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  • THE GREAT DEBATE: Labour launches attack "RED BILL OPENS THE DOOR TO PIMPS:" MR. CHIFLEY Changes demanded

    THE Communist Party Dissolution Bill opened the door for "the liar, the perjurer, and the pimp," Mr. Chifley, Federal Opposition leader, said last night. Leading the debate on the bill in the ... [Article] (652 words)
  • Mr.Coles quits airlines: report

    It was strongly rumoured in Melbourne and Canberra last night that Mr. A. W. Coles, National Airlines ... [Article] (176 words)
  • Ungar may race in U.S.A.

    Ungar, one of Australia's best sprinters, is almost certain to race in America later this year. ... [Article] (176 words)
  • Take care when you have Monday-itis

    SYDNEY, Tues.: More Occidents occur in industry on Mondays to men and women workers than on any other day of the week. MR: Finnan, Minister for. ... [Article] (135 words)
  • Friendly rivals

    GWEN AND BABS Howard, star girl footballers, were rivals for a little while yesterday ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (32 words)
  • "No" to poll on prices

    CANBERRA, Tues.: Mr. Menzies, Prime Minister, indicated today that he would not agree to the ... [Article] (67 words)
  • City site bought for 'skyscraper'

    A "SKYSCRAPER" office building, 132ft. high, is proposed for the southeast corner of Bourke and Queen streets. Purchase of the si Le was ... [Article] (190 words)
  • The weather for today

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  • Baby killed by train

    SYDNEY. Tues.: A thirteenmonths-old baby was killed by a train at a level-crossing at Leumah, near Camden, today. ... [Article] (46 words)

    MR. CHIFLEY ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (5 words)
  • Elizabeth to buy Malta villa

    LONDON, Tues.: Princess Elizabeth intends to either buy or rent Villa Guardamangia, where she has ... [Article] (154 words)
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  • London sees latest Argus press

    LONDON, Tues. (S.S.): Three thousand visitors from oversea visited the British Industries Fair ... [Article] (119 words)