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A meeting of the above, presided     over by the Mayor, Mr. W. H. Cox, was held in the Cheer-Up Room, on Tuesday evening, 17th inst., when a letter from Mr. A. E. Tait (sec. Re- turned Soldiers' Association) was read, in which it stated that permis- sion had been obtained from the authorities to hold a Button Day and demonstration on 'Anzac Day,' 25th

April, and asking for the co-operation   and help of this Society. The object is to open a fund which will enable the Association to build or purchase premises as Headquarters of the As- sociation in this State, which would be used by all members of the Assoc- iation, whose comfort and conveni- ence would be the first consideration of the committee. This movement is to ' take place throughout the Com- monwealth, although each State will   act separately. It was resolved that this branch of the Cheer-Up Society hold a Button Day as requested, and it is hoped that all residents of and visitors to the town will show tangible proof that the soldiers are not forgotten by their fellow Austra- lians, the soldiers who have done and are doing, their bit towards the de-   fence of the Empire and upholding of the honor of Australia. Two Buttons will be offered, one with a wreath and 'Remember Anzac' print- ed thereon, and the other a photo of General Birdwood. The secretary (Mrs. F. C. Custance) reported that 21 holland cushion covers had been

made and forwarded to the Hut, and that the gift of the Society, a pipe and knife, had been given to Sgt. V. Paterson. Gnr. K. May. and Pte. Chenoweth, prior to their departure from the town. On 31st March a fare- well social was arranged in the Cheer-Up Room, when Ptes. Ryan, Messner, Garrett, Miller, Weaver, were the guests of the evening, and received the Society's gift at the hands of Mrs. Jas. Robinson. Jam Day, 13th April, resulted in a case of sixty-three tins and jars of jams, pickles, sauces etc., being kindly conveyed to the Adelaide Hut by Mr. Eckermann, to whom the Society is greatly indebted. The fol- lowing wore some of the contributors to case:-- Mesdames W. Rice,   Best, Fairlie, D. Anderson, Roney, W. Barnet, Payntcr, Rogusch, H. F. Koch, F. C. Custance. Misses Barkla, N. Rowe, B. Stewart, Leak, R. Barnet. E. P. Guy. It was resolved that a wel- come social to returned local soldiers be deferred until the end of May, as more are expected to arrive shortly.