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El«ick racecourse mil bo occupied by the Jlobnit Turf Club on Saturday next for rho dispohjl of a programme ot so\en eienli,. Oning to the lateness of the season, the committee baie decided lo start operations at 1 SO p m , and in their desne to um off the uiceh strict!} to time, request tint traméis «ill hnve then chaige^ readi, und that jockcjs will be piompt in appearing at stale, so that the pioceedings mil bo got through at

the earliest possible hour. Spocinl trains i mil le.ue Alacquni e-*troet platform foi

the course



The Williamstown hteuanlb to-daj held an liiquni into Iho running of The Sun in the Juiiipeis' Itace TIIOA c\onei nted ihe omiei, Mi I O', and the ti «nor, G Tinlium, but t.iulioned the nile", II Tiiiiti.iin nho has not lind much c\peiicrce in lace ruling




'Iho weather »is fi o to dav and the Williamstown iac.cs attiaeted ii fan

ci enid Details -

Hm die Knie, 2 miles-Sihciv Poit, bj Poitlnnd Bill-Silverv IjocU, 11 "> (Burn), 1 Afetiew. 'IO (Howie), 2, A coman, 'lit (Mutin). 3 liaivestman also stinted Betting 2 to 1 on Silveiv Poit "i\ on bj three lengths Time. Imin Sisee

Mnidon Plate, Ö tuilon"'s - Maleita, 6 9 (Vndiows), 1 Oren, d8 (Peik ns), 2, l'm leigh (late Prudence), 010 (Manson), 1 Ten stinted Betting 6 to 4 on Alaletta Wen In six leudéis Time, 1min Isec

Baw lew Hniidicap, 1 mile - Maiv (imp ), bv V\ llham III -Ladv A . 8 S (Bolton), 1, Men Holme, 0 1 (Paul). 2, Postme, 6 9 (Cain), 3 Light ftarted Bet- ting 5 to 1 on Mai}. Won by two lengths

Time, lunn ISsee

SteeploehiK' 2 miles -The Guide, bv Patlifindci- Sin mise, 10 6, 7lb ponaltv (Powell) 1, Venom 10') (Stuiul), 2, Di - onpoit, 10 'i (Mc\hs(ei), ) Ten stalled Bolting t to 1 agst Aluiin, 10 to 1 Tho Guide Won bj eight kngthb Time.

4m in "»sec

Tumpeis' Tilt Race, 1 mile and 3 fur- longs-Dalcmin, bj '> Hu fus, 9 11 (Stiiait), 1 Notseip 8 13 (Gum ane), 2, Kin ; s Ransom 9 J (Kvle), J ThntecMi stilted Betting It to S on Com Tax, 7 to 2 agst Da I coman Won 1 -\ a length and e quartei 'lime, 2min 29J

AVolter ICnndicip, 6 fuilongs-Toronto Lass (late Merri Dujt,), 710 (Bolton) 1, PowerscomI, 7 1 ( Vrillions), 2, Bram sh-ivv,710(Bein 1 Si\ started Betting "i to 4 iigat BianHiivv, 7 to 2 Toi onto Lass Avon bv half a length Time, 1 min ldisec.


Kuleuinii cli.mged »lands in Adelaide last Monclav, Mi W 3 PI ijer SLCUiing lum tor 2o0gii" The tiaii*nction was u luckv one lor Ali Plavti, as he won the Huidle R«co at Morphettville with him on Sa tin day ICiilcumn, WIR successful in the Jumpeis' Flat haco tho pievious Saturday

AV Evans, «ho lecentlj i elm ned from India, hid tho mount on Rubv Tin, who hiiished third in the Sandown Tust Divi- sion Handicap on Satuidav 1 vans was the ndtr of Apologue, tho Melbourne

din w uinei of 1907

Bright Laddie, -winner of the Stiad btoko Handiiap at tho Queensland Tuif Club rice i on Satin day. is a three-} cat old colt bv Aj i I addie (imp ) fi om Bright Alice (dam of Bntain) bv Tostig fiom Sweet Alice, by Ging Eorwaid, and was hied by T Pi j ten, w-lio sold lum as a voiding to his. picsent ownei foi 2o0gns

Piobably the most ínipioved horse rac- ing in Aielbourno at the present time (bav s "Goodwood" i^i tho " Yrgus") is Carelte, who on iSiturdiy scoied hei thud successive win At ont time she had lathoi a mean appeaiance, but she has filled out into a Very mee niaie not tall, but thick set-and she settles down to "iel vvoik in a rice in trudesmin liko stvlo Though the going at San- dow n-paik was, in paits, holding, sito made light of he< 01 m the lirst Divi- sion Handicap She had the race in hand at the distance, and ian in the easiest of winners tiom Rossi and Rubv Tin Caretto's condition indicates that nu hamel J Holt, is well up to his business Galena, though canjnig61b ovei weiLÍit, was made fav omite lor Caiclte s i ice, but she shaped disappoint- ingly

Iollowing on tho policj recently adopted bj tho committee of the Vic- torian Tiottmg Association, to a "íi-t ir furthering the interests ol counliy ruc. mg, three of the committee (Mensi i

Hardman, Kclh1, and Tord) weio piesent on the concluding day of the bendigo Jockey Club meeting, and gave the club's olficials mnteiint assistante in bnnginj off what is froelj admitted to he the moht successful trotting event witnessed in Bendigo foi some veais Air Godiiej Watson acted as staiter, and got his-field awaj evenly and on time Sixteen of the 24 borées entered staited, nnd the win iici's time foi the mile and a half viis 4mm. 51 sec, ivjnth woikn out at a 2 42}


The late King Ed wn rd's colt Minoru who won the Dei bj last vein, «tai ted favornte at 3 to 1 foi the City and Suburban Handicarj, um at Dp'-om on April 20, but gave a disappointing din play, being able to finish no neaier thin seventh in a field of 14 The winnei, as we leaint In cable at the time, was Bachelor's Double, who, uddtn by C Tngg, started at 2'i lo 1, and won bv i neck fiom Mustnnha (4 to 1), liddon bj D Maher, with Dean Swift two lengths awaj H R H the then Punce of Walis wa« piesent to see the lace

The celebrated brood mine Oma neill by Bend Oi-Lilv Ague*, the piopeity of the Dule of AVestminstei leccnth died at the Eaton Stud, England Toaled in 1887, she wus own sistei to the might} Oi monde (one of the finest lacehorsts evei bred), ns well as half-sinter to Taie well, winnei of the One Thousand Guincns She thus had in her vcns the blood of famous winnei s, ind though on the lacecourso bhe,accomplished nothinr of moment, she gamed world wido cple bulv ah a blood mare She was the dam of fVieptie .