Downloading from the ANBD

As a Trove Partner, you can create and enrich your library's catalogue records by drawing on the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD), containing over 52 million items.

There are several ways you can download records from the ANBD.

Downloading a single record

You can download any record from the ANBD by selecting the 'Download' button when viewing the record via Libraries Australia Search. You can choose between a text file, MARC, or citation format.

Search the ANBD from your own catalogue

You are able to search the ANBD from your local library management system via the Z39.50 protocol. To do this you will need to be a Trove Collaborative Services Partner and your local system will need to both support the Z39.50 protocol and be setup to connect to the ANBD.

You are then able to connect directly to the ANBD and search for resource records and save them to your local system. For more information, please contact Partner Support.

Downloading multiple records

If you wish to download more than single records you can search via Libraries Australia Search for records meeting certain criteria. You are then able to select these records in the Search interface and download them as a file. This file can then be loaded into your local library system.

The Libraries Australia Search manual provides further guidance on search strategies.

Downloading large numbers of records

You are able to request a product, which is a file of records that have been retrieved from the ANBD based on particular search criteria, for a large set of records. These can be one-off requests or can be set up for regular intervals.

These can be for bibliographic or authority records.

For more information, visit the Partner Learning Hub or contact Partner Support.