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The new turbine steamer Maheno, built specially to the order of the Union Steam- ship Company by Messrs. Denny Bros., of Dumbarton, is expected to arrive in Hob- son's Bay to-day or to-morrow morning       having left Durham in continuation of her   maiden voyage from Glasgow 16 days ago.     The Maheno is the largest vessel owned by the Union Company, and the second of the turbine type to enter Australian waters, having been preceded by the Loongana a little more than a year ago. When the com-   pany with its usual enterprise, ordered the Loongana to be built the question of the   superiority of the turbine system over the ordinary reciprocating engines in a compre-   hensive sense was still being discussed by experts, although a number of vessels, nota- bly the Channel ferry-boats Queen and             Brighton, had given undoubted proof of the greater advantages of the new system, at   least as regards the important aspects of   speed and steadiness. Meanwhile, however,     an almost unanimous expression of opinion   in favour of turbines has been given by marine engineers and other nautical experts,     with the result that they have been and are being freely adopted by some of the new leviathan steamers, built for the trade across   The North Atlantic between Europe and   America, notably the two great "Cunar-       ders," each of which is to be 800ft. in length. it is noitwoitbk that tin Malu no ne the tlurtk eighth stuunoi built foi the Union ( ompiink the iimibiiicd tounngt of tin lltct now n tebin«, 71000 Ion« One of it» it prest nt itnei-the Kotonnh inn-(alls for spcu d mtiilKii us although (lu gre}

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Aftir mon (han a leim i tpcncnoe of the burnip mi lhe ooinpii,} lins bul ample npportiiniti ot ih tilling the important (pies lion of oeeiniui) in fuel ns between that lessel ami othois of the fleet iihiih in pro

pelleil liv reoipioeuting i-ngino». In iliseus«-1 ing this subject, .Mr. David .Mill«, the -Mel boiirnc manager, states that the lesull«

slioivn by the- l.oongaua are in on-ri sense' satisfactory. It is estimated that to get the same »need .is that attained by the t III - bine vessel from another of t-innliir sire fitted tnlh ordinal y engines a «lightly greater tpuntity of file! than that consumed bv the ko.nig,mu ifould be used. Tluieforc this, together nilli the comparative absence of tibifttioii, guater »tc.idiuci,«. and other minor, tluinu-tl for the tin hine system, lia» mole than justified the company m piniiccnng the ifay a« far ns the South- ern !Ii'Uii«plteic i« umuTiied in tin- nott' method of propulsion. With the exception Hut she i» iniiMilornhlv larger than the Manuka and Moeraki. the non- turbine liner is iibnost an o\.ict tbipheate of tbo«e ves-ets, nhioli, a« neally a» po»«iblc. represent per-

fection in the direction of comfort. The Maheno, aocoiding to " Lloyd's Kegisler," is of ¡..(tod tons gro-. or .ai*! ton» greller tbnn the Manuka, and fiOS (on- greater than i the Moeraki. .V « oinparisnn ns regards mci

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is .Hit. longei .mil 'Jil. 10m. bronder than iilhor of Iii.- ollie!«. Hu« r«-»pc« live ilinien ,i(in» Is ing us lo!lo!i»:-M.ihono, lengtli Ililli!., bro.itllh ..Hit.: Miinuk.i ami Mocrnki, li neill atl-lt.. ami bientllh 47ft. 2m. The

| Maheno na» built of «liol, to the rules and , nullor »noeud »uri IT of the lllitinh Coi pora-1

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being tro.ttu! m r«oiled «,ak, stninod green.; Tien long table», miming lengtluii.o, pro- j ink- »eating m for llu» ma j'oritv of p.i»»«-ngii-. but tin re aie abo a number ni -mull table, on either »nie ot tin- -.ilmiii for «silier patron«. A Lugo dome, .iigillior « it h loet.iiipul.u- bra«« framed

nimbin», aiton! amulo li,ht lo the apiti-I mint by «hu. "hil»! pl.-niv oi uni illation is ¡i«»ureil lu- means tu large 'lui lan« on the (oiling. The uphol -loring is .lone ni groeu .uni gold nioiltietle. a bointitiil "\V .linn" en [iel, ni a rall ml »hade.teiing lim tloor. An t.i.-.ui at the foie omi. .mil luge -id. linar,!« ut the i.llit-l ettl-, .llllf of tile .ip-iv'.f.ll-nl. alf

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Dining iln -u tit m. t ».«.ison llu« Maheno will In i ii|.l.m.l in tin iimipiu» » li nlo lu iit.iiiS),|i,,i ml M. Ib.m m III Non A t lind poll» nul llnbiit bul lu llu* wutul month« »In w II !.. tnnsf.tiul lo the Van t <m»i i inn li ii ng sidmi im tint poll nu Mm» h III. .lum II .uni s, punthi i I no vi ion Mm I»gin* hu u.t*li! inn nil Silmdai, tin IKlh m» nlun »lu h ins Sk.lntk lui N.ik A ii III.I piouul ug lh« in lo Hobin anl Mi Ilium m, »upph ineiiiing tim \k nlun, »»huh i* to lu nitlulimn Iliui» tin» lim uni uuploud pii.bibl} on

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