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  2. Advertising

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    Advertising : 2 words
  3. Advertising

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    Advertising : 1,716 words
  4. French President.

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    Detailed lists, results, guides : 54 words
  5. Sergt. Percy J. Dykes.

    Mr. C. W. Dykes, of Church-street, Mudgee has been advised that his son, Sergeant Percy J. Dykes, has been awarded the ...

    Article : 38 words
  6. Appandi[?]tis.

    We regret to report thai Miss Eva Sawyers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Sawyers, of Spring Flat, Mudgee, is ill with appendicitis, ...

    Article : 32 words
  7. To-Day's Telegrams.

    The State National Caucus will to-morrow determine under whose leadership the National Party will go to the country, that of Mr. ...

    Article : 51 words
  8. Salvation Army.

    Ensign Wilson and Mrs. Wilson, formerly of Lithgow, tho succeed Adjutant Baskin and M[?] Baskin as officers in charge of [?] ...

    Article : 142 words
  9. N.S. Wales Butter Prices.

    On the recommendation of the Chief Commissioner for Prices, the Chief Commissioner to-day issued an order which reduced the ...

    Article : 43 words
  10. Mr. Horace Pauling Home.

    Mr. Horace Pauling, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Pauling, of Market-street, Mudgee, who some time ago had one of his legs amputated, as ...

    Article : 43 words

    Mr. Hughes says there is no need for immediate hurry in appointing a successor to the late Sir Edmund Barton on the High ...

    Article : 61 words
  12. State Income Tax.

    Taxpayers are reminded that income tax returns for the year ended June 30, 1919, should be forwarded on or before February 4. ...

    Article : 68 words
  13. At Vale's.

    Vale's for a lower price. We want your custom on value. Why pay more when can get it of less at Vale's Country customers ...

    Article : 39 words
  14. Export of Rabbits.

    The Minister for Trade and Customs, Mr. Greene, announced to-day the receipt of a further cablegram from the Secretary of ...

    Article : 83 words

    The new Federal tariff is not likely to place increased burdens on consumers or on the primary producers. ...

    Article : 25 words
  16. To-day's Market.

    {No abstract available}

    Detailed lists, results, guides : 102 words
  17. Approaching Wedding.

    The wedding will be celebrated at St. John's Church of England on Saturday, January 31, of Mrs. Drayton (nee Miss Amy Stevens) ...

    Article : 58 words

    The Royal Commission on the sugar industry recently endeavored to secure from the general manager of the Colonial Sugar Refining ...

    Article : 79 words

    Mrs. Harriet Lockett (60), in attempting to alight from a moving train at St. Mary's, fell between the carriage and the platform, ...

    Article : 42 words
  20. Railway Dispute.

    The railwaymen's conference has accepted the Government's offer. The British Government agreed to pay the lower's [?]de of railway ...

    Article : 102 words
  21. Death at Kogarah.

    The death occurred recently at Kogarah of Doris Stevens, aged 14 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fredcrick stevens, formerly of ...

    Article : 27 words
  22. "A Girl of To-day."

    "A Girl of To-day, [?] to be screened at the A[?]hambra Theatre on Tuesday night, tells how a young American woman ...

    Article : 108 words

    Arthur Gelley (39) was admitted to the Sydney Hospital last night suffering from bullet wounds in the stomach. ...

    Article : 36 words
  24. Sister Columba Better.

    It will be learnt with great pleasure that Sister Columba, of the Mudgee Convent of Mercy, who has been seriously ill, and whose ...

    Article : 42 words

    The New Zealand meat producers are urging the Dominion Government to secure increased shipping so as to lift the supplies ...

    Article : 38 words
  26. Another War.

    General Tasker Bliss, Chief of the United States General Staff, startled Congress by expressing the fear that there would be at ...

    Article : 77 words

    Potatoes, in the Sussex-street market, which reached the record price of £30 per ton early this month, were available on Saturday ...

    Article : 55 words
  28. Rifle Shooting.

    {No abstract available}

    Detailed lists, results, guides : 230 words
  29. Lessons Returned.

    Mr. Harmer has returned from his holiday, and advertises that he has resumed practice. For classes in violin and clocution Mrs. ...

    Article : 43 words

    Great concern is being caused by the growing Japanese control of the pearl shelling industry at Thursday Island. ...

    Article : 25 words

    Out of three hundred cattle that were being travelled from drought-stricken station property near Wilcannia to feed in South Australia, ...

    Article : 68 words

    Mr. Robert Bell, newspaper owner, has offered £3000 for the foundation of s school of journalism at Canterbury College, ...

    Article : 49 words
  33. Father Flanagan in Bathurst.

    The Very, Rev. Father Flanagan, V.F., P.P., St. Mary's, Mudgee, left Mudgee this afternoon for hundred to attend the annual ...

    Article : 49 words
  34. Wedding.

    A very pretty wedding was solemnised at St. John's Church of England on Saturday last by the Rev. A. S. Rowe, the ...

    Article : 133 words
  35. Important Clearing Sale.

    O. L. M[?]ong and Co. Ltd., Dunedoo, have received instructions from F. J. Lowe, E[?]., to sell by auction at Bi[?] Station ...

    Article : 97 words
  36. Tennis Carnival.

    Australasia and the British Isles have each won one match in the Davis Cup contest. About 5000 persons witnessed ...

    Article : 138 words
  37. Small Fire.

    A small fire, that nevertheless made a big blaze, that occurred about half-past eleven on Thursday night, destroyed an ...

    Article : 64 words

    There is a large number of aspirants for the various official positions vacant in the Returned Soldiers and Sailors' Imperial League. ...

    Article : 53 words

    It is understood that the new Federal Parliament will meet on February 025. The new Senators will be unable ...

    Article : 70 words
  40. Death in Sydney.

    The death occurred in Auburn (Sydney) on Thursday last of Liza Hough, relict of the late Mr. R. Hough, of Sydney, and formerly ...

    Article : 104 words
  41. To-Day's Cables

    "The Times" Warsaw correspondent says that Denikin's forces have been completely [?]llated. Trotsky and the Red Officers, he ...

    Article : 57 words
  42. Cricket Team.

    {No abstract available}

    Detailed lists, results, guides : 119 words
  43. Criterion Theatre.

    L[?] Cale, a young [?], has a school love affair with Pant Harden. However, she marries a rich man, but before the marriage ...

    Article : 238 words

    The Adriatic negotiations have ended, and the draft of the agreement drawn up has been accepted by Italy. ...

    Article : 56 words
  45. Nationalist Conference.

    A conference of the Nationalist Leagues of the Wammerawa electorate will be held at Mudgee, at the Town Hall, on Wednesday ...

    Article : 153 words
  46. Those That Arc III.

    We are pleased to report that Ald. W. P. Mirchell, who has been again in very ill-health, is to-day much improved. ...

    Article : 149 words
  47. The Municipal Elections.

    The nominations in connection with the triennial municipal elections close on Thursday next, January 22. Of the retiring town ...

    Article : 254 words

    The War Office, in a statement reviewing the Empire's military post[?] declares that a new and great danger has arisen in the East of ...

    Article : 99 words

    A Finnish statistician estimates that Russia lost thirty-five million lives since he war stated in 1914. ...

    Article : 25 words
  50. Advertising

    {No abstract available}

    Advertising : 199 words

    A Berlin correspondent staes that 42 persons were killed and 105 others were wounded in the recent fighting on the steps of the ...

    Article : 39 words

    It is reported that M. Clemenceau [?] Mr. Lloyd George (England), and Signer [?] (Haly) have discussed the Note to be ...

    Article : 62 words
  53. Order of Mercy.

    Following on the appointment of Mother M. Justinian as Mother General of the Order of Mercy in the Bathurst Diocese, the ...

    Article : 116 words

    General Bliss, of the U.S.A. army, who has predicted a possible revival of the European war, says that it is doubtful whether Poland ...

    Article : 98 words
  55. A Light Rain.

    There was early on Saturday afternoon a break in several day's spell of exceptionally hot weather. There was no thunderstorm, of ...

    Article : 231 words

    M. Paul Deschanel has been elected President of France, receiving 63½ votes out of a total of 882 which is a record majority. ...

    Article : 100 words
  57. Cycling.

    The twelve miles road race which was conducted on Saturday last on the Wilbetree course by the Mudgee Bicycle Club, starting and ...

    Article : 438 words

    A message form San Francisco says that according to information from reliable sources the Federal Government belleves it has been ...

    Article : 55 words
  59. Mrs. Wells, San., Beller.

    Mrs. Wells, sen., of Mudgee she was for many weeks last [?]ear seriously ill, is now, as her nay friends will be pleased to-morrow, ...

    Article : 41 words
  60. Mudgee Pony Club.

    The meeting of the Mudgee Penn Club called for Thursday night lapsed in the absence of a quorum. ...

    Article : 22 words
  61. Wellington Races.

    The Wellington Jockey Club will hold a two days meeting on Friday and Saturday, February 6 and 7. The programme consists of five ...

    Article : 84 words
  62. Alderman Marsh on Holidays

    Alderman Allan Marsh, [?] Mrs. Marsh, and family are holidaying on the South Coast. Mr. [?], who is seeking re-election [?] the ...

    Article : 50 words

    The "Dally Mall's" Dublin correspondent says that the main strength of the Sinn Fein army, comprising 160,000. Hes in the south ...

    Article : 82 words

    The Chicago "Examiner" and allied newspapers announce that they will start a ault for the recovery of £200,000 damages agains the ...

    Article : 56 words
  65. Miners Arms Hotel Changes Hands.

    The Miners' Arms Hotel Church and Mortimer streets. Mudgee, has changed hands. The new licenses is Mr. Gerald Fitzgerald, formerly ...

    Article : 43 words
  66. Bathurst Sensation.

    Two masked and armed men are reported to have held up a clerk on the Perthville railway station early this morning, and under a ...

    Article : 357 words
  67. Purchased Business at Kandos.

    Mrs. G. W. Dykes, bookseller and stationer [?] Church-street, Mudgee, has purchased the newsagent business of Mr. Reg. ...

    Article : 43 words
  68. Miss Dulcie Lovett III.

    It will be learnt with much regret that Miss Dulcie Lovett, daughter ota Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Lovett, is very ill in the Coast Hospital, ...

    Article : 39 words
  69. Hawker's License.

    At the Mudgee Police Court on [?]riday Mr. Hugh Malone, P.M., granted a hawker's (foot) license to Thomas O'Halloran, of Cooyal. ...

    Article : 23 words
  70. No Council Meeting To-night.

    It has been arranged that the meeting of the expiring and practically moribund Mudgee Town Council formally called for to-night, shall ...

    Article : 41 words
  71. Cricket.

    A cricket match was commenced on the Victoria Park oval on Saturday afternoon last between teams selected from the right-banders and ...

    Article : 86 words
  72. T. H. Marks and Co.'s Show Room

    Miss Meuldoon, a lady with the best city and country experience, has taken charge of the millinery department of Messrs. T. H. Marks ...

    Article : 38 words
  73. A Successful Student

    Mr. Cecil Leslie, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Leslie, of Denison-street, Mudgee, has passed the preliminary examination of the ...

    Article : 66 words
  74. Important Stock Sale.

    Messrs. Mircheli and Dunn will hold an important stock sale at the Mudgee Corporation Yards on Thursday, January 29, when they ...

    Article : 50 words
  75. Sergeant Bisley Going to Hill End.

    Sergeant Bisley, who for some time has been stationed at Conbobolia, has been transferred to Hill End. Sergeant Bisley was for some ...

    Article : 45 words
  76. Operated on in Sydney.

    Last week Mr. Clarrie Barker, of Eurunderce, received an urgent wire form his wife, who has been spending a holiday at Woy Woy, ...

    Article : 70 words
  77. Mudgee A.L.P.

    The special meeting of the above league was held on Thursday night, January 15. The pre-ident. Mr. T. T. Barrett, occupied the ...

    Article : 91 words
  78. Visit of Chinese Herbalist

    {No abstract available}

    Detailed lists, results, guides : 59 words
  79. Mr. Nilen Back.

    Mr. D. Nilon, assistant C.P.S. at Mudgee, who had been on a month's holiday, returned to Mudgee and resumed duty this ...

    Article : 40 words
  80. Thrown From a Pony

    On Saturday morning last Miss May Searle, daughter on Mr. and Mrs. H. Searle, of Mudgee, was riding a pony up Market-street, ...

    Article : 54 words
  81. Successful Stock Sale at Dunedoo.

    Messrs. O. L. Milling and Co., Ltd., held a successful stock sale at their yards, Dunedoo, on Saturday last, when 2800 sheep and 120 ...

    Article : 137 words
  82. Work on the Show Crowd.

    Work on the Show Cro[?]d was suspended on Saturday afternoon, the [?] ma[?]cring with the [?] of the volunteer [?] ...

    Article : 117 words
  83. Driver C. S. Matoney Returning.

    Mrs. M. Mateny has received a Cable anno[?] the return of the son, D[?] C. S. Maloacy, who is expected to arrive a Melbourne on ...

    Article : 44 words
  84. Death in Sydney.

    Mr. C. A. L[?]berg, of Mudgee, last night received the very sad intelligence that his daughter, [?] May, wife of Mr. Hatold Press[?], ...

    Article : 106 words
  85. Cricket.

    A very exciting cricket match was played at Cullenbone last week end between Mudgee Independents and Cullenbone, which resulted in ...

    Article : 74 words
  86. Married in Sydney.

    Mr. Harry Saelson, of Gulgong, and Miss Belle Thurston, of [?] and [?] of Mudgee [?] in St. James' Church, ...

    Article : 36 words



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