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  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (1600 words)
  • LATE CR. MAWLEY Loss to Sale Agricultural Society

    The Sale Agricultural Society suffered a severe loss during the weekend when members learned with regret of the passing of Cr. Roy ... [Article] (294 words)
  • Retiring President Thanked

    References were made at the meeting of the Sale Agricultural Society on Monday night to the sterling services rendered to the society ... [Article] (134 words)
  • MEMORIAL HALL FUND Substantial Donations Received

    Although there has been some controversy regarding the memorial hall funds during the past two or three months, substantial ... [Article] (147 words)
  • Cold Showery Weather to Continue

    Since the weather broke on Sunday night, 63 points of rain were recorded until 2 p.m. yesterday (Wednesday). Thirty points fell on Monday night ... [Article] (79 words)
  • Replacement of Trees

    At the meeting of the Sale Save the Forests Committee on Tuesday night, it was reported that sheep had damaged some of the trees planted ... [Article] (61 words)
  • Country Party Wants North-South Rail Link

    The principal resolution passed at the quarterly meeting of South Gippsland District of the Country Party at Toora on Saturday, May 31, was ... [Article] (174 words)
  • TRAFFIC OBSTRUCTION PROVED Raymond Street Incidents Lead to Court Action

    The habit of parking cars and trucks in any position in Raymond street had a sequel at the Sale Court on Tuesday when two ... [Article] (675 words)
  • MODERN MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Gippsland Hospital Instals the Latest

    The committee of management of the Gippsland Base. Hospital has always been anxious, as far as its means allowed, to instal the latest surgical ... [Article] (320 words)
  • MEMORIAL PLAYGROUND Rotary Club Makes New Equipment

    Members of the Sale Rotary Club who are giving up time during the week and at week-ends to see that the James Leslie ... [Article] (149 words)
  • LONGFORD NEWS Tennis Club Activities

    Last Saturday afternoon the members of the local Tennis Club conducted a mixed doubles' tournament, the winners being Miss A. Smith and ... [Article] (82 words)
  • Duck Mistakes Season

    Observers of nature going through Victoria Park yesterday were amazed to see a wild duck with twelve young ducklings in the lake in the park. The ... [Article] (139 words)