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  • First Issue, August 20, 1842. The Portland Guardian, With which is incorporate The Portland MiPublished at Portland Mirror. published at Portland Every Monday Wednesday Friday Evening. MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1907.

    OUR HEARTH LANDS.—We have previously stated that Messrs Hutchinson and Simpson were arranging to get a strong plough from Melbourne to ...
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  • Latest News. MELBOURNE, This Day.

    The excitement is still keen in connection with the French riots. One regiment mutineed and General Lancroissade tried to turn the men back by ... [Article] (275 words)
  • Melbourne Wool and Produce Markets. MELBOURNE, June 19.

    Messrs Dalgety and Co. Ltd. report:— Tallow,—Primo white mutton £35 per ton medium do to £29 roe per ton Sheepskins. — Butchers' pelts, merino and ... [Article] (135 words)
  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (1296 words)

    We wish it to be distinctly understood that we do not [?] anyway identify ourselves with the opinions of our correspondents. We throw our "original correspondence column open to any bonafide person who wished ... [Article] (69 words)
  • What is Being Done for our Young Men? (TO THE EDITOR PORTLAND GUARDIAN.)

    SIR,—I have studied with much interest your report of a paper on the above subject, read at the St. Stephen's Social and Amusement Club, and agree ... [Article] (252 words)
  • Strawberry Clover.

    This splendid fodder plant is widely known and justly esteemed in South Gippsland. It first made its appearance close to the Tarwin river on a property ... [Article] (526 words)
  • European News. (REUTER.) LONDON, Saturday.

    An automobile belonging to the Prince of Pescars collided with a heap of rooks at Naples, killing five Italian aristocrats namely, the Duke of Pescars, Duke of ... [Article] (96 words)
  • Football.

    The following are the results of Saturday's football matches in Melbourne :— Carlton 8.14, St. Kilda 3.15. Collingwood 11.12, Fitzroy 11.3 ... [Article] (29 words)
  • The Bauer Murder.

    Intense interest prevails owing to the publication of the fact that the police had a strong clue to work upon in seeking to discover the murderer of ... [Article] (265 words)
  • Bridgewater. June 21.

    A large crowd of the Bridgewater residents assembled in the Lower Bridgewater schoolroom last night to publicly hid farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Alec Liddle, ... [Article] (1072 words)
  • The Crime Wave in Victoria.

    THE police authorities anticipated difficulty in unravelling the Collins street murder mystery because so many noted criminals, with their sentences lately ... [Article] (929 words)