A complete listing of pricing tiers appears in Schedule 5 of the Trove Collaborative Services Terms and Conditions

Fees are calculated using three activity measures:

  1. number of your records held in both Trove and the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD) at a single point in time;
  2. level of interlibrary loan activity averaged over three years – including both items requested and supplied;
  3. number of ways we ingest data from you to our services -  your ‘harvest streams’. These streams may include:
    • automatic uploads to the ANBD,
    • CBS/Cataloguing Client, and
    • automatic uploads to Trove, such as a collection of images or a university repository.
  • Members with no measurable activity against the above measures come under Tier 999.
  • Members whose only activity is interlending come under Tier 888.
  • Downloading records for copy cataloguing is not one of the activity measures used. 

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