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  1. Echuca Police Court. (Before Mr. P. J. Dwyer, P.M., and Mr. Nolan, J.P.) | LICENSING CASE.
    The Riverine Herald (Echuca, Vic. : Moama, NSW : 1869 - 1954; 1998 - 2000) Wednesday 20 February 1901 p 2 Article
    Abstract: Thomas Hogan applied for a temporary publican's license for the Echuca races. There being no objection, the license was granted. ROBBERY FROM THE PER ... 882 words
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    Echvtoa Folioe Court. |

    (Before Mr. P. J. Dwyor, P.M., and Mr. 1

    Nolun, J.P.) |


    Thomas Hogan applied for a temporary i publican's license for tho Ecliuca races. There § being no objection, tho license was granted. 2


    John Rainoy was charged with robbery

    from the person of one Jam oh Madden, of 1 Wee-wee-rup on January 1st. Sub-inspector ■ i McHugh prosecuted, and in opening the £ case stated that this charge was similar to £

    ono heard before tho Bench a few weeks

    ; previously. rl

    | James Madden, groom, of Macorna, said

    that on 1st January last he was at tho Wee- V wee-rup races. He had £2 with him when I lie started. He got intoxicated, aud on

    waking found some of his money gone. Ic f had been in his right hand trousers pocket. {: Prisoner was at the races and at the hotel in I the evoning. He had no authority for taking ? the money. \

    In answer to the P.M., he stated lie had J never seen accused before tho day of tho ? races. " 1 I

    In reply to Rainey, witness stated ho

    1 'shouted" for several people. When ho woke ) up he was outside tho bar. Ib was some time in the night, before eleven o'clock. His money was gone then. He would not have objected to prisoner taking his money and giving it to Wallace for safe keeping. In the

    morning tho landlord restored him 13s which '•} had been given to him by "Wallace for

    witness. He spent 13s in the morning.- It ;; took him about half an hour to spend it.

    Patrick Hogan, farmer, of Torrumbarry,

    said ho saw accused and Madden at tho ; races on 1st January. He was at the hotel late at night, and saw Rainey putting Madden

    down on a chair. „,His attention was dmrrn . to the affair by a man named McMahon.

    Rainey pub one hand on Madden and mado * him sit down. Ho put his other hand behind his back towards Wallace. Madden said, u they are robbing me." • Wallace said, " Here, I have got 13s of his." Rainey said, " You camo too quick." He took Madden

    ■ away into the parlor, and locked him in I

    there till morning. Accused also had a few drinks in. He saw him next day ; in conversation

    accused said " I had a couple of ® dives before you came." He did nob take j much notice of him as he was drunk. Ho i saw Wallace give the landlord 13s. In cross- 1 examination witness stated tho room was | full ub tho time. There wore at least 16 I people present. Ib was about 11 o'clock. | He saw Madden shouting various people, and | had a drink with him himself. £

    [Mr. It. G. Foyster, J.P., here took his I seat on the Bench.]

    John McMahon, contractor, of Gunbower, said he saw accused, Madden and Hogan at the races and at the hotel. About II o'clock he walked into the parlor, and saw Rainey jamming Madden against tho wall. He saw Rainey pub his hand into Madden's left hand trousers pocket, take some money, walk backwards over to Wallace, and give ib to him. He wont back again and pub his hand in the same pocket. Madden then said, " You are robbing me." Hogan camo

    in and asked what was up. He said, They \\ are robbing this man." Rainey said, | "Search me." He said, "It is no use |V searching you ; you gave the money to £ Wallace." Wallace said, It's all right; I t am waiting to gob tho lot, and I will then hand it back to Madden." He then left tho

    room. Madden was very drunk, bub Rainoy \

    was half drunk only.

    Cross-examined, witness said there were six or seven people in the room ab the time. Accused had been about the place for some

    time. He saw Madden shouting once only. ?

    John Teague, the landlord of the hotel, was called, but a medical'certificate was pub in showing that ho was Buffering from a serious illness. His depositions in the other

    case were read over.

    Constable Deverall, of Pyramid Hill, deposed

    that he arrested accused on the 7th on ■;] this charge. On tho way to the lock-up he | j denied committing tho robbery. He said, j tl The only man who lost anything was :j Hogan, and he lost the beer that Madden •

    was shouting for." j

    Cross-examined, ho said that witness gave [j himself up. Ib was that remarkably hot !j

    Thursday. !

    This was tho case for tho prosecution. [

    Prisoner stated ho walked 22 miles on a

    very hot day to give himself up. He had no ;; felonious intent. '

    •The Bench also thought there was no I felonious intent, and after a long and severe lecture accused was discharged.

    BUBACH OF BOROUGH RYE-LAWS. [•: George Parkinson was charged with riding a bicycle on the footpath on the 15th insfc.

    Constable Stoinfort proved tho offence. : j

    Accused was fined 2s Cd. There were no f- I costs. M

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  2. COLONIAL TELEGRAMS. VICTORIA. [From our own Correspondent.] Melbourne, April 24.
    The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889) Wednesday 25 April 1883 p 5 Article
    Abstract: Mr. Clarke, one of the members of the Assembly for Sandhurst, died this morning after several weeks' illness. The trustees of the Public Library have 907 words
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    Bendigonian (Bendigo, Vic. : 1914 - 1918) Thursday 18 May 1916 p 8 Article
    Abstract: Our Gannawarra correspondent writes:— A sad death occurred on 3rd May of Mr. Sydney Briggs, aged 34 years; son of Mr. Thomas Briggs, a well known res ... 1536 words
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    2015-01-20 20:31:16.0

    The funeral of the late Mr. John
    McMahon, formerly of Yarrawonga, took
    place on Friday to the Bendigo Cemetery,
    leaving the residence of Mrs. Flynn, B.B.
    Hotel, Bridge-street, at 3 p.m. It was at-
    tended by a large number of friends. The
    deceased gentleman was a native of Ire-
    land, and a colonist for 40 years. The
    coffin-bearers were Messrs. J. T. Keane,
    J. McMahon, T. McMahon and T. McMahon.
    The Rev. Father Doyle read the burial
    service. The funeral arrangements were
    carried out by Messrs. Fizelle and Mul-

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  4. Family Notices
    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Tuesday 18 December 1917 p 1 Family Notices
    2196 words
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    2015-01-21 14:10:59.0

    ROHAN.—On the 16th December (suddenly), at 136

    Faraday street Carlton, Mary Matilda Rohan, the beloved daughter of Mrs. James Hardiman, lov- ing mother of Kitty (Mrs. McMahon), Ada (Mrs. Gray), Patrick, Lannis, and Alice (Mrs. Mears), loving sister of Thomas, John, Doris, and Peter Hardiman, Mrs F., Mrs. R., and Mrs. L. Taffe, and Mrs. Egan, aged 58 years.

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    Bendigonian (Bendigo, Vic. : 1914 - 1918) Thursday 14 March 1918 p 25 Article
    Abstract: FERGUSON.—The death occurred last week at, Runnymede of one of the earliest settlers of the district in Mrs. Grace M'Neil Ferguson. The deceased, who ... 1711 words
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    2015-01-22 09:31:41.0

    ROHAN.—Mr. John William Rohan, a
    well-known farmer of Wandella, near Ke-
    rang, died somewhat unexpectedly on Mon-
    day from an internal trouble. He was
    about Kerang at the sales on Friday, and,
    while not appearing to be in his usual state
    of health, nothing serious was anticipated.
    On Saturday, however, his condition be-
    came worse, and he was taken to Dr. Nan-
    kivelle, who ordered his removal to the
    Glenarm private hospital. Later Dr. Long,
    of Bendigo, was summoned, but before his
    arrival the patient had succumbed. De-
    ceased, who was 52 years of age, was a
    native of Bendigo, and was the son of the
    late Mr. James Rohan, a successful farmer,
    formerly well known in Bendigo. He leaves
    a widow and family of three sons and two
    daughters, the eldest being 17 years of age,
    and the youngest nine years.

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    Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 - 1918) Saturday 26 March 1904 p 4 Article
    Abstract: Our Inglewood correspondent writes:—The funeral of the late John Martin, farmer, of Salisbury West, took place on Thursday, and was largely attended, ... 332 words
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