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  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (143 words)
  • Successful Carnarvon P. & C. Ball

    Memorial Hall, Carnarvon, was decorated to perfection for the P. & C. Ball held on Monday night when a door taking amounting to £44 revealed the success of the function. Gayly coloured streamers interlaced, covered the ceiling with an artistic centre ... [Article] (367 words)
  • East Carnarvon Football Wind-up

    East Carnarvon Football Club held their wind-up social in the E.C.M.I. on Friday night, when the officials from clubs of the Carnarvon Football Association were cordially invited and attended. The large crowd of followers and supporters of the East ... [Article] (472 words)
  • No Cricketers!

    Gascoyne Cricket Club's inability to field a team for the opening of the 1950-51 cricket season on October 29, was ... [Article] (244 words)
  • Police Courts

    In Carnarvon Police Court before Mr. K. H. Hogg, R.M., on October 31. Luko Slako was charged with driving a motor ... [Article] (125 words)
  • Improvement of Sporting Facilities at Onslow

    At the meeting of the Ashburt on Road, Health and Vermin Boards held at Onslow on November 4, the following matters of general interest to the ratepayers were decided upon. The Board has decided to set ... [Article] (385 words)
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