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    His EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR and COMMANDER in CHIEF has thought proper to direct, that at all Public Communications-which may appear in the SYDNEY GAZETTEE and NEW SOUTH WALES ADVERTISER, signed with any Official Signature, are tobe considered as Official Communications made to those Persons to whom they may relate. ' * ... [Article] (62 words)
  • GOVERNMENT AND GENERAL ORDERS. Government House. Sydnwy, Saturday 16th November, 1816. CIVIL DEPARTMENT.

    HIS EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR having made a Communication some Time since to the Right Honorable EARLBATHURST, His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the ... [Article] (290 words)
  • GOVERNMENT PUBLIC NOTICE. Government House, Sydney, 16th November, 1816

    THOSE Gentlemen and Free Se[?]ers who have [?]ely obtained His EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR'S Promise of Grants of Laud, in the New District of [?]awarra, or Five Islands, are ... [Article] (203 words)
  • GOVERNMENT PUBLIC NOTICE. Secretary's Office, Sydney, 6th November', 1816.

    IN Consideration of the great Number of Free Pardous, Emancipations, or Conditional Par dons and Tickets of Leave which have been given within the Period of the last three Years, ... [Article] (224 words)
  • GOVERNMENT PUBLIC NOTICE. Secretary's Office, Sydney, 16th November, 1816

    WHEREAS, during the late General Muster of the Inhabitants of this Colony, several Persons who had originally come into it as Convicts reported themselves at the said Muster as ... [Article] (1155 words)
  • Proclamation, By His Excellency LACHLAN MACQUARIE, Esquire[?] General and Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty's Territory of New South Wales and its Dependencies, &c &c. &c.

    WHEREAS, since the-Issuing of the PRO CLAMATION bearing Date the 20th of July last which it was deemed expedient to make in Consequence of the MURDERS and ... [Article] (1197 words)