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  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (13 words)
  • Big Bill.

    Only a plain story, and plainly told. No lights and shadows of fashionable life: none of the schemes and plots which beset the path of the ... [Article] (2968 words)
  • Omeo, in Gippsland. (See illustrations on page 865.)

    The Victorian mining township of Omeo lies in a hollow, from which a considerable amount of gold has been extracted; and much more may be expected, especially when the quartz reefs are ... [ILLUSTRATED]
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  • Poets' Corner.

    " The Rhymester's numbers and the Poet's songs Find welcome in the mind and heart." [An enthusiastic Scot has sent us the following stirring verses— Ed. T. and C. J.) ... [Article] (31 words)
  • Hurrah! Hurrah for Scotland Yet!

    Hurrah, hurrah for Scotland yet! The rousing words go leaping From hill to hill and cliff to cliff, And down the dells go sweeping. ... [Article] (250 words)
  • The Ship.

    A king, a pope, and a kaiser, And a queen-meet fair waa sheWeat sailing, sailing, sailing, Over a sunny sea. ... [Article] (155 words)
  • Must Wait A Year.

    Oh, love, dear love; you in whose speaking eyes I've read such lessons, of true knightliness, That in this modern day a high emprise May well be undertaken, none the less ... [Article] (387 words)