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  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (698 words)
  • ITEMS OF GENERAL INTEREST Death of Former Test Cricketer.

    The former Test cricketer, C. T. B. Turner, died at Sydney on Sunday, aged 81 years. He played in seventeen tests and took 101 wickets at an ... [Article] (45 words)
  • Fishing Gear Control.

    A norder under the National Security Act has been issued by the Minister for War Organisation of Industry (Mr. Dedman) to enable his ... [Article] (62 words)
  • Expansion of Trout Production.

    Plans submitted by the Chief Secretary (Mr. Hyland), for the great expansion of work of trout acclimisation in Victoria were approved by ... [Article] (107 words)
  • Obituary.

    Mrs. Mary Ann Meade, wife of Mr. Thomas Meade, of Nalangil, passed away at Colae on December 24, at the age of 64 years. Born at Woodford, ... [Article] (124 words)
  • Amazing Tale of a Cat.

    The birth of a litter of kittens at an industrial plant in Geelong recently provided the happy ending to the amazing adventures of an English ... [Article] (135 words)
  • Port Fairy's Splendid Idea Might Be Copied.

    The Warrnambool "Standard" reprinted in full a paragraph in the last issue of the Port Fairy 'Gazette' referring to the magnificent ... [Article] (135 words)
  • Foreshore Reclamation.

    The Public Works Department has been busy for a couple of weeks on reclamation of the foreshore at Port Campbell, a Job which is expected to ... [Article] (139 words)
  • A Ring With a History Now Worn By Lady Peacock.

    An amethyst ring which Lady Peacock. (sister of Mr. J. C. Holden, of Port Fairy), wears has a strange history. Something like 60 years ago it ... [Article] (146 words)
  • Road Transport Development.

    Plans to encourage decentralisation of industry by post-war development of road transport are being prepared ... [Article] (152 words)
  • "It's Paper all the Time."

    From the day a soldier goes to war he is dependent on paper, from his enlistment card to his final discharge, according to the following facts ... [Article] (182 words)
  • Testimony of Dog-Lover's Devotion.

    "Could I insert a notice in your newspaper about, the death of my old dog—he was my faithful and affectionate pal for the past thirteen ... [Article] (172 words)
  • Warning to Bondholders.

    Some small subscribers to recent war loans, faced with the necessity of realising on their bonds, had sold them at a substantial discount to ... [Article] (202 words)