1886, English, Book edition: Sheriffs of Shropshire, 1831 to 1886. Hughes, William.

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Sheriffs of Shropshire, 1831 to 1886
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Physical Description
  • 44522 words
  • Book
  • xx, Bunny and Davis,, 1886
  • English

Edition details

  • Sheriffs of Shropshire, 1831 to 1886.
Also Titled
  • Sheriffs of Shropshire, 1831 to 1886.
  • Hughes, William.
  • xx, Bunny and Davis,, 1886
Physical Description
  • 44522 words
  • Book
  • Sheriffs of Shropshire, 1831 TO 1886,
  • Sheriffs of Shropshire.
  • NOTICES: Genealogical and Biographical. 1831. SIR EDWARD JOSEPH SMYTHE, BARONET. ARMS.—Satie, three roses Arg.
  • 1832. WILLIAM OAKELEY. ARMS.—Argent, on a fesse, between three crescents, gales, as many fleurs-de-lis, Or.
  • 1833. WALTER MOSELEY. ARMS.—Quarterly, 1st and 4th sable, a chevron between three mill-picks, Arg. 2nd, Or, impaling quarterly per fesse, indented, Sa. and Arg., in the first quarter, a lion guardant, Or. 3rd, gules, two lions, passant, Arg. between nine crosslets, fitchée, Or.
  • 1834. THE HONOURABLE HENRY WENTWORTH POWYS. ARMS.—Or, a lion’s gamb, erased, between two cross crosslets fitcbeè, gules.
  • 1835. SIR BALDWIN LEIGHTON, BARONET. ARMS.—Quarterly, per fesse, indented, Or and gules.
  • 1836. SIR WILLIAM EDWARD ROUSE BOUGHTON, BARONET. ARMS.—Quarterly 1st and 4th sable, two bars engrailed, Arg. for Rouse. 2nd Arg. on a chevron between three trefoils, slipped sable; as many bucks heads cabossed, Or.; on a chief, gules, a goat, passant, of the field, for Boughton of Loughton. 3rd sable, three crescents, Or. for Boughton.
  • 1837. THOMAS HENRY HOPE. ARMS.—Azure, two chevronelles engrailed, between four bezants, three and one, Or.
  • 1838. WILLIAM WOLRYCHE WHITMORE. ARMS.—Vert., fretty, Or.
  • 1839. PETER BROUGHTON. ARMS.—Argent, two bars gules; on a canton of the second, a cross of the field, a label on a crescent for a difference.
  • 1840. THOMAS EYTON. ARMS.—Quarterly 1st and 4th Or, a fret azure, (Eyton); 2nd and 3rd gules, two bars, ermine, (Pantulph.)
  • 1841. THE HONOURABLE GUSTAVUS FREDERICK JOHN JAMES HAMILTON. ARMS.—Quarterly 14st and 4th Arg., between two Chevronells, a cinquefoil, all between three cross-crosslets, fitchy, sa. for Russell; 2nd and 3rd gu., three cinquefoils pierced, erm., for Hamilton.
  • 1842. HENRY JUSTICE. ARMS.—Vert., a bend ermine, cotised, Or, between two Falcons, rising, of the last.
  • 1843. SIR ANDREW VINCENT CORBET, BARONET. ARMS.—Or, a Raven sable.
  • 1844. JOHN CHARLES BURTON-BOROUGH. ARMS.—Gules, the Root of an Oak Tree, eradicated and couped, in pale, sprouting out two branches, ppr. with the shield of Pallas hanging thereon, Or.
  • 1845. ST. JOHN CHIVERTON CHARLTON. ARMS.—Or, a lion, rampant gu; a canton sinister. Quarterly, 1st and 4th gu, ten bezants, four, three, two, and one for ZOUCH; 2nd and 3rd az. on a mount ppr. a lion passant-guardant, Or, for FITZ-AER.
  • 1846. RICHARD HENRY KINCHANT. ARMS.—Azure, three lions’ heads, two and one, erased, Arg., ducally crowned, Or.
  • 1847. JOSEPH VENABLES LOVETT. ARMS.—Arg., three wolves, passant, in pale, sa.
  • 1848. WILLIAM HENRY FRANCIS PLOWDEN. ARMS.—Azure, a fesse dancettée, the two upper points terminating in fleurs-de-lis, Or.¹
  • 1849. PANTON CORBETT. ARMS.—Arg. two Havens in pale, sable, within a bordure engrailed sable, bezantèe.
  • 1850. RALPH MERRICK LEEKE. ARMS.—Arg. on a chief, gn., a fleur-de-lis, Or, over all, a bend, engr., az.
  • 1851. EGBERT HENRY CHENEY. ARMS.—Az. six lions rampant, Arg. a canton Erm.
  • 1852. ROBERT BURTON. ARMS.—Patty per pale, Purpure and Az., a cross engrailed, Or, between four roses, Arg.
  • 1853. ALGERNON CHARLES HEBER-PERCY. ARMS:—Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per fesse az. and gu. a lion rampant, Or, in the dexter chief point, a cinquefoil, az.; 2nd and 3rd az., five fusils in fesse, Or.
  • 1854. EGBERT AGLIONBY SLANEY. ARMS.—Gules, a bend between three Martlets, Or.
  • 1855. WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY GEORGE HURT-SITWELL. ARMS.—Per pale, dexter, barry of eight, Or and vert., three lions rampant, sable, sinister, Argent, on a chevron, Or, three acorns ppr. between three oak trees ppr.
  • 1856. EDWARD LLOYD GATACRE. ARMS.—Per pale, dexter, quarterly, 1st and 4th gules; 2nd and 3rd ermine, three piles of the first on a fesse az., five bezants, Or, sinister, az., three boars’ heads erased, arg., muzzled, gules.
  • 1857. SIR WILLIAM CURTIS, BARONET. ARMS.—Paly of six, Or and azure, a fesse chequy, Argent and sable; on a canton, gules, a dragon’s wing erect of the third; in base a sword ppr. pommel and hilt of the first surmounting a key, in saltier, of the second.
  • 1858. EDMUND WRIGHT. ARMS.—Sable, on a cross, Or, between four unicorns, heads erased, armed, maned and tufted of the second, a cross engrailled, gules, charged with a javelin erect, staff, Or, headed of the third.
  • 1859. CHARLES ORLANDO CHILDE PEMBERTON. ARMS.—Quarterly, 1st and 4th PEMBERTON, or two chevronels between three buckets, sable; 2nd CHILDE, gules, a chevron ermine, between three eagles, close, Argent; 3rd BALDWYN, Argent, a saltire, sable, a crescent for difference.
  • 1860. SIR CHARLES HENRY ROUSE BOUGHTON, BARONET. ARMS.—1st and 4th sable, two bars engrailed, Argent, for Rouse; 2nd Argent on a chevron between three trefoils, slipped, sable, as many buck’s heads cabossed, Or, on a chief, gules, a goat passant of the field for BOUGHTON, of Loughton; 3rd sable, three crescents, Or, for BOUGHTON.
  • 1861. GEORGE PRITCHARD. ARMS.—Per pale dexter, Argent, on a fesse, sable, between three escallops of the last, a stag’s head, cabossed, Or, between two buckles of the last. Sinister, Argent, on a fesse, azure, between two Martlets, sable, three fleur-de-lis, Or.
  • 1863. THOMAS CHARLTON WHITMORE. ARMS.—Vert., fretty, Or.
  • 1864. DAVID FRANCIS ATCHERLEY. ARMS.—Gules, on a fesse engrailed, Argent, between three griffin’s heads, erased, Or, as many crosses patee-fitchee, sable.
  • 1865. FRANCIS HARRIES. ARMS.—Barry of eight, ermine and azure, over all three annulets, Or.
  • 1866. THOMAS HUGH SANDFORD. ARMS.—1st and 4th Quarterly per fesse indented, Ermine and Azure.
  • 1867. SIR CHARLES FREDERICK SMYTHE, BARONET. ARMS.—Sable, three roses, Argent.
  • 1868. CHARLES SPENCER LLOYD. ARMS.—Party per bend, sinister, ermine and erminois, a lion rampant, Or, the whole within a bordure, gules.
  • 1869. JOHN ROCKE. ARMS.—Or, three chess rooks, and a chief embattled, sable.
  • 1870. SALUSBURY KYNASTON MAINWARING. ARMS.—Argent, two bars, gules.
  • 1871. WILLIAM KENYON-SLANEY. ARMS.—Quarterly, Ist and 4th for SLANEY, gu., a bend between three Martlets, erminois, and for distinction a canton, Arg.; 2nd and 3rd for Kenyon, aa., a chevron engrailed, Or, between three crosses, flenry, Arg.
  • 1872. JOHN HENNIKER LOVETT. ARMS.—Argent, three wolves passant, in pale, sable.
  • 1873. CHARLES GEORGE WINGFIELD. ARMS.—Argent, on a bend, gules, cottised, sable, three pairs of wings in lure, their points downwards of the first.
  • 1874. RICHARD THOMAS LLOYD. ARMS.—Per fesse, sable and Argent, a lion, rampant, counterchanged of the field.
  • 1875. SIR HENRY GEORGE HARNAGE, BARONET. ARMS.—Quarterly, 1st and 4th Argent, six torteaux, three, two, and one tor HARNAGE; 2nd and 3rd ermine, three lions rampant, Argent, within a bordure, Or, semée of crescents, azure for BLACKMAN.
  • 1876. ARTHUR MOSTYN OWEN. ARMS.—Argent, a lion rampant, and a canton, sable.
  • 1877. SIR HENRY THOMAS TYRWHITT, BARONET. ARMS.—Quarterly, 1st and 4th Argent, a lion rampant, vert., vulned in the mouth, proper, Jones; 2nd and 3rd gules, three lapwings, (tyrwhitts or peewitts), Or, TYRWHITT.
  • 1878. THE HONOURABLE ROBERT CHARLES HERBERT. ARMS.—Per pale, azure and gules, three lions, rampant, Argent; the Arms of CLUDDE on a shield of pretence.
  • 1879. HENRY De GREY WARTER. ARMS—Sable, on a chevron, engrailed, between three chess-rooks, Argent, as many cross-crosslets, fitchée of the first.
  • 1880. CHARLES DONALDSON HUDSON. ARMS.—Quarterly, 1st and 4th, on a fesse dancettèe, between two boar’s heads, couped in chief, and a lion rampant, in base, gules, two martlets of the field for Hudson; 2nd and 3rd Argent, a lymphad, sable, between three dolphins, naiant, azure for Donaldson.
  • 1881. EGBERT JASPER MORE. ARMS.—Sable, a swan, close, proper, beaked, gules, all within a bordure, engrailed, Argent.
  • 1882. JAMES JENKINSON BIBBY. ARMS.—Azure, on a saltire, Argent, a lion rampant, Gules; in chief and base, two escallops, Or, and in flanque two mullets, Argent.
  • 1883. WILLIAM ORME FOSTER ARMS.—Sable, on a chevron, Argent, between three pheons, Or, as many escallops of the field.
  • 1884. CHARLES JOHN MORRIS. ARMS.—Sable, a lion passant, Or, between three sealing ladders, Argent.
  • 1885. WILLIAM EDWARD MONTAGU HULTON-HARROP. ARMS.—Quarterly, 1st and 4th per chevron, Argent and sable, three eagles, displayed, each charged with a fleur-de-lis for difference, countercharged of the field 2nd and 3rd, Argent, a lion rampant, gules.
  • 1886. ARTHUR SPARROW. ARMS.—Per fesse, az. and Argent, in chief three roses of the second, and in base an arrow, in pale ppr.; quartering Hanbury.
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