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    Illustrated Sydney News and New South Wales Agriculturalist and Grazier (NSW : 1872 - 1881) Saturday 3 February 1877 p 9 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: AMONGST the still recent maritime disasters, the loss of the steamer Georgette is one of the most prominent. The Georgette was a small steamer of 210 ... 556 words
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  2. WRECK OF THE GEORGETTE. A Survivor's Story.
    The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Saturday 14 December 1935 p 5 Article
    Abstract: Just 59 years ago, on December 1, 1876, the little steamer Georgette was driven ashore near the Margaret River, and Grace Bussell, who has since come ... 1808 words
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  3. WRECK OF THE GEORGETTE. Australia's Grace Darling
    The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Saturday 12 October 1935 p 4 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: IT is more than 100 years since the Bussell family arrived in Western Australia and gave their name to the once busy port which stands now at the mou ... 1292 words
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  4. ECHOES FROM THE PAST THE WRECK OF THE GEORGETTE Another Reference to the Subject
    Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954) Sunday 30 August 1925 p 5 Article
    Abstract: With reference to an article which appeared in "The Sunday Times" on the above subject, "Moontiarra" writes:— 451 words
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  5. A Gallant Rescue
    Daily Standard (Brisbane, Qld. : 1912 - 1936) Saturday 2 November 1935 p 12 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: THE steamer "Georgette", while on a voyage from Fremantle to Adelaide, sprang a leak. The pumps were set going, and the crew worked 1660 words
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  6. Obituary. DEATH OF SAM ISAACS.
    The Bunbury Herald and Blackwood Express (WA : 1919 - 1929) Tuesday 20 July 1920 p 3 Article
    Abstract: In the death of Mr Sam Isaacs, Busselton loses one of its oldest identities. He used to graphically describe the wreck of the s.s. 66 words
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  7. The Sketcher Wreck of the Georgette.
    Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954) Thursday 23 May 1929 p 11 Article
    Abstract: "Walcliffe" was the property of Mr. Alfred Bussel, a member of the original family of pioneers in the South-West. At the mouth of the Margaret River ... 995 words
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    The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Saturday 2 December 1933 p 20 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: An artist's conception of the scene when Miss Vernon Grace Bussell and her stockman, Sam isaacs, rescued passengers when the Georgette was wrecked on ... 85 words
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  9. THE WRECK OF THE GEORGETTE Comment on May Kidson's Poem
    Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954) Sunday 17 May 1925 p 25 Article
    Abstract: M. J. Archer, Calgardup Park, Margaret River, writes:- "In reference to a poem by May Kidson about the wreck of the Georgette, 235 words
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