The travellers guide ; A most exact description of the roads of England : Being Mr. Ogilby's actual survey and mensuration by the wheel of the great roads from London to all the considerable cities and towns in England and Wales, together with the cross-roads from one city or eminent town to another ... .. Ogilby, John, 1600-1676

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Ogilby, John, 1600-1676
Roads - Great Britain - Early works to 1800.; Great Britain - Description and travel.; Roads - England - Tables.
The Traveller's Guide OR, A Most Exact Description OF THE OF ENGLAN D. BEING Mr. OGILBY'S ACTUAL SURVEY And Mensuraion by the WHEEL, OF THE Great ROADS from LONDON To al l the Considerable Cities and Towns in England and Wales , Together with the Cross-Roads from one City or Eminent Town to another. Wherein is shewn the Distance from Place to Place, and plain Directions given to find the Way, by setting downievery Town, Village, River, Brook, Bridge, Common, Forest, Wood, Copse, Heath, that occur in Palling the Roads. And for the better Illustration thereos, are added TABLES, wherein the Names of the places, with their Difiances, are set down in a Column, in lb plain a manner, that meer Strangers may travel all over England without any other Guide. LONDON: printed for W. B. and Soid by J. Churchill, D. Brown, F. Nicbolson, JR. Knablock. F. Wyat, F. sprint, G. Sir ah an D Midwinter, R . Rebinson, W. Taylor , F. Holand, B. limton, B. Barker, F. Tonson , H. elements, H. clements, F. Pemberion, F. Archer, N. Clisse R. Gosling, G. Harris , R. Meredith . THE PREFACE. nn was undertaken by the TSeft Command ob* CW»TI. and‘t wasat his Expence that Mr.Ogdby ' Wltl, § re f t P o f a U the an Jilaal Survey and l avma with indefa- Erincipal Roads of the tigable Pains and Induftry fimlned, nre fi xe d De- Roads in a Hundred Maps, to which were p.ehxea u fcriptions of all the Places he pa fled thro, heDedic them to his Patron, that Judicious Pi mce, and Publilh d ,o haveU> pmpofd, Comp.W,! mean Ite tt^.on of Travellers. Wherefore, finceitis on a l Handsg a ed to'be a Work exceeding ufeful to that purpofe, it is ho ped That the reducing it into this Pocket-Volume, will be an acceptable Service to thofe Ferfons whofe Occafions ons require them to 1 ravel. . u And becaufe the Reader may pofTibly imagine, a. e Book is Abridged in Subftance as well as in Bulk ;it is necellary cellary to.atfure him, That the Defcnptipns here are Verbally bally the fame as in the folio i except only that in this Edition the Style is rendredmore Intelligible as weL as, Concife,and feveral here under Exp ame ) are made ufe of to bring the Matter into its due Bounds. Thus the Reader has in this fmall Volume Mi * $ Defcriptions of the Roads of England entire. Nor are rhe. totally wanting, for the Tables at the latter end con- A 2 tain alfo all the Words fas Names of Places and Direft ions for Travelling) that are fet down in the Maps , which being ing Ranged in Columns, and the Diftance§ marked, render thefe Tables as ufefulas the Maps ; And upon the whole, the Traveller is here furnifhed at final! Expence, with a Guide that will conduft him through all the Principal Roads of England. . J. ' ‘ ‘ ? Great Care has been taken in Corre&ng the Prefs: So that we hope no Capital Faults have efcaped. Note , The Diftances are all along reckoned in meaTur’d Miles and Furlongs,beginning from the Standard in Lornhil\ hil\ fo that the Reader mull not be furprized when he finds the Number of Miles fet down here, exceed the Common Computation: For Example, from London to fork are computed but 150 Miles, whereas by Meafure the Diiiance iiance is 192 Miles. And Computation being very uncertain tain it mull be granted, thatno Exaftnefs could be obferved, ved, but adhering conftantly to the Standard-Mile of 1760 Yards, which contains Eight Furlongs. - ■*- . ' *i. . | f # ; ' ■- I & 1 'l'.*, * £ *te (j- The Abbreviations madeafe of in this Work, are thefe that follow^ *"' • ' f * ii •v» 1 -<f i % I' y \ • m ' 4 j ‘ 4 .'- i- - * Afcent. Gr. Green. W. Wood, Br. Bridge. H. Heath. N. North, C .or Com. Common. K. King. S. South, Ch.for Church. M.Mile. , E. Baft, Chap. Mt. Market, W, Weft. Corp. Corporation. P. Park. N. E North-Eaft. P. Down. Par. Parifh. S. E. South Eaft. Defc. Defcent. Pari. Parliament N. W, North-Weft, 17.I 7 . Furlong. R. Road. S. W, South-Weft, fiv. or Riv. River, Riv. River. Fft. Foreft, Y. or Vill. Yillase, THE THE CONTENS. The Fir ft Number (hem the Page in the Book, the SerepvH thg Pave in the Tables, o npj/E Road from LONDON to Aberift-frit!ty » i* I Cardigan-ftlire, South-Wales, faffingtbro WORCESTER. *** r 2 I 7 J The Roadfrom London to ßarwick Northumberland, Faffing thro' YORK, DURHAM, &c. i? nn . f 9.1 The Roadfrom London to Briftol, with a to Hunt!* il in Somerfet-fhire, , v . , n ,. 2 ° •n*?*' The Road /nwLondon to Buckingham, vntb a Continuation to Ban- Th Roadfrom Buckingham to Bridgnorth in bhrop-lbire with a Branch from Banbury to Campden Glocefier-fhire,26 196 The Road from London to St. Da?id ; s ontheSea Coaftn Pembrokefhire, fhire, faffing thro' GLOCESTER, Monmouth 28 127 The Road from London to Dover in Kent, gaffing thro Rochdter, CANTERBURY, &c. iS 198 The Road from London to Harwich m Enex, 37 *99 The Roadfrom London to Rich in Kent, including the Way by Maidftone ftone 19 199 The Roadfrom Londom to Holyhead, Anglefey, N.Wales, Puffin? thro' Coventry, Lichfield, CHESTER, &c. 4* 200 The Road from London to the Land’s-End m Cornwal, faffing thro Salisbury, EXETER, cK „ . 49 The Roadfrom London to Newhaven,<w tbs Sea-Coajt in bullex, with a Continuation to New-Shoreham, } SS 2 °? The Roadfrom London to Portfinouth,] thro' Guildford, r "*■ 17 *°4 The The Road from London to Rye in Suffex, 59 2oy The Road from London to Barnftable in Devon-fhire, and from thence to Truro in Cornwal, 6r 20c The Road from London to Bath and Wells, 66 207 The Road from London te Bofton in Lincoln* (hire, with a Branch from Bofton to Lincoln, 68 201 The Road from London to Garlifle in Cumberland, 70 208 The Road from London to Chichefter, with a Branch to Winchefter 73 2 °9 The Road from London to Derby, faffing thro 7 Leicefter, 7 y 210 The Road from London to Flamborough in York-ftiir thro* Peterborough, LINCOLN, &c y 77 211 The Road from London to King’s Lyn in Norfolk, 8r 210 Theß oadfrom London to Montgomery in North- Wales, 82 212 The Road from London to St. Neots Huntingdon-(hire, a Continuation to Oakham in Rutland- (hire 84 212 The Road from London to Norwich, 86 214 The Road from London to Oakham, and from thence to Richmond in York-Oiire, 88 21 y The Road from London to Shrewsbury, with a Continuation to Welfhpool in North-Wales, 95 917 The Road from London to Southampton, with a Continuation to Salisbury, 9y 218 The Road from London to Wells in Norfolk, &c. to St. Edmund’s Bury in Suffolk,' 97 719 The Road from London to Weymouth in Dorfet-fhire 99 220 The Road from London to Yarmouth in Norfolk," 10 r 231 * The Road from Briftol to Banbury in Oxford-fhire, 105 221 The Road from BriftoS to Weft-Clicfter, joy 222 The Road from Briftol to Exeter, 109 223 ' The Road from Briftol to Worcefter, : n o 224 The Road from Brirlol to Weymouth, 112 22 y The Road from Cambridge to Coventry, 114 22^ The Road from Carl tile te ßarwick, ny 22 f Tfie-Road from Chefier to- CardifFi« Glamorgan-Ibire, Xl7 227 The Road from Dartmouth in Devon* (hire, to Minhead in Somerler-lbire, ler-lbire, ' , 120 229' The Road from St. David’s in Pembroke-(hire, to Holywell Flint-lliire, 12 2 228 The The Roadfrcti Exeter to Barnftable, with a Continuation to llfarcomb comb in Devgnfiiire, and thence to Torrington, 126 229 The Road from Exeter to T ruro in Cornwal, 128 229 The Road from Glocefter to Coventry, *3° 2 5°- The Road from Glocefter to Montgomery, *3* 2 3 r The Road from Hereford to Leicelier, *3 3 2 3 25 The Road from Huntingdon to Ipfwich in Suffolk, 3s' 2325 The Rjoadfrom Ipfwich to Norwich, with a Continuation to Cronier nier on theSea-Coaf in Norfolk, *37 2 3? The Road from King’s-Lyn in Norfolk, to Harwich in Effex *39 2 34 The Road from King’s-Lyn to Norwich, Continued to Yarmouth, The Road from Monmouth to Llanbeder «*Cardigan-fii. 142 23 % The Road from Nottingham to Grimsby in Lincoln-(hire, 14? 236 The Road from OXFORD to Briftol, 147 2 The Road from Oxford to Cambridge, 148 237 The Road from Oxford to Chichefter, 150 238 The Road from Oxford to Coventry, Continued roDerby, Is 2 239 The Road from Oxford to Salisbury, 154 240 The Road from Preftain to Carmarthen, 156 241 The RoadfromSzWshmy to Gampden *»Glocefter-fliire,iy7 241 The Road fromTinmomh /cCarlifle,! 242 The Road from Welihpool to Carnarvan, 161 243 The Road from York to Lancafter, 163 24$ The Road from York to Weft-Ghefter, 164 244 The Roads from Carmarthen to Cardigan, Cardigan roLlanbedcr, bedcr, and from thence to Aberiftwith, 16$ 24 6 The Roads from Chelmsford in Effex, to St. Edmund’s-Bury and Saffron-Walden, 170 247 The Roads from Chelmsford to Maldon and Raleigh in Effex, and to Gravefend in Kent, with a Branch from Canterbury by Sandwich and Deal, to Dover, “• 172 248 The Roads from Exeter to Dorchefter, and from Plymouth to Dartmouth mouth in Devon-ftiire, *74 24S The Road from Ferry-Bridge to Borough- Bridge in York-fhhe, Continued tinued to Bernard-Caff le in Com, Durham, with a Branch from Ferry-Bridg, to Wakefield, 249 7k Red from Kendal to Cckwtnouth, and from Egrimond to Carlifle, Carlifla 178 iyo the Road from London to Pool ifa Dodet-fliife, a Branch from Pool to Lemington, and a Branch from Southampton to Winchefler, 180 2^l The Road from Shrewsbury to Holywell in Flintfcire, with a Branch from Chefter to Holywell, 182 252 The Road from Whitby in Yorkshire to Durham, thence Continued to Tinmouth in Northumberland, 184 252 The Road from York to Whitby, and to Scarborough, 186 2y $ A Table of the Cities, Principal Corporations, and Market Towns mentioned in this work, with the Roads in which they lye, and the Page of the Book wherein they are Defcribed. Note, That the Great Roafrom London, 1 being carried on to the Extremity of the Kingdom, the fur theft Place is only Named in the Title of the Rond ; mtwithftandjng jng that many much more Confider Places ate th,o As in the Road fom London to Aberiftwith ,• Wbr.cefter is not mentioned in.the Title, thd in you are led through it ; the fame of York in the Bar wick-&c. Whereforc forc if you want to know the V/ay to any Place, Look in the Alphabetical Table, which follows Page 187, find in what Road it lies, and in what Page of ibt Boo* you may iit* with the Defection : For Example, Suppofc, I defire to Travel from London /. Glocefter; I looking for Gloce ter m the Table, and over againf it, I fad St. Davids u and 30 ~wbnh isthe Page of the Book., wherein ! ohjerve the Say to it. itwT A New Mapp of the Roads of ENGLAND Shevttia -tL> JLeputed distant# from one tenon to another .■\^7 l~ that tht a.v& tn <trhtd thus ~t~ Itinerarium Anglic: OR, A BOOK of the ROADS OF ENGLAND and WALES, &c. Emgm A V I N G difpos’d all the Principal Roads of liT |3 and WALES , into a Hundred Wholefheet Copper Sculpts j «l H divided the lame into Dire&, from LONPON to the leye- Bj ral Cities and Great Towns, and Crofs, front Capital pi fMm P| Town to Capital Town j and fubdivided the Firlt into lailJaiLli ilJaiLli and Dependant, the Second into and ■■-t* Accidental ; We begin with Direct ana according ding to Alphabetical Order, ihew in the Firft place, . B « The Road from LONDON to ABERISTWITH On the Sea. Coast in Cardiganshire, South-Wales. For Illuftration of which, we (hall firft give you the General Hiftory as follows, I. Point of Bearing W.N.W. 11. The direft Horizontal Dift. 177 M. I 111. The vulgar Computation 145- M.- IV. The i99’z. The Particulars of the two laft Accounts will more plainly appear from the following Table ; the two firft Columns giving the Reputed Miles, One feparatdy, ratdy, between Town and Town ; the other conjundfly, in a continued Number from London 5 and the two Laft (hewing the Dirr.enfurated Miles and Furlongs anfwerably. The refpeftive Points of Bearing, are all accurately tlefcrib’d in the Copper Sculptures. A Table of Computation and Dimenfuratlcn. From London Comp. Meafure. to A(fton cB c 6 |oB’3 083 Vxiridge , Og jj 5 io’i iS’4 Boconsjield cj\22 083 27*1 High~kf ich y am cy |27 033 32*6 *Tetiworth i° j 57 i2’o 44’d 4l {043 49’g Tflip c 6 547 j cß’o- 57’3 Fnlipn io 5 7 123 ~o’o iVloiton in Martin o 67] 1 [Bs ’2 Comp. Meafore, to Broadway 05 072 07’$ o^o’/ Perjhore 07 079 u’6 102’y WORCESTER. 06 c 8? 093 ii^a- Bromyard 10 095 I**2 i24’4 Lemjier 081 103 113 iS5’7 Vreflain c 8 j 111 127 Ithon fiuv. 08 ! 119 127 i6i’s Riadergovoy 66 \ 125 oq>o 1703 Aberijiwitb 20 > 145 283 199’^ ’ With the Branch to the City of Oxford, thus, From London Comp. Meafufe. to TetfWorth* as before I? 37 44’6 Wheatly 05 42 054 so’i Oxford 05 47 0 5*4 ss’^ You pafs thro’ thefeveral Counties of Middlesex, Buckingham, Oxford, Glou €oer, Woreejier, Hereford, Radnor and Cardigan , and over the Rivers Coin, Tame , Charwsi, Avon, Severn, Teme, Ltlg, Ithon , Ifiwitb and Rydal j having a good Road to Wickham, but Ids pleai'anc to Pr no ill way to ; but thence to Aberiftwith, generally Boggy, yet almoft every where fupply’d with good Towns, convenient Entertainment, and delightful Proipe&s. * The Road from LONDON to ABE RI S*T WITH. THus much for the General Hiftory of the whole Road, which being contain’d tain’d in three Plates ; the firft ending at IJlip in CxforJfiire, and including cluding the Branch to the City o {'Oxford-, the fecord at - fire j and the third at Abe/ijiwith ; We begin with the firft Plate, containing f? M. arid 3 furl, where thefe acute or forward Turnings are to be avoided. At i*t, At St. Giles’s Pound, the forward way to Hampjhad, At 3’2 . At Tyb b (jit, the Right to Padingtcn. At 20' 4, The Rightto Aleslury. At 54’?, A little Ihort of Weft-Wickham. The Right forward. At 35’c), at the end of Weft Wickbam, the Coach-way to Stofen-Church, on the Right. At 49’4> Be yon d i’h: eat ly - B riJg e, the forward way to Oxford, At Jo’o, the Lett to At n ,6 > the R#* to Odin§ton : . Hi B* T'» e N. B. Hhe Obtufe I fays are obfsrved at the end of the Plate. Wefet out from the Standard in Cornhil LONDON, thro \Comhil, Cheap Me. Newgate-ftreet,Smvp-hill and Holborn. Thus leaving the Lord Mayor’s Banqueting- Houle on the Right, paflfing Tyburn, and to the N. of Hide-Park and Campden - Park we come to I {enfngtm Gravel-Pits, at s M. a long butdifcontinu’d Village. Then going thro’ Shepherd’s Bujh V. at 6’ 7 you enter Afton at 82, a noted Thorough-fare ;ati T 3 pafs thro’ Hanwell V. on the Brent, and at 12’7 Norcoatj another Imall Village. Whence at iy M. by Hays-Chunh on the Left, and at if 7, thro’ part of the Town, and over HellingdonUeath, you enter Hellingdon at xyT, and Uxbridg at iB’i, a large Town of 1 M. containing above 200 Houfes with a good,Market on Thurfdays, 2 Fairs, anu convenient Inns; , ■ At the end of the Town, you crol's Colnflv. enter Buckingamjh. and by feveral ftraggling Houfes on fhe Road, and Hedgly-P.on the Left, defcend for 4 F.Whence thro’ the Woods at 27 M. you enter Becensfield or Becon-field, on a dry Hill of no great Afc. confuting of about 100 well Built Houfes, and affording feveral good Inns as alfo a Mt. an Wednef. and 2 Fairs, viz on Candle-mafs, Day, and Holy-Thurfday. ■ At 28V You come to a Defc; befet with Woods, and thence by V. (a Brook on the the Left) At 32*3 you enter High-Wickham in a pleafant Vally, a well Built Town, containing near 200 Houfes, with feveral good Inns, as the Antelope,, the Catherine-Wheel, ,&c.’Tis govern’d by a Mayor, Recorder, &c. fends Burgefles to Pari, and has a plentiful Mt. on Fridays, and 2 .Fairs. Whence by feveral Houfes on the R. and thro’ W. Wickham V. at 34V, yon afcend at 3<?’4, for- -j- M. pafs thro’ a Wood 12 F. and enter OxfordJ!)- at 3 B’z. Thus thpo’ Stoken-Church V. at 39 M. defcend at 40T, for 6 F. with Woods on your left.t j Whence you fet forward to V. of 2 F. at 44V, a ilraighc Way leading to Wheatly- Br. over Tameflv, 1 F. beyond which is the Diviiion of the Roads; That to IJlip turning(hort on the Right, and the Oxford R, pro-, ceeding direftly to-JWheatly, a good Town of 3 F. at S 2’3, deicending i Q F. you crofs Charwellflv at yy’j; and enter the Ancient City and Hniverfity of OXFORD, FORD, fea ted on the N. of Thames flu. where it receives the CkarweU. But keeping the R. toward IJlip, you pafs by and St *obn 1 R to the Right, at, *3 M- Whence a dired Way to IJlip at 57’;, hril eroding Rets or Bure flu. as it appears m the next Plate. • . ; 1 : . / « ’■ •' ' 'M , • > ) \ Backward Turnings to be avoided, f . * V '•> f' }*4* ' • f , * > ■* f , V '■} * * • * * / , ’• {. > , , v */ • * S 4 .» F *, from Oxford, the Left to Heddington, IX. 1 ’3, fhort of Wheatly, the Lefc ill. i f, Beyond Tetfworth, the Right to Henly,md the Left acute. IV 7 F b»- yond Stokea-C h. the Left to Wickham , the Coach-way. V. At the end of u*. fmdgtheLdt to Swakley.Vl 2F. fliort of Hellingdon , the Right to Colebrook. VII. In HanmU, the Right to Brentford, VIII. At fonr/f-Hill, the forward co mutton* B £ >' 4 *■ '* The The Continuation of the Road from LONDON to ABERISTWITH. Com. Cardigan, South-Wales. Conmncing at Iflip in Oxfordfhlre, and Extending to Bromyard in Herefordlbire. Containing 67 Miles 1 Furlong. The following Turnings are to be avoided. At 6jV, the Right to Barton. 73 T, the Left forward to Chipping Norton. the forward to Long Compton. Si’j, the Right to at the 4 Shire-ftone. 91 ’3, the Left to Stmcrfield. the Left to Menton, roz’o, the Left to Cheltenham. 103 T, the Right to Aulcefter. 103*3. the Left to roy’o, the Right to Eaflon White Lady, and the Left laj’o, the Right to Edwin. 124 V the Left to Hereford. fN the former Part, wecondu&ed you to Ijlip , on the N. Wof Bure flv- over __ which it has a Stone-Br. of 6 Arches, a fmaJl Town, but well accommodated; modated; where the two Days Stage-Coach to takes up the lirft Night. Hence an indifferent (1 might Way leads at 60V ,to Blechindon V. of aF. and at *a’a, you crofs Cham el flv above mention’d, and enter open Arable Land, where at ’4, the Right-hand Way unites again at the Left-hand Way hereabouts, leading to iHoodfiock a good Mt-Town, about 2 M. diftant. At 6s M. you pals by Wotton- Ch. on the Left, and at 66'i, come to Glimpton V. and thence by the Chequer-\m , thro’ open Arable, at 70 M. to V, beyond yond which you have a ftraight open R. to7j’r, wherethe forward Way leading to C hipping-Norton ; turn to the Right, and at 74 M. by a Houfe call’d Chappel on the Heath, 6 F. further, leave Chipping-Norton ■- M. to the Left, a large but not Compact Town, except about the Mt-piace, yet a Corp. governed by Bay!ids Cre. Keeping a Court for Actions under 4 /. and having a good Mf. on Wednejdays, At 75’t. defeend a Hill ot 7F. leaving Kolright- Ch. on the Right, and afeending ing for y F. leave little Kolright on the Left, in which Par. but 1 M. to the Left, Rands that circular Monument of great Stones, faid to be Eredled in Memory of a Battel there fought by Kollo the Danetlhen by Long Compton on the Right, and I ftde Compton on the Left,you pals between the Counties of and Warwick-At wick-At 69 z, defeend a Hill of 4F. and at Bx’3, come to the 4 Shire Stone, the web-known Limits of Oxfordshire to the S. and S.E. Warwick to the N. and N.E. part of Worcefierfl). included within Qlo to the S W. and Gloce/ierjh. to the W and SW. Here bear to the Left, thro’ a morals-way at 83 ’2 to Norton in the Marjh, vulgo, Morton. Henmarjh, of z F. on the L of] way, a good Thorough-fare, which had formerly aMt.on Tuefdays , now only 2 Fairs, vn at Lady-Pay , and Alhdlon-tide. . _ 84' aieend Broadway Hill of SF. on which Button op. the H/L V.ot 2 F. having enter’d the Downs, call’d Broadway HiUs,i F. beyond, leave Burton's Jjh 011 the Left, where you have a very fair Profpeft ; and at 88V by a Crofs Hand for Direction. 7 F. farther, defeend Broadway-LMUjto the Town ol Broadway , at well-built and f F. long, where are leverai good Inns, andtho’ no Market- Town yet plentifully lupply’d from Campden and Evejhcltn. . Hence ari indifferent ftraight way,for the moil part open Arable, leavingCbftd s Wickham on the Lelt,lcadsat 56*3. to Wicienferd, aßrocklo call’d,wheie you enter «-M and a link after, the File of Em/btlm, fo eminent lb; its Fertility, within z M. of the Town. At xoo’e, enter a Lane leaning at lost, to Avwf.v. atOiMe by a large Stonebr, of 6 greatand feveral (mail Arches The next Town if ferlhm, of 7 F in a Plain, faid to be Built by E gdviri Duke of Met under ICfto, fto, it contains near 300 Houfes and z ParilhChurches, has t Weekly Mts. on Tuffl and Sami and one annual Fair on the 11ti. of-frae i 'Tis fomewhat decay d fmce the DilToiution of its ancient Abby, but now in a lair way ot retrieving its pridine Ludre. , . . , . . ... , At 1034, pafs by Ale thorough, a Houfe on the Left, giving title td the Loro, Coventry , thence thro’ Stouten V. at 107 M. the R. diredi, and moftly d, brings you at n I*4 to the Suburbs, and by the way ot Salary-Gate, to the City of WORCESTER, of which take this (hort Account. ’Tis a City and County of it felf, pleafantly and commodioufly feated on the E. Banks of Severn flv. over which it has a fair Stone-br. with a Tower; being a Place ot great Antiquity s cail’d Br&novium by Antoninus zniPtolemy,Citer~mangon by the Brhansymh Vigorniabythe Latins. It enjoys great Privileges and Immunities ties granted them by leverai K. even before the Conqued, and tho a plentiful Sharer in Calamities; vet at this day,remains a City of Extraordinary Beauty ahdSplendor; fending Burgdfes to Pari. Honour’d with the Title of a Marqmlate in the Right Noble Henry Marq. and E. of I'Yorcejier ; and Digniry d with an Hpifcopal See, fucceffively podefs’d by 88 Bidiops. Tis govern’d by a Mayor, 6 Aldermen, a Sheriff and z Chamberlains, Elefted outof 24 principal Citizens or CapitalCounfellours, 48 Capital Citizens, or Common-Counfellois,with a Recorder,Town-Clerk and two Coroners, befides 13 Conftables, a Sword beaier and 4 Serjeants at Mace. ’Tis divided into 7 Wards containing befides the Cathedral, thedral, gParifh-Ch. not reckoning St. M adjoining, and others Demolifh’d. ’Tis adorn’d with 3 Grammar-Schools and 7 Hoipitass liberally berally endow’d ; a fair water Houfe and a well contriv d Key. It enjoys a great Trade elpecially for Clothing, and its Mts. . and areyery conf 1 derable,efpecially the lad, for Cartel,Fleft, Fifh and all forts or Provisions. From Worcester over the Br. thro’St John's over an enclos’d way leads by Earl's-Court on the Right, thro’aWood :by Cotberidg Ch. on the Left, and at 1 xy’4 thro’ Broadways V. Then by hapel on the Right, at 119 4, crofs Tetne aliens Temde flv over a Wood-Br. and by Ch, to the Left, at no’;, you come to Herefordjh. Whence by draggling Houles, and over BramyardHe&th, yardHe&th, at 124 T, crofs the F room flv, over a Stone Bridg of 2 Arches, and enter Brainy ari,alias Mt-Town of 4 F. as in the next Plate. Backward Turnings to be avoided. I. Againd Cotherig, the Left to Hallow. 11. 6F. beyond. Horceder- Left to Evejholm 111. At the end ot Stouton, the forward to Upton. IV. At 1 <>, fiior* of Perjhore, the Left to Aukeflcr . V. 5?- beyond Br. the Left to VI. 2 M. fliort of UVic'iford Br. the Right to IVinchcomb. VII. 7 F. diort of Burton's ton's Afh , the Right to Stow. VIII. 10. F. beyond the 4 Shire done, the Right to Chippingnorton. IX. At the end of Enflon,the Right to V.2F. beyond yond the Chequer- Inn, the Right to VUoodflodi. XL It! Plimpton, the Left to Banbury. XII. 3F. beyond IVomn- Ch. the Left, unitig [2 M. beyond. B 5 The The Continuation of the Road from LONDON to ABERISTWITH, in Cardiganshire. PLATE. III. and Last. Commencing in Com. Hereford, and Extending to Aberifiwith, aforefaid. faid. Containing 7 4 M. 6F. ' r s Thele Turnings are to be avoided. At 125*7, The Left to Webly, 136*1 the Left to 138*3, the Left to J&inton, ton, 140*3, the Right to Kington. 142*4, the Left to 149*5, the Right to l^nighton. 160*2, the Right. 162*5:, the Left to Gmhuagh. the Right to St. Harmon . 171*0, Left to Llannirndiffry, 175*9 the Left to Rofefar-1 far-1 88*3, the Left to Cardigan. 160*3, the Left to Llanrujied. 197*4, the Reft to Llanntfled. IN the Second Plate, We came at 124*5 to Bromyard, alias Bramyard, a Town chiefly on theßoad, containing near 200' Houles, with agood Mt. on at L te j> Corn, &c. and 5 Fairs, vi\. on Holy-Rood. Witfon-Mond. uhurjd. before St- James, and Thurfd. before St. tufa. Whence an Indirect way Jeadsat 137*3, to BridenburyY. beyond which a ftraight R. conveys you at 130*6, thro Hockleyy. and leaving Humber 6]?. on the Left, at 134*6 to Eaton V. on the , e -Tj WO art^er , croffing Lugflv. over a Stone-Br. of 3 Arches, you enter Leomnlter, vulgo Lemfler , at 135*5', of only 4 F. this way, but a Mile tranfverfe ; C > C i p Lhanßieni, i.e. Templum Monialium, a more probable Etymology than that of Leonis Monafleriumflxovn a Lyon appearing to a Monk in a Vifion ; tis a well-built Town, leated in a rich Soil, and upon the Riv. X«£, which in i° r u Semi-Circle waters the N. and E. fide of it: It contains(tho’but one Parljh-Ch.jabqat 400 Houfes, and 6 Wards, ui\. Eatcn-ftreet. High-ftreet, Grefs &nd Pin/Iy,MidJle-marJh and Lorncr-marjh, is govern’d by a Bayliff, Recorder, e juliices, and 24 Capital Burgefles; befides x 2 Conftablesj Eledls Parl.Men, and has a very great Mt.on Fridays for Gattel, Corn, &c. and 4 Fairs, vi\. on St. Simon and Jude, flt.. Peter, St. Bartholomew, and on Tuefday after Midlent Sunday.'Jis day.'Jis more elpecially noted for its fine,Wooil,call’d Lemfler Ore , as alfofor Ks pure Wheat and fine Flower, and has feveral good Inns. The main Body of theTowniiesupcn the Right,but poceeding at 136*2,leave the forward way on the Left to lVeblgy,eaii an enclos’d R, by two Houfes on the Right, conveys j'ou direftly to ffeinton, but bearing to theßight at 138*2. pais by Rjngsland'Ch.&r.d at 140*1, thro’ Ringsland V.of 4F.and at 142*4,thr0 r” Whence at 144*4 delcending 2 F. and by flraggling Houfes, and a great Hill on Ihe Left 5 at 146*6, Wadels fiv.y> als thro’Cemb V. enter Radnorjh. at 148*5, and ? ■ *., ai f r:er i reft ain on Lugflv in,a Pleafant and Rich Valley, in Weljh, Lhan Andre. Fwas formerly a Imail Til!age,now a large and well-built Town of 4F. 3h this p.ace the Affixes are kept for the County of It has a good Mt.on Satyr a, upecially for Barly r ,i which is here Malted in great quantities, and two Fans, on St. Andrew and Midfummer Day, with feveral convenient Inns. Hence at xsl *3, thro’ Difcoyd V. and 153*3, throCafcob V. afeenda Hill of 6F. sna by Bleibuagb-Poiett) mdßlethuagk-Ch. on the Right, at 154*7, defeend 7G, Whence whence over a Heath of FF. the R. afcends again 5 F and a fomewnat lers T)e-c brings rou to a ftraight inclos'd way. palling by a lew Hou les, an d cuffing mmnflv. at 160 M.beyond which, palling over another Hill abou 4F. high, a 6 », you come to Ithon flv. falling into the above ;and a 132, no s CloMckflv . which falls into the ftiw Whence repeated Afc. andD c * c . I«™g mmd on the Left, lead at x6%'u to b f ond . whl i, , B e i ? a no „?£S Kindergovey,vulgo Raihader, at 170*3 a Town of 3 F * s ‘" 1 '5 of the Country, and upon ’Tis govern dby a Bay I. ft, his a h,t w Wednld. and 4 Fairs, w*. on St. day, Augufl 10, 14 Day* M? chvlnufs, and 3 Weeks after AlhaUcntide-, with two Inns, the and the At the End of the Town, over a Wood-Br. you crofs the Wye, ana 5 F. withe , come to the foot of an Eminent Afc.'of 10F. which at 174 4. oelcends 6 F.a>.d having left the inclos’d way IM. on this fide Riadergowy, the R. continues altogether gether open as well as Mountainous and Boggy, to But forward from the (aid Defc. Eland flv. on the Lett 5 at cro.s Earniftwith-Brook iftwith-Brook and enter Cardigan])}, afcending a Hill ot 6 1-. an equal Defc. I hta palling Moorifhground, by fome Lead-mines,ar.d a Houle on the fug ,a 183’s call’d Moreen Glovnhfi woody Defc. leads into V. tn a _Valiey : Whence by fome ftraggling Houfes on next Ale. and along the fucccediag par t of the R. which ftill lies thro a kind of Morafs j at 191*5 you touch-upon del flv* on the Right, and at 194,2.defeend 12 F. Then crofs the RtdaL at j 56 7, aqd 3, F. farther, come to Llanbadern-Vaur of 6 F. on theß. a wed built lown with* a fair Church, formerly an Epifcopal See, and now the Panth-Cb, ta ABhRISTWIIH, which you enter at 198*7, being 4 F. long. ’ Aberiflwith or Abereflhvey, on the Ridal , near its Confluence with the Ijtmw, where it falls into the Sea, imply’d by the prefix’d Aher, i.e. Oftinm llumini 4 was formerly a Wall’d-Town, fortify’d with a now ruinous Cable; and contain’d tain’d many more Houles than it does at prelect, yet it is a C pi p. Gov ern d by ' a Mayor, Recorder, &c* lending one Burgefs to Pari, and enjoying a good Mr. on Mond. lor Corn, Wooll. &c. and two Fairs, on Mend before, 9 nd on Decemb. 18. Altho* there are fcarce too Houfes in this Town, yet it is noted for it’s Filhing Trade for Herrings , Cod, &c. Backward Turnings to be avoided. L {. F, from Aheriflmtb, the Left to Weljhpool II At the End of the Left to PPelJhpool. 111. 3*2 Beyond the Right to Kofi-fair. IV. 4F. farther the Right. V. z’6, Ihort of , the Lelr to New Town. VI. I*3, Beyond Riadergovcy , the Lift to VII. 10 F.fhort of Clmedocli docli ftuv. the Left to Ludlow. VIII. 2 F. Ihort of Ithon fluv. the Left to Knighton. ton. IX-I’4, Ihort of Cafcob , the Right to Radnor. X. At Cafeob the Left to Rjiighton. XL In Difcoyd the Right to Reinton. XII. 5 F- beyond the Right to Reintpn . XIII- At the End of the Right to XIV- 3Fbeyond beyond Eaflerton,th e Right to Arlani. XV. The Left in RjngslarJ XVI- 2 F. beyond Rjngsland,\Py& Rightto Laretcn. XVII. 1 M- fhort of the Right to Evingm- XVII. The Right in Lemfler, to Hereford • XIX- 4. F. beyond L»|-Bridgj the Right to Hampton, and 1F- farther the Left to PidUfl&r. . B 4 The The Road from LONDON to ARVNDEL in SUSSEX. t T HE Bearing S. W. by S. 11. The direft Horizontal Diftance 49 .H M. 111. The vulgar Computation 46 M. IV.The Dimenfumion y 5 ’ 4 . From London Comp, Meafure, to Towring 05 05 067 c^’7 Evrcll q 6 ii 07’x j 14*0 Let unr head I\6 057 i9 5 5 O4 /20 04 <5 24*3 Comp. Meafure. toStoneflreet 05 2 $ 05*5 1 yo’a Biiiinghurlt jo 3$ n’3 41’$ Amberley ,08 43 097 s si’2, Arundel 03 46 04*2 (55*4 With the Continuation ftom Arundel to thus, From Arundel Comp, Meafure. to Chichefier 08 M. io’4* Middlcfex , Surrey and Suffex include the whole R. and the Thames, Mole , Ohe, Amn and Lavant are the principal Riv. paid over; affording an indifferent Way, but good Entertainment. 7 Ti! eic ;' ibe ' is by Doling, yet fome will pafs by 3 or 4. . to tne Lei t,and others thro’ the more frequented way, on the Left to k‘”g by stretham, Mkham and Sutton. I hus much in general; the Turnings to be avoided are thefe that follow ; to Kjngfton. i’j, the Left to Croydon , §’4, the Right forward to 1 3 25 thc ett t 0 Monfuch. 14’ 1, the Right to the Common. 1 y’y, the n If , 7, r , t . he . Lett * *9'4, In Leatberhead, the Right to Guilford. 24’?, In a l tije Rignt to Guilford, zz’y the Left along , uniting again. 25 3, the Right to Guilford. 347, the Left to Horfham. The by screwvrtdg uniting again. 4 j’ 4) the Right to 5-14, the left. The Right to Cichejler. 5:5 From tne Standard in Comhil, London , along Grace church-fireet, Fiji)-fir eet-hill over Lonaon bridge and thro’ So;mi?ww/,:,pafsat x’4 to Kensington of z F- at the enaol which, the acute Way on the Right to Guilford and Portfmouth lancnes out, and another at the Gallows, to , and thence to Lewes and mwhaven, by Croydon , or to Arundel , by Horfham or Darlfna. Hence over Clapham-R. you come at 64, toToming-beci V. and at 7 M. t iro Tow. tng-graveny V. of z F. Whence an Lidired way leads at io’z to , T an r r t er -, lma!l villa £ e > and leaving Hon-fuch on the Left, ibmedme a aLt / Home bui.t by f/, VIII, yon pals thro at 14 M. a Mt-Town of about ? i f‘'d. a . L 4 t ' : ' iro ’ part of Ebejham, vulgoEpfom, a Town much frequented for i s ivk'G'icmai Waters; the Well lying 3F. on the Right at 1 Then going on, *' ! 6 , s’ enfer Leatberhead 0! 3F. whence bearing to the Left, paffingat zTd, thro’ * n iithamV- F. 1 M. farther, crols Molefiv. near the Piacs where it has a fubter- J«ncan Panage for a Mile or two, and enter Barfing, alias Darhfn. at 24T a large ( ''iy a branch of the Mole, with a Noted Market on Thurfd, efpecially for q ,^ rom alar fin over a Hill of 3 F.fucceeded by another Afc. and woody on each 3ou come to Cold'bar hor-Vhll sic. 3F. but defc, IM. and thence at 30 M to to Smt-freet V. Whence a Caufey of z M.part of the old Roman Pott-way call’d Stany-fireet, (near which is Cheeky or Aclea , where K. EthelwaldSon of K. Egbert obtain’d an eminent Victory over the P4Hfj)leads by fmall Defc. at 30’7 to Okemod-Bvidg mod-Bvidg Then afcending o\e waod.Hill, enter at the forward Way leading thro’ Honey-lane : to avoid the Dirdnefs of which, bear to the Right. At 347, the forward way on the Left extends to about 3 M. diftant, a good Borough and Mt-f own, fb call’d from Brother of \ ’Lis Govern’d by 1 Baylififs, Ele&ing Pail. Men, and is the place where the Country-Gaol is kept; leaving which, Ko V. appears next, where you have again a different way on the Left, Hence t hro’a Cops at 36'4’ercfs Afunfiv. and leave Pef/a»-Place on the Left, the laft way uniting at 37’54 where a direft R. thro Busman-Corn V. leads at 4i’i ,into Billingherji of 3 F. Thence thro’ Lulfey V. and over New Bridg and Pw/lww-Common,defc end 3F. pais over Wichford Br. and at 47’6, thro’WicSenholt holt V. Afterwards by Parham- P. belonging to Sir Cecil and the Place on the Lett, you come to Parham V. whence 3 fucceffive Defc. convey you at ji M* to Amberley, a Thorough-fair ot 3 Furlongs. At yz’z, over Houghton-llx • crofs Arunflv. 4 F. farther pals thro’ Houghton of z F.and after an Alc.ot 3 F* you come to A at by thence to the Br. 6 F. ’Tis an ancient Borough-Town, on the N, W. of the Arun, over which it hasa fairWooden-Er- where Ships of 100 Tun may ride: It is govern’d by a Mayor, i z ßurgelfes, a Steward, &c. has a great Mt. on Thurfd. a fmall one on Saturd• and 4 Fairs, vi\. on May 3. Aug . ro.Septernb. 14* and Decsmb • 6. It enjoys joys a good Trade, feveral Ships being here built, as the Society and Mary, &c. Ihe Cali Is, famous in the Saxon Times, having the Honor of an Earldom entail tail d upon the PolTefTors of it, is leated on the E. of the Tame, and reputed 1 M. in compafs. From Arundel thro’ the old F ifh Market and Water gate (by Hoofyswood on the left, and Arundel great Park on the-Right, (the little one lying betwen Margate gate and the Caftle) at 2’7, defc. Amsford-Hillof 4F. and at 4M. over - Br. then by Half-way-Tree, thro’ CmSerhil V. at 6f- Thence by Bexley- Church at 7M. and Sir Will. Motley’s Houle on the Right, and Tangmere on the Left, at B’i pafs thro Maudline V- till byHampnet-Ch. on theßight,and the place on the Left you crofs Lavantflv. and at 96, enter the Suburbs of feated in a Plain, and on the faid River near its Mouth, a City indifferent larce, containing taining 4 Parilh Ch. within the Walls, befides the Cathedral, One without E. Gate, and another without W. Gate, both demolilh’d in the late Wars. This City has 4 Gates rooking towards the 4 Cardinal Points, to which the 4 principal cipal Streets lead, and are call’d E-Jireet, W-ftreet. M-ftree: and S-ffreet- ’Tis Govern’d vern’d by a Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, &e. lends PurgelTes to Pari, has two good Mts. on PVednefd. and Saturd. the greateft for.Fifh in the County, and c Fairs, hit on April 23. Wbitjun-Mond. 2j. -day, and 0 days after, call’d Slow Pair- y Turnings to be avoided. I. At the End of Maudline the Left to Petvoonh 11. In Amberly the Left. 111. 1 F. beyond Darhjng, the Right to London by Stretham. IV. In Leatherhead the Left to Ringlion. V. At the Entring Ewel the Left to Rjngjlon. VI, At the Midway way between Morsdon and Touting, the Left to The The Road from LONDON to BARWICK In NORTHUMBERLAND. I, r I '''HE Point of Bearing W. 11. The direft Horizontal Difiance 280 M,' X 111. The Vulgar Computation z6 M. IV. The Dimenfuration, 339^ From London Comp. Meafure, to Waltham 12 12 j ia’o 12*0 /y#n? 08 20 op’4 2i’4 Moyfton 13 33 16*4 38*o Huntingdon 15 l9 ’2 57'2 Stilton 19 57 l2 ’° 6 *’° Stamford 12 66 t3>6 83’o Grantham I<S 85 2P4 . [o4*4 lsewar\ i° 9> H’O liB’4r Tux ford 10 105 H>6 x 3» , 2 Voncafter 18 123 24*0 xsj>2 Wenbridge 17 130 io>a 165*4 Comp. MeaOir. to Tadcafler 12 J 142 i 7 ’ 0 I iB2’i l5O 09 ’ 4 IS>2 *o lopcliff 17 167 23 7 6 ,21 S’6 Northallerton oj 176 229’4 Darlington l 0 186 u’o 243;+ DURHAM 200 i9>o 262/4 Newcajile i 2 2t 2 14/0 176*4. Afjrpeth 12 224 14*4.2? I*3 12 Bel ford 12 248 15*4 }M’4 Bawicli iz 160 15 <5 33^.^ Middlefex,Hartfordjh. Cmbridgjhire, Huntingdonshire, Rutlandfhire,LincolnJhire, Notthghamjhhe, Yorkshire, the Bifhoprick of Durham and Northumberland are the Counties part thro’. And Lea, Grant a, Owfe, Nine, Welland, With am,Trent, Idle, Whhwater, Dun, Went, Are, Wharf, Nid, Your or Owfe, Swale, Wish, Tees, Shjern, Were, Tyne, Blith, Wanfpech, Ale, Warne and Tweed, are the Riv. croft over. *ris one of the moft frequented R. of the Kingdom, tho’ none of the heft way; for after the firrt 20 or 30 M.’tis generally fo bad, that there was a certain late Impofition upon Travellers, for 3 Years, at Stilton and elfewhere, of about a Penny for a Horfe, See. toward the Repair of that part of it $ yet it affords good Entertainment at moderate rates. The Computation of Port-Miles is the fame as the vulgar Eftimation; only from Royftcn to Huntingdon they acount 17 M. and from Yorh to Northallerton but 24 M. ' - , ■" r 3 » . • THus the whole R. is compris’d in f Plates, the firrt ending at Stilton in Huntingdonjh. the ad. at Tux ford in Nottingbamjh. the 3 at the City of York j the 4 th. at cbe[ier in the Street, in the Bifhoprick of and the 3th. at Harwich ; We begin with the firrt Plate containing and the following wing Turnings are to be avoided. k. i » • < 'At y M. the Left to Wood-green. 17*7, the Left to I*3, the Right. 27-3, the Right to Standon. 27the Right to 31*3, the Right to WithiaU. 47 ’y, the Left to Pachfton . yß’o, the Right. **> * ; From the Standard in C ornhil, along Bifhopfgate-lireet within, thro’ Bijhopfgate, and Bijhopfgate ftreet without, you come at 4 F. to the Barrs $ and enter Shorditch, leaving London at x’2 and Hog (do a. on the Left, at 2*2, enter RjngjlandV. of zF» and i M. farther, Newington V. having a long Street on the left,toward Islington-, whence an eafy Ale. of 4 F. call’d Standford- Hill, often frequented by High waymen, men, and equally defending leads at y M. to Tottenham High-Croft, a place much refbrted to by the Citizens; Hence reiterated Buildings extends at 6’y, to Tottenbam-jirees,&ni tenbam-jirees,&ni at about 7 M. to Edmonto a long difeontinued Village. ■ ■ At* At 8 V you come to Ponders-End, and foot! after to final! Viliam and at 10 M. Enfield Wajh V. whence leaving Tuttle-ftreet one the left, at n '6, you enter Hartfordfh, and a little farther, a Poft-Town, and a very good Thorough fare, with 2 or 3 Convenient Inns. It extends about 3 F, and a litie beyond (the Gibbet on the Right) Theobalds the King’s Ho u fe, pleafantly feated appears 2 F. on the left. At 13 M. pafs Croft-Brook, iM. farther. Turners-hitl V. and at 141, - ftreet 3 F. long; whence ftraggling Houfes lead to Wormley End at i<s’i ~ M. beyond yond eroding the New-Riv. and 2 F. after entring Brokton Village. At x 7’6, you come to Hodjdon of 6 F> near the River a good Thoroughfare fare Town, with a well ftor’d Mt. on thurfd, and one Fair on St. Peters day. Hitherto the R. appears like an entire Street of continued Houfes Travelling forward leave Hayly on the Left, and over a Hill, Pafs to Amvcell at 2o’y,froni which and C hadwel, the Hew-Riv, is convey’d to London .-‘The feveral Ways on the left hereabouts, lead to Hanford, but 2 M. diftant, the Shire-Town, Govern’d by a Mayor, 9 Burgefles, &e. Electing Pari. Men, and having a Mt. on Saturd. this Town formerly had y Churches, now reduc’d to 3, and is much decay’d fince the diverting the great Road from it. * , At 2-I’4 enter Ware of IM. eroding there firft the and next the Lea, which at about f M. diftance has accompanied you the laft 14 M.’fis a Large Town full of Inns; with a good Mt. onTuefd. and much talk’d of for its great Bed ; Whence by Wades-MiU, Crofs Mimerflv. pafs thro’ High-Cnfs End, and Collier's, End, and at 27T, enter Puc\eridg alias Fuc\rich , a good Thorough-fare of 3 F. where the R. on the Right, leads to Standon a Mt-Town r M. diftant, and juft beyond, the great R. to Cambridge , &c. appears on the Right. At 29 M.repafs the Af/w?r,and at 3 x’y,come to Bmtingford, a good fare Town of 4 F. with aM. on Mond. 6 F. beyond which, you enter Hew Chipping ping : and at 34 Miles Bucffiand, 2 Villages. Whence an eafie Defc. leads at 38 M. to Royjion , a large T Own of 4F. feated on the Em ing ftreet in a fertile Vale, and pare in C 2 mbridgjh. full of good Inns, with a great Corn-Market on Wednefd. At 3 enter Cambridgjh. and at 40V pafs V. At 43*2 Crofs Grant alias Cam flv. and at 44’y, come to Arrington another Village; Whence a ftraight R. by Wimple and Congrave on the Right, and thro’ a Cops at 48 M, brings you at 49*3 to Holm, and at Caxton , of 5,F- feated in the Clay; a Poft- Town, and good Thorough-fare, with a Mt. on At yi’7 pals thro’ Papworth Everardy. of 2 F. and leaving or Papmnh-Agnes fM. on the Left, enter Huntingdonjh. at y 3 ’y. Leaving Hilton 4 the Right, and Beggars Bujh, on a rifmg ground on the left; a fmall Defc. leads to Godmanchefter, at s6'z of 4 F. a Place of great Antiquity, and a large Corp. feated in a fertile Soil, and on Ow flv, much addifted to Husbandry : Having croft the Riv. enter Huntington, heretofore containing xy Parifti-Ch; now only four; Govern’d by a ( Mayorand 12 Aldermen, Electing Pari. Men c J Tis the Shire-Town, has a good Mt. on Saturd. and gives Title to the Right Honourable Theophilm Earl of Huntingdon. ■ * 8 M. leave-the Town ;at y 9 ’7, pafs thro’ Great Stuckey V. of 2F. and M. farther. Little Stuchjey : At 61 M. bearing to the Right, a dir eft R indiderently diderently endoled and open by Stone-gate Hole, and Stone-gate on the Left,’and bt. Andrew s Chappei and Camingm on the Right, brings you at C9'i } to Stilton , &S in Plats * * ■’ * 1 . * 1 . Backward Backward Turnings to be avoided, I. At the End of Stilton the Right and Left to Our die and Peterborough. 11. Ag&inft g&inft Stone-gate the Left to St .Ives. lll. In Holm the Left to BoarnTV.7F.beyond yond Holm, the Right to Pack (lone, V. 6 F. beyond Buntingford , the Right to Upftaine. VI. At the end of Ware the Right to Hartford. VII. At the end of Ringfland the Right to IJlingtort. The Continuation of the Road from LONDON to BARWICk, Com. Northumbr, Commencing at Stilton, Com. Huntingdon, and Extendingto TuxfordjCora. Nottingham, tingham, Containing 6z Miles. In which thefe following Turnings are to be avoided. I. At 73*2 (Trom London) an Oblique Crofs way, the Right to Allenon . 11. Bx’4, the forward way which leaves Stamford on the Right. HI. the Left to Stoke, the Right to Eafton. IV, 104 7, the Left to V. in’s, the Right to Vodington. VI. the Entrance into Newarky the Right to Goddington. VII. 1104, the Left to Rellurn. VIII. xjo M. the Right to Nomonton. IN the former Part, we arriv’d at Stilton at 69 z, a good Thorough-fare and a Principal Poll: Town, of about 3 F. Whence an open ftraightway of 6 F. from Haddon on the Left, at 73T, leads between and Allenon, each v M. from the R. s F. farther a way falls in from Peterborough, at a place called led Wafhington-Corner, 1 M. beyond which,enter Water-Newton V. of 2 F» on the S.W. Banks of the Ninefiv. and another M. farther, at 7 M. pals thro’ Sibforr, leaving Stibbington between you and the Riv. 2 F. to the Right. At 77’i eroding the Nine, and entring VPantfworth of 3 by and Wittering equally z F. on the Left, at 81*4 you leave the direCier way and between Wotbrop and Burleigh, at 82’y, enter , vulgo Stamford from Stan and ford, y. d. Vadum Saxeum, leafed upon the Welland, and at the conjunction, of the Counties of Northampton, Rutland and Lincoln, in which laft ’tis reputed iituate, being the Principal Town of that divifion of the County call’d It extends about sF. on the R. being a Town of good Antiquity 5 whence the Reman High-Street, or High-Dikey leads to the North, and where temp E, 111. part of the Oxford Scholars, upon a contention between the S. and N. Men of that Univeriity, were fettl’d, and held there publick Schools for all forts of Learning ing ; not returning till by Order of the King’s Proclamation ; fo that the Graduates duates were afrerwards oblig’d by Oath not to Read publickly at Stamford to the prejudice of Oxford ; ’Tis at prefent a fair large flourifhing Town, confiding of divers well order’d Streets jGovern’d by a Mayor, Aldermen, Recorder, containing 6 Parifh Ch. ’Tis Wall’d about, adorn’d with feveral rairStruChares; having 2 good Mts. on A fond. and Frid. for Cattel,Corn, &c. and trading principally in Male, Sea-Coal, and Free-ftone from IC?ntoW'Quarry; It aifo ElcCh Parliament-Men, and gives Title to the Right Honourable Henry Grey E. of Stamford. Leaving the Town, you enter Rutland, and at 84T theaforefaid flraight w r ay falling into the Left 3 pals to C after ton alia* Bridg Caftertcn V. of 3 F. fuppos’<l pos’<l pos’d to be the Caulennis xn Antoninus ; at the entrance into which,juft at 8j M. you crofs a branch of the Welland ; whence a ftraight R. generally open, leaving Titkingtoat at 68 V and Greetbam, at 8 96, each z F. to the Left, carries you thro’a Wocd at 90 M, and within zF. of on theßight,at 91’x and having juft pait another Cops, you enter 91*6. Then leavings. Ch. about 1 M and N. Witham i M. on the Left, (where flv. takes its rife) thro’ a third Wood and Poll: Witham, you come to Coltfworth V. at ?6’z. Whence an open direct R. crofting the faid River, at z6’z. leads between jiotie and Eafion, by great Panton contiguous on the LefCat ioi’x where Roman Pavements have been oftdig’d up, and by its nearnefs to prefum’d to be the ad Fontem in the Itinerary, and Little Panton a F. diftant on the fame; A l lO2 aicend forj F.and iM. farther, pafs by the Spital on the Left, and feme Houles on the Right, juft at 104 M. and 3 F. farther enter , feated in a bottom, and on the W. Banks of the Riv. Witham , a noted Town, with a good Free School built by Rich. Fox Bp. of Winton , and a fair Ch, for its high Spite and feeming crcokednefs, which yet is over-look’d by the adjacent Hills: Vis a Corp. Govern’d by a Mayor and 12 Juftices of the Peace; Electing Burgelies gelies to Pari. Enjoying a good Mt. for Sheep, Corn, Malt, on and a Fairs, vi £. on Decemb. 6th. and on the sth. Mund. in Lent. At the entrance into the Town,a R. turns oft'to Harlexton vulgo Harl , 2M. to the Left, where temp. H. 8. was turn’d up by Ploughing a Golden Helmet of anAntique figure fuppos’d to belongto longto at the other end of theTown,aß. on the Left to Barobey and Belvoir Caftle, on the edge of Lekefterjhs in the pleafant Vale ofße/zw>,abour which are found the Star-like Stones caWdAftroitcs, former ly of great efteem, Victory being attributed to the eftedfs of their being worn. AtioTyleave Gnmto:, whence a gentle Afc. of aboutrMdeads to a F. beyond which, leaving Mathrop i-M.oa the Right, defcendHooc////-Hill and having Sedbrook and Aliington on theLeft,enter F often toxofiy, aThorough-fare of 3F. beyond which Wefiborow appears ~M. on the Right, and atm’4. you come to BenyngtonV . on tbs Right of zM. Thence the feveral Right-hand ways to Vod~ ington. iM diftant, and at 114’;,you enter Nottinghamjh. an open way extending at 11 6 T, to Bulderton vulgo BuniertonSf. and thence a diredl way leads at 118 M* to Newarfa or for diftindtion, Newark upon Trent, as being feated on the S. E.of that Riv. which beyond the Town makes an Ifland. It’s a large and fair Town* Govern’d by a Mayor and iz Juftices of the Peace; claims the Eleftion of Pari. Men; and enjoys a good Trade, and a confiderable Mf. on for Corn, Cattle, &c. with z Fairs, vi^. on Wednefd. ln and 22. It had once a ftately Caftle, built by Alexander Biihop of , now ruinous; ’Tis extended 6 F. and at the end of it,overa fair Br. you crofs Trent fiv. and leaving liellum f M. to the Right, repafs it at izo M. or rather that leparated Branch only, which unites about 1 M. below, and here forms an Ifland as before. At xzi M. pals thro’S. Mu&kum, and atxzz’z.N- Mufkurn, and both Villages, the Trent fM. diftant on the Right: Thus continuing vour Journey, at 123’6, you come to Crwwwe/aThorough-fare of zF.and and Harwell on the Left, at s 25 ’4, enter Carlton upon Trent another Through-fare. Then arriving at Sutton juft ati 27M. leave the Trent, and turning to the Left, pafs thro’ at xzBM. At 13 iTenterTioc/ord, alias Tuxfordin from itsGlaiey fituation;of about 3F. not large, but a Poft-T and good Thorough-fare, a Mt. on Mondays* Backward Turnings to be avoided. I. 3 F. beyond Tuxford, the Left to Normanm. 11. At the end of Carltonwyon Trent the Right to Nowell, 111, izF. ftiortof Newark-, the Right to Vellum. IV, x F. beyond beyond the Right-hand-way. V. At the entring Lhcolnjhire, theleft ig C laypool. VI. roF.fliort of Bennington, the Left to Doddington. VII. At. the end •f Bennington, the Left toWeftbonrw. Vlll. iF. beyondFc/low, the forward way IX. 4F,beyond Grantham , the Left to ßofton. X.Oppofite to Rjrkftoke, the Right and Left. XL At the end of Coltfwortb, the Right and Left. XlLQppolite to Stratton , the Right and Left-hand-ways. XIII. rM. fhort otStamford forward the Street-way. XIV. At the entring Stamford , the Left to Uffington. XV. At the end of Want (worth forward to Stilton a different way.XVI. i M. beyond Water-Newton, the forward way to Peterborough. ' J The Continuation of the Road from LONDON to BARWICK, Com, Northumbr . PLATE, III. Commencing atTuxford iaCom.Nottingham, the City of YORK. Containing 60 Miles 6 Furlongs, ; v The following Turnings are to be avoided. - At 134*7) the Left to Eljey. 141*1, the Right to and the Left acut£ iyi’x,the Right to Cantley. 156*75 the Left to Scaa-rfy..-167*1, the Right to Womerjly. 170*1, the Left to Brotherten. 1714, the Right to Hillum. V** * t* ~ ' - ’ ■,";! ■ ■; t IN the Secondplate, we proceeded to Tuxford, which leaving at 131*3 , by Little Markham,lE.on the Left; a Defc leads to Idle f which crofs,and at 134 M. pafsthro* little Drayton V. Whence entringtheForeft of Sherwood pafs between Elfey and Gamefton, and at 157M.r0 the4oaks; leaving and Morton at a little diflance on the Right; and at 141*3, entring Barnby on the Moor, aV.ofzF. you come next at 1 a z’ 6, to Tarvt>orth, xbeLeftof which appearsß/tt/; aMt-T,' Next at 143*7, pals hySorlby on the Left ati V.ofzF.from which an openway to a Brook at 146*6, where you -enter Torhjhire and Baurty ; a Town of3F. with aMf,on Saturd chiefly noted foritsTrade inMilflones, flones, &c.and here falls in a greatß.on the Left from Mansfield , Bother am &cj Hence thro’a Wood ati/fSM.aftraight and good way leads the Ch-3F. to the Left; aM.farther, leaving High Baders zF. on the fame Hand, enter Doncaftcr at ly yM.of near SF, a Place of great Antiquity, anciently call’d Dantm and Doneceafier , from its Caftle now ruin’d and its fituation on Don fiv. *Jis a well-built Town, Govern’d by a Mayor and 6 Aldermen, &c. Enjoy s a good Trade for Stockings and K,nit Waftcoats, &c. Has a gooddVL. on Saturd. for Cattle, Corn &c. with a Fair oaAuguft 10. and gave Title to fames late Duke of Monmouth, Earl of Done after, &c. ; / . t : * At the end of the Town, crofs thePo», leaving about the W. Rufmrtb, Ssausby and Pigborn fucceflively. Ati6oM. the Street-way falling in on your Left, leads by Robin-Hood’sYlell at 1 61*7, clofe on theßight, and ati 63 *z,f M on the Left .• Then you come to Wentbriige at 165*4,0fzF.0n Went flv.i M beyond which, pafs thro ’Darrington-, theß.inclining to the Right, and leavingtheStreetvray, vray, which leads thro' Pontefract P. brings you at xyo’z to Lerribridg vulgoFeniiriggs,(iM.totheN.E.ofPontefratf)aPoft-Town,on iriggs,(iM.totheN.E.ofPontefratf)aPoft-Town,on theS.fide of Are fiv. over which it has a fairStone-Br. Whence at 4 F. crofs th eMarjh, and come within 1 M-.of Brother ton on the Left, the Birth-place ofthonm of to K. Edward I. Between Between Burton and Pool each M. from the R. you come to Betterefs- Hill at i7?’i a Defcent of F. palling between, Lumney and Mon\Frifton equally rM. from theß. Then enter Milford V. at 1747, of 2 F. and at x near --M 3 good with 3 IVlt. on Sfitutd* 3nd sn Eminent Frsc-Schoolj noted for its Production of Cherries, &c. . , ' • ' . At 177’f. leave Barkflone and at 178, M. each 2 F. on the Right, and at 179’* enter Tolton vulgo Tovcton V. ot near 2 F. where on - Sunday Anno. 1 461 the Houte of Tw-/{,after a dubious ConfuC., obtain d a Signal Victory over the Lancaflrian Party, both Armies confiding in 100000 Men, of whom 3 <OOO are Reported Kill’d on the place. At iß2’3, over afair Stone-Br. crofs Warf or Wherf flv. and enter Tadcajter, the Calcaria in Antoninus , to which, anfwers an adjacent Hill call’d a Town of 3 F.well provided for the Reception of has a Mt, on Thurfd. ana is noted for the abundance pf Lime-ftone here digg’d. up. Whence by Stretch-Hall 3p. to the Right, xM. farther,the Street-way from Tadeafler falls in on the Left,, and xF. beyond, vi\. at 185’?, crofs thro St F. to the W- of which is Bilbrough.l hen palling between As kb am and on the Left, and C and Bijhops-Thorp on the Right, at isio’4, you come to V.of iF. and by the Gallows and 3 Wind mills,enter the Suburbs of at 191'$,Mickle-Gate appears 3F. farther, whence you have r M. to and as far beyond, to the Pavement or middle of the City; which well deferves a particularDefcription.' TO R IC the id. City of the Kingdom, anciently call’d Ebcracum or , by the Romans-, Everwic, and Eofemic, by the Saxons-, Caer Ejfroc by Caer Ebranc by Nennius ; and Brigantium by as being the Chief City of the Brigantes ; takes its Name from Tour or Jims flu. which pafies thro’ it, d. juxta Urum ;’Tis a place of great Antiquity, Laid to be built by Ebrank a Briti(h K. 980 Years before Chrifl's Nativity, whence fome wou’d alfo deduce the word Eboracum-,of great Efteem in the Time of the Remans, being a Colony, and Ration of their fixth Legion call’d Piclrix ;famous for the Death and Funeral Exequies of Severm and Conftantius, and the Birth and Inauguration pf Conftantine the Great, the Firfl Chri/Han Emperor; Preferving and Encreafing its Lulheeven to a Miracle, under the various changes of the Saxons , Banes and Nomans-, and comprehending temp Edrv*Conf.6 Divificns or Wards, and therein 1628 Manfion Houles; but a plentiful (barer in Calamities,both by Sword,Fire and Peltilence. ’Tis pleafantly feated in a large Valley in the fnidft of the Shire, at theCon* fluence of Owfe and F dfsflv. in a fertile Soil and healthful Air; being the Bern <tT Tutamen of the Northern Parts: It’s well-built, tho’ for the moft part-of Wood; Adorn’d with many fair Structures Publick and Private; and Fortify’d with a Caftle and ftrong Walls; It extends S.W.and N.E. and as much tranfverlly ; is divided into 4 Wards,within which are contain’d, befides the Cathedral, 32. Ch.of which 28 in prefent life.- ’Tis Govern’d by a Lord Mayor(as the City of London) r 2 Aldermen Jultices of the Peaces Sheriffs, 24 Prime Council-Men, 8 Chamberlains, 72 Common Council-Men, a Recorder, Town-Clerk,Sword- Bearers, and Common-Serjeant. It enjoys large Immunities, Confirm’d by the Succeffive Ks.of England from H. 11. Made a County Incorporate by R. 11. including cluding 3 $ V- and Hamlets, call d the Ai , all on the W. of the Ovcfe. EleCts BurgelTes to parl.and is Hoqour’dby giving Titleto feveraiPrincesof theßoyal Blood, Particularly to the late K. tfames 11. ’Tis well frequented by Merchants, as feated on the Navigable Orvfe, dividing it into 2 Parts, conjoin’d by a (lately Br.of f Arches, l|of which the middlemofl, is perchance the faireft in England. It hds 4Mts. v/%. oaTuefd, Thurfd. Frfd, Saturd. well provided of Fldb, Fifli, ' Fowl, Fowl, &c.’ And is the Seat of an Arch-Bilhop The old Cathedral, begun by Edwin K. of the Nortbumbers Anno. 527* finifh’d by his Succeffor Ofwald , and Dedicated to St. Peter, being Burnt } the Foundation of the prefeut, was laid by John Roman, and compleatedby his Son , William Melton, and Tkoresby Arch- Bifhops thereof, affifted by the Nobility and Gentry of the Country, efpecially the Percies and Favafors ;’Tisa large Magnificent and Stately Pile of Building-, with a curious Chapter-Route on the N. fide, ofExquifire Workmanlhip. * Backward Turnings to be avoided. I. 2 F. from Tork, the Right. IL iF. from Bilbrougb, the Right to Tadcafler , the Street-way. 111. 3 F. from Tadcafter, the Right to Wingate. IV. 2 M, fhort of Ferribriggs, the Left to Pool, the Right to Burton. V. 7F. fliort of Robin Rood 6 * Well, the Right to Sjielburrow , VI. 2M. beyond Robin-Hood's Well, the Left to Adam-flreet , the Right acute. VII. I*3, beyond Voncafier the Left. VIIL f F. fhort of (and oppofite to) Rojfmgton , the Right. IX. 3 F. fhort of Scrooby; the Right. X. 4F. fhort of Little Dr aim, the Right. XL y F. from Little Bratton , the Left. The Continuation of the Road from LONDON to BARWICK , Com` Northumbr. Commencing at the City ef YORK and Extending to Chefter in the Street Com. Duaelm. Containing 76 Miles 4 Furlongs. The following Turnings are to be avoided. At Iwithout Michjegate Torfi, the Left forward to London, the Right to Popleton. 209’3, Entnng Bunowbriggs, the Left to the Right (for* wardj to Aldborougb. 2l3’s, In Vis ford, the Left to Rippen. 2? 4’4, the Left to the Coal-Pits. 2J9T, the Left to Great Merington. 267*1, the Right toLumley. WE conduced you in this manner to the City of TORIC reckoning from the Standard in Cornhil London , to on the S. W. of that City ipi M. and to the middle of the City about ipz\ : Ey the direft fuperficial ficial Protradlion of the laid R. about 176 M. but the direft Horizontal diftance not above x6z M. This we mention, for that Mr. Norwood, making the faid Horizontal rizontal Diftance 177 M. ftated thence a Degree of Latitude at y which Mr, Oughtrei , by an Angle to the Center of the Earth, reduces to 66 %7, and we incline to believe will not prove above 3 Miles. Our Dimenfuration is continu’d from MiclJegate aforefaid, doubling 5 F.of the R. from London, palling between Popleton on the Right, and Ruff'crd and Hejhw on the Left. Crofting Nidflv. at 1997 over Skip- BrifM. below tfilftborp. Hall, leaving Rjr\-PUmertom 2F- to the left, and Palling thro’ Green-Hamerton V. at 2 x’7, the Road being hitherto direft, indifferently Enclos’d and open* Hence to the Right, leave Wbixhjey 2 F.on the Left, and little Osborn as much on the Right, between which and great Osbo/n., about i* M. on the fame Hand, fpringsChr/e/fo'. which a little below meets the rifingnear the Confines of this County with fEeft more I and,and palling thro Tor/j.after its Confluence with the Trent, it bears the Name of Humber, denoting according to Leland as much as Abef i. e. OJiinm fiuminis\P>\xi going forward, pals by Branton Green,* the Right. and fcnii between Grafton and Qver-Vunsford , by a dire& way at 269*2 to S&otigfa l rl fa vulgo Botrorebriggs, of 3F- on the S- fide of the Tour, over which it has i fair Stone-Br. The Town is not laree, yet commodious, Elefting Pari. Men,and haying a Mt. cn Saturd. THeftfaight R.from Fenibriggs by Ifetherby falling in. here on the Left, laves the Traveller 9 M. of what the way by York enlarges his journey: Halt a M. to the E. appears in the Valley Aldhmgb or Aldbomgh V. ifurium in Antoninas., an eminent City under the and neat u. ceiiaui Pyramidal Stones, 1 oppos'd to be Eredfed by them as a fignal of out calTd The Devil'sEolfs by the Country People of thofe Parts. At the end of the Town, Crofltng theßiv. a flraight open way leads at 21 3’y td PisfordV. whence the R, turns to the Right, and having receiv’d a different way frotn Torh at 214 V, extends to Topcliffzt 2l j’i,a good Thorough-fare cf >or6 F. feated principally on the N.E.of Svmlejiv » upon aConfiderabl's Afc. thro which the R. Raffing irregularly,at 117 M. brings you by zF. on the Left, and at 218 Tto Canon on the McorV. of 3F. the faid River at about fM. difhncti on the LeftjThus over the Moor, and within 1-M. of thresh,* Mt. and Borough- Town on the Right, at zz i M. pafsthro’ S V. and now th (which near this place falls into the Stvals) being at about a like diflance on the Left, forfeveral M. an Encloled Way leading by New feme at 2 F. diflance on this fide, and I {jrkhy at a like diflance on the other fide of the faid Riv. leaVe thelgjlvinions ions on the Right, and Great and Little C between you and the Riv. on the Left, and at 22 9T, enter Northallerton, (A. S. Ealfertoti ) on a Email Brook* which 1 M. below runs into the Wish • ’Lis a Town of 4F. large and well Built* Hledls Parl-Men ; has agreatMt. on VlTdnefi, for Horfes and other Cartel, Corn and Provifions; ’lis alfo a Poll-Town of good Trade. Thus far Amo 4 Steph. Pavidlv, of Scots, Invading Northumberland, March’d at the Head of his Forces* and Spoil’d the Country(the K. of England being othervvife Engag’d by Maud the Emprcfs) but was RepeU’dby Ihurftan Arch-Bp. of Tor/j, EEil/Lm Earl of A niarlt, &c v locoo, of his Men being kill’d, and himfelf w ith his Son Henry, for*, ced to Retreat. Ihe Road continuingEncios’d, pafTes between Panby / Wish,, and ton each iM. diflant 5 till by Lcwfey-Hilt V. contiguous on the Left, on the pitch of a Defc. of 3 F. at 23 y M. you Enter Little Smeton V. of 2 F. theft at the end of it, crofs the Whh, and rM. beyond, you'come to Great-Smeton V* Whence a dried! R. extends at 239 M. to j a Defc. bf z F. and by E reyhotm iF.on the Lett,at 440 M. to Feny over Teesfiv, whereyou Enter NcyfomV. fomV. of 2F. and the Eifhoprick of Pmhavr, This Riv. alone, being the S. Limits of that County Palatine; Then by Hurmrth on the Left, at Z4ST crofs S \erri flv. which taking its rife about 10 M. to the N. falls into the Tees near Er* aM. below th ; s Place: Having pafl the Br. enter Darlington vulgo Dumton of j* F. upon the Road j a large Pofl-Tcwnj having a very confiderable Mt. on Mend* for Cartel, Corn, &c. At Qxenhall near this place, are 3 Pits call’d Hell-hettles? about which the common People relate many fabulous Stories. At the end of the Town, over North-gate- Br. crofs a final! Brook, falling into the Shern, which fetching a compais cn the Right, appears hear the R. again gain at Gcteham or Cotonmundil, which you pals thro’ at 247 V, and leaving Bras, ford alias Braforton, f M. on the Right, come at 249*3 t 0 Ate alias Achhani W of 2F. and at M. to iVcodham V. Then by Ru(fey-Ford, and between iVefl-clofb and Little Chilton , yon arrive at Ferry Hill, alias Ferey futer moment , at ay y’7 a. Vill. of 2F. on the brow of an Hill, of 3F. Defc, Whence by Hen and Crcxdde I F. on the Right ? at 2J9 M. enter Sunderland V, and % F. SUnder I and ■ Br, , . 9 oVefe ; fiver Were fa, Theti by*F4rwe/Houle on the Right, at itjV’j you cars* to the Suburbs of DURHAM. Iying SF. on the Road, leaving the City it felf almo ft Encompafs’d by the Riv.on the Right; Tis well Compared, and contains 6 parifli C'n. befides the Cathedral Dedicated to St. Cutbbert ; ’Tis Govern’d by a Mayor, Aldermen, isrc. and its Principal Me. Is on Satard. The City it lei f drancls on an Eminence in a P’eafantValley, but its Suburbs extend to the bottom :’Tis Walled about, and Defended by a Caftle, ofConfiderable Strength. At 463 M, beyond the Suburbs, a Small Afc.between the Gallows and Mias Crocfishal, Succeeded by another Hill, leads to Durham Moor Village at 2. rs 3 V\v \v hence bet ween He&ion on the Right, and kettle r mb on the Left, pals by Blauj worth contiguous on the Right, at z 66 ’a, and leaving on the Left, eater Ckejier in tlx Street at 16 8 M* ol 4 F- as in Part V. Backward furnings to be avoided. I. 4 F. from DURHAM, the Left. 11. 3 F. from Acl{ham, the Left to Em fori, 111. iz F. Ihort 0 tDarling'on, the Left to B IV. F. from , the left to Imtrn. V. IM. fnoft of Great Sme ton , the Right to and the Left acute. VI. 11 F ftiorc of Honk tiller ton, the Right to Vanby. VJI. IF. from Northallerton, ths Left to Tbni\\, VIII, 4 F. from Topcliff, the Left to TOR IQ. IX. At the end of Burrow bridge, the Right to iVetketbj., X. 4 F.from Burrow, bridge, the Right. XL 4- F. from Green Hamenon, the Right to %Jr\ Hamertiht. til At SRip-Br. the Right to Wooi^rop-hUU. The Continuation of the Road from LONDON to BARWICK, Com. Northumbr , PART V. and Last. tmmndng at Cheßor in the Street, faEpifcop. Dunelm. and Extending to Barvuck a fore laid. Including 71 Milss. In which tire following Turnings are to be avoided. At z 9 l ’7 the Left acute. 31a’/ the Left acute. 319*4 the Leit acute jai’o. the Right acute. 330*4 the Right acute. 334*5 the Lelt acute. TT X the fourth Part, ws came to Cbeflerin the Street, fallely reputed the Mid-way | between Durham and Hewcaftle whichlali.’tis farther by iM) lo call’d from its Situation on the Via publics ; and by the Saxons , C whence Camden iiippoi'es it the Condsfrurn in th <t Hot ; ieated on the W. of the and overlooking Lttmley- Cattle, the ancient Scat of the Lord L about K 4 s Ran ton the other fide of theJßiv. 5 Tis a good '1 horcugh-tare of about 4 F. and affords corvenie’nrßecep ion: Thence at 168*4 about 6 F. farther, pals by Ptloe- Halif fa rnewh-u to tire Right, and keeping the Screet-tway which is dirtdf,_ at 171 M. leave 'Binley, vufgo Buchjs/, on the fame Hand ;'i hen at 171*7 turning to the Left, two Imail Dale. lead at to a Beacon, and 5 F. farther to a Wind-miH on the Right: Whence an eahe Dele, extends at 175*6 toGatejhead, Hi as. Gate fids, as it were the.Subhrbsof Nencajlle-, a Town of great Antiquity, cor lid ing of a fair Street of 4 F. 5 Frs leated on the Banks of the Tine, and call d bp the Saxons Gateskeved, i. e. 'Capree Caput, or Goat’s head, perchance from an 3nn with Inch a S gn. Whence a Rated y Stone- Br. over the Navigable Separating the Counties of Durham wad Northumberland, leads you to. NEWCASTLE, CASTLE, of which take this brief Account, This Town Situate car the Slide of a notableAlc. before the Conqueft wsfscalld Min ft Monkhefter, as belong to the Monk* 5 but at Preient Ne*-CafHe from the Oftfc built there by Robert eldeftSon of William the Conqueror. Tis govern d by a Mayor, iz Aldermen, a Recorder. (Fc. lends Burgefles to perils the Shire-Town for Northumberland; and gave Title of Newwile wile j It coants 4 Parilh-Ch. befides one in ; has a fam Exchange and Cuftom-Houle; Is encompalVd with a flrongWall andyGates; but theCaltle on the Eis now ruin’d; It has two great Mts. on and Saturd. an d 1 ndeed, is a mod famousErapsr Zurich and populous, very muchtrequented by Mcrchams, &c. carrying on a greatTraffick both bySea andLand,but moie efpecia ly for its wonderful Trade inCoals, of which it tr animus feme■ thoulands of bail yearly to the Gity of London and ocher Parcs, Domelnck and * 0 » At 2 7 6’6\>zfs hy OldHeton,and at z?B’y Great Bent bam on theßight: At y EntringN-GoffordV.ottF.and having before left i'-Goifati on theleft; a itreighc and open Way leads at near zB*M. between Blake don 'he Left, and Shottonon the Right, and atzß f 6 to BUth-Br.overßliih or Fontjlv. which rding abou the Wall, empties it felf into the Sea at Bibb's y M. below this Place. .At iß6’i pals thro’ Stannington V.ofzF.and leaving on the High-, a Diredl Road lies, by aCallleon the Left, to mnfpeek atzyo 7 the Gh.and Gallic adjoyning on the Left. Here crofs tFanfpeck flv- which taking its me ab 0 u e middle of the County, andhaving a little above receiv’d, the Font aboUt yM.beiow, falls into the Sea. Then enter Morpeth > a Corp. govern d by w ic fends Burgelles to Pari, and has a great Mt. on fFednefi. for Catcel, Corn, zsrc, Tis aPoft-Town, and a very goodThorough-lare, lying about 4F. on the oa t • Leave the Town atz9i’<J wnere aß.generallv open, and foraewhat more indire6t, re6t, leading by Heborn and Efplcy on the Left, and on the Rig erodes Linsfiv and leaving Caujey on theLelt, paffes a Brook Cf two, and lome Houds at zpy’y. Whence you come to a Village at joi’a of zF- and there crofs theC ocket fiv, which riling on the Confines of this County and running Eallward, receives the Ufwey,Ridley and and by worth Cable, over againft Coket-lftand, difeharges it felf into the Sea. A quarter of a M. beyond the Riv. appears Felton V.oi zF. whence by Acton on the Right, and Newton on the Moor contiguous on the Left; pais between S nipebeufe and FFhittel , thro’ a Cops, and over a Rivulet or two, and at 309 V enter Alnwick, vulgoAawick,neavAln€ t Ale ovAlon flv.not above z F.onthe R.yeta goodThorough-lare, having once a largeCaftle now ruin’d, and near it a decay’d Abby. It has a Mt. on Saturd. and here Anno 1092, Malcolm K;of Scots making an Inroad into Northumberland was Kill’d with Edward his Son, and his Army defeated by Robert Mowbray Earl of that Coilnty. And Anno U74> William K. of Scots Invading England with 80000 Men, was J’tily 7, here Encountred, his Army Routed, himleif made Prifoner, fent to and by K. Henry car™ ry’d to Roan in Normandy, paying 4000 I. Ranfom. . - Atj 10’a crofs th eAlne, which riling ioM. to theW.unloaos it lelt into theSe& theE-Heace fcatter’d Woods and eafie Defc, bring you to an opera! way Reading thro’ Carleton at 315 ’6 till leaving T«»/f«J-Caftle, an® Newjied on the Right sat 3 1 9 6 enter PFarnford V. of zF. One M. farther, leave Edder/ton, alias Atberflen t F. on theßight, and i|-M. farther Mowjevcel zF. on the LeftWhcncebjr the Right,at 31,3*4 enterße/M, a Thoroughfare, fare, and Poll Town. Then by theChappel at 3Z4 M. clofe on the Left, and MU* dleton and Vetcham on the fame Hand 5 at 318 M.pafs by contiguous on the Right 1 \ M. diftant from the Sea, and at 329*4 Fenwick V.zF. on the Lett.' At 33i’i You come to Flaggerjlon Y, of zF. thence by B r Brigg' ' ' C f ' ' ' Mill Mil! On fhe Leit, and Chefwick and Skrim on the Right] ('the laR vvithin IM. of the Sea) at 33S’z thro’ Tweedmouth Then eroding the famous Riv. Tweed, over a long Br. of feveral fair Arches, at 339 M. enter BARWICII n. F. more leading to the Crofs, where our Computation ends. 1 Bewick, alias Berwick, , ancientlyr«e/j, imports, according ULeland, as much as Aberwic, i.e Urbs adoltumFluminir, hutSornner rather deduces it from Berewic, in Saxon, fignifying Corn-Town, of which, lee Mr. Camden at large, ’Tis nor loE* mment for Antiquity, as for being a Town and County of it lelf; and included in Honhumbevland, fho’ fituate on the N-fide of the Riv. Tweed. ’Tis a Place of great Strength, having the Sea on theE. and S.E. and the Riv Tweed on the S.W. encompals’d with a Wall, and fortify’d with a ftrong Caftle; ’Tis large, populous pulous and well-built; Govern’d by a Mayor, Baylitfs and Burgefles; Eiedls Parl-Men ; and has a Very great Mt. on Saturd. for Corn, Salmon, Backward Turnings to be avoided; 5 F. from Barwick, the Right ro Cailjho, and lb to C arlijle. Oppofite to Shjrmstften ften the Left to the Water fide. Oppofite to the Left acute. 6 F. beyond Hagerftov the Right. The Right againft F.beyond IT an ford. the Right. 3 F. beyond Carleton , the Left. 10 F. ftort of Alnwick, the Right. 4 F. beyond Alnwick, the Left. 1 M. beyond Cocketfiv. the Right. At the End of Morpeth, the Left to Shields. At the End of the Right to Kdhough. The Road from LONDON to BRISTOL. i. ,A ' | HE Point of Bearing W. by N. 11, The Diredt Horizontal Did a nee 107 JL M. 111. The Vulgar Computation *74. M. IV. The 11 to Brentford cBj 08 j io’i io’x Honnllovv 02 io jo2’2 123 Colelrook. 0 5 * 5 I 06*4 j 1 B*7 Maidenhead 07 22 087*27*6 Twiford c 6 28 [o7*4! 35*2 Beading 04 32 •!05*04C J 2 Theel 04 36 04 3 : 44*5 \v 00 lb am p‘ on 06 j 4 2 ■ os’6 150 * Thatdicc-m 03 45 { 03*2 ! 53*5 to Newbury 02 47 (03*1 05 6 6 Chilton op 56 op’s o 66'% Kamesbury 02 58 02*7 069*2 Marlborough 04 62 o6’x 07C3 Cain 10 72 12 ’5 088’o Chippenham c 6 77 05 6 093*6 Marjhfield* 07 84 cp*2 1030 BRISTOL xo 94 i2’2 115*2 9 4 115*2 Other-wife by Hunger ford, thus r To Herr bury, as before 47 47 566 s6'6 - s Hwigerford 07 54 cß’r 6T$ Mar thorough 88 62 73’/ Continued to Hunt fa! y Com. Sower fit) thus '» From BRISTOL Comp* Meafurc* to Langford C 9 09] i'2*o 120 Axhridg : 05: 14 05’2- 18V . Hunclpil 08 22 ilo 2^z s > '■ '■ “J j ' * ’* V ... V. ’• V ' , ■ With ti e fevcral Actounts above fpecify’d, take aifo die Pod-miles from Linden to Briftol, thus: Prom London to HounjJow 10 M. to Maidenhead 16. to ra. * •rf \ 6. to Maribmvgh 15. Chippenham xs, and to Brifkl i. In all 104 Miles. . ■ " • - • - Mi {JU* *> * ■* Middlefex, Buchjnghmfti. BarkJh.Wiltj and. contain tile whole R. which erodes the Riv. Brent, Coin., Thames , I Rennet and Avon ; af-, fording in general,a very good way,and frequent TownsandThorough-t'ares The Imfl-OfHce makes this one of their fix Principal Rs. of England, and branches it to the Devices, Bcc. on the Left, and to Smth-Wales,Hereford and Oxf. on the Right-, THF whole R. is compris’d in two Parts, the firft ending at Marlborough in PVihfh. and the fecond at Briftol , continued to Humfpil in SomerfetJl.u We begin with Part I. containing in which, the following Turnings are to be avoided, vi%. At 12’y the Left forward to. Stanes. 24*3 the Right to Wickham. 2 8’ 3 the Right to GLOCESTER. 33 6 the Right to Wargr 36*2 the Right to Sunning. 433 the Right acute. 6i > x the forward Way to Bungerford. 6s' 5 the Right tor^ ward to Lamborn. 71 the Left a different way to Marlborough. In the Way by At £4’4 the Right to Oxford. At the Right. From the Standard in Cornhil , thro’ Cornhil , Cbeapfide, St.P^«/bChurch-yard, 1 Ludgate-jireet, Ludgate-hill, Fleet-(ireet, Temple-Bar, the Strand, the Hay Market and Piccadilly,pafs toßjiighhbY.idge,Renfington andWtf»mer/»7/rb,well frequented by the Gentry and Neighbouring Citizens. Afterwards enter Brentford at 91 both the Old and New feated on Brent flv. at its Confluence with the Thames. Whence by y/oa-Houfe, on the Left, over Small-beer-Green, enter at 12T a good Thorough-fare of 4?. at the end of which, the direct way to Stanes leads to Southampton , Exeter , or any the included Places: On the way extending. Over Homflim Heath, and diillnguifh’d into 1, 2 and 3 M.-Heaths; at 14’* go by- Baron Windham’stto ufe on the Right, and at i6’6' enter Longford V, of 4F, white paffing 4 feparated Branches of the Coin, at 18’y crofs the Coin it felf. Here enter Buckingham]!), and Colebrook (the Pontes in Antoninta) a very good Through-fare, ot about 4F. with a Mt.on IVednefd. at the end of which, lies the* ftraighc way to Wind fori which at Slots 3*4 beyond, appears at Right Angles on the Left, at zM« diftance. From Slots a level R. leads to Maidenhead , firfl croffing ing the Thames at 27 M. and enrring Bankjh. and 3F. farther the Town extended r M* on the R« It has a good Mt, on Wednefd. and a Key to which Barges come from London. 1 ’ “ ' ■ ’ " “ “ A quarter ofaM. farther, the great R. to Glocefier extends to the Right; whence thro the Commons and Woods call’d Maidenhead-Thicket, pafs Harsh itch., and at 3 j’x enter Twiford V. ot 4 F. whence a pleafant way leads at 297 to Reading, ing, fo call’d from the Confluence of the Rivers, asfeattdon the Navigable £ejfnet net near its Influx into the Thames, here crofs’d by 7 Bridges , the faireft and largelt Town in the County, with 3 Parifh-Ch. ’Tis a Cmp. eleding Pad-Men, Govern d by a Mayor, 1 z Aldermen, OT. Eminent for Cloathing and Malting,, and once beautify’d with g rich Monaftery and flrong Caflle. ' ' - Having left the Town on the Right, at 40*4 apleafapt Lane extends to Thai, vulgo meal,q, rf.the Pale, aV. with 2or 3, good Inns, at 44*7. Thence paffingi Inglesfieid, theMarqueis of IVincbefieri Seat near IM, on the Right, a goodWav thro oroad Lanes and open Arable Lands, leads at yo’z to vulgo. I] oollington. Whence a pieafant Way and Profpeft to TbatJham,vnlgo Thatcham,tt n4>3 F. Jong and a good Thoroughfare. Afterwardshaving touch’d upon the &Met, at y<S’y enter that part of Newbury, call’d spir.hamland, ’the Relink of the ancient Spina, whole Rums gave Rife to tfie prefent new town. * ’ *J'L 5 r 4 pal l by Spfinon the Left, and Donn e on theßigh t * Thence be-* P. and W/ckbam-H. at The Left ba? tne Right. the more ulual,« ’-W . • - • ' C 3 • V*'’n , v y r. Coach and Plow-way by Ramesbury \fo that at 6 53 you eater Wiltjh and at 66’ 1 Chilton a Thorough-fare of 4 F. Then leaving it on the Right, and fotnewhat what farther, Littlecot on the Left; at 69 \ pals tnro’ Ramefbury V. of 4 F.and 1 M. farther by Ramesbury-phce , belonging to the Earl of Pembroke ; a lei’s plea- Tant way which at 736 thro’ Middenhal V. brings you at 7 j’x to Marlborough ; as in Part 11. If by Hungerford ; then keeping the direfler way at 6t.\ aforefaid, crofs the Rennet, and come to that part ol Hungerford call’d at leaving ing which, you enter Wiltjh , and by F roxfie on theßighf, pal’s thro 5 Foreft, and over a confiderable Afc. At 73’4 enter Marlborough, and repaying the leaner,fall in with your otherß.at 73 5 7(hortning yourjourney this way nF. ' Retrograde Turnings to be avoided. 4 F. from Marlborough, the Left to Oxford. The Left at the end of y F. from Reading, the Right to Ohjngham.i M. fhort of Maidenhead, the Lett to Merloe. The Road from LONDON to BRISTOL . PART II. Commencing at Marlborough in Wiltfh and Extending to the fiigh-Crofs in BRISTOL ; Containing 39 Miles 7 Furlongs ; with the Continuation to Huntipii Com. Somerfec. Containing 29 Milesli Furlongs. In which you are to avoid thefe forward Turnings. At Bi’r the Left to the Devices. 11. Si’i the Left to 111. 88’i theßighc in Cain to M almsbury. IV. 94 the Left in Chippenham to BATH. V. 107’! the Left to BATH. "in the Continuation to Huntfpil. _ I. At 13’j the Right forward to Church'bill. 11. iß’7 the Right to BRISTOL. 111. i9’3 the Right to Uphil. lV. »i’o the Left to V. ay’f the Right to Caftle Brent. VI. 19 the Lett forward. IN Part I. we conduced youby Hungerford at 73*7 and by R at 7 ft, to Marlborough, alias Marlberge, lb call’d from its Chalky Soil, and Anciently Cunetium , from whofe Ruins it took Rife,#nd was once Fortifi’d with a Caftle fcy K. tfohn Sir-nam’d Sans Terre : Here was once held a Pari, and a Law made for iuppreffing of Tumults, retains the Title of the Statute of Marlborough : ’dhs at prelent a good Town Govern’d by a Mayor,u Aldermen,24 Pari, Men, and gives Title to the Earl of Marlborough '. It has aMt. on Satura. and 3 Fairs; cantains a Parifh.Trades chiefly in Cheele 5 and fiace. its laft Conflagration flagration (for it has often fuffer’d by Fire) Is handfomely rebuilt. Leaving the Townat 75Y and the Lord Seywo«rVHoufe,w}th its fine Mount, as alfo Rennet fiv. on the Left, pafs on the fame Hand, Prefhuter, Manton, C/dtford, ford, F if eld, and Overton ; Viewing, many great Stones difpers’d vulgarly call d The Grey Weathers. Thus a Defc. leading to little Rennet at 80*3 giving Name to the Riv. (which riling near Abury , crofles theß. 2 F. hence) you come Hill. Noted amongfl: thofe other Eminent Hills of the County, yi\. Anns , and Martenfal ; Here the Road to the Devices and Wells lying on the Lett, enter Marlborough-Down ; and at 8 t’j Bechjnton alias Beclikampton V.theß.to Bath, by Sandy-Lane, appearing j F. farther on the Left; Whence over the Downs, repeat* ct s Afc an d CheriL on the Right lead at 87’rto oyer and 4 W beyond, to the Town of C :dn, on the Jaid Kiv. dirty and dilcpatimiM miM hut Elefting Burgefles to Parliament and having a Manser on Repaying theßiv. in the Town, which you leave at 88’a oneM. fanmer, pal's to Smiley ßr. crols the Coin again, and aland a Hul of 5 h whole lop gives a different Way on the Right to Chipnam ; Then proceeding thro .tudly A. at 9 0’7 dele, along a Stone-Caufey at 93*3 to Co/ppcabm^^M bt f”* 7 1 * on the Avon ; over which it has a fair Br. ot 16 Arches; lis a gOCfl f aie Ekfting Pad-Men, with a noted Mt. on Saturd. Hence an eafie Ale, fe-pfe at s6* 1 to a well beaten R. on the Right as tar as Sodbury (and thence by Auft- Smy into Wales.) Then at 08*7 crcß-nca Valiev and’ * Rmok, at ico’j leave Wr ax-Hall Ch. on the Right, and enter Gltcefterjh. at tOl ’3 as alio Marfofidi at ioz’s of 4 F. fituate in a great Corn Country, and on the Moulds, on Tuejd. Whence a ftraight R. by CoLUEafton on the Leif, s-t toTughil a Dele, yielding a fair Prolpeft over the Severn into S. Walts : Then *at 1104 over Biwn-Hill, pals thro’ %i»g*s-Weoi, affording ftore of Pit-Coal, and by Dungeon'Crois enter Briftol at n4l by the way of Lavtfcrds- Gate. BRISTOL a City am! County on Avon fiv. (where it receives the Bjome) over which is has a {lately Br. is a Corp.fending Burgefies to Pari, and govern’d!;/ a Mayor, Alderme i, 2 Sheriffs, Tis Computed Equal to alO part of London , but enjoys a whole 7th part of its Trade; and contains, 11 Pa rift Ch. betides the Cathedral founded by Robert Son to a K. ot remark* Dedicated to St. Auftin, and iupply’d with regular Capons. It was made ah Enifcopsl copsl See by K. HB. with 6 Prebends, andhad a Cafile in'the N. H. part cf jr, Demol ift’d in the lateWars,andfinceßuilt into fair Streets. ’Tis encompals’d with a Wall, and Six Gates; itspiinpipai Key is upon th e From, (whither Ships ofgboue ifoTun arrive(extending fromFrcor/i-Br. to th e Mar fit) the other call’d the Bur/;, upon theW. fide of the Avon., begins at the great Br. alias Briftol- Br. and extends likewife to the Marfo, the greater Velßls riding in Hang-rods about 5 M. below. There are about zoo Sail belonging to the Port, and the chief Trade is manag’d nag’d from Wales, and the* Midland-Countries . They allb keep a Weekly Correfpondencewith refpondencewith Southhampton-, dealing chiefly inTobacco and Sherry .The Streets are Uniform, the Houles well-built, and the Inhabitants Numerous ; lo that'it may well be reckon’d the zd.City of the Kingdom; its Mrs. on and Saturd* Plentifully provided,and its Fairs onSt.jMwzeDs well frequented. The Continuation to Huatfpil. We begin our Computation from the High-Crols in Briftol, which like another other Standard in QornbiU,is the Conjunction of 4 Eminent Streets,whence down High-Str.over the Br. enter Smerfetjh. Then thro’ Redcliff ftreet at 7 F. leave the- Town and 2F. farther, pa fa thro’ Bedminfter V- of z F. At z’j Deicend for y F. and at 4 M. leave Bundrey fituate near 1 M.-on the Right. •At y’y Afcend 6 F whence an unevenß. bringsyou at 9T to a Defc.of i.’ycrofifing fing Ferry- Br. and at izM.paifing thro’ Langford V. Whence a continu’d ridgof Hills on the Left extends to Axbridg , which you enter at jSJVt. ’Tis about 4 H> long con lifting Principally of one Street; is Govern’d by a Mayor, <&ic- has a £0 >d Mt. on Thurfd. and is fituate under the Afend/p-Hilk neac the Rocks At 19 M. come to Grefs V. of 3F. at the Towns end crofting Ax fiv. and vM, beyond, pal’s thro- Lower Were V. of 2 F. At 25V pals by Raft-Brent on the Right, and at z<fz thro* Burnham V. in the Brent-MarJhj At 27*4 leave’ Burnham- Ch. on the Sea-fide about i M. on the Right eroding High-Bridg , and by fever a I Houles, at 29 M. enter Hunt [pH, vulgo Hinjpil. near about 4 M. below ( C 4 •• ■ . ’Bridgwater teffdgftater, and near its influx into the Severn, a good Country-Town, tho’ not Dignify’d with any confiderable Charadler. Backward Turnings to be avoided. / 1 F. from Hunt [pH the Right forward to Marfa f F. fnort of Burnham the Left. At the end of Axbridg the Left to Were. At zff beyond the Right, to Winford, At the end of BRISTOL the Left to GLOCESTER. At 4 ’ 4 fhort t?f Cold Ajton the Left to Dynton. At 2*3 fhort of the Left forward, The Right in Chipnam , a different way to Marlborough, 4 F. fhort of Studley the Right to the Devices. . The Road from LONDON to BUCKINGHAM, Continued to Banbury in Oxfordfii . and thence to Bridgnorth in Shropfh. A '“jp HI: Point of Bearing N. W. 11. The cliredl Horizontal Difiance 128 hi. JL lII, The Computation 105 M. IV. The 142 M. * From London Comp. Meafure. *0 A cion 06 06 oB’3 cB’3 Vxb idg 09 15 io*i 18 4 O9 24 n'o 29/4 "~erdovcr p 6 30 39*l is bury. 04 34 05 'o 44 *( ■- (I Jaydon 06 40 cp’g ; 54*0 O4 44 064 j do’4 jughton 07 5 1 09'2- I 69*6 Comp, Meafure, fo c6 057 077 077^5 Nether Filler ton 09 066 1 2rt c ? $6 Stratford c* 072 oß*o j 097'f Cough* on c 6 078 oso 10&& B 'Om/grovs 09 087 114 118 2: Kedenninfht 08 095 I °p& 1280 Quoc 07 102 I °9 $‘ 1 ?7‘ 5, bxidgnorth 03 I 105 I 04/5 , X4FO Wiih the Branch from Banbury to Campdm Cm * Gloc. Trom Banbury Comp. Msafure* to Shipftcn I o io I4’° 14*0 CampcUn o$ 15 07*0 21/0 Middkfex, Buckingham]!}. Northampton!!} Warn u’Ji}. Stafordjh and Sbropf are the Counties including the R. And the Brent, Coin* 'fame, Owfe . Charnel! , Sahvarp, Stowr, and Sever »£ he Principal Riv. pass'd over: Affording a very good R. to Alesbury, but not lb plealant to Banbury and Brmjgrm? yalufHciencly recompens'd by its goadnels thence to Bridgnorth. THE whole Road is contain’d in 2 Parts, the Firft ending at Banbury Cm. Oxsn. and the Second at Bridgnorth. We begin with Part I. comprehending 77 U. and SF. The following Turnings at be avoided. 1 ' ' . r * \ J ' ■ ■ ‘ , j \ At a’l at the Pound in St. Giles's ,the forward way to 31 at the Right to Fadsngton.ffo the Right to iff 2. the Right to Watford. ford. 20’4 the forward way to Beaconsfeld. 34 '6 the Left to Tame, offi the Right forward in Wendover to DunJiable. 4 6’z the Left to Shipjton. 6-6 7 the Right to Braclffey. j6 J i the Left to BoJjcst. From the Standard in Carr.hill London , along Cheap fide and Hclhorn, the way lies thro 5 Vffnfmgton Gravel-Pit 3 } Sheperis-buff)? Acfon. Hamel? Hoys? Us&ingim and Hxhidz. ‘ * - ' ’ Whence Whence at a o*4 omitting the forward way to Be,icons fid], leave the Laid R ; an enclos’d way, with fev£ral Houfes, leads at 141 to St. Peters Chalfum vuho, Cbafforn V. of aF. At rrols a Brook running near 2 R and c R beyond thro’ part of St. Giles’s Chalfmt: Whence over a Branch of the Coin, certain draggling Houfes bring you at 29*3 to , of 4 F. fo call’deither from its being fhelter d by Oaks, or Built by one Agmuni ; being feated in the Chiltern (that part of the Country known by that Name, and lying toward Punfiable) ’Tis a good Borough-T. fends Burgefles to Path and contains near 200 Houfes, with a free-Scnool and 4 Almi-Houfes, aMt. Tuejd. and z Fairs on Whitfun-mmda y 3 and on September 8, ■ t At 3 % 1 pafs thro’ Little Miffenden V. thence by leverai Houfes, and over zor 5 Brooks to Great Miffen den at 34*2 of j-M. and a good Thorough, fare. At 387 enter Wen dove oi* 4F, a Borough-T* of about iyo Houfes: It fends Burgefles to Pari, has a Mt. on Thurfd. and 2 Fairs vt\. on May Day, and a Week before Miobaslrnafs. Thence an enclos’d Way for the mod part, le ids at 4 ?y to Walton, adjoining to Alssburyjnezt the confluence or a namelels Brook with the Tame) in Saxon Aglesburgb' 3 a well-built Borough-T. containing about 400 Houfes ; Electing Members to Pari. The Affixes are there kept for the County ;it has a good Mt. on S a turd, and 3 Fairs. vi\. on Saturd. before Palm-Smday, 'fiune r?. and Septemh 4. and gives Title to Robert Earl of and Elgin, At 44*4 leave the Town, and T M- farther, the Gallows on the Right: At M. ctoi'sTmeflv. which rifes about 4 M. to theE. and near whofeßan h<g>uerendon appears x F, to the Right. Whence an indirect for the moff part open, indifferently differently Arable, and Failure, leads at y 4 M. to Eaji Claydon V. of 2F. At crofs the Orvfe over a Stone-Br. of Arches and enter aCorp. govern’^ by aßailiff, 12 Capital Burgefles &c. It contains about 500 Houfes, fends Eurgefles gefles to Pari, and has a noted Mt. on Saturd. with 6 Fairs, vi% on S t.Manhim, Sr. Mark., thurfd. in Whitfon-xceek, St. Peter’s, St. Bartholomew and St. Simon and 4ude Repaying the Ovtfe leave the T. and by the Lady Smith’s Houle and Park and Hatley- Ch. on theßight; at 6$ M. you cometoTinewldi V.A1 64 entrins Oxfordfh pafs thro ’FenmoreY. whence the moll part of theWayopen Paflure, ent ring North amptonjh, at 66’y leads to Shr ought on, at 695 a V. of 2 F. and apretty Thoroughfare. fare. - . * -At 717 pafs thro ’ Ayne, extending 2F. on the R. and eroding CkameU at 7 3’2 ovetHdl Br, of 6 Stone-Arches,re-enter OxfordJh.keeping theCbamel on the right, and leaving the forward wayon the Left to Bodicot-, At enter Banbury on the W'fide of the ChameU ; a Large and well built Town, containing feveral goodlnns 5 Govern’d byaMayor, Recorder, 12 Aldermen (of whomone isChani berlain and 3 Juftices of thePeace)and 6 Burgefles j Its Mt; on well flor’A with Provifions; and it vi\. on Holy Thurfd. Corpus ,L am as-da v Thurfd. after Twelfth-day, and Firft Thurfd. in Lent-, belides two others now difus’d* . . Backward Turnings to be avoided. |,F* from Banbury,t he Right to Adderhuty. 11, IF.beyond theßight tol.ond™' 111. y F. fliort of Fenmore the Right to Tame. IV. At theend o (Buchi*rh*™ the Left to Little Harwood. V, 2F. beyond E. Claydon the left to VI. 4M. beyond E. Claydon the Right to Henley. VII. At the end of the Lett to Sivakeley. , VIII. 4F. fliort of Hellingdon the Right to Colebrnnh IX. In Hanrtel the Right to Breyitfcrd X. In AH on the Left to Wilfion Xr* i&^nfingion-Qrafrel-pitA the Right to ■ . * A * f - ' - * ; ' . T h e The Continuation of the Road from BUCKINGHAM to BRIDGNORTH in SHROP SHIRE. PART II. and Last Commencing At Banbury in Com. Oxon. and Extending to Bridgnorth afore [aid. Containing 6 4 Miles 3 Furlongs, * With A branch from Banbury to Campden Com. Gloc. containing z x Miles. The following Turnings are to be avoided, Ar 78 ’3 the Right to Southam. Sy’2 the Left to Ofjerton. 10,1’7 the Right to Afton. 104 T the Right to Au neton. 1150 the Right to n B’, the Left to Worcefter. 118’6 the Leix to Wonelier .> the Left m Radley. dley. 13j’ 7 the Right to CUverly. , 3 **, the Left to In .the Branch to Cmpien'. At 2’y the Right to Stratford. 4*4 the Left to B’x the Left to Sibber ber ts. io’4 the Right to Stratford. WE came to Banbury in Part I. whence an open R. at 79V to Drayton V. then eroding 2 Brooks, an indifferentftraight Way for the mod part open,Arable pen,Arable and Pafture, by Wrox ton Ch. on the Lett 1 F. Hornton on the Right z F. and Offerton on the Left 6F. entring W at 84T, leads to a Dele, of 3 F. where K. Charles I. 23. Ocieb. 1642 , having fet up his Standard at Nottingham, with his Forces there rais’d, fought the Parliament Army, Commanded manded by the Earl of Effex, to whom the Field was left with equal Lofs. ' Leaving Ejneton a Mt. Town about z M. to the Right, on a R. like the former, by Tifess and Oxhul Chs. 4 E. to the Left ; at 89*5 you come to Nether of a F. croffingthe F ofs-way at 90’6 and entring Over or Upper Eatington Vi of 3 F, at 9T3. Hence a ftraight Way at 97*3 toaStone.Br. of 13 great and. tffmall Arches over the Avon fiv. to Stretford alias Stratford upon Avon, a well-built Town containing taining near yoo Houles, having a large Church and a Chapel of Eafe built by Sir Hugh Clapton , Ld. Mayor of London , and an Alms-Houfe founded bv K. Edw» VI. It Trades much in Malt; is Govern'd by a Mayor, Recorder, High Steward, j 2 Aldermen, of whom 2 are Juftices of the Peace, 12 Capital Burgeflls, has a great Mt. on Thurfd. y Fairs and feveral good Inns. Thence thro’ an open Way generally Heathy between and crofs Jlne fiv. at 104 1 leave Great Auneton-Ch.on the Right, and a little after oer, vulgoAifter \M. diftant on the Left; a Town and Corp. having a Mt. on Tuefd. At io6’i by force Houles crofs the fiv, which here joining the Aim falls into the Avon at the edge of the County: Then thro’ V. of near 5P- t an d by the Floule and P. of Sir Francis Throgmorton on the Right, at 108’y pdfs by Samhorn \> on the Left, and at 110’y thro 5 Crabs Crofs V. at the end Of which enter TEorcefterJhire, leaving Jp/7e>. Church 9 Furlongs on the Right. At in’7 pafs thro 1 Hed/eyj-Cro/j V. thence over and leaving Fac^enham- Ch. 4 F. on the Left. At thro’ V. and bv Tardoicli-Ch. 1F- to the Left, come at 118 M. and thro’ Tcutnel at 116 Ad. to Bromfgrovs, on Salwarp extending 4F. on the Road ; a large T. containing about bout 400 Houfes, and driving a Confiderahle Trade in Clothing j’Tis Govern’d by a Bayhff, &c. has a good Mt. on Tuefday for Corn, Crc- and 2 Fairs, vh. on Midsummer day , and Aug, ♦. p rom T>om Bromfmve an indireft R. by feveral Houfes leads at 123*4 to Cheddeflyy v 7 F farther to Wmerfould V.and 9 F. beyond that t V. Whence by other Buildings you come at 1 27*5 to Rjiderminjier,aim Reddermnjier, of about , M on -WV* Much rifing near the Confines ot the County, receives the SmkaL pa fifes by Smbridg, and 3 M. below, alls into the Severn) a large comffi ffi and well Inhabited Town, containing about too Houfes, driving a great Trade in Cloths and Stuffs, and having a very good Free-School, with 2 Matters, tn Alms-Houfe given by Sir Edmri Blunt, and another by. Sir Edward Clear • *Tis Govern’d by a Bayliff, 12 Capital Burgeffes, zy Common-Council-Men, Q> e% has a good Mt. on Thurjdays, and 3 Fairs, vt\. on , 5. Days after Whitlontide, and St. Bartholomew day. At in’ over Red Hill o' 3F. at the toot of which you enter Stafford]},, and j*/* farther Shropff. at 13?? come to Thence by feme Houles, at 137 5 toW v. and at 1y A another V. Then palling over part of Af»/ r Pnrdt enter BRUGES aim Bridgnorth at 141 M.on Severnfiv. over which it ha s 1 laree Stone- Br- of? Arches, that divides it into the Upper and Lower T.Tis a Corn. Govern’d byzßayliffs, 2 4 Aldermen,4&Common Council Men,2Chambcriains,andzßridg-Menj iains,andzßridg-Menj containszParifhes,hasa« K ;1 . The Branch to Camp Jen. From Banhury thro’ the Wett-Gate, at I*3 pafs to ft Newton V. of 2 F. and at A’jShutford V with an Inn, whence an open Way at 6% to an Afc of 6 F. lo OWT Sibbertf-n. at 8T ent’ring ffamiclff,. .defeend a large Hill of 1 1 F. at the Foot of which lies Brakes V. of IoF. on the R. having an Inn or two. Thence a ttraight R leads at 13 ’d to a Stone Br. of 6 Arches over Stour fiv. where you; enter an Included part of IVonefterfh. and alias upon Stour, a fmall Town, yet enjoying a good Mt. on Saturdays, and one Fair on St. Bar~ ™%om Shipton, the way for themoft part open, Re enter Warwicffff. atjj’r, 1 and at iB’i defeend 3 F. to Campden at 20*4 of 6 F. Backward Turnings to be avoided. I. 2 F. beyond Brakes, the Right acute. 11. At the entring Oxford]},, the Left to * Stratford. 111. 4 F. beyond N. Newton, the Right to TV. At the end of Bridgnorth, the Left to Birmingham. V. 1 F. beyond Allam-Br. the Right to Bewdley. VI 6 F beyond, the Right to VII. At the end of minfier, the forward to IVorcefier. VIII. 1 M. Ihort of Cbeddejley, the Right to Rufho\. IX. x F. farther, the Left to Bell-Broughton.X. At the entring Cbeddejley, the Left acute. XL 4 F. beyond Cbeddejley, the Right to Droituich. XII. At the end of Bromfgrove, the forward to Coventry. XIII. In , the Left to Warwick, xfv. In Coughton , the forward to Aulcefter, XV. In Filler ton, the Left to l^jneton. The Road from LONDON to St. DAVIDS. On the Sea-Coast in Pembrokeshire, South-Wales. I, r T' He Point of Bearing W. by N. 11. The Direft Horizontal Diftance uy, I M. 111. The Vulgar Computation zoy M. IV. The Dimenfuraiion 169*1* Front From London Comp* Meafare. to Brentford 08 08 io’i io’i ii 011 ni low 02 10 02’2 i 2 ’S Colebrooli cj 15 06’4 18’/ Maidenhead 07 22 oS’7 27 '6 ■Henley c 7 29 * c 8 t 55 ’7 Dorchefter 12 41 13*4 49^ *s4biugton P 5 46 cd’o ys’3 Faringdon to $6 13*2 68’5 Lechlade x>4 60 06 o 74 5 Fairford 02 62 03*4 78’* ; Jarnefley 04 66 05 ?6 837 GLOCESTER 15 81 iB’3 1 o 2 ’2 Micbel-Dean 08 89 ? n’s 1137 Covtrd o 5 95 os’o 1217 Monmouth 06 99 o>>i 127^0 • / . Corap. Meafcre. roNew.Church o? 108 , 2 v> , Catts-Alh 05 1,3 073' j 14L 05 i,6 04,’5 , 51 -| Cardiff jo 126 I(J . H. Nicholas 05 131 06’, ,4’J Co-wbndg 05 ,56 o6> o ,75'f Corntown 04 14° o 5 > 4 jg 0 v Aherdvon 10 150 l5 ’ 2 Burton-Ferry c 2 r s z oj> 3 ,9/2 04 1/6 0 5 >2 202*4 LJwMy o 9 5,!= 5 21V1 y 06 J 7■ °B’r 222'4 Llanilutfan 04 275 o(’i 097 V Haverford PVeJi -2o 195 2 J^ St, Davids 13 207 15’ 2 2^9’/ Miiilefex BM. Oxford'fb. Glocejierfo. Monmouth fh. Glamor?anlh Carman henjh and Pembroke ft. are the Counties through which you pals and the Brent, Coins Thames, Severn, Wye , Monona, Xhrothy, Usk, Ebway, Rempney' Tave, Elay, Enemy, Ogmore, Heath, Tange, Thlu, Lougbor, Dulas, Gmndrath.Vaur Tom Tave, Clethy and Dungledey , are the chief Rivers croft over: affording eC nVa!V good way thro’ the Three ftrft Counties; indifferent thro’ Oxford and Glice ce ft erfh. but thro Wales more uneven and Mountainous, the latter part of it e- Ipecially, which is often interrupted by Ferries, &c. ■ Some take the Brijiol R. to Chippenham, and thence by Sodbury,Auft Ferry and Chepjtow : others more rarely by Framlode or Nemaham-p/faze • ;and lome again by Brecknock and Carmarthen. ■ ° ’ The Computation of Poll-Miles anlwer nearly the Dimenfuration.but the Road varies thro Cirencefter and Us\, Extending only to the remainderbeiny lupply d by a branch from Monmouth to Brecknock, Carmarthen and Pembroke. i ■ " THE whole Road is compris’d in 4 Parts, the i/i. ending at Abirgton in Burffy}, the idf st. MotiMouto , the zd. &X Button-Ftr/v* and the* Ath Qr • •• Mff be ßi» «.W the Pirft Containing „M. } F 'in which thtfollowl ing Turnings are to be avoided, vt%, ■ t At n'y the Left-forward toStanes, io’o The Right to iVer. * o ’ 4 the Left to Windfor, 28'i the Left to Reading, and fo to 29T the Left to Readirer V’6 In He,/, the Left to Gray,. |f •<, Ac the end of H ml,. the RighttS lon. 4 o 2 Entermg Nettlebsd, the Right to Tame. 4 z’ 4 the left to Wallin?ford 49 5" At the end of Dorchejier, the Right to Oxford. *' From the Standard in Cornhil, thro ’ Comb il, ,St, Church tudgate-ftreet , Ludgate Hi//, F leet-ftreet,Temple Bar, the the Hay-Marhtold Pickadilly, at 3 -, th* Way from by St. fal your Left j whence by WA-P** to the-Right; much Rented bvrteNoK gentry; at 3 * t<> I inights-kidg, and at 4 ’y to where William 111. kept his Court. _ wnere a. Beyond the and at ;’2 a Seat of the Earl of Holland appear on the Right: At f, come to mmmpmhh, where,as alfoa t cfe// t; , K „,>i„ P S Ke”fetw^ c .»re the Sommer Rehdencaof diver, of the Nobility, Gentry anf ealehy CitiZvhs . Whence thro 1 Turnam-Green, leaving the M. nd ?“'«-Courto„ the Left, and at Sufoh* Me'intU oa?he Righ" e«er oS du,t Ur,, or Bora ford at y i and at 9 a Hw.’Qcfytfo having a good Mt, on Tim days*. v ; ' . ? s * “• * ? *■" ; V" . « * 1 * '«■ v » ** % '.a * *: * ■ • * ; I# * 1 W • , « -f .«v <•> 5 > ■ . ' ■ ■ • ■ * ■ They They lye together iM. on the Road, and are Eminent for an Aflault here gf* ven the Panes by K. Edmund I ronfide, and an Engagement between K. I, and the Parliament-Forces November i z tin 1647. ■ I*- Hence by SVo«-Houfe and Ijileworth vulgo Thijllenorth on the Left, thro’ Houn* flow, and over Hounjlow-H. to Longford and Colebmk , whereat 18’y you enter "the Town and crol’s Colnflv. which riling near at the conjunction of Hartford and Bedfordjh. palles by St. Albans , Watford, Uxbridg , and this plac(* s and near Stanes falls into the Thames. At 22*3 you are in S low. Whence z M S. appears Windfor , fo call’d from Its winding Shore, plealantly feated on theTham Dign’fy’d with a ftately Caflle and Royal Palace, aChappel, a College, and Houles for 18 Poor Knights; a Park and Foreft adjoining. Here alfo is kept St.Gewge’s Feaft at theCerernony of Inflallitig the Knights of the Noble Order of the Garter. ’Tis a Corp. Govern’d by a Mayor, &c. fends Burgeffes to Parliament,and has a Mt. onSaturdays. From Slow, leaving Stok?, Farnam , Burnham , Hicham and Toplar on t
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