The central "desert" Favenc, Ernest, 1846-1908

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Favenc, Ernest, 1846-1908
Physical geography - Australia.; Physical geography--Australia.
Jan. 15, 1881.1 THE AUSTRALASIAN. Thomson, Miss Rotherham, Miss Foale, Messrs. J. present views. Manures.?Very little doing at home ; Campbell, and 600 from the Loddon district at quo- �9 2s. 6d.; also privately, 3,000 bags shipping wheat, to 7s. 9d.; also, for Mr. A. Eastwood, Lexton, 17 Lin- M'Pherson, Harris, A. T. Krichauff, Karett, Knabe, R. a short line or two have been negotiateu for exporta- tations. Messrs. Dal. Campbell and Co. sold 677 and 4,000 bushels bran at od. * coin rams, at 20s. to2ss. each ; and at Dunrobin station. Smith, G. M. May, S. Thomas, H. Plumstead, J. E. tion. ewes for Mr. F. L. Parker, Quiamong. Mr. John G. Messrs. Fraser and Co. held their weekly grain sale 1,560 fat wethers at a satisfactory figure; total sales, 4,182. Haigb, J. T. Mathews, E. S. Hepworth, Bawden, S. J. LIVE STOCK. Dougharty sold 6,683 merino wethers for Mr. H. at their rooms, 19 Queen-street, this day, and dis- Fat Lambs.?The number penned was 1,114, and the Solomon, Wedlock, J. Clarke, E. C. Hemmingway, W. p Tattiv ?l Q5O v-irdpd for tho wppVa Ricketson, Baratta, at quotations; 958 do. ewes for posed of large parcels of good wheat at from 3s. 9d. to quality was chiefly of a middling class. The demand Hemmingway, W. H. C. Lang, Price, R. Smith, E. . rather over one-third of which were from Mr - R - Moffatt � Ravenswood, ss. 3d.; 362 crossbred 3s. 11 Jd. per bushel ; good malting barley, at from was dull, and prices not up to last week?s quotations. Topp, H. Hill, A. Hill,Mackrel, G. Waddell, Schroeder, New Smith Wales the remainder heimr Victorian wethers and ewes for Mr, T. Dobbin, Nagambie; 3s. 9d. to 3s. 9Jd. do.; fine feed oats, 2s, BJd. do.; Those in wool sold from 6s. to Bs.; shorn, 3s. 6d. to J. Barry, J. Benney, Searle, Black, J. Pearce, J. ttl consisting? chieflv of middling and inferior 221 do. for Mr. A. Doherty, Mangalore, to 95.; 205 and bran, 9d. Foreman?s flour offered, but passed in 75., according to quality. We sold:?For Mr. J. Watson, C. Humkins, Master Joyce; and 88 in the Ht J Prime and sroodnens realisedan advance on merino do, for Mr, R. Crane, Broadford, to Bs.; 85 for �9 ss. per ton. All sales for net cash, and ex Greenwood, Springs, 146, at 7s. to Bs.; Mr. M. Ward, Steerage. Nipper and See, agents. f^w� k ?aSS but?the demanTfor other slrts was crossbred do. from Murchison; 40 do. for Mr. Isaac railway or store. Chestervale, 101, at 6s. to 6s. 9d.; Messrs. A. and j! Leura, 1,500 tons, John Pain, for Sydney.?Passen- dll n about last nnotations Prime nenn of hulWWs Batty, Redstone-hill, Bs. Messrs. Ettkrshank, Eagle- Messrs. Everingham, Greenfield, and Carter report:? Gillespie, Stockyard-hill, 186, shorn, to 65.; Mrs. gers?saloon : Mrs. Brown and child, Mrs. W. H. ld at fmm f.i to �8 R d ? o- nrid d rP fmm cn stone, and Mann have sold 1,206 merino wethers We held our usual Tuesday?s sale at the Corn Exchange Ridgeway, Borhoneyghurk, 103, shorn, to 75.: and for Speechley, Mrs. Laughton, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Lane, t Ifta . anriinferinr fmm nnw�nl�? from Bacchus Marsh, 545 crossbred ewes and wethers to-day, and managed to place the bulk of ourofferinga, Mr. D. M'Kay, Grenville, 64 small stores at 4s. fid. Mrs. Verity, Mrs. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Mrs. from�9iOa to7s fki Messrs f� r Mr. D. Aitken, Stanhope; 141 crossbred and about 2 000 bags, although biddings were not at all Total sold by us, 600.??[Advt.] M'Cormick, Mrs. Crawshaw, Mrs. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. d ? Co 80 ld?81 cows and bullocks for Messrs P merino for Mr. Jas. Jenkin, Newstead ; and 60 extra brisk. The attendance, however, was large. Our Messrs. Hepburn and Rowe report The stock G. B. Brown and child, Mr. and Mrs. Harris and in- D nv i a ?' nf t n n NTamHhnn station- no hniiocka for prime and heavy crossbred ewes for Mr. C. B. Fisher, sales of wheat comprised inferior to medium, 3s. 5Jd. yarded were?37l cattle, 25 calves, 17,203 sheep. 1,114 fant, Miss Lily Wallis, Miss Barr, Miss Mason, Miss M w Turner Stonev-nark to �5 17s fid to 12s. Messrs. Fisken and Gibson have sold for Mr. to 3s. 9d.; and good to prime, 3s. lOd. to 45., the lambs. Fat Cattle,?A fair number came to hand; Watson, Miss Munno, Miss Adam, Miss Galloway, �s log ? 22 cows and bullocks for Mr? E - BBlson, Tocumwal, 1,000 ewes; also, near Colac, latter price being for Wimraera descriptions. We quality of all descriptions. There was a fair atten- Miss F. Adam, Miss A. Leury, Miss Hegarty, Miss � smith to �6 ? averairine- �3 lls 8d and �5 3,000 merino wethers, at a satisfactory price. Messrs. Iso sold a shipping parcel of 1,500 sacks privately at dance of country buyers. The market opened at a Harris, Miss Corben, Miss Harris, Miss Peters, resneetivelv ?21 cows and bullocks for Mr J Wm. Hamilton and Co. have sold 132 crossbred sheep 4s. Id., free on board at Sandridge. Values of barley slight advance on late rates, but towards the close de- Miss Cole, Miss Dening, Miss Cole, Miss H j, <Wn>miWrar.<r to 7a rh ? 91 lor Rev. W. Robertson, Moorabbee station, at full rule rather lower than they have been. Fair Victorian dined again. Quotations?Best pens bullocks, �5 10s. Crawshaw, Miss Amy Crawshaw, Miss Cortis, - malting realised 3s. sd. to 3s. 6Jd., no prime being to �8 10b.; good, �6 to �5 10s.; medium, �3 10s. to Miss Wilkinson, Miss Dean, Miss Gardiner, Miss aV? rairimr �7 4s*?the ton average of the market ?20 Fat Lambs.?4,o7o were penned, a fair proportion submitted. Cape brought 2s. 2Jd. Oats sold rather �5. Cows at proportionate rates. Following are the Robinson, Messrs. Thomas, Hennessy, Corben, hnllnriruinr flnmt Rmthwa Rnndniono- to of which were suited to trade requirements. The de- heavily at 2s. 2d. to 2s. 7Jd. for inferior to good feed, principal averages Mr. Matheson, 27 bullocks, �5 11?Cormick, T. W, Stevenson, Hamlouski, G. 1n aV erae-ine- �5 is 3d ? 1 9 cows for Mr 1 Kerr mand was not brisk, but about last quotations were Maize we had to withdraw, Sydney limits being higher lls., 19 cows, �3 145.6 d.; Mr. P. M'Arthur, 54 bullocks, Simpson, P. Peake, T. A, Rae, B. W. Gubbon, J. ? '� Moonee Ponds- i 1 bullocks for Mr TT Richard! realised. Best sold at from 7s. to Bs.; good, from 6s. than buyers care to face at the moment. The Sydney �5 4s. 2d.; Messrs. W.N. and G. Elder, 30 bullocks, �4 Os. Brown, Thomas Wade, H. Leighton, J. Fox, G. Water- Ln ?Allan?s flat average- �4- 0 ?bullocks for to 6s - > second, from ss. to ss. 6d. ; inferior, price is equal to 4s. 3d. in Melbourne. 3d. Our sales were?s4 bullocks, light weights, for Mr. P. house, Ascher, B. Sisser, E. Fischer, F. Davey, J. M ? w Anderson Domraionk to �8 nverao-ino- from 3s. Messrs. Richard Gibson and Co. sold 262 Messrs. M?Clure, Valantine, and Co. report having M'Arthur, Meningoort, to �6 10s., averaging as above : Blue, T. Grace, A. Harris, Bleach, J. Crofton, G. T. �6 * ,o 8 '? . o bullocks 8 for *Mr J* Coulson f� r the estate late G. Lamont, Cathkin Station; 226 held their weekly sale of grain, at their rooms, 36 97 cows, lightweights, for Mr. F. Tozer, Wangoon to Brown, H. Crofton, C. Crofton, A. Smith, J. Chisholm, Tamtrambalantra averatrins- �4 * 15s " Qd ? 10 for Messrs. Shanahan and Jennings, Warbreccan; 158 Collins-street, next the new Union Bank. They �4 ; 2 for a farmer, at market rates. Total sales, 153. R. Lennon, J. Kendregan, J. Manton. G. Hall, J. S ri bullocks for Mr M?Rae Whanri?? an for Hon. W. J. Clarke, Rockbank Estate; 133 for offered a large quantity of wheat, and sold every line. Fat Calves.?Demand is still limited, with low prices Laver, W. W. Spicer, Fitch, Black, W. G. Gibbes, M ? K and cumn?qiiam sold?so bullocks for Messrs - Campbell Bros, Riddell?s Creek; 59 for Mr. For very prime shipping lots 4s. OJd. was got, good ruling. We sold 19 for Mr. F. Tozer, Wangoon; and Corden, Dr. Cortis, Master Williams; and 100 in the Mr Youmr Walker Nasrambie at from �5 ss. to �6 H - M - Guthrie, Wallan ; and a small draft for Mr. to fine milling 3s. 7d. to 3s. lid., medium 3s. sd. to others, to 235. Fat Sheep.?Of the above supply steerage. W. Howard Smith and Sons, agents. 15 * averaeinff �5 16s fid ? 40* bullocks for Mr James Wm - Benson, Cabbage-tree, prices ranging up to Bs. 3s. 6Jd., and low smutty samples from 3s. 2d. to 3s. about 9,000 were stores, quality of remainder ranging Southern Cross, s.s., 800 tons, Thomas Capurn, for Mackintosh Mavfield Tinner Murrav at from �5 to P er head. Messrs. King and CoNiNGHAM sold 75 for 4Jd. They report the market somewhat weaker, from medium to prime. There was a fair attendance Hobart, via Launceston. Passengers?saloon : Mr. oi c d . 91 hniineks for Mr Mr - R - Lidgett, Myrniong; 60 for Mr. Joseph They sold several lines of fine malting barley at 3s. of buyers, but prime quality being more plentiful and Mrs. Paulien and family, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Fer- Th kW Namhnk Gin?n<? land at from �fi 10s to Grant, Pentland-hills ;42 for Mr. Isaac Evans, Pent- Bd., fair to good 3s. 2Jd. to 3s. 6d., and low 3s. This did not realise quite last week?s rates. Ouoguson, guson, Mrs. Tobin, Mrs. Allan, Miss Ferguson, Misses �7 fid B?averairinu 8 ?averairinu- �fiUs ?19 cows for Mr? I land-hills; 26 for Mr. E. G. Fulton, Echuca. grain is decidedly lower. Several lines were passed, tations?Best crossbred wethers, Bs. to 10s. 4d - Tobin (three), Messrs. P. J. Tobin, A. Tobin, Hunter. D ki ' d? ? � ? . 10 h d f various Messrs. Powers, Rdthbmoro, and Co. sold 241 for but have been taken up privately since the sale. Oats good, 7s. to Bs.; medium, 6s. to 75.: best For Launceston?Rev. J. Barnier, Rev. J. S, Green, 0 ? Messrs Powers ? Rutherford and Co sold Messrs - Barker and Sons- Cape Schanck, topping the had business at 2s. 4Jd. to 2s. sd. for fairly good feed, merino wethers, 7s. to Bs. 4d.; good, ss. 6d. to 6s Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. G. Riddock, chdd, 22 bu iio C k9 and 6 cows for the executors of the late market � and small drafts lor various owners. Messrs. The attendance of the trade was good. All sales for 6d.; medium, 4s. 6d. to ss. Ewes at proportionate and servant, Mrs. Brown and infant, Messrs. Win. Samuel Swan Stratford averasrimr �6 17s 3d and Puck, Hudson, and Raynor have sold 144 for Mr. Ross net cash, ex rail, station, wharf, or store. rates. Our sales were 100 crossbred wethers for Bromby, Richards, J. Farrell, Ferres, Minchin S, �4 12 6d . ?respectively ; 30 bullocks ? for? Mr. Watt, Rosslyn shorn, at 7s. 3d.; 100 for Mr Henry Mr. Chas. W. Derham, hon. secretary Corn Ex- Mr. John Mackiehan, Yulangah, to Bs. Bd., averaging Lord, Paterson Lamg, Macmahon ; and 43 in the R R Woo i C ott. View-hill ; 11 cows for Mr. Reattl � Mount Aitken, do, at ss. Id.; 178 for Mr. change, reports�usiness opened this morning in Bs. 3d.; 168 crossbreds for Mr. L. H. Kopke, Trunk steerage. Charles Hudson, agent. \y. Carter, Kyneton; cows for Mr. W, Poole, Wm. Trenowith, Ardmona, at from 2s. Bd. to 6s. 6d.; the presence of a very large number of buyers. The Lead, wethers 7s. to 7s. 9d., ewes ss. 6d. and 65.; 303 Stratford; and bullocks for Mr. R. Clarke, Maffra. 52 for Mr. R. Benzley, Mirboo, at ss. Id.; 50 for Mr. wheat market is duller. About 1,000 bags were sold merino wethers for Mr. Js. Fry, Sutton-park, to 63. The R.M S.S. Siam, with the fortnightly Australian Messrs. Peck, Hudson, and Raynor have sold 150 Cook, Mirboo, at 45.; 62 for Mr. R. Chirnside, Mount publicly at 3s. 6d. to 3s. 9d. for inferior to fair, and 7d., averaging 6s. 3d.; 533 merino wethers for Mr. and New Zealand mails.left the railway pier, Williams- from the Billabong, N.S.W., cows averaging �4 13s. Roth well, at 6s. 6d.; 28 for Mr. Jos. Palmer, Kyneton, 3s. lid. to 4s. for good to prime. Privately but little John Ware, Yalla-y-poora, to 63. 7d., averaging a trifl 3 town, on Friday afternoon for Galle, via Adelaide and 6d., bullocks �4 135.; 30 bullocks for Mr. D. Hill, 7s. 3d.; 66 tor Mr. H. W. Staughton, Exford, at 4s. was done, and the market closed at 4s. for prime ship- over 65.; 498 merino wethers for R. M. Howling, Eng- Kin g George?s Sound. The Siam on this trip takes a Lindenow, averaging �5 65.: 28 for Mr. D. Manson, 10d.; and 281 for Messrs. Blackwood and Son, Melton. ping wheat. Flour is selling at �9 to �9 2s. 6d.; bran, field, at market rates. And as agents for Messrs, considerable number of passengers, about 60 of whom Maffra, averaging �6; 21 for Mr. D. Clyne, Maffra, Mr. George Howat has sold?2so for Messrs. Beasley B|d. Malting barley is not so firm, 3s. 5 Jd. to 3s. 6Jd. David Guthrie and Co., Geelong, 5,650 merino wethers, were for Adelaide. There was a crowded attendance bullocks �6, cows �3 155.; 29 bullocks for Messrs, and Derrick, Lancefield; 250f0r Mr. R. G. Scott, Poo- paid at auction. Oats are steady at 25.?6d. to 2s. Bd. stores, from South Australia, at market rates; on board previous to the steamer leaving, but she Staughton Bros., Eyresbury, averaging �5 45.; 21 for 7_ 0 . Messrs. Raleigh, aitken, and Co. have sold for fair to good feed. Maize is nominal at 4s. Id. to also . outside, during the week, 1,800 merino wethera nevertheless got away as nearly punctual to time as Messrs. J. and R. Colclough, Tatong, cows at �4, i 55 from Barfold, 176 from Spring-plains. Messrs. 4s. 2d.; buyers are, however, unwilling to give that for Mr. John Wilson, Trawalla, at market rates;?total possible. On backing out from the pier in tow of the bullocks �6 Bs.; 12 cows for Mr. T. G. Tanner, ,7 RA r T F0 . RD fcTREi ? TRE an r ( J Co. have sold 156 for price. Peas selling at 2s. 6�d. Pollard, B|d. sales 9,052, Fat Lambs.?Demand was fair for really Albatross the warp parted, and the fresh from the Traralgon, at �3 12s. Bd.; 11 bullocks for Mr. Mr. Patterson; 249 from Deep (�eek. Mr. John G. Messrs. Allan, Glover, and Co. held their usual prime, other descriptions having a dull sale; best river carried her towards the berth she had just p. Bayles, Stratford, at �5; 10 for Mr. J. Dough arty sold 200 for Mr. C. Ziebell, Craigieburn, at weekly sale of grain at the Corn Exchange yesterday, made Bs. in wool, and 7s. shorn. We sold 64 for Mr. vacated, but a fresh rope being bent, she was speedily Williamson, Glenmaggie, to �8 2s. 6d., the 65.; 110 from Murchison, at quotations; 50 for Mr. when the following prices were obtained :?Bran, ! A. Beattie, Springs, averaging 63. 9d.; 177 (outside) towed round the end of the pier, and headed for the highest price of the day, averaging �6 6s. 6d9 for Lrane, to 75.; 30 for Mr. Isaac Batey, at 7s. Messrs. B|d.; oats, good Tartarian, 2s. 7d.; peas, 2s. 6�d, f or Messrs. N. Trethowaa and Co , Dunstown, at a channel, clearing the Heads at 10 minutes to 6 p.m. Mr. James Clyne, Maffra, at �6 7s 6d ; 8 for Mr Wm Lttbrshank, Eaglbstonb, and Mann have sold 201 for Wheat and barley were withdrawn for higher prices. satisfactory price total, 241. Store Stock.?Since The Siam, in addition to her passengers, had four Manson, Maffra?bullocks at �5 2s. 6d.. cows �3 13s. Mr ? Aitken, Stanhope. Messrs. Wm. Hamilton Tav 19 our last we have disposed of 150 store bullocks and racehorses for India on board, and gold and specie to 9d.; 8 cows for Mr. W. A. Wrigglesworth, Maffra, at C �- av , e sold a dra f t , of crossbred lambs for Rev. Mooara p r . )o , , ?� n 1 , . . ... 3,000 full-mouthed wethers at satisfactory prices, a-.d the value of �89,394 9s. 6d. The following is �2 195.: and 25 cows and bullocks for Messrs Davis Wm. Robertson, Moorabbee Station, at quotations. Messrs. R. Goldsbrough aud Co. report having held have placed other lots of sheep under offer.?? a list of the passengers who left by her:- BrothersCrinnX Store Stock.-Messrs Powers, Rutherford, and their usual weekly sale of grain. They offered 5,337 [A dvt.] P From Melbourne.?For Glenelg?Mr. and Mrs. George Howat has sold 50 bullocks for Mr PM. Her- 9^V,i iave Bold ?3Bo bullocks and cows, Sandhurst; bags, and sold 4,069 bags. At their salo to day they Messrs. Fisken and Gibson report:?? Fat Cattle.? Matthews, Mrs. and Miss Macgeorge, Mr. and Mrs. rick, Kilfera; 8 cows for Mr. S. Anderson, Werribee. 4,500 ewes and wethers, Rochester; 2,500 crossbred ? ad a ? * da � Ce bu Z� r8 J and g ,�, od l� m ; 371 yarded, of from medium to good quality. There Jones, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bickford, Mr. and Mrs. M�r- Messrs. Ryan and Hammond have sold 30 bullocks ? wes> ne . a . r Messrs. Peck, Hudson, and Raynor Petition for each lot offered. 306 bags old wheat was an average attendance of buyers, and sales were com, Mr. and Mrs. Chewings, Mr. and Mrs. Knowles, from Mewburn-park, to �7 2s. 6d., averaging �6 145.; *? ave sold 2,500 wethers for; Mr. Thomas Wragge, fl^!?f d , n I 8 * 9? d *� u effected at about last week?s rates. Best pens bullocks Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Mortlock, Mr. and 30 bullocks for Mr. H. P. Keoirh to �6 12s 6d ave- Beremegad, Riverma, at a satisfactory price. Messrs, figure, 500 sold at 45., and 50 bags marked H sold at in made �6 17s. 6d.; best pens cows in made �4 17s. Mrs. J. Murray, Mrs. and Miss Booth by, Mr. and Mrs. raging �6 6s. 6d.; 28 for Messrs. Pla?yford and be Soyres, Ralelg ?? Aitken, and Co. have sold for Messrs. e � a ? e H qU ol e P rl ? e mill . in S w heat 6d. Averages.?Mr. Matheson, 27 bullocks �5 lls., J. Brown, Miss Milne, Misses E. and A. Bickford, Miss at �6 12s. 6d.; and 5 cows, for Mr. Lourada, Buln Buln Rus sell and Co., of Baranah Plains, about ? edl "? I^God > 3s. 9d. to 45., inferior to 19 cows, �3 14s. 6d.; Mr. Macarthur, 54 bullocks, �5 Pryor, Misses Thompson (two), Miss Gibbins, Misses Messrs. Raleigh, Aitken, and Co. have sold 60 cows ?1 000 fi ve-year-old ewes, delivery off the shears. {f oats they 4s. 2d.; Mr. Elder, 30 bullocks, �4 9s. 2d. We sold 46 Chewings (three), Miss E. Brown, Miss Vaughan, Miss and bullocks for Mr. Wm. Taylor, Overnewton Messrs. Dal. Campbell and Co. have sold 1,700 cross- earned through a fair business, the market showing head for Mr. James Robertson, Mount Mitchell, Mortlock, Miss Waite, Miss Henzell, Miss Barnes, Miss Messrs. Stratford Strettlb and Co. have sold 30 bred ewes, with lambs at foot, near town. Messrs, f^l The demand is brisk at the bullocks to �4 17s. 6d., cows to �4 17s. Byrnes, Rev. S. B. Holt, Messrs. R. C. Castle bullocks for Mr. W. Oakman, Tumberumbah ; and Ettershank, Eaglestonb Mann have sold 1,100 Jo�o^mg:-Pnme milhng 35.; prime feed, ed . Fat Calves.-25 yarded. Best in brought 225. and son, D. Twedie, J. T. Hackett, D. Matthewman, 10 bullocks for Mr Hvam Everton at �6 15s crossbred ewes m the westward. Messrs. Fiskin and 2s. 9d., medium to good, 2s. sd. to 2s. Bd.; and in- We sold 15 for Messrs. Robertson. Kerr, Good ward A. Langman, J. Hawkes, Burden. R. W. Payner,? Sessm J C for Messrs P Gibson have sold for Mr H. M?Lennan Deniliquin tow tc ? to & 4d. bushel. They and others to 225. Fat Sheep.-^OS^Warded R. C. Andrews and son, Hartley Williams, D. S. Jen- and j, T\son bullocks averaging �4 7s 9d. cows 640 merino ewes and lambs; for Messrs. Stewart and also carried through a large business m barley, and proportion being medium quality and stores, th� kins, Pratt, Taylor, T. Barnes, H. R. Hogg, H. averaging �3 * also 52 for Thos Darchv and others to M< Gee, Wooloondool, 1,930 merino wethers and 920 report a steady market at the following quotations, balance ranging from good to prime mutton There Cartland, h! Creswick. For George?s Sound- STS? Messrs. ?hi 0?. M ewes ? fGr Mr ? d ? C * Te ? OFd ? Cobram, ?5 400 merino T- t � t 3B ? ? edi ?? was an averts attendance of? P buyL? and although Messrs; J. E. Woodward, W.C. Clifton, J. Livingstone, bullocks for Mr. Chas. Cookson, Alexandra; 23 cows f^ es ? Messrs. King and Cuningham sold by auction, |� od > Ppf d l ' U o! r i G , r ? ed . 1 ,? m ? 29 / !� sales lacked animation, prices throughout were equal F. Partridge, B. Lewis. For Bombay?Major and an d bullocks for Mr. H. Bullock; 22 cows and t} }? y. ardB � b ?u� ck L l P. r Mr -. R �bert a� d PFe ^oD > 2s> 4d> per bushel; to late rates. Quotations?Prime crossbred wethers, Mrs. dementi, child and infant; Dr. and Mrs. Bowen, bnllocks for Mr. Walker, Alexandra; 10 bullocks for M Morrison, Moolah Station, Riverma. and peas at 2s. 7jd. per busheL lls. 6d. to 135.; second do, 9s. to 10s. 6d.; cr
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