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  1. APPALLING SHARK TRAGEDIES Man Terribly Mauled in Georges River GIRL'S ARMS TORN OFF SYDNEY, December 31.
    The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954) Tuesday 1 January 1935 p 9 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: TWO appalling shark attacks occurred in the Georges River within four hours of each other to-day. Richard George Seden (19), labourer, of Westridge, ... 816 words
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    2019-08-13 14:55:35.0

    This shark attack story was related to me by my father and uncles when I was a child. The Milperra Bridge at Georges River is 32 kms from the ocean and it was easy to dismiss the stories as folklore. However, this was not the only shark attack/fatality in the Georges River. There were numerous newspaper reports of this particular incident in Australian sources and, surprisingly, it was also reported in New Zealand.

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  2. Web page: Girl Maimed by Shark
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    2019-08-13 15:02:53.0

    I had already chosen my topic and completed the first section of Worksheet 2, when I realised I had to access one of the digitised newspaper websites mentioned in the lecture. I despaired of finding a mention in an overseas publication of 'shark attack georges river' and thought I'd have to start again. Imagine my surprise when there was mention of the event in a NZ paper

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