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  1. PAPUAN NOTES. SHIPPING NOTES. Port Moresby, Aug. 24.
    Cairns Post (Qld. : 1909 - 1954) Monday 31 August 1925 p 11 Article
    Abstract: Quite a thrill of relief was felt when it was leach that the Morinda would leave Sydney on Tuesday, 11th instant, although there was no shortage of a ... 4184 words
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    Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 - 1954) Wednesday 9 September 1925 p 10 Article
    Abstract: Quits a thrill of relief was experienced when it was stated that the Morinda would leave Sydney on Tuesday. August 11th., albeit there was no 4344 words
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    Cairns Post (Qld. : 1909 - 1954) Thursday 19 December 1929 p 16 Article
    Abstract: The Mount Sisa Goid Fields are amongst our latest. Mr. J. C. Borzell arrived by last Morinda to take charge as manager, and a quantity [?] 3482 words
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  4. PAPUAN NOTES. (From our Special Correspondent) OBITUARY.
    Cairns Post (Qld. : 1909 - 1954) Wednesday 19 September 1934 p 11 Article
    Abstract: On August 16, word was received in Port Moresby of the sudden death on the previous day of Mr. R. M. Bunting, of Doini Plantation, 3433 words
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