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    Later of Jefferson and Figgis, architects to Gosford District Council.

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  1. £4500 on Chambers PREPARATION OF SKETCH
    The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW : 1906 - 1954) Thursday 2 June 1938 p 2 Article
    Abstract: On Tuesday afternoon Gosford Municipal Council had before it a recommendation from the special committee that a Council Chamber 116 words
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  2. Architects plan Gosford's pool
    The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW : 1906 - 1954) Friday 11 June 1954 p 5 Article
    Abstract: Plans prepared by Messrs Jefferson and Figgis, architects for the Goaford Shire Council, that were displayed 512 words
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  3. Brief News Items From Your Home State Victoria
    Army News (Darwin, NT : 1941 - 1946) Friday 3 August 1945 p 2 Article
    Abstract: WAR FUNDS WHICH ARE TO BENEFIT from the proceeds of Gracie Fields. concert tour under the direction of Messrs. J. and N. Tait, will be selected 1558 words
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  4. Meeting to Discuss Bourke Swimming Pool
    Western Herald (Bourke, NSW : 1887 - 1970) Friday 29 August 1958 p 8 Article
    Abstract: At the meeting of the Darling Shire Council on Wednesday of last week, the Bourke Olympic 126 words
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  5. SWIM CENTRE PLAN READY NEXT MONTH Cost may be $300,000
    The Broadcaster (Fairfield, NSW : 1935 - 1978) Tuesday 26 September 1967 p 3 Article
    Abstract: Architects' plans for the proposed $300,000 Merrylands swimming centre will be presented to the October 24 meeting of Holroyd Council. Tenders for th ... 316 words
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    The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW : 1906 - 1954) Tuesday 30 April 1940 p 6 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: The architects' impression of the new Surf Club House and public dressing rooms now nearing completion at The Entrance. Messrs. L. G. Figgis and V. D ... 36 words
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  7. Social News, Gossip
    The Sun-Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1953 - 1954) Sunday 1 August 1954 p 57 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: NEWCASTLE Matrons will hold their annual At Home at the City Hall next Friday night. The hostesses will be Mesdames. R. Adams, J. H. 648 words
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  8. Advertising
    The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 20 August 1938 p 29 Advertising
    98217 words
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