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  1. Using reason to control the mighty Replicator Robert Macklin outlines the reference points in the looming argument on genetic manipulation.
    The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Tuesday 30 January 1990 p 9 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: THE SCIENCE of genetics has given humanity the tools to control its own evolution and to make the most dramatic changes 1723 words
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  2. Genetic group wants backing
    The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Monday 12 November 1990 p 4 Article
    Abstract: SYDNEY: The Federal Government's watchdog committee on the release of genetically modified organisms lacked the 227 words
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  3. On the threshold of the 'Gene Age'
    The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Sunday 20 January 1991 p 16 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: IMAGINE you are an environmental campaigner, trying to make up your mind about genetic engineering. You are aware of the ecological and 1035 words
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  4. Regulatory row over fledging biotech industry
    The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Thursday 26 March 1992 p 9 Article
    Abstract: IN SEPTEMBER last year, a historic decision within the Federal Department of Primary Industries passed almost unnoticed 1712 words
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