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  2. Family Notices

    {No abstract available}

    Family Notices : 63 words
  3. Advertising

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    Advertising : 679 words
  4. Meat by the Sorrento.

    LONDON July 14.—The frozen meat by the Sorrento has arrived in good condition. The contractor is retailing the meat direct to the public in a thawed condition. ...

    Article : 36 words
  5. Shipping.

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    Detailed lists, results, guides : 276 words

    LONDON, July 13 (12.47 p.m.).—Tremendous fires are raging in Alexandria, and the entire city is now in flames. ...

    Article : 39 words
  7. Monetary and Commercial

    LONDON, July 13.—Consols remain at 99 [?]. The weekly returns of the Bank of England published to-day show the porportion of reserve to liabilities to be 39 per cent., and the total reserve ...

    Article : 108 words

    LONDON, July 14.—News has been received here, that the new fast China tea steamer Glenlyon has gone aground in the Suez Canal, which has now blocked all traffic ...

    Article : 63 words

    LONDON, July 13.—Earl Kimberley, the Secretary of State for the Colonies, has consented to grant an interview to the Maori ambassadors from New Zealand on the subject of their ...

    Article : 37 words
  10. The Borehole Award.

    WE made, on Thursday, the gratifying announcement that the arbitrators in connection with the Borehole strike had given their award; and though the news thus communicated may not ...

    Article : 1,003 words
  11. Terrible Railway Accident in Russia.

    ST. PETERSBURG, July 14—A terrible railway accident occurred to-day on the St. Petersburg and Moscow line, which resulted in a fearful loss of life of passengers and officials. The train ...

    Article : 53 words
  12. (FROM THE "AGE.")

    LONDON, July 13.—The recent heavy rains and tempestuous weather have seriously affected the prospects of the English harvest. In the midland counties disastrous floods have occurred, ...

    Article : 73 words
  13. Flight and Massacre of Europeans.

    LONDON, July 13.—After vainly seeking refuge in the Ottoman Bank, the Europeans fled to the sea shore, where a large number were rescued by the fleet in the harbour, but 100 of the ...

    Article : 54 words
  14. Along the Wharves.

    {No abstract available}

    Detailed lists, results, guides : 487 words
  15. The Australians in England.

    LONDON, July 13.—The Australian cricketers were to have commenced a match against eleven of the United North of England to-day, but were unable owing to heavy rain, which fell all the ...

    Article : 39 words

    LONDON, July 12.—A terrible catastrophe has occurred in Monte Video, the capital of the republic of Uruguay, South America, resulting in the death of a number of people. A ...

    Article : 102 words
  17. The Egyptian Army Demoralised.

    LONDON, July 13.—The Egyptian army has become completely demoralised, and is retreating into the interior. ...

    Article : 21 words

    LONDON, July 13.—Although according to previous advices the Khedive, who had elected to remain in Alexandria, was unharmed, further more authentic information from the city shows ...

    Article : 110 words
  19. Assistance to Europeans.

    LONDON, July 13.—Admiral Seymour is landing a force to render aid to the distressed populace of the beleagured city. ...

    Article : 25 words

    LONDON, July 12.—The new steamer built to the order of Messrs. James Deane and Co., of Melbourne, for the Port Phillip Steamship and Hotel Company (limited), has been successfully ...

    Article : 58 words
  21. Bedouins Plundering the City.

    LONDON, July 13.—The Bedouins are looting the principal buildings of the city, and have carried off thousands of pounds worth of property. ...

    Article : 27 words

    All matters in connection with the defences of Port Phillip are being pushed on. Sir Samuel Wilson and Mr. Howard Spensely will most likely be appointed honorary ...

    Article : 142 words
  23. The Egyptian Losses.

    LONDON, July 13 (10.30 p.m.)—The Khedive, with Dervisch Pasha, the Turkish Commissioner, are safe on board one of the British, ironclads. ...

    Article : 29 words
  24. The Grand Square Destroyed.

    LONDON, July 13, 5.3 p.m.—The Grand Square and the European quarter, including the Exchange and Telegraph Office, of Alexandria, have been entirely destroyed by fire. ...

    Article : 31 words
  25. The Mails.

    {No abstract available}

    Detailed lists, results, guides : 147 words
  26. Alexandria Burning.

    LONDON, July 13.—The latest reports from Alexandria fully confirm previous telegrams to the effect that the city is burning, owing to numerous incendiary fires which have been lighted ...

    Article : 75 words
  27. The European Massacre.

    LONDON, July 13, 5.3 p.m.—One hundred Europeans and other Christians, who took refuge in the Ottoman Bank and adjoining buildings, were brutally massacred by the infuriated native ...

    Article : 37 words
  28. Horrible Accident.

    Yesterday afternoon an old resident of this district, Mr. William Oakman, was ascending a ladder with a hay knife in his hand, when the ladder gave way, and Oakman fell. He came ...

    Article : 66 words
  29. An Exploring Force Landed.

    LONDON, July 13, 5.3 p.m.—An exploring party of marines has landed from the British men-of-war, to render succour to surviving Europeans. The city is still burning. ...

    Article : 33 words
  30. Landing of the British.

    LONDON, July 13.—In consequence of the spread of the conflagration, Admiral Sir F. Beauchamp Seymour is now landing a body of 600 men from the various vessels under his ...

    Article : 47 words
  31. Commercial.

    {No abstract available}

    Detailed lists, results, guides : 483 words
  32. Newcastle News.

    The jury returned a verdict of accidental death to-day, with regard to the death of a miner named Michael Hanley, killed at Wallsend pit yesterday. It seems he was ...

    Article : 129 words
  33. Help for Survivors.

    LONDON, July 14, 6 a.m.—Latest advices from Alexandria state that the city is still burning in several places, and that 600 marines from the British men-of-war have landed and are parading ...

    Article : 66 words
  34. Retreat of the Egyptians.

    LONDON, July 13.—The news of the evacuation of the forts in the city of Alexandria by the Egyptian troops is fully confirmed. It is reported chat the soldiery are now massed outside the ...

    Article : 42 words
  35. The Forts Mined by the Egyptians.

    LONDON, July 13.—From information which has reached the Admiral, it is suspected that the forts in the vicinity of the town and inland have been rained by the Egyptians, in anticipation of ...

    Article : 46 words
  36. The Egyptian Losses.

    LONDON, July 14, 6 a.m.—It is estimated that the number of Egyptians killed during the bombardment of Alexandria is fully 2000. ...

    Article : 26 words
  37. The Khedive Invited to Restore Order in Alexandria.

    LONDON, July 13.—It is reported that the Imperial Government has telegraphed instructions to Admiral Sir F. Beauchamp Seymour not to destroy or dismantle the forts of Alexandria, ...

    Article : 101 words

    LONDON, July 13.—Later intelligence received this morning from Egypt. states that Alexandria continues in a state of complete anarchy, partly owing to the excesses of the ...

    Article : 77 words
  39. Telegraph Office Opened.

    The telegraph office was opened here last Saturday, but rejoicings were allayed because it was in a public-house, while a suitable building was available, at a slight advance only in the cost. ...

    Article : 38 words
  40. Raid on Gamblers.

    Sergeant Brennen and the police made a raid on a lot of gamblers last night, and took the names of several well-known business residents found in the room. £17 had been staked, and a ...

    Article : 49 words
  41. Notes on Current Events.

    The latest news from Egypt is of a painfully distressing kind. The ordinary casualties of warfare have been supplemented by dreadful scenes, involving the sacrifice of many innocent ...

    Article : 151 words
  42. Action of Admiral Seymour.

    LONDON, July 13.—The report that Admiral Seymour would not dismantle the forts of Alexandria has been fully confirmed, but he will reserve and assist the Khedive to restore order. ...

    Article : 54 words
  43. The Newcastle Strike.

    A meeting of the Borehole miners was held today. The late arbitration award was formally read out, and evoked a long and very animated discussion, it being received with decided ...

    Article : 203 words
  44. Landing of a Party of Marines.

    LONDON, July 13.—Admiral Seymour has lauded a party of 600 marines, who attacked the marauders wherever they could come in contact with them, and they have now scattered them in ...

    Article : 62 words
  45. The Khedive Landed in Alexandria.

    LONDON, July 14, 10.30 a.m.—Following the policy in the British Government contained in the instructions to Admiral Seymour, the Khedive has been landed in Alexandria, and ...

    Article : 66 words
  46. The Weather.

    The weather is unusually cold, even for this time of year. After the rain and two days mugginess of last week, there was very soon a change, and the weather seems to have been "hardening" ever since ...

    Article : 95 words
  47. National Shipwreck Relief Society

    The usual monthly meeting of the National Shipwreck Relief Society, was held in the Chamber of Commerce, yesterday afternoon. Mr. Storey was chairman, the attendance of members being a fair ...

    Article : 200 words
  48. The Safety of the Khedive.

    TEWFIK ON BOARD ENGLISH STEAMER. LONDON, July 14.—A telegram just received reports that Tewfik Pasha, the Khedive, whose position at Kamleh was surrounded by soldiery, ...

    Article : 70 words
  49. Australian Cricketers in England.

    AUSTRALIA V. MARYLEBONE. LONDON, July 13.—The match between the Australian Eleven and 11 of the Marylebone Club, on the latter's ground, was resumed to-day, when ...

    Article : 212 words
  50. Fatal Accident.

    On Thursday morning a sad accident, which terminated fatally, happened on hoard the steamer Tasman, lying at Mort's Dock. At about 7 o'clock that morning a man named. William Sampson, who had ...

    Article : 3 words

    LONDON, July 14 (6 a.m.).—A frightful railway accident is reported from Moscow, A collision on the Kursk line occurred, and 200 persons were killed. ...

    Article : 32 words
  52. Adulterated Drink.

    William Rowe, an hotelkeeper in Bourke-street East, was charged yesterday at District Court with keeping spirits, in which were mixed deleterious ingredients. the Excise ...

    Article : 157 words
  53. Costs Against an Official Assignee.

    At the Melbourne Insolvency Court on Tuesday (says the Melbourne "Argus") at the close of the examination meeting in the matter of one Henrietta Cameson, described as a gentlewoman, application ...

    Article : 34 words
  54. Laycock challenges Ross.

    LONDON, July 14, 6 a.m.—Elias Laycock, the Sydney willing celebrity, has challenged to row Wallace Ross, of New Brunswick, the race to the place in Sydney. Rota's reply has not yet ...

    Article : 28 words
  55. University Examinations.

    The following candidates passed the Examination of the Civil [?] held at the Sydney University [?] on July, St. Mary Burns, Kate Fitzsimmons, Anne[?] ...

    Article : 2 words
  56. Cetewayo.

    LONDON, July 13.—Cetewayo, ex-king of the [?]ns, has stated on his visit to England. ...

    Article : 4 words
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