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    The persuasive appeal of cause effect essay writing can be viewed from many angles. One can write about causes and subtly discuss the resulting effects. On the other hand, one can discuss the resulting effects of something and subtly hint at the causes that led to it. The third option is to discuss both the causes and effects with equal vigor, and show their reliance on each other to form the process and end result.

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    That's another important idea to remember. Cause effect gender equality essay writing is similar in many respects to process analysis essay writing. Causes and effects, after all, tend to result from a process that is being performed or has potentially already been completed.

    You also must remember that different processes have varying results depending on the people who performed them. One person's process for making chocolate chip cookies may be different than another person's process, just as one person's process for pulling themselves out of a sad state may be different than another person's. These differing processes have various results, and the causes that lead to these results are what make great cause and effect essay topics.

    When doing cause effect essay writing, you also want to be sure to not oversimplify your causes and/or effects. You want to be sure your readers can take you seriously, and that they can understand that you fully acknowledge the impacts of the causes and the results of the effects. State the reasons most essential to your paper so that the power of persuasion is evident. Making sure that your readers understand the gist of your reasons and why you feel a certain way will only serve to strengthen their comprehension of why you took the time to theorize about causes and effects in the first place.

    It is quite important to distinguish between direct and indirect, as well as major and minor, causes and effects as well. As in all types of essays, making sure that there is some form of concession to show that everything didn't solely rely on one cause, one effect, or one other aspect, will allow your readers to understand all of the underlying reasons behind your paper's topic.

    You may find it helpful to make a cause and effect list that outlines what you will write about, just as you might make a pro/con list. Think of all the possible causes and effects that make up your topic. Your essay will only be made greater with all of the relevant details that will potentially stem from this list that you will create as a basis for your writing.

    Some cause and effect essay topics you may consider to write about are:

    1. What makes for good TV? -- Obviously, this will focus more on the causes of good TV, with discussion of the results of good TV (i.e. the television shows themselves).

    2. Gossip -- What causes certain people to gossip? What are its effects? Are they positive or negative?

    3. Chronic diseases -- Choose one and discuss the effects of how it can harm you, or discuss the causes of it and how it can potentially be cured.

    4. Having children -- What are the effects of having children? Discuss the greatness of parenthood or possibly the struggles it entails.

    5. Fast food restaurants -- Why are they so popular? Explain the causes and some of the resulting effects (i.e. obesity).

    You may choose to relate any cause and effect essay topic to the culture around you. For example, Michelle Obama's obesity campaign can be one of the talking points in your essay to explain the causes of child obesity in relation to fast food restaurants. February and November sweeps months in television can feed in to the discussion of what makes for good TV. All of the stunts and guest stints on television shows during these months might make for what you feel is the most provocative, worthwhile television.

    Engage with what you know to help make your writing more adept at getting at the core points you are attempting to discuss. Support your causes and effects with facts that create a realm of understanding for your readers to latch on to as you divulge more information about your chosen topic.

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