1787, English, Book, Map edition: Cary's new and correct English atlas : being a new set of county maps from actual surveys : Exhibiting all the direct and principal cross roads, cities, towns ... navigable canals, etc ... Cary, John, approximately 1754-1835.

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Cary's new and correct English atlas : being a new set of county maps from actual surveys : Exhibiting all the direct and principal cross roads, cities, towns ... navigable canals, etc ..
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Physical Description
  • 1 v. (unpaged) : col. maps ; 34 cm. (4to)
  • Book
  • enk, Printed for John Cary, 1787
  • English

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  • Cary's new and correct English atlas : being a new set of county maps from actual surveys : Exhibiting all the direct and principal cross roads, cities, towns ... navigable canals, etc ...
  • Cary, John, approximately 1754-1835.
  • enk, Printed for John Cary, 1787
Physical Description
  • 1 v. (unpaged) : col. maps ; 34 cm. (4to)
  • Book
  • C ARY ’s NEW and CORRECT ENGLISH ATLAS: BEING A New Set of County Maps FROM ACTUAL SURVEYS. E JT JII Ji I TI . A • a . i/​/​ t/​/​r 'j)/​/​rrf (/​Yz/​sfioz/​zh', ( z/​zz.\\ Jnn’7zs t zz/​zz/​ /​/​zzzsf zyz/​z.\7z/​z/​y/​/​z/​z’ T J*z\ vy.r, X AVI GAB LE C A X A L S £c. fWrrz/​rzZ /​>v a Ztzvzz/​yzZ * M. i'l* z>f SzzzzfZz Ji/​zh/​i/​z, S II E M I ‘ Cr 4 The* Connexion of one Map with another. X o (Zz/​ZZ7Y/​/​ j) Z’SZ 7 'Z/​jfz ZZ7Z Zzf‘ ZY/​f'/​z ( 'oZZ/​zfv , 'Ji directions for the junction of the Roads from one Comity to ANOTHER. LONDON. Printed for JOHN CARY. Engraver, Map and Print-filler, the comer of Arundel Street. Strand. Published as the Act directs Sept. Ist 1787. CONTENTS. GENERAL MAP OF SOUTH-BRITAIN AND WALES. Bedforddnre. Berkdiire. Buckinghamftiirc. Cambridgelhire. Chediire. Cornwall. Cumberland, Derby (hi re. Devonfhire. Dor(et(hirc. Durham. Effex. Glocefterdiire, Hampdiire. Hereforddiire. Hertforddiire. Huntingdondiirc; Kent, Lancadiire, Leicefterdiirc. Lincolndiire. Middlefex, Monmouthdiire; Norfolk. Northamptondiire. Northumberland. Nottinghamlhire. Oxforddure, Rutlanddiire. Shropdiire, Somerfetlhire. Stafforddiire. Suffolk, Surry. Suffex. Warwick (hire. Weftmoreland. Wilt (hi re. Worcefterdiire. Yorkfhire, a General Map. Ditto, North Riding. Ditto, Eaft Riding. Ditto, Weft Riding, North Wales, including the Counties of Anglefey, Carnarvon. Denbigh, Flint. Merioneth, and Montgomery. South Wales, including the Counties of Brecknock, Carmarthen. Cardigan. Glamorgan. Pembroke, and Radnor, ADVERTISEMENT. T HE liberal encouragement which the Public are always ready in (hewing to works where utility and’ improvement have been a principal object, induced the Proprietor to undertake the prefent Publication,., full of the idea that his labours, in proportion to its merit, would find its reward ; poffeffed of that opinion, he determined that no exertion on his part fhould be wanting to render the English Atlas as complete as the fize of it could poffibly admit; that it is more fo than any other work of this kind now extant, he thinks \ himfelf warranted in afferting; from having recourfe to better materials than hitherto ufed for a work of this Nature. Ihe kind encouragement already (hewn to this publication, by a very numerous and refpecftable fubfcription, has been a flattering teftimony of the approbation of the Public, to whom the Proprietor begs leave to tender his fmcereft acknowledgements for the partiality they have (hewn him. Added to the Defcriptions of the Counties, with Directions for the Junction of the Roads (which was all that was at firft intended to accompany the Maps) a complete Alphabetical Lift of the Market Towns is given, with the days on which their Markets are held, and theirDiftance from the metropolis; to which is fubjoined, a Correct Lift of all the Poft and Sub-Poft Towns with the Receiving Houfes under each, throughout England and Wales; (hewing the Rates of Poftage, the Time of Arrival of the Poft in the Country, try, and its Difpatch for London.—For which Information, as well as other Material Afiiftance in the completion of this work, the Proprietor is indebted to the liberal permiftion he was honoured with by the Comptroller General of the Poft Office, to refort to fuch official documents as enables him to vouch for the corredlnefs and accuracy of thefe important articles. Sanctioned by the kind protection the Public have (hewn him, he prefumes to offer to their notice a large Map of England and Wales, which he is now engraving, upon afeale of five miles to an inch, a fize which enables him to lay down every Parifh, (thofe excepted which are fituated in large Towns) with the principal Gentlemen’s Seats, Roads, Rivers, and Navigable Canals, as well as other ufeful matter; and a particular attention will be paid to the Orthography of this Map, a circumftance fo frequently complained of, (owing to the difference of pronunciation from the locality of fituation) and which experience only can obviate. N. B. A Specimen of the Work may he feen at J. Cary’s, Strand. LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS. A. TJIS Grace the Duke of Argyle Right Hon, V-lcountefs Sr. Afaph- Right Hon. Fail of Ayltlbury Right Hon. Earl of Albemarle A’Court, William Pierce Alhe, efq. Heytelbur.y Adams, , efq Upper Harley-ftrcet Adams, Mr. Bread ftreet Aldcrfon, Rev. Mr. M. A. Eckington Alexander, WllLam, efq. Halifax Alexander, Mr. South Lambeth Allen, Geo. Edw. efq. Charlotte-ftreet, Bloomlbury Anderfon, Mr. Lyme-ftreet Andrefon, Mr. Upper Lufatia And'ews, Rev. Mr. Leiccfter- Aofcll, Mr Whitehall Arden, Sir Richard Pepper Arden, •, efq. Arnott, Mr. Buckingham-ftreet Afhe, Rev. Mr. Robert, Eling, Hants Alkew, Mr. Ludgate hill A (1011, William I honton, efq Clapham Aihaws, , efq St. Martin’s-lane, Cannon-flrect Atkinfon, , efq. Pall Mall Aikinlon, Mr. Leeds At waters, Mr John, Fordingbridge A'.wood, Mr. Kmg ftreet, Cov<-nt Garden Aurid, , elq. Stiaiford Place A oil, G. efq. Whitehall B. . Bight Hon. Lord Vifcount Barrington Right Hon. Lord B cadalbane Baber, E. efq. Park ftreet Bailey, Mr. Sunderland Bailey, Mr. Hope Bakewell, Mr. Baker, Mr. Salilbury-fquare Baker, Mr Bol'well-coort Baldwin, J 'leph, efq Serjeants Inn Ballard, Mi. W. A. Bratton, Wilts Ball, Mr. Ludgate-hill Bmkf, Sir Jo eph, Soho-fquare Banks, J. C. c'q. Nunnidgion Banner, M' - . 1 homas, Upper Thatrcs-flrect Barclay, Mr. Hay-market Barnaro, Henry Boidcro, efq. South Cave Barnard, M'. Charles, Berkley-fquare Barwis, Rev. Mr. M. D. Devizes Barker, Rev. Mr. M. A. Cheftcrfield Barker, Rev. Mr. ftudent of Chrift Church, Oxon. Barker, Richard, efq. Taviftock-11 reet Bantam, Mr. G.C. Chrift Church, Oxon Bargns, Rev. Mr. Wmchefter Barton, Mr. Nathaniel, Corflcy, Wilts Barrett, William, efq. Palace Yard Barret, Mr. Barlow, , efq. EfTex-ftreet Barlow, , efq. Clement’s Inn Baftard, John, efq. Blandfoid Bafclico, Mr. Whitehall Bavcrftoke, Mr. Wmdfor Bay ley, Thomas, efq. F.R.S. Hope, Derbyftlire Bayley, James, efq. B lbopflrow, Wilts Bayllffe, George Scarle, efq. Corfham, Will* Bayne, , efq. Inner Temple Beaufort, Rev. Dr M. R. 1. A. Dublin Bratfon, Mr. Rotherham Beckett, John, elq. Lteds Beddome, Mr. Nflfwoith Beeke, R.v Mr. fellow of Oriel College, Oxon, Bellamy, Mr. Thomas, Standground, Hants 8.-11, Mr. James Belcher, Mifs Great Ormond-ftreet Bennett, Rev. Mr. Piccadilly Bennett, Thumas, efq. Cobham Row Benvon, Richard, elq Grolvenor-fquare Bon well, Rev. Mr. Trinity College, Oxon Benfon, Mr. Wadham College, Oxon Benfon, Mr. Leeds Bcmha-n, Rev. Thomas, M. A. fludent of Chrift Church Oxon Bernard, Scroope, efq. Fludyer-ftreet Bertram, Mr. Hull Bettilon, Jonas, efq. Holme Pierpoint, Notts Bi wt 11, I homas, elq. W nitehall B-fIV, Rev. Mr. Ham, Surry B llingfley, John, efq. Alhwick BilPnge, Mr. Catt-aton-ftreet Billlborrow, Mr. William, Maucheftcr Billington Mr. Poland-ftreet Bingham, Mr. Robert Blnns, Mr. John, Leeds Birch, Thomas, elq New Bond-ftreet Bilcoe, J feph Seym- ur, efq. Bury Hill, Notts Bilchcft, Ni.holaS, elq. Leecs Biihop, Mr. Duke-ftieet, St; James’s Black, William, elq. Temple Blackett, John, efq. Blackett, Mr. Newcaftle BLktway, , efq. Lincoln’s Inn Blake, John, elq. Temple ELand, Mr. Racquet-court Block, Captain John, Fulham Boddy, Mr, John Bold, Thomas, M. A. Brazen Nofe College,Oxon Bolton, , clq. South Cave Bonnor, Charles, efq. Broad-ftreet Bond, Rev. Mr. fellow of Wadham College, O.xon Bond, Mr. Lambeth Bomle, Edward Wilbraham, efq. Chrift Church, Oxon Eonough, Mr. Henley upon Thames Bofanquet, Henry, efq. Lincoln’s Inn Bottom ley, Mr. High H->lborn Bourke, Richard, elq. Charloite-ftreet Boucher, Rev. Mr. Epiom Bourne, Mr. Thomas, K ngfton, Surry Bowles, Mr. Charles, Shaftcibury Bowman, John, efq. Betetley Bowlber, Rev. Mr. Bath Bradyle, Wilfon, efq. Bruton-llreet Brand, Charles, efq. Lincoln’s lon Brand, Rev. Mr. Seymour Place Bracher, John, efq. Foothill, Wilts Bramby, Martin, efq. Grinlborough Bradley, Mr. Jofeph, Cheflcrtuld Bray, Mr. G. Ruffel-ftreet, Bloomlbury Bridgeman, Mr. Grocers Hal! Broad!ey, Peter, efq. High-ftreet, Borough Broadlty, Mr. Charles, Hull Broderick, Hon. Mr, Brooke, Mr. T Heath Biook , Mr. Frederick, Dorchefler Brook , Mr. John, Bridgewatcr-fquare Brooks, Mr. Thomas, Curtain, Mjorfields Broomhead, John, efq. Holies ftreet, Cavendilh-fquarei Broughton Bryan, ifq. Broughton, e q. G. C. Chrift Church, Oxon Broughton, Rev. Mr. Tiverton Bround, Charles, efq. Lincoln’s Inn Browne, Mr. Thomas, Horton, Wilts Browne, Mr. William, Ch.ffeldon, Wilts Brown, William, efq. B-dford Row Brown, Mi. William, Leeds Brown, Mr. Jefeph, Bolton, Lancaihire Brown, Mr. Chriftopher, Charles-ftreet, Hatton-ftr. Brown, Mr. Effex-ftrcet Brown, Mr. E. Canterbury Brown, Mr. Strand Bruges, Mr* Thomas, Melklham Bc>er, Mr. Sirand Biyanq Mr Ryegafe Buckiand,Rev. M . fellow of Corpus’Chriftl Coll, Ox* Buckn 11, Rev. Dr. Weymouth-ftreet Bull, Mr. Bath Bunbury, Mathew, efq. Bunn, efq. Clement’s Inn Bunn, Thomas, efq. Froome Burgefs, Mr. William, Weftbury Burrows, Mr. Chariotte-ftrcet Burton, Robert, efq, Lincoln’s Inn Burton, , efq. Grofvenor Place Burton, R. LL. D. Burke, Mr. M. A. Borland, T. B. efq. Dorfet Busfield, J. A. efq. Myrtle Grove, Blnghy Butler, Mr. Edward, Warminfler Butt, Mr. John, Warm nfter Butt, Mr. Robert, Warminfter Buxton, Mr. Bath c. R'ght Hon, Countefs of Courtcun. R ight Hon. Earl of Cork B ight Hi n. Lord Chcdwonh Right Hon. Lord Caryfort E. ght Hon. Lord J. CavendKh Right Hon. Lord F. Cavendilh. Calverley, John, efq. Leeds Calveley. Mr. Huntingdon, Chclhirc Calvert, Mr. Charles Campbell, Matthew', efq. Uckficld, Suffex Campbell, Mr. George ftreet, Portman-fquare Campbell, M. clq. Charlton, Kent Carew, Regnald Pole, efq. Charles-ftreet, Berkleyliquate liquate Caitwright, W. R. efq. Chrift Church, Oxen Carver, Rev. Mr. M. A. Chefterfitid Carr, William, efq. Carr, Mr. Thomas, Newcaflle Carr, Mr. Dunningtoa , Carrington, Carrington, Rev. Mr. Enford, Wilts Carter, Mr. Duke-ftreet Chadwick, , efq. Chauntnll, T. efq. Highbury Place Chaumette, Francis de la, efq. Spkal-fquarc Chalie, John, efq. Bedford fquare Chambre. ——, efq. Gray’s Inn Cnaplm, Mr. Aylelbury Chancey, , efq. Caftle-ftreet 'Chambers, Mr, Tiblhelf, Derby Cheere, Charles, efq. Gower-fireet Cheflbn, William, efq. New College Churchill, Mr. Abingoon-ftreet Church, efq. Sackville-ftreet Clarke, Thomas, efq. K.rkby Hardwick, Notts Clarke, T. F. efq. Witney, Oxon Clark, Mr. Robert, Caftle Cary Clark, Mr. Bank Buildings Clapham, Mr. Trinity College, Cambridge Clay, Mr. Thomas, Liverpool Glayton, Rev. N. D, D. Nottingham Clayton, Mifs, Carr Hall, Colne C everley,-Mr. Lille-ftreet, Leicefter-fields CLthero, , efq. Lincoln’s Inn Clowes, Samuel, efq. Manchefler Clucton, Rev. John, M. A. Kinnerf.ey, Hereford Clutton, Rev. Mr. Birmingham Cobb, Rev. Dr. fellow of St. John’s College, Oxon Cockfield, Mr. Jofeph, Upton, Elfex Cockle, Mr. John, Chapmanfladc, Wilts Colebrooke, fir George, bare. Collett, Richard, efq. Chancery-’a re Collier, R?v. Mr. Trinity College, Cambrdre Cokman, William, efq. Hatton Garden Collins, Mr. Palfgrave Place Coles, Mr. John, Trowbridge Conftable, Marmaduke, efq. Waftand Coaftable, William, efq. Burton Conftable Conftable, Mrs. Beverley, Yorklhire Conran, George, efq. Berkley-fquare Coney, William, efq. fellow’ of Or el College Cooke, George, efq. Streetthcrpe, Yorklhire Coombs, Mr. Corlley, Wilts Cootnbes, Mr. Chancois-ftreet Cooper, Rev. Mi. Bix, Oxon Cooper, Rev. Mr. Bratton. Wilts Cooper, General, Charles ftreet, Berkley-fquare Cooper, R, Lranlby, Newhoufe, Glocefter Cooper, Mr. Featherftone Buildings Cofta, Jolhua Mendez da, efq. Serjeant’s Inn Cotton, Mr. Henry, Harley-flreet Gotten, Thomas, efq. Haigh, Yorklhire Gotten, Stapleton, efq. Cotham, Mr A. Whatley, Lancafhire Coulthard, Mrs. John-ftrcet, King’s Road Coulthurft, John, efq. Couchman, Mr. Warwick Cox, Charles, efq. Coxs, Capt. Charles, S’one Eaton Cracherorde, Rev. Mr. Queen’s-fquare Craig, Mr. Scotland Yard Crane, Charles, efq. Budge Row Crane, Mr. Token Houfe Yard Crathorre, Thomas, efq. York Crock, Mr. George, Liverpool Crook, Mr, Thomas, Tytherton, Wilts Crompton, Samuel, efq. Derby Crompton, Mr. John, Derby Crompton, Mr. G.lbert Drrby Crompton, Peter, M. D. Derby Croft, Mr. Greek-ftreet, Soho Crutwell, Mr. Bach Cunninrton, Mr. William, Heytelbury Curtis, Mr. Oxford Curtis, Mr. Canterbury D. Right Hon. Ear! Da Cofia, J. M. efq. Serjeants Inn Dftley, T. efq. Kingiland Dalton, Nathaniel, efq. Shankfhocfe D lton, R. efq. Dampier, Rev. Mr. Weft Meon, Hants Dannien, , efq. Cliffbrd-ftreet Daafey, Mr. John, Blandford Daniel, efq. C. C. Pembroke College, Oxen Daniel, Air. Yeovil Darnel, Mr. John,.Poultry Darell, Major Darbyihire, Mr. Manchcfter Darby/​hire, Mr. James, Bolton Dafhwood, fir Henry, Lower Grofvenor-ftreet Davenport, T. efq. Bi(hopfgate-ft reet Davenport, , efq. Charles ftrect, St. James’s Davidfcn, John, efq. Newcaftle Davidfon, Mr. Leeds Dmdfcn, Mr. Walth amflow Davidlon, Mr. James, Walchamftow Davis, Mr. Thomas, Longleat Davy, Rev, C. M.B. fellow of Caius College, Cambridge bridge Dawes, Edtvln, efq. Angel-court, Throgmorton-ftreet Day, Mr. William, York Dean?, Charles, efq. Warmley Dt.ifofTe, Rev. Mr. Richmond, Surry D-iigh , Mr. Ludgate-hill Dmilon, Robert, elq. Kilnwick Percy Denman, Dr. Old Burlington-ftreet Denr.ifon, Mr. Featherftone Buildings Deferetr, Mr. Fenchurch-ftreet Dickenfon,Thomas, tfq. Bcdworth Clofe Dickenfon, Mr. Edward, Drayton Manor, Stafford Dickens, Mr, Jofeph, Higl n’s Park, Stafford Dickens, Mr. Crown-ftreet D Ikes, Capt. Upper Seymour-ftreet Dilworth, T. efq, Leeds D xon, Jerem ah, efq. Leeds Dixon, Mr. R. Eaft Retford, Notts Dixon, Rev. Mr. Didwell, Rev. Henry, Harlaxton, Lincolnshire D dwell, Robert, efq. Dodlort Commons Dodl’wdl, T. efq. Dominicus, Mr. Mark-lane Dormer, Mr. Bury-ftreet, St. James’s Dorrien, Thomas, efq. Portman-lquaie Dorrington, Capt. Hull Dover, Rev. Mr. Chichefter Douce, W i 1 1 1 am H. elq. Fenchurch-ftieet Douce, Mr. Francis, Gray’s Inn Douglafs, , efq. Douglafs, Capt. Leigh, Sorrerfet-ftreet Dowiand, Mr. James, Mansfield, Woodhoufc, Notts Downes, Rev. Mr. Wi ham, Elfex Downes, , efq. Chrift Church College Downing, Mr. P. A. Dudley Draper, \\ i liana, efq. W Often Deddington, Oxon Draper, Cape. Drax, Edward, efq. Druce, Mr. Chancery-lane Drummond, J ,hn, efq. Drummond, A. efq. Spring Gardens Drummond, Rev. H. Spring Gardens Drummond. George Hay, D .mealier Dunnage, T. efq. Phi!pot-l ane Durnsford, Mr. George, Tiverton Durrs'ord, Mr. Mart n T.venon Du Pan T. Gourgas, efq. Leeds, Yorklhire ■Dury, Coicnel Dyfon, Thomas, efq. Halifax E. Right Hon. Earl of Effingh am Eaftborn, Mr. Aldgate Eaton, Mr. A. B. Trinity College Echerial), efq. Charles-ftreet, Sr. James’s Eddowcs, Mr. T. 'Eddowes, Mr. William Edgar, Mr. indent of Chrift Church, Oxon Edce l, Harry, efq. Sffanderwick, Somerfet Edmonds, Mr. Chancerv-lane Edridge, Efmead, efq. Chippenham Edwards, John, efq. Chalcot Houfe Edwards, Mr. Carlton Place Egerton, Mr. Gray’s Inn Egerton, Mr, Bentinck-ftreet, Soho D’Einfeedel, Count, Reibersdorf,Upper Lufatia Eldridge, Mr. Eiliot, Mr Emanuel College Ellis, Charles, efq. Dean-ftreet, Soho Ellis, John, efq. Emmatt, Mrs. Elizabeth, Longleat England, Mr. T. Dorchefter Enouy, Mr. Rockingham Row Entwftle, John, efq. Leeds Eldaile, , jun. efq. Duke-ftreet, We ft min Her Etches, Mr. R. Cadman, Fenchurch-ftreet Evans, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. Everett, John, efq. Heytefbury Eveiett, W. efq, Heytefbury Everett, Mr. W. Horninglham, Wilts Evereft, , efq. Greenwich Ewart, James, efq. Portland-ftreet Ewer, , efq. Eyre, Vincent, efq, Eyre, Col. Lpper Grofvenor-ftreet F. Eanfhaw, Mrs. Shiplake, Oxon Farilh, Mr. Magdalen College, Oxon Farrer, Oliver, efq. Bedford-fquare F ner, James, efq. Chancery-lane Fawcett, Gen. Sir W. George-ftreet, Portman-fquare Fawkes, Mr. Upper Thames-ltreec Fellows, Mr. New Inn Fellows, Mi, [obn Fellows, Mr. Timothy Fenton, Mifs Ann, Carr Hoofs Ferrand, Benjamin, efq. St. Ives Binglev Field, Mr. Cornhill Filkes, Mr. Abel, D.vjzes Finch, W.lliam, efq. Grofvenor fquare Finch, Rev. Dr. fellow of Sr. John’s College, Oxon Pinch, Rev. Henry. Greatham, Rutland Filher, Rev. R. A. M. fellow of Caius College, Cambridge Finer, Rev. John, fellow of Caius College, Cambridge Fifher, Mr. Richard, Newcaftle Fitzgerald, James, efq. Fletcher, Mr. Joleph, Liverpool Fletcher, Mr. Chatfworth F'letchcr, M% Wbitwell, Derbyfhire Foleet, Mr. G. Temple Foote, Mr. JelTe, Dean-ftreet, Soho Ford, , efq. Baliol College, Oxon Ford, Rev. Dr, Melton Mowbray Ford, Mr. Temple Ford, Mr. Henley upon Thames Fortefcue, Mr. Fofter, Mr. Fulneck Fofter, Mr. Fetter-lane Fothergill, Rev. James, M A. Dalton fa Dale, Durh. Fothergi.l, Rev. T. M. A. fellow of Queen’; College, Oxon Frampton, James, efq. fell.com. St. John’s Coll. Oxca Frankland, Sir Thomas Prancilin, Mr. Xewman-ftreet Fraier, R. efq. Pimlico Frafer^ Prefer, William, efq. Feoff, John, efq. Spring Garden# Froud, Mr. Richard, Bnxton Devercll, Wilts Frewen, Chari, s, efq. Cluer, Berks Fry, Mr. Peter, A ;bridge Fry, Mr. St. John’s-lquare Fynts, Rev. C. D. D. Cromwell, Notts G. Right Hon. Lord Vifcount Galway Gagg, Rev. Mr. AxbritLge Gall, Mr. John, Sie.t, Wilts Garfnell, Mr. Garfed, Mr. Btiftol Gazeley, Mr. Gray’s Inn Gcdtles, Dr. Clipftone ffreet Gee, Mr. Wimhorn Minflcr George, Mr. George, Froome Gibbs, Vickery, efq. Bloonis Gibbons, Rev. Mr. New Cavendifh-ftreet Gibfon, , efq Loompit Hill, Kent Gibfo.i, Mr. Glover, Mr. A. Ryegate, Surry Glynn, Anthony, efq. New College, Oxon Goddard, Rev. Mr. Wood Hay, Hants Goddaid, , efq. Goddard, Rev. Mr. Winchcffer College Goddard, Mr. Beaufort Buildings Goldborn, , efq. Golt, Mr. Leeds Good, Rev. Mr. South Brent, Somerfet Goodinge, Thomas, LL. D. Leeds Goodenougb, Major, Ahingdon-ftreet Gordon, Rev. Mr. Air-flrect, Piccadilly Gore, Mr. T. Liverpool Gofncll, Mr. R< Us Buildings Gough, Richard, efq. Enfic.d Gower, Mr. C. Ncw lon Gray, Chides Gordon, efq. Warminffcr Gray, Mr. Lancaller Greig, Mr. Thomas, Colclhi l, Heits Greeton, Rev. Mr. Hitcham Greene, Chapman, elq. Emanuel College Greene, Rev. Henry, R> lleflon, Lciceffer Green, Major Gen. Sir William Giecnhill, Robeit, efq. Lincoln’s Inn Greenland, , elq. Newman-ff icet Greenup, William, elq. Derfey Hay, \ olklhire Gregory, Rev. Mr. Lmgar, Notts Gregory, , efq. Charlotte ffrcct Gregory, Mr. Leadcnhail-fi reet Gregory, Rev, Mr. Minor Canon, Canterbury Grcv lie, Hon. bulke, Uiton Grcville, Hon. Mr. King s Mews Gtey, Mr. Grice, Re> - . Charles le, Bn f y, Suffjlk Griffith, Mr. New Bond ffreet Griffiths, , c q. Grimftc n, Henrv, efq. Weftow Grinfield, Col. Old Burlington-ftrcct Gnnfield, Rev. T. Bath Grove, William, efq. Lichfield Grundy, Mr. James, Liverpool Guorgas, Mr. Leeds H. Right Hon. Lady Howe Hacker, Andrew, efq. Great Margarel-flreet Haodon, Rev. Mr. Leeds Haigh, Rev. Mr. Newcaftle Hale, Rev. Mi. Sr. Paul’s Church Yard Hall,- , efq. fellow commoner of Tiinity College, Cambridge Hall, John, M. D. Hallam, Capt. Park-ftreet Hamilton, Hon. Mr. Htlles-ftrect Hamilton, Rev. Dr. Lelcefter-fquare Hamilton, Rev. Dr. Lemcn-llrcet, Goodman’s Fields Hamilton, Mr. ditto Hamilton, Mr. Lincoln’s Inn Fields Hamilton, Mr. Bolton Row Hammerfley, , efq. Pall Mall Hammerfley, Mr. Temple Hammond, Mr. Charlotte ffreet Hanharr, Sir William, bart. Hanmer, Sir Thomas Hanmer, E. efq. Hanmer, William, efq, Hardifly,Mr. Great Marlbcrough-ff rect Hare wood, Rev. Mr. Sowerby Hargrave, Francis, efq. Bofwell Court Hargreaves, John, efq. Full Edge', Lancafhire Harrifon, R. A. efq. Hull Harrifon, Rev. H. G. Thorpe Morleux, Suffolk Harrifon, , efq. Temple Hanington, Rev. Dr. Fluxion Harman, Mr. Anthony, Gravcfend Harman, Mr. Pnnces-llreet Hanley, Col. Bedford-fquare Hartley, , efq. ditto Harr, , efq. Temple Harvey, Mr. Robert, Blithfisld Haflang, Count Haverfield, Mr. Kew Green Havel), Rev. Mr. Knarcfborough Hawes, John, efq. Manfell-ff reet Hawkins, Rev. Mr. Barebone Hal!, Worceffcrfhire Hawflev, Mr. Wortley Hawkcfworlh, Walter, efq. fellow commoner of Trinity nity College Haycer, Francis Thomas, efq, Haydons, Meffrs. Plymouth Hazard, Mr. Bath Heaoeach, Mr. Flect-ffreet Hearne, Mr. Macclesfield-firect Heath, Rev. Mr. Eton College Hebcrden, Mr. A.B. fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge Hiron, Rev. Mr. Warrington, Lancafhire Htflop, Mr. Flctherington, T. efq. Black Friars Road Hev, Rev. Dr. Stony Stratford Heywood, Mr. Nottingham Hioberr, T. efq. Upper Grofvenor-ftrcet Hlbbcrt, Mrs. Higder, William
  • KENT
  • LIST OF THE Principal Poft and Sub-Poft-Towns, with their Receiving Houfes, In ENGLAND and WALES,
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