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Music Australia has been integrated into Trove.

Australian music works and a significant number of music related resources can be found in this Zone, including many of the resources from the retired Music Australia discovery service. Music Australia, first launched by the National Library of Australia in April 2005, brought together Australian music and music related resources in to a single online discovery service, to expose the rich collection of Australian music and music resources, including the digitised copies of early Australian music, held in various libraries, archives and cultural institutions across Australia.

Music Australia was integrated into Trove in June 2012. Some of the resources from Music Australia can be found in some of the other zones in Trove, e.g. books about music can be found in the Book zone, pictures of composers will be in the Pictures zone, while biographical records will be found in the People and Organisations zone.

Trove, launched in 2009, now provides access to these music resources and provides a wider context for this material.

Check out the Music resource themes that give you a selection of Australian music resources around different topics in the Trove Lists zone.