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    ... [Advertising] (1175 words)
  • DAIRY INDUSTRY'S PROBLEMS "Playing and Pottering," Stated Professor (Wire.—From Our Correspondent.) Melbourne, Thursday.

    Declaring that the dairy industry was merely playing and portering with its problems, Professor Wadham, of the Melbourne. University, told a ... [Article] (75 words)
  • THE BATTLE OF THE TEXTILES An Interesting Survey

    Now that organised world publicity in support of wool is likely to be undertaken on a large scale, it is of interest to consider the position of the ... [Article] (633 words)
  • 25 YEARS AGO TO-DAY (Taken from the "Horsham Times" of May 23, 1911.)

    Mr. Andrew Young and Messrs A. & J Young, horse breeders of Blackheath, who left Horsham at the end of last year for England and ... [Article] (157 words)
  • BRITISH CEMENT DUTIES Government Amendment for Higher Rates (Wire.—From Our Correspondent.) Canberra, Thursday.

    A victory for the Government rebels on the cement duties was established to-day when, on the motion of Mr. Hawker (C.P.), the Government ... [Article] (58 words)
  • TRANSPORT LICENCES GRANTED Western District Routes

    Reserved decisions of the Transport Board in respect of applications by road operators for licences to conduct goods services in the Western District ... [Article] (181 words)
  • ELECTRICITY EQUIPMENT £104,650 Worth for Yallourn (Wire.—From Our Correspondent.) Melbourne, Thursday.

    Thee Electricity Commission announced to-day that orders had been placed for £104,650 worth of equipment to supplement the Yallourn ... [Article] (36 words)