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  1. HIST281 - Significance of the White Rose Group/Movement

    How significant was/is the White Rose group in Germany?

    My main archival collection I have researched for this question, is the German Resistance Memorial Centre, as here is where I got all six of the White Rose leaflets. Reading these helped me analyse how the White Rose group aimed to achieve freedom. The leaflets also show how significant the White Rose still is today, as what was written is still relevant to today's society and can be used in other types of resistances they are encourage people to stand up for what is right.

    I have also looked at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany, the university in which the White Rose movement was formed by fellow students, these sources include 12 and 13. This online source describes what the movement was, who was involved, how it started and particularly its significance to Germany, even the strong significance it still holds today for German people. The White Rose movement gave people a sign of hope, the fact that it was formed by young university students also shows that the young generation of Germany will stand up for what it right and fight against Nazism.

    My other primary sources are newspapers articles published years after the execution of the people from the White Rose group. They are significant to my research question since they are published after the movement, showing that people were still talking about. The newspaper articles show us that people still referred to the courage of Hans and Sophie Scholl, when they were in times of doubt they thought about the courage of these young Germans.

    My sources are relevant to my research question, as they are evidnce of the strong significant that the White Rose group holds, as we can see later generations of university students gained the courage to stand up for something, as they are inspired from courage that the White Group had.

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    created by: public:c.razmovska 2018-08-27
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  2. HIST389 - Russia (Bolsheviks)

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    created by: public:c.razmovska 2019-08-22
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