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Sydney telephone directory.
Sydney (N.S.W.)--Telephone directories.
PRODUCTS OF THE BRITISH PAINTS LTD. GROUP OF COMPANIES - - UYI2II FOR EXCLUSIVE EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR DECORATION Supdmfa • V* fa"* RESIN EMULSION FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR WALLS AND CEILINGS WTOTT ... THf FINESTMAIOT The "Rolls Royce FLOOR of POLISHERS SALES: VACTRIC DISTRIBUTORS (N.S.W.) 158 CLARENCE STREET BX 6904 SERVICE: SLINGSBY & COLES PTY. LTD. 160 CLARENCE STREET BX 5273 FLOOR SANDING A ... DRINK 014 EPSt lIAM MAKK I SYDNEY DISTRIBUTORS: Ring CONSOLIDATED BEVERAGE Co. Ltd. 77 MENTMORE AVENUE, ROSEBERY MU 2471 (2 Lines) Telephone: 1X3247 MARRfCKYUIf Established ft. H. PITERS & CO. PTY ... TELEX (The Electrocoustic Company) CHALLIS HOUSE (0 MARTIN PUCE (OPP. G.P.0.) BL 2018 BL 2637 INTRODUCE Home Trial POLICY OF FITTING HEARING AIDS A SCIENTIFIC procedure is adopted, which is felt t ... phone BWI6IS NORTHERN SUBU R B S MtwjiTiimdUiiM A sanctuary of Peace and imperishable CREMATION OFFICES : 19 BLIGH STREET, beauty SYDNEY ť BL 1531 (FOUR LINES) ŧ t ţ 8L1531 (FOUR LINES) Nottinglta ... A. J. ROMER Glass & Physics Laboratory Manufacturers of Spirit Levels, Hydrometers & Ampules, Hospital, Industrial, Laboratory & Ornamental • Glass Blowing. 34 HighSt.,Carlton. LW 4453 (SUBURBAN K ... For quick reference turn to the INDEX at the BACK of this directory. a For Quick reference turn to the NDEX ot the 'fcack ot this DIRECTORY PINF K PAGES PROMINENCE PAYS CONCRETE SILOS Ply. Ltd. Li ... Lawrence Smith & Co. Pty. Ltd. Manufacturers & Suppliers of all ELECTROPLATING —POLISHING PLANT Cr MATERIALS • Full Automatic & Barrel Plating Machines, Filters, Chemicals, Etc. Centrifugal Dryers ... * DRIVERS SEETCOVERS WILL PROTECT AND BEAUTIFY YOUR CAR. Choose from Sydney's widest range of top- qualify fabrics. Order Now! Specify make and model of your car. Prices from as low as 9 gns. a co ... Th COMMERCIAL STATION 29 BLIGH STREET, SYDNEY ★ FOR SPORTING nufQCOI INFORMATION BWoo2l ŧ THE FOR QUICK REFERENCE TURN TO THE INDEX 'Back OF THIS DIRECTORY PINK PAGES PROMINENCE PAYS FOR INFORMATI ... JOHN McGRATH MOTORS PTY. LTD. DISTRIBUTORS OF HUMBER - HILLMAN - SUNBEAM - TALBOT CARS. COMMER - KARRIER - TILLING - STEVENS AND VULCAN COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Showrooms: Cars MORGAN HSE., 225-259 ELI ... LA 4331 will bring KILNER’S REPRESENTATIVE TO YO'UR HOME For Free Estimates on Locals Country, Interstate and Oversea REMOVALS HIGH-CLASS STORAGE ESTABLISHED 1893 Courteous & Prompt Service KILNER ... AT THE # INDEX OF CLASSIFIED HEADINGS APPEARING AT THE BACK OF THE PINK PAGES STEWARTS and LLOYDS (Aust.) PTY. LTD. Ring JF 042 After Hours: JA 6651 For any kind of Tube, Fitting, Valve, Steel She ... LF1979 UTICK JOINERY Wholesale and Retail Joinery Manufacturers Our Only Address is: E. M. UTICK Corner Harp and Elizabeth Streets, Campsie (After Hours: LL 1671 LF 4919) BX 6904 THE FINEST MAID B ... 3^ 1 (jU^* For Full Information DIAL £ o ŧ 80540 is the telephone number in Sydney of the Commonwealth Loans and National Savings Organisation .... Ocean House, 34 Martin Place, Sydney Help Yourse ... vVx-x-x:;-:•: --.v-£&£s&££' "Tt&r'r-v : : ; s :i linking leading world makers GstfiGiS umu MA67/M6BH • *’••v-• • *' V ‘ J^" V in a national I industrial listribution WESTINCHOUSE METAL R ECU FI ER ... ifijQfUO&dated, FLUORESCENT LIGHTING NEON SIGNS MW 2814 CONSOLIDATED NEON LTD. NEWTOWN 155 Missenden Rood Telephone: LA 3052 LA 4074 COOMBES TYRES PTY. LTD. RECAPPING RETREADING REPAIRING AND OFF ... v - TO AMERICA...TO ENGLAND Your finest way is via ţ THE DC-6 ALL- SLEEPER SERVICE ACROSS THE PACIFIC 5 3 MARTIN PLACE SYDNEY M 042.0 SYDNEY • FIJI • CANTON ISLAND • HONOLULU • SAN FRANCISCO • VAN ... v "I ,, v" HEAVY DUTY DIESEL) COMMERCIAL AND PASSENGER VEHICLES. DIESEL GENERATING SETS. AE G PTY LTD. M 0412»—>■ 78 WILLIAM STREET. SYDNEY 460 Pacific Highway, ST. LEONARDS. XB 4992, Mr. H. HASTI ... DRIVE YOURSELF RENAULTS IDEAL FOR BUSINESS OR PRIVATE USE. GENUINE - ' LOW HIRING CHARGES. FREE INSURANCE, OIL AND ROAD SERVICE ★ IRA L. & A. C. BERK PTY. LTD. 72-76 WILLIAM STREET, SYDNEY ’Phone: ... J C LUDOWIC I c SON IP ?/#aMw4iA icft Stfuijmterd Pioneer Leather Belting. Rubber Belting. Conveyor and Elevator Belting. Round Leather Belting. Textile Leathers. Belting Accessories. Leather Pack ... AUSTRALIA’S MOST MODERN STUDIOS m FOR YOUR FINEST RECORDING B 0549 REFRIGERATOR REPAIR SPECIALISTS CITY 8c ALL SUBURBS FA 3942 Our Service Your Guarantee of Satisfaction ALSO RECHARGING RESPRAYING ... y THE ORIGINAL FIRM Makers of Fine Photographs Child Study, Wedding, Ballroom Specialists For dependable, efficient Service 1 4 ROYAL ARC. 492 GEORGE ST. (BETWEEN MARKET 8t PARK STS.) <% A' - ei c ... '•=" t' LA \ f' S i V w ' s ,if :; 1 pRinTERS ‘V. Cui O nn s ill uTfuTTER "'if IEEE! « rrfr-H r-JF-JC rrs r n „» nnLLiMm^ET^LL? r- m- . • S ’' : : f;C. rnvtLO« LETTERHEADS c oos» i:*:':- ACCOUNTS ... V W\J ILBEY’S SPIRITS AND LIQUEURS and Sole N.S.W. Agents YALUMBA WINES W. & A. GILBEY LIMITED Cnr. Pyrmont Street 4 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont MW 2707 8 / a MA6981 2 Sessions Daily 3 & 8 p.m. S ... For quick reference turn to the INDEX at the BACK of this directory. V I TtONS com MEDICAL) HOSPITAL) Rebates Funds Prepayment Plans with Comprehensive Coverage including Commonwealth Benefits GRA ... NO NEED TO WEAR Wonderful Free Book Proves It! If you suffer from Short Sight. Eong Sight, hailing Sight, Astigmatism. Tired Eyes, Glare, lurried Eyes, Strain, Eye Headaches, just write (enclosing ... 's■ : M k m Ling Nam Restaurant (Formerly Vere Mathews) DELICIOUS CHINESE & ENGLISH MEALS Liquor Served with Meols PHONE —MA 2077 BUSINESS HOURS: 11.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 DAYS PER WEEK & PUBLIC HOLI ... FOR QUALITY SILK SCREEN • POSTERS • DISPLAYS RING fc MA1728 A FULL RANGE OF FLUORESCENT COLOURS Snap Jldds PTY. LTD. 86 CROWN ST., EAST SYDNEY SANDUSKY (OVERSEAS) CO. PTY. LTD. FOR EVERY Silk Scre ... MERMAID SAWS “THE SIMONDS" SAWS Manufactured in Australia by John Shaw (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. 443 KENT ST., SYDNEY , BX 5187 A For quick reference turn to the INDEX at the BACK of this directory. UNIVE ... ţ /C? REFRIGERATORS LA 5138 GORDON BROS. PTY. LTD. Cnr. Lord St. £r Edgeware Rd., St. Peters After Hours: Factory Manager, LA 3972 S 3 • WMWM Wmm w/Mot mgmmmm 'lJoijJ- £>esusicie~7 CD PAPER RAG MA ... ALEXANDERS TOWING SERVICE LF 2569 Day or Night MOTOR & SALVAGE ENGINEERS SPECIAL HEAVY CRANE FOR LIFTS OF 10 TONS 1-9 Canterbury Rd., Canterbury DEPOT: 75 PARRAMATTA RD., FIVE DOCK LF 2569 ALL HOU ... HOTEL WINDSOR Spring Street <////► Melb< /AX^^XSSSVCSNXNX Cen. 9901 19 N LINES/ Telegrams & Cables:-'Telwinsor\ Melbourne BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME! “HQTFLOW”electric COPPER HOT WATER SYSTEMS Cor C ... TELEMATIC INTER OFFICE TELEPHONES 500,000 Users prove the popularity and value of our RENTAL SERVICE ★ NEW SYSTEM TELEPHONES PTY. LTD. 276 Costlereagh Street SYDNEY ALSO AT MELBOURNE, ADELAIDE, HO ... ANT JOHNSON \ r% JU 1216 FOR ERADICATION OF WHITE ANTS, BORERS COCKROACHES CARPET BEETLES FREE ADVICE TO HOME BUILDERS TIMBER PRE-TREATED LATEST METHODS Work Executed Throughout Metropolitan and C ... MOTOR FUNERALS LTD. ANY HOUR—DAY OR NIGHT —AT ALL NUMBERS No Connection with Any Other Funeral Directors HEAD OFFICE: 30 CITY RD., CITY M 6277 (4 lines) AUBURN—97 Rawson St YX 720 l CROW'S NEST—3B ... WILLIAM BROOKS & CO. LIMITED ★ CARDBOARD BOXES ★ CARTONS ★ WRAPPING PAPER MX 2571 (7 lines) 723 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo 99 Pitt St., Sydney BW 7282 T^' <n c H.H.CUSH & CO. PTY. LTD. “CONSULT US ... For quick reference turn to the INDEX at the BACK of this directory. SAMPSON VENETIAN BUND LAUNDRY f"" * \ \ OLD FAST NEW BLINDS SERVICE BLINDS I I CLEANING j and 1 RENOVATING by AUTOMATIC \ PROCE ... For quick reference turn to tb INDEX at the BACK of this director I All Your Building Supplies From one centralised position a wide selec- tion of Timber, Fibro, Hardware, Builders' Hard- ware & C ... \ ' I / ■r: ?:’■ • LOUNGE SUITES DRY CLEANED, RECOVERED, - REPAIRED. • CARPETS REMADE, REPAIRED, RE-LAID, DYED. • WOOL RUGS, TAPESTRIES, FELTEX DRY CLEANED. • CARPETS CLEANED IN YOUR HOME. G. C. S ... For Speed And Convenience Telephone Your Telegrams CATTS & CO. Christie Lane, St. Leonards DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS PICK-UP & DELIVER ALONG THE WHOLE OF THE NORTH SHORE LINE Phone JF 1009 For Service Eastwood Branch: 138 ROWE ST:/ EASTWOOD—WL 2398 l ... CELLULOID BOX MANUFACTURERS A PACKAGE THAT APPEALS AND SELLS! TRANSPARENT PLASTIC BOXES—CANS ★ A. J. MATCHETT & CO. PTY. LTD. 61 PARRAMATTA ROAD FIVE DOCK UA 5510 CHfll STEELE&CO. PROPRIETARY LIMI ... Any Job -- Large or Small Call A. BRISK TAXI TRUCKS PHONE FA 5260 24-HOUR, 7 DAY SERVICE Passengers Ride Free with Luggage, etc. SUBURBAN COUNTRY INTERSTATE 74 OXFORD ST., PADDINGTON ASHFIELD TAXI ... T. J. ANDREWS Funeral Director North Sydney . . .. X3 3033 Ashfield . . . . . . UA 4038 Gladesville . . . . WX 1351 Hornsby . . . o . . JU1514 Kaloomba . . Katoomba 603 HEAD OFFICE, 23-25 ENMORE RO ... TERA 226 G CO.PTYLIMITED CONCRETE SPECIALISTS FOUNDATIONS—FLOORS ROADS, Etc. ★ O'RIORDAN STREET ALEXANDRIA MX 2086 - MX 3635 Manager's Residence LB 6754 Sales Manager's Residence .. .. JA 8763 WAR ... CLEANING * \ m f 7 » ' >4 MA 9666 Specialising in . . . DAILY OR PERIODICAL CLEANING OF £3 OFFICES, SHOWROOMS, BANKS, RETAIL STORES, WINDOWS, Etc. All Types of Floors Machine Scrubbed and Mirror P ... m 1 1 a BODEN AV„ STRATHFIELD OFFICE: UM 7222 After Hours: A. J. B. White, JA 1279 Correspondence: Box 3112, G.P.O. SPRAY Cr GENERAL PAINTING CONTRACTORS ★ INDUSTRIAL, BUSINESS & PRIVATE PREMISES ... INDEX 9 for yourself and family a policy with the MANUFACTURERS’ MUTUAL INSURANCE LIMITED 80156 (23 lines) Underwriting ALL classes of General Insurance HEAD OFFICE: 14 O'CONNELL STREET, SYDNET Gm ... T. & R. PEARSDN W 83104 ‘THE PIPE PEOPLE” DAY NIGHT XL 1491 JJ 4072 XA 2445 ■ eg y? ■ FOR URGENT BREAKDOWN REPAIRS Pipe Bending, Fabrication and Erection AH Metals AH Sizes 5 DUKE PL., BALMAIN EAS ... SUBURBAN fir: Northbridge KING MARIE 54StrathallenAv .. XL 1225 Paddington EASTMENT M THE OXFORD FA FLORIST 3031 WREATHS At Shortest Notice BOUQUETS, BASKETS, SPRAYS, Etc. Deliveries Anywhere 386 ... MACHINERY MOVED To Any Part of Australia Safely By Road Own fleet of Mobile Cranes, Trucks, Semi-Trailers, Lifting Gear. Expert supervision by ex- perienced operators. Insurance Arranged. Inspecti ... VILLAWOOD MOTORS PTY. LTD. Insurance Crash Repairs ENTIRELY Completed in our workshop - - - Specialising in COMPLETE BODY REPAIRS, PANEL BEATING, CHASSIS STRAIGHTENING & DUCOING. N.R.M.A. TOWING S ... 4m. e& Your choice in fine cars always available from m MA 4936 the firm with the reputation tor Australia's most reliable value. 6-10 LITTLE REGENT STREET lo the Neart of Central Railway Square C ... L.T.KENNETT KENNETT PATENT EXTENSION LADDERS MX3374 Tradesmen’s Ladders, Steps, Trestles, Garden Seats, etc. GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS THE LADDER OF FAME L. T. KENNETT LADDERS, PTY. LTD. 146-148 CITY ... LEIUOTTJ INSTRUMENTS OF ALL TYPES INDICATORS, RECORDERS & CONTROLLERS FOR TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, FLOW, LIQUID LEVEL & ELECTRICAL MEASURE- MENT DIRECT and REMOTE AGENTS: 131 YORK STREET, SYDNEY BX ... R. G. HILL & CD. JA 8438 (3 Lines) SPECIALIZING IN SALES OF HOMES AND LAND ★ All North Shore Districts ARTARMON BRANCH AT STATION JA 8438 (3 Lines) ★ CITY OFFICE, 175 PITT ST. BL 1461—8 L 2175 Aft ... BEAR TAPE t Pressure Sensitive CELLULOSE MASKING ELECTRICAL ACETATE FIBRE AND EDGING TAPES Also MANUFACTURERS OF BEHR - MANNING COATED ABRASIVES AND "BEAR BRAND ADHESIVES BEHR - MANNING (Australia ... For quick reference turn to the INDEX at the BACK of this directory. v 15W LA 3691 LA 3691 Manufactured by PREMIER GLASS CO. PTY. LTD. 2 104 KING STREET, NEWTOWN &A For quick reference turn to the ... + OAIVTAS BDAC TEAL All Enquiries and Bookings: B 0271 AFTER HOURS: BX 5341 Bookings: SHELL HOUSE, MARGARET ST. AIR TERMINAL, LANG STREET Cargo: 13 Bridge Street LA 3655 (2 Lines) 'ANODIZING • BRI ...
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