasing variety to the heavy dramas. ' *



Every turn in the extensive programme at His Majesty's Theatre Was well le eeived lost night. E,veryoiie «as anxious to see Nat Clifford,'and he was «eil re- ceived. Mr. Clifford's capacity for com munioating the breezinc's of his own volutile per.»on«lity to those he bus to entertain is' one of his most valuable assets. The_last two nights-of the Patter Hartwcll trio are announced, and those who1 have not ^eon thom should not miss the opportunity. The Driscoll Bros, are (.pcciul favourites; their pattev turn caus- ed much merriment. The dashing serios (the Cliff qunrtclte, and MtibeJle (Iho

Queen of Dancen*") are .seen at their best. 'The first-Clifford matinee will be held on1 Bnfurday. .


. Judging" From, the crowded houses nf the Grand. Empire since Hie introduction of "Captain Starlight," a pictorial drama- tisation taken from Hie vpon of Rolfe Boldrewood, the season, which is limited to four more nights, will be very-success- ful. "Captain Starlight, a Gentleman of the Road;"- is- a' replica- of -the roaring days <,f the sixties, when the.reign ot tenor predominated and bushrnnging was rampant. The principal characters aie enacted by Miss Lily Dampier and Air. Arthur Rolfe, assisted by a large staff of artists. The - scenery that abounds in the pictures is very fine. Some of tile, most thrillinç i incidents ure the 'Gyp' Rate, and" the chase by the'police after, the Starlight gang.

Tlie English Amusement Co. has ex- tended an invitation to the Sisters of Columba, inmates of St. Mary's College, and St. Joseph's Orphanage to » marineo at. the Grund Empire this afternoon, to witness the screening of the famous pic- ture, "The Life of Christ." The com- pany's full orchestra, under the direc- tion of Mr. T. Hopkins, will be present io plav the incidental music connected therewith.


The programme submitted by thi6 com- pany is still much appreciated, the sub- jects being scenic, comic, and dramatic, "Her Feather's Pride" and "Through tho Darkness" being beauHful dramatic sub- jects. This programme will be iippeatcd to-night, and on Saturday night there wili be- a complete- change of programme.

A pedlars' sale, in aid of the funds of the Gills' Industrial School, is to he held this afternoon at the Masonic-hall, and is lo be opened by Lady'Barron, '

"I would throw up my orders and lea« the Church to-monow if I thought that God cared for ono set of the community

and not for the other," said the Bishop . of London at the annual meeting or tu» Medital Aid Society foi Necessitous Gon-, tlewonien. His lordship asked, wdv were thcro rich and poor'" The answer of the theoiophisl was no good to-da». He had more, icpccl foi the man «ho so'd our societv « is on a wrong basis. On ccoi'omic grounds hu did not Jk'W with the Socialnts wno, however, »ere in minv cases lull ,f burning love lor tun pommiinitv. His lordship believed Ooa 'had givtri the minontj then lidies in

trnst. ¡n orK thal they might pass them'

ou to other».