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H.M.S. DREADNOUGHT. (Article), The Sunday Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1903 - 1910), Sunday 15 April 1906 [Issue No.159] page 3 2019-09-15 14:08 displacement -have refused to assent "»
f-"sr information 1s fartitcctntos.
displacement have refused to assent until
fuller information is forthcoming
U.S. Navy Another Dreadneught LONDON, Saturday. (Article), Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954), Sunday 20 May 1906 [Issue No.437] page 5 2019-09-13 14:37 , . : Another Drf^wiht k
1* Tfeô j América» «Otièe of B^refeeatai.
tives has voteá, JÈÔ,0^0,<)(H> fot ti»,
builáiiSg of, 'a háttleshíp' ld fntipass
| 3Í.íí.g. Dreadnought, ihp »iost po"yrer
! Viaa^-War in $bfe world. ' . }
Another Dreadnought
The American House of Representa-
tives has voted £2,000,000 for the
building of a battleship to surpass
H.M.S. Dreadnought, the most power-
ful man-o'-war in the world
H.M.S. DREADNOUGHT. (Article), The Sunday Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1903 - 1910), Sunday 15 April 1906 [Issue No.159] page 3 2019-09-13 14:03 Admiral Dewey pud ills professional asso
altering- ttoe- design of .t.-he two battleships),
Michigan and South Carolina; each wtai a
construotlon, to something more closely re
sembling- the Dreadnought 4a size and arm,
Admiral Dewey and his professional asso
altering the design of the two battleships,
Michigan and South Carolina; each with a
constructlon, to something more closely re
sembling- the Dreadnought in size and arma,
FASTEST BATTLESHIP. H.M.S. DREADNAUGHT. LONDON, October 7. (Article), Zeehan and Dundas Herald (Tas. : 1890 - 1922), Tuesday 9 October 1906 [Issue No.305] page 3 2019-09-02 17:36 In her trial runs H.M.8. Dread
In her trial runs H.M.S. Dread

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  1. Battleships

    I like battleships and naval history so here we go

    6 items
    created by: public:CallumLowbridge 2019-07-30
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  2. HMS Dreadnought

    Research Question: How did the launch of HMS Dreadnought in 1906 effect American battleship construction?

    The launching of His Majesties Ship Dreadnought in the United Kingdom on the 10th of February 1906 sent waves throughout the world of warship construction. These waves were felt across the Atlantic Ocean in the United States of America. It is important to note that the idea for an ‘all big-gun’ dreadnought style of battleship had existed in concept in the United States for just as long as it had in Great Britain. In fact, the US had actually begun the construction of theirs first in the form of the South Carolina class. However, it was a slow-going process, as outlined in source 4, and the UK beat them to the punch and were the first to launch this new style of battleship. Many newspapers in the United States and elsewhere wrote of Dreadnought. Several of them, gathered in large part from the American Library of Congress’ ‘Chronicling America’, reside in this list serving as valuable primary sources describing the effect on American shipbuilding had by HMS Dreadnought. Many of these domestic newspapers, such as sources 1, 5 and 8 spoke especially positively of the Dreadnought, with several describing her as the ‘greatest ship in the world’. These articles, such as source 1 in particular, often wrote also on the United States’ Congress’ need to match the United Kingdom in its powerful new battleship, and of its plans to do just that. Source 1 speaks of Congress’ willingness to spend more than the $7,500,000 Dreadnought cost, and of their plans to make their answer to the vessel both heavier and longer. A more official account of Dreadnought’s effect on the naval industry can be found in source 2. This source is another newspaper article which serves to detail the appearance before Congress of US Navy Admiral George Dewey just a month after the launch of Dreadnought. In this appearance Admiral Dewey used the Dreadnought as a plain example of why the United States Navy must increase its naval capacity by building battleships that at the least matched the weight and firepower of HMS Dreadnought. The USA would indeed begin constructing battleships to challenge the hegemony of HMS Dreadnought, such as the Delaware class mentioned in source 4 and discussed as the 'Fore River Ship' in source 5. Given this fact, and the analysis of the primary sources collected for this list, the effect of Dreadnought on American shipbuilding is clear and profound. That being the continuous construction of new, larger and larger battleships. Dreadnought’s impact on shipbuilding can be seen in something as simple as its name. These new styles of battleships would become known as ‘Dreadnoughts’ the world over, and those that came before would don the title of ‘Pre-Dreadnought’.

    14 items
    created by: public:CallumLowbridge 2019-09-13
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  3. HMS Dreadnought and American shipbuilding

    9 items
    created by: public:CallumLowbridge 2019-09-09
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  4. The Great White Fleet and White Australia

    Compilation of primary sources for HIST281 Research Project
    "How did Sydneysiders react to the arrival of the Great White Fleet in 1908 and how was this reaction shaped by the White Australia Policy?"

    20 items
    created by: public:CallumLowbridge 2019-10-24
    User data

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