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    How was Slim Dusty’s appearance in Canberra, in 1979, reported by the media? What can this tell us about attitudes to Australian country music in Australia at this time?

    I commenced a search on “Slim Dusty” in Trove “digital newspapers and more …” for the period 1978-1980.

    My question directs ones reflection to the language used within relevant sources: whether it holds negative or positive connotations or does it suggest a personal bias? To get a broad understanding I need to look at a number of similar sources from the same time frame. Further reading will help to understand why Slim Dusty or Australian country music gained the reputation they did and the degree of that impact on the public.

    I found my first three sources in Trove. Source 1 reported on the performance of Slim Dusty and his family as an evening of sentimentality in a family friendly environment. The reference to a nearly full capacity audience indicates the popularity of the event. Source 2 placed Slim Dusty fans in the same “boat” as the "uncouth of society" indicating Dusty’s appeal to the “everyday” Australian. The third document advertises the original concert announcement. It highlights the humble attributes of Dusty despite his colossal achievements and the sheer magnitude of his fame.

    I investigated “Slim Dusty” in the National Australian Archives. Source 4 provides all the legal information collected between 1968 and 1970 relating to recommendations for an MBE on behalf of Dusty. It is further proof of the value placed on him by the Australian public.

    Source 5 was very difficult to locate due to online restrictions. It reveals the connection between Australian country music and the family image. It also discloses how Dusty and his family personify the social and cultural imagery of the genre.

    I had noticed a lot of photos of Dusty without his family. Source 6 supports my claim that the media focused mainly on him and not the family image he represented.

    Source 7 is a direct link to Dusty’s official website. This site offers links to all things Dusty related, including his biography which provides any necessary background information missing for this project.

    Source 8, a relevant photo taken in the time period set for this project of a tired looking Slim with wife Joy Kirkpatrick (McKean). The different ways that the media represent this couple is interesting. The pseudo names assumed by the couple contradict the united family front that is stereotypical of this music category.

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  1. LIFE STYLE TV-ARTS-ENTERTAINMENT A nostalgic walk with Slim Dusty
    The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Wednesday 17 October 1979 p 31 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: ON Monday night at the Canberra Theatre Slim Dusty invited a near capacity audience of more than 1,100 people to walk a country mile or two. And walk ... 227 words
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    2017-09-08 09:29:28.0

    This article is the starting point for my assignment because it includes the topics in my question. This document reveals that Australian country music, and in particular Slim Dusty, was extremely popular owing to the recorded size of the audience that turned out to see him on a Monday night. Also, the key term 'nostalgic', indicates that Australian country music and Slim Dusty had been popular for a long time. These terms were associated with family entertainment that was “alive and well” in the 70's. Yet to gain an overall picture, I needed to investigate other sources to reveal if this good report was consistent.

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  2. Row, row, row the trireme gently down the lake
    The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Wednesday 15 August 1979 p 13 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: OF course the powers that be will eventually decree that hateful power boats are not to be allowed on our serene, if foetid 243 words
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    2017-09-08 09:43:07.0

    This article indicates a negative opinion toward Australian country music fans of Slim Dusty at this time indicating not everyone was an admirer. The author of this piece equates Slim Dusty as an artist who would appeal to people who deserve to be sentenced to a life in chains and hard labor; people who have little to no respect for authority or social etiquette. This reckoning is due to the content of Slim Dusty's music in which Slim speaks for the "everyday" people of society. For this author, the experience of the day was to associate Slims music with social disturbance.

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  3. Superstar Slim
    The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Thursday 11 October 1979 p 27 Article Illustrated
    Abstract: SYDNEY: The idea of Slim Dusty, superstar, is all a bit of a joke to Slim Dusty. "I'm just 193 words
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  4. Web page: Slim Dusty Honour
    Web page

    2017-09-08 09:56:58.0

    This item consists of official documentation recommending that Slim be considered as Australian of the Year. It provides evidence that Slim Dusty was considered an authentic Australian country music artist only interested in the Australian context. He would not accept overseas gigs due to his loyalty to the Australian country. Despite his authentic allegiance to Australia he was recommended to be made “‘Member of the Order of the British Empire’ and ‘Officer of the Order of Australia’ for services to entertainment.’” This contradiction is relevant to my project as it reveals a settler-colonial attitude.

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  5. Web page: Keeping It Real? Authenticity, Commercialisation and Family in Australian Country Music
    Web page

    2017-09-08 10:32:35.0

    My secondary document supports the family friendly image presented by the media. It also provides evidence of juxtaposition between the two different images of Slim and his family when compared with my other sources. Some sources present the decision to establish separate pseudo identities and this source recognises them as a united family band, renowned as Australian pioneers within the business. This source is supportive of the original primary documents reference to nostalgia. It demonstrates an ongoing persistent loyalty (if not naivety) in the fans of Australian country musicians using language that equates them with the leaders of a nation.

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  6. Web page: Slim Dusty's Official Website
    Web page
  7. Slim Dusty - Grand Final / Rennie Ellis
    Ellis, Rennie, 1940-2003
    [ Photograph : 1984 ]
    Languages: No linguistic content
    View online (access conditions)
    At State Library VIC
    Slim Dusty - Grand Final / Rennie Ellis
  8. Web page: This is your life 1976 Slim Dusty: Sitting at a table with his wife Joy Kirkpatrick.
    Web page