County of Villiers / lithographed by G.A. Windsor, draughtsman Victoria. Dept. of Crown Lands and Survey

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Victoria. Dept. of Crown Lands and Survey
Scale [1:126 720]. 2 miles to 1 in.; Scale [1:126,720]. Two miles to an inch.; Real property - Victoria - Villiers - Maps.
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2011-03-14 02:43:04.0

names of land owners shown in this map (parish in brackets):
ABELINI (Wangoom); H. ADAMS (Purnim); J. ADAMS (Purnim); ALISON (Wangoom); J. ALISON &c (Bootahpool); Thomas ALLAN (Mepunga); W. ALLAN (Mepunga); ANDERSON (Yambuk, Yarpturk); ATKINSON (Koroit, Warrong, Yangery); J. ATKINSON (Koroit, Yangery); R. ATKINSON (Koroit); M. AUSTIN (near Hawkesdale pre-emp); BADCOCK (Mepunga); J. BADCOCK (Tallangatta); BART (Wangoom); BATEMAN (Cooramook); W. BATEMAN (Tallangatta, Yangery); C. BATES (Boram Boram); J. BEASLEY (Warrong); BEDFORD (Warrong); BLAND & Co (Yarpturk); COWTON & BLAND (Warrong); J. COWTON & BLAND (Warrong); J. BOGLE (near Wickliffe pre-emp); William BORRIE (Mepunga); BOSTOCK (Yangery); G. BOSTOCK (Boram Boram); T. E. & G. BOSTOCK (Boram Boram); C. BOURKE (Koroit); J. B. BRAMFIELD (Wangoom); T. E. BRAYS (Yambuk); De Little BROTHERS (near Caramut pre-emp); R. BROUGH (Yangery); BROWN &c (Yangery); C. BROWN (Mepunga); P. BROWN (Codrington); J. BUCKLAND (near Caramut pre-emp); G. BUCKLEY (Warrong); D. CAMERON (Boram Boram); W. M. CAMP (Mepunga); CAMPBELL (Koroit); R. CAMPBELL (Koroit, Mepunga, Tallangatta, Warrong); CARMICHAEL (near Macarthur pre-emp); CHAMBERLAIN (near Kirkstall); CHAMBERL-N (Koroit); H. CLANCY (Yangery); ALISON & KNIGHT & W. J. CLARKE (Belfast); CLARKE (Bootahpool); W. J. T. CLARKE (Koroit); W.J. CLARKE (Bootahpool); COLEMAN (Mepunga); J. COLTON (Wangoom); Rachael CONOLLY (Belfast); S. E. CONOLLY (Belfast); CONWAY (Boram Boram); J. COUST (Wangoom); J. COWTON (Yangery); CRAIG (Yambuk); D. CRAIG (Yambuk); G. & C. CROUCH (Boram Boram); G. CROUCH (Boram Boram); W. Wall & CULLS (Wangoom); J. CUST (Cooramook); DANA (Yarpturk); DAWSON (Eumeralla); B. DIXIE (Wangoom); DONALDSON (Purnim); James DUFFERS (Codrington); EDDINGTON (near Framlingham pre-emp); J & G ELLIOT (Mepunga); C. FARIE (near Hexham pre-emp); G. FINN (Yangery); J. FINN (Belfast); John FINN (Belfast, Yangery); J. W. FLOWER (Warrong); RUTLEDGE & FLOWER (Warrong); FOGART (Bootahpool); C. FOLEY (Yangery); J. FORD (Yangery); T. FORSTER (Yambuk); E. FOSTER (Yangery); H. FOSTER (Wangoom); FRECKLETON (Belfast); FREW (Yambuk); E. O. GARN (Warrong); M. GIBBS (near Gerrigerrup pre-emp); GLASGON (Wangoom); E. GLEESON (Yangery); F & I GLEESON (Codrington); GLEESON (Codrington); GLENRONALD (near Glenthomson pre-emp); GOLBREAUX (near Penshurst pre-emp); GOLDSTRAW (Tallangatta); J. GOVETT (Cooramook); J. GREGG (Tallangatta); G. De GRILLE (Yarpturk); J. HAKLESS (Yambuk); J. HALL (Tallangatta); J. HANSHAW (Codrington); MOONEY & HARNEY (near Framlingham pre-emp); W. HAWKINS (Codrington); J. HEALEY (Wangoom); HOSKING (Codrington); W. HOTHWELL (Tallangatta); W. & L. HOWELL (Yangery); A. W. HUME (Purnim); W. HUTTON (near Gerrigerrup pre-emp); J. HYDE (Yangery, Yarpturk); I. INGLIS (Purnim); P. INGLIS (Purnim); McKNIGHT & IRVINE (near Orford pre-emp); JACKMAN (Meerai); M. JACKSON (Meerai); W. JELLIE (Purnim); Francis JOHNSON (Warrong); G. JOHNSON (Yambuk); Elizabeth McTARR & Sarah KEIL (Warrong); Craig & KELLY (Yambuk); J. KELLY (Yambuk); D. KENNEDY (Cooramook pre-emp, near Lake Linlithgo pre-emp, Yangery); B. KEYS (Mepunga); A. H. KNIGHT (Koroit); A. K. KNIGHT (Yangery); A. KNIGHT (Wangoom); ALISON & KNIGHT (Belfast, Koroit); J. ALISON & A. H. KNIGHT (Belfast, Koroit); J. ALISON & A. KNIGHT (Koroit); J. ALISON & Andrew KNIGHT (Purnim); John ALISON & A. H. KNIGHT (Koroit); KNIGHT &c (Bootahpool); Ritchie & Alison & KNIGHT (Belfast pre-emp); J. F. KRUMNOW (Boram Boram);

2011-03-14 02:44:28.0

more landowner names shown on this map:
J. LANE (Yambuk); LANE &c (Tallangatta); W. LANE (Mepunga, Wangoom); G. LEA (Warrong); J. LEWIS (Yambuk); W. LINDSAY (Cooramook pre-emp); J. LYALL (Wangoom); LYALL (near Framlingham pre-emp, Yangery); LYNCH (Yangery); LYRAGON (Meerai); M. MACARTNEY (Koroit); MACPHERSON (Koroit); MAHONY (Yambuk); R. MAILERS (Meerai); C. MALDON (Codrington); MALONEY (Yangery); J & P MANIFOLD (Wangoom); MANIFOLD (Mepunga, Yangery); T. MANIFOLD (Mepunga); MANNING (Mepunga, Wangoom); T. MANNING (Wangoom); S. G. MARSH (Belfast); Dr MARTIN (near Dunkeld pre-emp); MAXWELL (Tallangatta); J. McALLAN (Mepunga); McARTHUR (near Caramut pre-emp); J. McCLURE (Koroit, Wangoom, Yangery); McCLURE (Wangoom); McDEA (Koroit); A. McDONALD (Yangery); M. McDONALD (Tallangatta); M. McDOWELL (Yangery); McDOWELL (Purnim, Yangery); W. McDOWELL (Purnim, Wangoom); P. McGINNIS (Bootahpool, Koroit, Purnim); McGREGOR (Yangery); S. McGREGOR (Purnim); D. McINTYRE (Boram Boram); J. McKINNON (Purnim); W. McMAHON (Cooramook); J. C. & N. McSWEEN (Warrong); J. MEAGHER (Belfast, Boram Boram, Wangoom, Warrong, Yambuk); J. MIDDEN (Yangery); MILLER (Koroit); DAWSON & MITCHELL (near Hawkesdale pre-emp); D. M-LANE (Koroit); J. MOFFAT (Chatsworth West pre-emp); MONAGHAN (Yangery); E. MORAN (Yarpturk); J. MORTON (Yarpturk); I. MOWBRAY (Eumeralla); MOWBRAY (Eumeralla); T. MOWBRAY (Eumeralla); MUIRSON (Warrong); MUL? (Yarpturk); MURRAY (Koroit pre-emp, Warrong pre-emp); A. C. NELL (Koroit); M. NICHOLSON (Purnim); NICHOLSON (Purnim, Tallangatta, Wangoom); T. NOLAN (Wangoom); NORTH (Codrington); OFFICER (Yarpturk); PEARSON (Codrington pre-emp); J. PERRY (Koroit); Cullen & PHILLIIP (Bootahpool); Cullen & PHILLIP (Bootahpool); H. PHILLIP (Cooramook pre-emp); J. Cullen & PHILLIP (Bootahpool); J. PILKINS (Mepunga); Arthur PILLEAU (Warrong); RAINY (Purnim); B. REILLY (Mepunga); J. RITCHIE (Bootahpool); James RITCHIE (Kay pre-emp, Yalimba); John RITCHIE (Belfast pre-emp, Yalimba, Yambuk); RITCHIE (Belfast, Yambuk); E. ROBERTS (Codrington); R. ROBERTS (Yangery); E. ROWAN (Mepunga); A. RUSSELL (Purnim, Wangoom); RUTLEDGE (Yangery); W. RUTLEDGE (Meerai, Yangery); William RUTLEDGE (Yangery pre-emp); J. RYAN (Warrong); ? SHANG (Codrington); J. SHARROCK (Yalimba); SINCLAIR (Koroit); J. SMITH (Codrington); SMITH (near Hawkesdale pre-emp); R. SPENCER (Koroit); J. STAFFORD (Wangoom); STEVENS (Bootahpool); W. STEVENS (Bootahpool); STONEHO. (Wangoom); A. SUTER (Codrington); A. V. SUTER (Codrington); SUTER (Codrington); T. SYNON (Yambuk); T.O'BRIEN (Boram Boram); G. S. TALLOCK (Codrington); F. I. THOMPSON (Mepunga); THOMPSON (Belfast, Yarpturk); COULSTOCK & J. THOMSON (Wangoom); G. THOMSON (Yangery); T. TIERNAY (Wangoom); TIERNAY (Koroit); TOOMEY (Yatchaw West pre-emp); F. TOZER (Purnim pre-emp); R. URQUHART (Yalimba); W. URQUHART (Yangery); Bruce & WALKER (Yangery); John WALL (Koroit); WALL (Wangoom); WALTON (Bootahpool pre-emp); J. WARES (near Caramut pre-emp); Joseph WARES (near Caramut pre-emp); WATSON (Warrong); J. WATT (Purnim); WENNY (Purnim); H. WEST (Yambuk); WHEELER (Warrong); J. WHITE (Koroit); M. WHITEHEAD (Belfast); R. WHITEHEAD (near Caramut pre-emp); WHITEHEAD (Yangery); WHITEMAN (Yangery); J. WILLIAM (Yangery); D. WILLIAMS (Yarpturk); Harper & WILLS (Yarpturk); J. WILLS (Yangery); P. WILLS (Boram Boram); WILSON (Mepunga); G. WINTER (Koroit, Yangery); George WINTER (Koroit); W. WITT (Purnim); R. H. WOODWARD (Purnim, Yambuk, Yarpturk); R. WOODWARD (Yambuk); WOODWARD (Purnim, Yarpturk); YALLACK (Codrington); E. YOUL (Yambuk pre-emp); W. YOUNG (Purnim).

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