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  • New Vauxhall price List

    Prices for the two new Vauxhall models released on the Australian market last week are: ... [Article] (43 words)
  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (307 words)
  • 400 U. K. Models At Geneva Show.

    LONDON.—In a bid to outsell formidable European competitors, British motor car manufacturers showed more than 400 models at the Geneva motor show last ... [Article] (199 words)
  • Truck Production

    Statistics collected for the year 1950 show that the world ownership of commercial motor vehicles increased to ... [Article] (37 words)
  • (MOTORING SECTION) Road Impressions Of... AUSTIN A40 TOURER

    It is pleasing that the Australian motor industry occasionally gives us the choice of an open touring car, which is preferred by quite a few motorists in this climate. Also, in the case of the Austin, the tourer is substantially cheaper than the closed model. ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (1560 words)
  • Holden Wins Road Rally

    A Holden, driven by Mr. R. Shaw was awarded the outright win in the 600mile Golden Fleece road ... [Article] (81 words)
  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (84 words)
  • Rodd Rally Traffic Quiz

    Five traffic quiz questions proved the greatest hazard for driveys who took part in the 600-mile golden ... [Article] (144 words)
  • Illuminated Fender Guide

    An illuminated fender guide and clearance light for all types of motor vehicles is now on the ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (50 words)
  • High-Tension Leads

    High-tension leads have been known to cause hard starting. These parts through normal perishing on the ... [Article] (34 words)
  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (445 words)
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