Rules for the guidance of Red Cross Society Branch Committees Australian Red Cross Society. New South Wales Division

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Australian Red Cross Society. New South Wales Division
Australian Red Cross Society. New South Wales Division.; Voluntary health agencies - New South Wales.; Voluntary health agencies - New South Wales - Handbooks.
RULES FOR THE GUIDANCE OF RED CROSS SOCIETY BRANCH COMMITTEES Issued by Red Cross Headquarters, N.S. W. Division (Inc.), Australian Red Cross Society, 39 Pitt Street, Sydney. Jammy, 1931. RULES FOR THE GUIDANCE OF RED CROSS SOCIETY BRANCH COMMITTEES. 1. A Branch for its establishment requires a President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, and not less than six members (this number may be varied if necessary, with permission of the Superintendent). Vice Presidents may be elected by the duly constituted committee. 2. On the formation of a Branch the name should be submitted to the Superintendent at Headquarters for approval and registration. The names and addresses of the office bearers should be furnished at the same time. 3. The correct designation of a Branch is as follows; —“ ” Branch, N.S.W. Division (Inc.), Australian Bed Cross Society (8.R.C.5.). 4. The emblem of the Bed Cross Society consists of a Bed Cross of five equal parts on a white background. The Society has undertaken to assist the military authorities in preventing the unauthorised rised use of the emblem of the Bed Cross, and to this end Branches are requested to notify the Bed Cross Headquarters of any mis-use of the emblem which may come under their notice, OFFICE-BEARERS AND COMMITTEE. FORMATION. TITLE. EMBLEM. 5. The organization of a Branch should be directly in charge of a Committee actively interested in the work of the Red Cross Society, a non-sectarian, non-political organization, and broadly representative of the community. The work of the Red Cross Society is sufficiently important and extensive to demand the voluntary tary service of the ablest men and women in the community, and every effort should be made to enrol new members. 6. A meeting of the Committee should, if possible, be held monthly, or at stated periods to he fixed by resolution at the first meeting of the committee after its establishment. 7. The Hon. Secretary shall keep a Minute Book and record proceedings of all meetings. 8. Following is the Graduated Scale of Membership adopted at the Red Cross Conference ference held in Sydney, 6th to Bth April, 1927 : ANNUAL MEMBERS Minimum of I/- p.a. CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS 5/- „ „ „ 10/- „ ~ ~ £l/1/- „ ASSISTING „ £2/2/- „ SUSTAINING „ £5/ /- „ SUPPORTING ~ £lO/-/- ~ SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP £25/-/- ~ *LIFE MEMBERSHIP £lOO and over (NOTE.—With the exception of that marked *, the other forms of membership are valid for one year only. No one grade of membership takes precedence over another —all are accorded equal status in the Society). Junior Red Cross memberships are distinct from and should not be confused with the above. 9. Each member of the Branch should receive a Membership Certificate signed by the Hon. Secretary. All other receipts shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer. In addition the Hon. Treasurer should issue a receipt to the Hon. Secretary from time to time for membership ship fees. These receipts will be retained by the Hon. Secretary for the purposes of audit at the end of the year. 10. The Hon. Secretary shall pay all monies received to the Hon. Treasurer, and an account shall be opened with the local bank into which all monies should be paid. 11. The accounts of each Branch shall be kept in such a manner as to show readily at all times the exact financial condition of the Branch, the source of all receipts, and the purposes poses of disbursements. 12. Where possible arrangements should be made for cheques to be signed by at least two office bearers of the Branch, 13. A Badge will be issued to the President, Hon. Secretary, and Hon. Treasurer. Eor these, the Branch pays Headquarters 3/9. (1/3 each.) The Badges then become the property of the Branch. When the Office Bearer relinquishes the position the badge is handed in and reissued to the incoming officer. 14. Enamel Badges may be obtained for members from Headquarters. They are sold at cost price—Lady’s 1/3, Gentlemen’s 1/6. No profit accrues to the Society. 15. The “Annual” membership fee (minimum mum 1/-) may be retained by the Branch to meet incidental expenses, including stationery, postages, etc. 16. In the larger Branches it is preferable to have printed letter headings, but in the smaller ones a rubber stamp will suffice. Red Cross Headquarters will lend a block for printing ing purposes, or have suitable rubber stamps made at a cost of approximately 3/9 to the Branch. Following is a sample of the correct heading for stationery ; The Stamp or letter headings should be in red type. N.S.W.DIVISION (INCORPOEARED) CUMBERLAND BRANCH Headquarters will be pleased to have stationery specially printed for Branches at a cost of approximately imately 14/6 for 100 Envelopes and 100 Letterheads with blue duplicate. 17. The President, Eton. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, should make themselves acquainted with the Constitution of the Australian Red Cross Society (8.R.C.5.), and the Constitution of the R.S.W. Division of the Australian Red Cross Society (8.R.C.5.), (copies of which will be supplied from Headquarter s), and care should be taken to conduct the business of the Branch within the prescribed limits of these Constitutions. 18. If the Executive of the Rew South Wales Division finds that a Branch is violating the provisions of the charter of the Red Cross Society, or fails or refuses to follow the regulations lations of the Executive, or has become entirely inactive, the official recognition of such Branch may be withdrawn upon the authority of the Chairman. Whenever a Branch is dissolved, either voluntarily or by action of the Central Executive, all of its funds and property, its books and records shall be forthwith transferred and delivered to the Superintendent of the Society. In no circumstances are any such funds to be transferred or given to any other institution or activity. 19. Funds given to the Red Cross Society are trust funds to be expended for the purposes within the Constitution of the Rew South Wales Division, Australian Red Cross Society, and in accordance with the regulations and policies prescribed by the Central Executive. Branches are not authorised to devote their funds to other organizations or to the erection of buildings, monuments, or similar projects. It is not expected that Branches will have a large permanent surplus of funds, inasmuch as con- tributions are for the carrying on of current Red Cross activities. Nothing in these rules is intended in any way to prevent members of a Branch, individually or collectively, from assisting to raise funds for any other institution or object, but such assistance should be given (if given) by members in their individual capacities and not as a Red Cross Branch or members thereof. 20. Any points on which the committee has doubt regarding the proper course to pursue to maintain the policy of the Society or abide by its Constitution, should be referred to the Superintendent. 21. Any alteration of the address to which Branch communications are sent from Headquarters quarters should be promptly reported. 22. The financial year commences on the Ist July and ends 30th June next ensuing. 23. The Annual Meeting of the Branch should be held between the 30th June and 31st July or as soon as possible after that date, when an Annual report and Balance Sheet (duly audited by the Branch’s Hon. Auditor) should be submitted for adoption, and the office bearers for the ensuing year elected. 24. Immediately after the Annual Meeting the Annual Report and Balance Sheet are to be forwarded to Headquarters for inclusion in the Annual Report of the N.S.W. Division. Special forms are issued from Headquarters each year for this purpose. 25. Notice of the Annual Meeting of each Branch shall be published at least 10 days prior to the date of the Meeting in a newspaper of general circulation, or if newspaper publication is not feasible the notice shall be given in some other effective manner. 26. Upon the formation of a Branch, a Quota, of which it will be duly advised, will be allotted. This Quota is merely suggested as an objective but the Branch will contribute more or less entirely at its goodwill. 27. In no circumstances should entertainments ments be given in the name of the Red Cross in which the Red Cross shares the benefit with the person or organization providing the entertainment.^ tainment.^ 28. An Honour Certificate will be issued each year to those Branches which contribute their Quota ; any excess will also be noted on the Honour Certificate. The Quota is made up of the following contributions ; (a) Funds sent to Headquarters towards the Red Cross Appeal. (b) Funds raised by the Branch and expended pended (per medium of the Branch Hon. Treasurer) on Red Cross Activities ties approved by the Central Executive. The fund contributing to the Quota are those raised by the Branch from the Ist July to the 30th of June ensuing. 29. Effective publicity often determines the success of a Red Cross programme. Each Branch should arrange to keep the public currently and regularly informed of all local and national Red Cross activities. News and human interest stories are readily accepted by local newspapers. Information may be given through public meetings, motion pictures, exhibits, fetes, publications and through the wide circulation of The Red Cross Record. 30. Red Cross Headquarters will supply Ranners, Window Cards, Pamphlets, Post Caids for calling meetings, Cinema Slides, Collection Boxes and Red Cross Badges without charge to any Branch requiring them. 31. Duty stamps are not required on Red Cross receipts and no exchange is charged on country cheques. RED CROSS BRANCH YOUNGER SETS. The 1930 Red Cross Conference have agreed that it is desirable, able, where practicable, to form Red Cross Younger Sets in conjunction with Red Cross Branches in the Suburbs and Country, the following rules have been drawn up (at the request of the Conference), ference), for the guidance of Red Cross Branch Committees Ihe objects of the Red Cross Younger Set shall be to assist the Red Cross Rranch in raising its quota, or in any other way as the Branch may desire. The membership fee shall be a minimum of 1/-, the Members of the Red Cross Younger Sets to automatically become Members of the Society. There will be a separate membership badge for members of Red Cross Younger Sets, which may be had by the Branch on application to the Superintendent. The Red Cross Younger Sets will requisition the Branch for badge requirements. ments. Boys or girls are eligible for membership after leaving school. Younger sets shall have control of their funds until such time as they are called upon by the Branch to pay them to the Branch for transmission mission to Headquarters. All funds raised by Red Cross Younger Sets shall be credited to the Branch quota. The Branch shall, as soon as practicable after receipt of funds from the Red Cross Younger Set transmit them to the MEMBERSHIP FEE. Superintendent at the same time notifying the Superintendent that such moneys have been contributed by the Red Cross Younger Set. There shall be a President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer of each Red Cross Younger Set, and such other officers as the Red Cross Younger Set may from time to time appoint. The Branch Hon. Auditor shall he the Hon. Auditor of the Red Cross Younger Set, and the accounts of the Red Cross Younger Set shall be audited not less than once each year. Care must be exercised that in all matters of publicity the title “Red Cross Younger Set” be used. The Branch shall, on the recommendation of the Younger Set, appoint not less than one, nor more than two members of the Red Cross Younger Set as members of the Branch Conn mittee. All correspondence relative to Red Cross Younger Sets to be conducted with the Branch. The Bed Cross “Younger Set” shall submit an Annual Report and Financial Statement to the Branch after the 30th June each year, and in time for the Annual Meeting of the Branch. Appendix A. LIST OF OBJECTIVES FOR RED CROSS BRANCHES. 1. To raise funds for the general purposes of the N.S.W. Division of the Australian Red Cross Society. 2. To assist, where necessary, local sick and disabled ex-soldiers, sailors and nurses. 3. To supplement equipment, food and clothing at Red Cross Hospitals. Such articles, for instance, as Pillow Slips, Sheets, Towels, Pyjamas, etc., are always acceptable at Red Cross Headquarters. 4. To provide for the Aftercare Departments partments : Aftercare Department (Women and Children). New, and good, clean, used clothing of every description for women, boys, girls and infants. fants. Warm things for tubercular cases— dressing gowns, woollen stockings, undervests vests and nightdresses, fresh eggs, emulsions, ulsions, etc., also books and magazines. Nursing mothers need groats, cocoa, etc., and nourishing foods. Aftercare Department (Men). New, and good, clean, used clothing of every description. Fresh eggs or any nourishing foods for tubercular ex-soldiers or sailors not able to purchase same. Note. —All parcels sent by rail and marked “ Used Clothing ” are carried on rail at quarter parcel rates, but this concession will only be granted where the freight is prepaid. APPENDIX B. SOME METHODS SUGGESTED FOR RAISING RED CROSS FUNDS. The Central Executive commends the “ Envelope ” system of house to house collections adopted at the 1928 Red Cross Conference. In order to assist Branches, Red Cross Headquarters quarters will supply full instructions as to conducting this method of appeal, together with specially printed envelopes and pamphlets, without charge to Red Cross Branches. Other methods which will probably be found useful are:— Dances Bridge Drives, etc. Motor Car Tours Picture Palaces Carnivals Concerts Sale of Red Cross Appeal Badges. Flower Stalls Collection by Boxes Golf Tournaments Tennis Tournaments Swimming Carnivals Gymkanas Launch Excursions Cabarets Queen Competitions Jumble Sales Produce Market Days
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