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Among the obituary notices this morning  

will be seen with great regret, the name

of Mr. Mars Buckley, whose death, in his       80th year, took place on Monday night, at his residence Beaulieu, Toorak. He was ap-    

parently enjoying his usual health when he       came to the city on business in the morn-  

ing and until half-past 9 o'clock in the     evening when he retired to his room for       the night; but about an hour later he re- marked to Mrs. Buckley that he felt ill, and     raising himself in bed for a moment, he fell           back and expired, the cause of death being    

heart failure. The news was received with   painful surprise yesterday by those who had   either seen or spoken to Mr. Buckley on the   previous day, and by his many friends. Born   at Mallow, County Cork, Mr. Buckley with           his wife and one child, arrived at Melbourne in 1851, and in 1852, in conjunction with Mr.   C. J. Nunn, he established the business in   Bourke-street now carried on as Buckley   and Nunn Limited. The original "shop"   was a wooden building, 9 ft by 30 ft. on a       portion of the site of the present premises         for which they paid the owner (Mr. Staugh       ton) a yearly rent of 250 pounds. The business grew and in 1862 the firm occupied premises    

for which a rental of 5,00 pounds a year was paid and which they continued until they       purchased the land, giving 25,000 pounds for about     27 ft by 90 ft. Later still, with the extension

of the business, the buildings occupied 162 ft.

frontage to Bourke-street by a depth of about   380 ft to Post-office-place. In 1891 on the death   of his first and only partner, Mr Buckley sold the business as a going concern to Mr Robert Reid who disposed of it in London in 1892, the purchase

money being 300,000 pounds. Mr Buckley during         his 34 years continuous residence in Melbourne   never took an active part in political or civic life. He was simply a business man and as such for     nearly forty years was largely engrossed in his own affairs. In the mercantile world he was regarded    

as a man of shrewd common sense, undoubted         integrity and fair and just in all his dealings.

Mrs Buckley has survived her husband, and the members of the family are Miss Mary Buckley       (now in England), Mr Gerald Buckley or Nara... Station, Wickliffe, Mr Godfrey Buckley (now in         England), Captain Percey Neville Buckley, Common     wealth Engineer Corps, and Mrs Charles Mars Buckley (now in England). The funeral will take place at the Boroondara Cemetery tomorrow