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Farewell Functions

That Hie diluons and sporting bodies of Canberra ho circularised roqtU'sliiig their co-operation in u subscription list for the purpose ol' presenting Alan 1 Ridley willi n choque, was resolved at 11 ' it 'public' meeting of sport inn bodies

' 'la'st night.

It wasfigreod that the rnosl nppropri " ate farewell function would bo a pict ' utc night at the Capítol Tliciitre, where

a larne number of Canberra residents would have the opportunity of farc ' txtUing Alan RiiUny on the ove of his

departure for England with the Aus- tralian Rugby League team. To this end a deputation of represen la ti ves of sporting bodies will wait on the prop- rietor, Mr. AV. B. Freebody, se- cure lils consent to the project.

Tlio Cliief Commissioner, Sir John Butters, will be asked lo make the orcs entntlom on behalf of the citizens of


The F.C.T. Rugby Football League will tender Air. Ridley a compliment- ary dinner, on the same evening, to which Ttihctlon citizens of Canberra will be Invited, and a nominal charge made.

Mr. f. DOURIUS was of the opinion tliat Alan Ridley's .selection to repre- sent Australia in Hie Rugby League roile wan n,i honour to Canbei ra Inso- far as he was the first person no hon- oured in Hie history of Hie capital, and llC thought that it would lie a good tiling for Mr. Ridley to so abroad with the feeling that lie had «ho good wishes of the people o' Canberra behind him.

A fine all rout.el sportsman, Alan Ridley is well fitted to represent the National Capital in Hie jtuslralian team. His career In Hie name lias been ro- mawie in tho meteoric nature of his achievements.

Only l8 years of ago, but weighting H .stone nnü standing five feet eleven Indies, Mr. Kldlcy first resumed native play in 1928 since playing at school

in 1925,

During last season he played with the Acton Hovors in the F.C.T. com pe'.ition, which they won. In that year, too, ho displayed form a? an athlete, vinning the 100 yards F.C.T. championship foot race in 10i seconds, and the 100 yards F.C.T. footballers' clittmplonsnlp footrace in 31 seconds. He ivas also winner of the High Jump and Hop, Step and Jump events, at Environa on E-tistcr Monday, 1929.

Mr. Ridley commenced the season 1'J29 as a member of the Queanbeyan "Blues" Club, played In four eliminutioi. matches, anti was selected to represent the Southern Districts at Hie Cuuntrv Wct-k'carnival in Sydney.' Twice cho- sen to io »-osent combined Country 1st XIII atlast combined City 1st XIII, he was Anally selected in Hie Austral- ian team lo tour England.

In response to a request the "Can- berra Times" will be pleased to aoitnow iedge all subscriptions to the fund. The following were received last night:

Mr. A, Johnson. 10/ii Mr. s, J. Addison. 10/6