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  • An Outspoken American Admirai London, Thursday.

    American Admiral Wm[?] S[?]wden Sims has been recalled to the United States from London for saying, in the course of a speech made by him that ... [Article] (150 words)
  • Wyndham Wharfies Wages Porth, Thursday.

    A telegram received from Wyn[?]ham states that the wharflumpers request for an increase in their rate of pay from 3/6 to 5/[?] an hour for ... [Article] (79 words)
  • Mysterious Explosions in Sydney Sydney, Thursday.

    Mysterious explosions have occurred in Sydney and suburbs Various theories have been advanced as to their cause, one theory being that they ... [Article] (49 words)
  • Car Driver's Miraculous Escape Melbourne, Thursday.

    A train dashed through the railway gates at North Fitzroy destroyed a Ford car which was crossing the line. The driver crawled out from beneath ... [Article] (44 words)
  • Prosecutions for Income-Tax Melbourne, Thursday[?]

    In the House of Representatives, Dr. William Maloney (Melbourne) asked that in view of the fact that the people of the Northern Territory held ... [Article] (98 words)
  • Preliminary Census Figures Melbourne, Thursday.

    Preliminary figures in conne[?]tion with the recent census show t[?]at the population of Australia is 5,419,[?]92; New South Wales, 2,096,392, be[?]an ... [Article] (82 words)