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    Articles regarding the life and career of Australian soprano Violet Emily Le Breton Mount (1875-1972?).
    Miss Violet Mount was known, on the British stage, as "L'Incognita".
    List 4: 1905—1907.

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    Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Saturday 4 November 1905 p 28 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: My Dear Moya, — The "dull" season has practically set in. 2715 words
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    Quite a number of people assembled to see Miss Violet Mount off on Wednesday, when she left for New Zealand by the Victoria. After fulfilling her engagements there she leaves for England.

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  2. Web page: MISS VIOLET MOUNT.
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    Auckland Star (Auckland, N.Z.), 8 November, 1905, p10.

    Miss Violet Mount, the lyric soprano so well known to and remembered by the music lovers of Auckland, is at present in this city, and on her way to London, travelling by way of America. "It is three years ago since I left New Zealand," said Miss Mount, in a conversation with a "Star" interviewer this morning. "Since then I have been constantly under engagements in Sydney and elsewhere. I have studied under Signor Hazon all the time." ...

    [Long interview.]

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  3. Web page: Entertainments.
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    New Zealand Herald (Auckland, N.Z.), 29 November, 1905, p3.

    Miss Violet Mount's concert, prior to her departure for Europe, will take place in the Choral Hall on Friday evening next. The concert is under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor and Lady Plunket, the Anglican Bishop of Auckland, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland, and His Worship the Mayor. The programme of the concert appears in our advertising columns of this issue.

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    Auckland Star (Auckland, N.Z.), 2 December, 1905, p7.

    A really charming concert was that given by Miss Violet Mount and her supporters in the Choral Hall last night, and the audience was plainly delighted with a genuinely musical and satisfying entertainment. Miss Violet Mount imposed upon herself a most searching and exhaustive test. From a difficult passage from "La Traviata," through the bizarre but charming "Lα Jeune Indone" (also full of pitfalls), to such simple themes as "Life's Garden" and "When I Awake," she worked on a field about as varied as any that could be found in the compass of a single concert. To say that she was brilliantly successful—and that by a general and not a local standard—is justice and not flattery. She went through even the most tortuous and involved passages with ease, clearness, distinction, apart from the preliminary gift of a voice of singular sweetness and charm; while she was equally ready for that simpler class of song which demands especially sympathetic treatment. Altogether, there is no doubt that Miss Mount ia a star in the ascendant—a young artist of uncommon fulfilment and still more promise. ...

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    The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Saturday 10 March 1906 p 12 Article
    Abstract: Matters are progressing very favorably in connection with the production of The Wilderness at the Princess's Theatre on Wednesday, 4th April. Mr. Esm ... 1242 words
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    Miss Violet Mount, who gave a little song recital at the Pianola Hall yesterday afternoon to a small gathering of invited guests, is the possessor of a fine ringing soprano voice, which ought to be heard often in Melbourne if she carries out her announced intention of settling here. By birth a Victorian, she has recently been singing with much success in Sydney; and now that we have heard her sing here the reasons for that success are not far to seek. She has both power and temperament, and her execution, though not quite flawless, enables her to get through with music like Donizetti's Regnavo al Silenzio or Meyerbeer's Ombra Leggiera in a fashion which is far better than what one ordinarily hears. Her other items, comprising Bembery's Nymphes et Silvains, Marchesi's La Follette, Wright's When I Awake and Cowdell's Life's Garden, were nicely done, and her achievements yesterday lend added interest to the circumstance that she proposes to give a public concert at an early date — so soon, in fact, as the Town Hall is available. Miss Violet Mount is, in fact, richly endowed, and will, no doubt, prove a decided acquisition to local musical circles.

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    The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) Saturday 31 March 1906 p 26 Article
    Abstract: The newly-formed St. Kilda Liedertafel holds its inaugural concert on Thursday, April 5, in the St. Kilda town-hall. The programme includes Sir Edwar ... 1072 words
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    The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Saturday 14 April 1906 p 10 Article
    Abstract: It is fortunate for many eminent vocalists visiting this country that Melbourne possesses such a musical body as the Philharmonic Society. By means o ... 390 words
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    The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Wednesday 18 April 1906 p 5 Article
    Abstract: Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall, Paul Kester's stage version of Major's romance, as portrayed by Miss Tittell Brune in the title role and Mr. Thomas Ki ... 408 words
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    Lady Talbot has granted her patronage to Miss Violet Mount's complimentary concert in the Town Hall on Wednesday, 2nd May. The Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Melbourne have also granted their patronage to the concert.

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    The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Thursday 3 May 1906 p 6 Article
    Abstract: A complimentary concert was tendered last evening in the Melbourne Town Hall to Miss Violet Mount. A fairly large audience was present, and the benef ... 720 words
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    A complimentary concert was tendered last evening in the Melbourne Town Hall to Miss Violet Mount. A fairly large audience was present, and the beneficiare received many floral tokens. Miss Mount's voice is a light and pleasing soprano, and she sings with great charm and brilliancy. A true coloratura singer, she excels in music of a florid character, her command of the run, trill, &c., being quite exceptional, but her constant use of the "open" tone, especially in the upper register results frequently in hard and unpleasing notes, and her cantabile, the bel canto, could be much improved. Taken altogether, however, her singing has so many pleasing features that in work of a certain style she is likely to achieve success. Elizabeth's Greeting, from Wagner's Tannhauser, was Miss Mount's most ambitious effort. It is a scene demanding passionate exuberance and great breadth of treatment, and, undoubtedly talented as this young lady is, she was scarcely equal to such an exacting task. In the effective Bell Song of Delibes, with its clever imitation, Miss Mount was at her best, the high staccato being done with flute-like clearness and certainty. The Ah fors lui of Verdi was likewise successful, though a slower tempo in the finale would have greatly improved the rendition. In response to the enthusiastic demands of the audience, several encores were granted. ...
    Mrs. Lambton Mount, Mr. H. Elvins and Mr. W. Spiers acted as accompanists.

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  10. COMING EVENTS. (A charge of 1s. each is made for notices under this heading); the amount should be forwarded with copy.)
    Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic. : 1885 - 1939) Thursday 5 April 1906 p 24 Article
    Abstract: April 5—The Mayor of Collingwood and Mrs. Cornfoot give a concert at the Collingwood Town Hall. April 6—Melbourne Swimming Club smoke night 1680 words
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    Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic. : 1885 - 1939) Thursday 12 April 1906 p 17 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: Miss Violet Mount, a most promising vocalist who leaves shortly to try her luck in Europe, will make two appearances in Melbourne before she leaves, ... 142 words
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    The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) Saturday 28 April 1906 p 39 Article
    Abstract: The music for the Jubilee performance of the "Wasps" of Aristophanes by the three University colleges has been compoesd by Mr. J. Meurisse Haydon, M. ... 1106 words
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    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 3 May 1906 p 7 Article
    Abstract: A complimentary concert was given to Miss Violet Mount last night, in the Townhall. There was a Large audience, who received the young artist with gr ... 547 words
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    The Age (Melbourne, Vic.), Wednesday, September 19, 1906, p8.

    An operatic performance will be given by Miss Violet Mount at the Masonic Hall this evening. One of the principal features will be acts from Faust and Rigoletto, with costumes and scenic effects, under the stage management of Mr. John Wallace. Miss Violet Mount will appear as Marguerite in Faust, and Gilda in Rigoletto, and will be assisted by leading artists and a full orchestra. ...

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  15. Web page: Miss Mount's Benefit
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    The Age (Melbourne, Victoria), Thursday, 20 September, 1906, p8.

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  16. Melbourne Lady's Letter. January 4. GOVERNOR AND LADY TALBOT.
    Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907) Wednesday 9 January 1907 p 40 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: Regret is widely felt and expressed that we should, even for a time, lose His Excellency the Governor and Lady Talbot. It is at the same time selfish ... 1237 words
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    Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Friday 22 March 1907 p 8 Article
    Abstract: In one of his letters, Schiller made reference to a performance, on New Year's Eve, 1801, of Haydn's oratorio "The Creation." The German critic didn' ... 494 words
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    In its presentation at the Town Hall on Thursday night by the Sydney Philharmonic Society, under the baton of Signor Hazon, the audience, which filled the building, thoroughly enjoyed the descriptive choruses and the principal solos. The society had on this occasion the assistance of the eminent basso, Mr. Andrew Black, whose treatment of the recitatives and airs was throughout distinguished by dignity and musical feeling. Miss Violet Mount, who has reappeared after an absence of over a year, received a warm welcome, and in her solo work she manifested that her voice had not undergone any change excepting that of improvement. She sang the well-known music with that artistic attention to the subject that won the commendation of the musical public in previous years. Mr. James Crabtree was careful in his treatment of the solos allotted to the tenor. Mr. J. Edward Sykes was the organist, and Mr. Henri Stael the leader of the orchestra. Mr. Black will sing at a concert in the Centenary Hall on Good Friday night, the assistants being Miss Carrie Lanceley, Miss Emma Sussmilch, Miss Lilian Frost, Miss Bessie Beattie, Miss Dora Ranclaud, and Mr. J. C. M'Keown.

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  18. Sydney Lady's Letter March 25.
    Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic. : 1885 - 1939) Thursday 28 March 1907 p 6 Article
    Abstract: Dear Rosalind,—The Newtown people had qnite a gala day last Tuesday, when Her Excellency Lady Northcote visited their. dusty suburb to open the free 1836 words
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    Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Thursday 4 April 1907 p 24 Article
    Abstract: At St. Mary's Cathedral the religions celebrations on Easter Sunday were very impressive. The Cathedral was crowded at each Mass, and at the early Ma ... 3198 words
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  20. Catholic Notes.
    Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Thursday 18 April 1907 p 24 Article
    Abstract: His Eminence the Cardinal has not fully recovered from the recent attack of influenza, but hopes within three or four days to be himself again. He is ... 2643 words
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    Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930) Sunday 21 April 1907 p 2 Detailed Lists, Results, Guides
    296 words
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    The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 29 April 1907 p 3 Article
    Abstract: Next Thursday evening Mr. Wm, Asprey will conduct the augmented choir and orchestra of the Sydney Operatic Society at the Centenary Hall, when some f ... 68 words
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  23. SOCIAL. Particulars of all social events should he addressed to the Editor and posted to reach "Table Talk" office first post Tuesday morning. Two tickets at least should always be...
    Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic. : 1885 - 1939) Thursday 30 May 1907 p 24 Article
    Abstract: May 31.—Garrison Artillery. Ball, Prahran Town Hall. June 1.—Unfurling championship pennant, Albert Park Rowing Club. 2085 words
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    The Sydney Mail (Sydney, NSW), Wednesday, June 5, 1907, p1464.

    Miss Violet Mount, who was doubtless Australia's best soprano, is now on her way to England in the Afric. Madame Ada Crossley wrote, asking her to go straight to her, and promising many engagements, including oratorio. Miss Mount carries with her the cordial wishes of all music-lovers here. She has worked hard and deserves success. She is certain to do well in London.

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    The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Thursday 12 April 1906 p 6 Article
    Abstract: Particulars of the services to be held tomorrow in metropolitan churches will be found in our advertising columns. In accordance with the usual custo ... 385 words
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    The Philharmonic Society has made special arrangements for the engagement of Mr. Andrew Black, the celebrated English baritone, at the performance of the oratorio of Elijah in the Town Hall on Good Friday night. Another of the soloists new to Melbourne is Miss Violet Mount, a soprano, who comes from Sydney with a good reputation as an oratorio singer. The other soloists are Miss Elva Rogers and Mr. Jas. Wade. There will be a full orchestra and chorus, under the baton of Mr. George Peake, the hon. conductor of the society.

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