About Government Gazettes

A gazette is an official publication for the purpose of notifying the public of government business. All Australian governments (Commonwealth, State and Territory) publish official gazettes.

Information published in government gazettes covers all aspects of government, including:

  • Appointments and employment (includes transfers and retirements)
  • Budgetary papers (reports relating to government budgets)
  • Freedom of Information (only for years covered by Acts)
  • Index and Contents (cumulative indexes and content listings for individual issues)
  • Government notices (including registers of medical professionals, licencing, honours, electoral notices, trade registrations and population statistics)
  • Private notices (legal notices including bankruptcies, company registrations and local government matters)
  • Proclamations and legislation (includes some Acts and regulations)
  • Tenders and contracts (including requests for tender and notifications of approved contracts)

You can search the gazettes using key words or browse to find a specific issue. If you would like to know more about gazettes, the National Library has published a Research Guide.